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2023, Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

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Item Prijs


Veggie Delite™ 30cm menu €10.95
Steak & Cheese 30cm menu €11.95
Chicken Teriyaki 15cm sub €5.95
Kalkoenfilet 30cm menu €10.95
BLT 30cm menu €11.50

30cm Menu

Veggie Patty 30cm menu €11.50
Subway Melt™ 30cm menu €11.95
Steak & Cheese 30cm menu (30cm Menu) €11.95
Chicken Fajita 30cm menu €12.70
Chicken Teriyaki 30cm menu €11.95
Gegrilde Kipfilet 30cm menu €11.50
Italian B.M.T® 30cm menu €11.50
Spicy Italian 30cm menu €10.95
Tonijn 30cm menu €11.50
Ham 30cm menu €10.95
Kalkoenfilet 30cm menu (30cm Menu) €10.95
BLT 30cm menu (30cm Menu) €11.50
Veggie Delite™ 30cm menu (30cm Menu) €10.95
Kalkoenfilet & Ham 30cm menu €10.95
Subway Club 30cm menu €11.50
Meetball Marinara 30cm menu €11.95
Rosbief 30cm menu €11.95

15cm Menu

Veggie Patty 15cm menu €8.75
Subway Melt™ 15cm menu €8.95
Chicken Fajita 15cm menu €8.75
Chicken Teriyaki 15cm menu €8.95
Gegrilde Kipfilet 15cm menu €8.75
Italian B.M.T® 15cm menu €8.75
Spicy Italian 15cm menu €8.50
Tonijn 15cm menu €8.75
Ham 15cm menu €8.50
Kalkoenfilet 15cm menu €8.50
BLT 15cm menu €8.50
Veggie Delite™ 15cm menu €8.50
Kalkoenfilet & Ham 15cm menu €8.50
Subway Club 15cm menu €8.75
Meetball Marinara 15cm menu €8.95
Subway Melt™ 15cm menu (15cm Menu) €8.95

30cm Sub

Veggie Patty 30cm sub €8.50
Subway Melt™ 30cm sub €8.95
Steak & Cheese 30cm sub €8.95
Chicken Fajita 30cm sub €8.50
Chicken Teriyaki 30cm sub €8.95
Gegrilde Kipfilet 30cm sub €8.50
American Steakhouse Melt 30cm sub €8.95
Italian B.M.T® 30cm sub €8.50
Spicy Italian 30cm sub €7.95
Tonijn 30cm sub €8.50
Ham 30cm sub €7.95
Kalkoenfilet 30cm sub €7.95
BLT 30cm sub €7.45
Veggie Delite™ 30cm sub €7.45
Subway Club 30cm sub €8.50
Meetball Marinara 30cm sub €8.95
Rosbief 30 cm sub €8.95
Kalkoenfilet & Ham 30cm sub €7.95

15cm Sub

Veggie Patty 15 cm sub €5.50
Subway Melt™ 15cm sub €5.95
Steak & Cheese 15cm sub €5.95
Chicken Fajita 15cm sub €5.50
Chicken Teriyaki 15cm sub (15cm Sub) €5.95
Gegrilde Kipfilet 15cm sub €5.50
American Steakhouse Melt 15cm sub €5.95
Spicy Italian 15cm sub €4.95
Tonijn 15cm sub €5.50
Ham 15cm sub €4.95
Kalkoenfilet 15cm sub €4.95
Veggie Delite™ 15cm sub €4.95
Kalkoenfilet & Ham 15cm sub €4.95
Subway Club 15cm sub €5.50
Meetball Marinara 15cm sub €5.95
Rosbief 15cm sub €5.95

Make It A Salad Menu

Chicken Teriyaki Salad menu €8.95
Subway Melt™ Salad menu €8.95
Steak & Cheese Salad menu €8.95
Chicken Fajita Salad menu €8.50
Gegrilde Kipfilet Saladmenu €8.50
Italian B.M.T® Salad menu €8.50
Spicy Italian Salad menu €7.95
Tonijn Salad menu €8.50
Ham Salad menu €7.95
BLT Salad menu €6.50
Kalkoenfilet & Ham Salade menu €7.95
Subway Club Salade menu €8.50
Meetball Marinara Salade menu €8.95
Rosbief Salade menu €8.95


White Chip Macadamia €1.50
Chocolate Chip met Rainbow Candy €1.50
Chocolate Chunk €1.50
Double Chocolate €1.50


Pepsi €2.50
Pepsi max €2.50
Mountain Dew €2.50
Ice Tea €1.95
Gatorada Blue €2.50
Gatorade Yellow €2.50
Looza Ace €1.95
Looza Orange €1.95
Looza Apple €1.95
Looza Apple/Cherry €1.95
Spa Blauw €1.95
Spa Rood €1.95


