South St. Burger Canada Prices: How much is South St. Burger Canada?

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South St. Burger Canada has become a go-to destination for burger enthusiasts, offering a delicious array of gourmet burgers made with quality ingredients. With its commitment to flavor, customization, and sustainability, South St. Burger Canada has established a reputation and popularity that are hard to match. In this article, we explore the exceptional reputation and unwavering popularity of South St. Burger Canada, uncovering what makes it a beloved choice for burger lovers across the country. Below are the latest South St. Burger Canada menu prices.



Bottled Water$2.51
Soft Drink$3.09
Montellier Sparkling Water$4.17
Bottled Juices$3.59

Most Popular



5 oz Beef Burger$7.10
5 oz Beef Burger Combo$12.39

Signature Selections

Build Your Own$4.50

Signature Selection Combos

Build Your Own Combo$9.45

Signature Burger Combos

True North Combo$16.60
BBQ Bacon Combo$16.82
Mushroom and Double Swiss Combo$20.25
Nacho Combo$13.33
Hawaiian Combo$13.82
Southern Fried Chicken Burger Combo$19.49
Spicy Piri Piri Combo$14.74
Spicy Southern Fried Chicken Burger Combo$19.57
Bacon and Cheese Combo$15.06
Mushroom and Swiss Combo$15.69


Beef Hot Dog$7.25
Veggie Burger$8.45
Fried Chicken$11.60

Signature Hot Dog

Mushroom and Swiss Hot Dog$9.62
BBQ Bacon Hot Dog$9.65
True North Hot Dog$9.