CHIPS DORITOS Nachos Cheese 44g €1.50
CHIPS DORITOS Sweet Chili 44g €1.50
CHIPS LAYS Naturel 44g €1.50
CHIPS LAYS Paprika 44g €1.50
CHIPS LAYS Peper en Zout 44g €1.50
CHIPS LAYS ketchup 44g €1.50
Chips Doritos cheese €1.50
Chips Pickles 44g €1.50
Chips ketchup €1.50
Chips naturel €1.50
Chips paprika €1.50
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Subway Belgium: A Delightful Culinary Journey of Freshness and Choice

In the vibrant realm of culinary exploration, one name stands out as a pioneer of fresh and customizable dining experiences – Subway Belgium. More than just a sandwich shop, Subway Belgium offers a delightful journey through a world of fresh ingredients and endless choices, all while carving a niche for itself in the hearts of food enthusiasts. Join us as we embark on a flavorful adventure to uncover the essence of Subway Belgium’s reputable reputation and its unwavering popularity.

Freshness Personified: The Subway Belgium Experience

Amidst the bustling landscape of dining options, Subway Belgium shines as a beacon of freshness. It’s not merely a place to grab a quick bite; it’s a celebration of the art of crafting sandwiches with the finest and freshest ingredients available. Every visit to Subway Belgium is an invitation to experience the vibrant symphony of colors, textures, and flavors that come together to create a memorable culinary journey.

At the heart of Subway Belgium’s allure lies its unwavering commitment to freshness. With every order, customers are empowered to handpick their preferred bread, toppings, vegetables, and condiments, resulting in a personalized masterpiece that caters to their unique taste preferences. This dedication to offering fresh, quality ingredients is the cornerstone of Subway Belgium’s reputable reputation and the reason why diners keep coming back for more.

Quality and Customization: The Pillars of Subway Belgium’s Reputation

The reputation of a restaurant is a testament to its dedication to quality and innovation. Subway Belgium’s reputation is built on two foundational pillars: quality and customization. Each sandwich is meticulously crafted, emphasizing the importance of using premium ingredients that create an explosion of flavors in every bite. Beyond the ingredients, Subway Belgium’s commitment to providing customers with a customizable experience sets it apart from the rest.

The menu at Subway Belgium is a canvas that encourages creativity and individuality. Customers can craft a sandwich that aligns with their unique preferences, dietary needs, and culinary desires. This customization empowers each customer to create a meal that resonates with their taste buds, ensuring that each visit is a personal culinary journey.

Universal Appeal and Everlasting Popularity

Subway Belgium’s enduring popularity is a testament to its universal appeal. Whether you’re health-conscious, an adventurous foodie, or seeking a familiar favorite, Subway Belgium has something to offer. The menu boasts a variety of options, catering to a wide range of taste preferences and dietary requirements.

What truly sets Subway Belgium apart is its ability to connect with people from all walks of life. Families gather for a meal that suits everyone’s preferences, friends meet for a quick bite, and individuals find solace in the familiarity of their favorite sandwiches. The welcoming ambiance and customizable menu options create an environment that fosters both community and personal enjoyment.

Balancing Tradition and Innovation

Subway Belgium thrives at the intersection of tradition and culinary innovation. While rooted in the classic art of sandwich-making, Subway Belgium embraces modern trends and flavors to cater to evolving tastes. The menu combines timeless favorites with contemporary twists, creating a harmonious fusion of old and new that appeals to a diverse audience.

This equilibrium extends beyond the menu and into the restaurant’s atmosphere. Subway Belgium’s welcoming ambiance, efficient service, and focus on customer satisfaction create an environment that embodies both tradition and modernity. Diners of all ages and backgrounds come together at Subway Belgium to enjoy a meal that marries culinary traditions with the excitement of culinary exploration.

Embarking on a Flavorful Odyssey

In the expansive world of culinary exploration, Subway Belgium stands as a testament to the joys of freshness, customization, and community. Its reputable reputation and enduring popularity beckon you to embark on a flavorful odyssey, where each bite is a testament to the dedication of delivering quality ingredients, personalized experiences, and a sense of belonging.

As you step into the world of Subway Belgium, you step into a realm where each sandwich tells a unique story, and each visit creates memories that linger long after the last bite. Subway Belgium invites you to embrace the allure of fresh ingredients, the joy of customization, and the satisfaction of sharing a meal with loved ones.

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Subway Belgium FAQ

How much is Subway Belgium's Veggie Delite™ 30cm menu?

Veggie Delite™ 30cm menu – €10,95

How much is a Veggie Patty 30cm menu at Subway Belgium?

Veggie Patty 30cm menu – €11,50

How much are Ham 30cm menu at Subway Belgium?

Ham 30cm menu – €10,95

How much does a Subway Belgium's Veggie Patty 15cm menu Cost?

Veggie Patty 15cm menu – €8,75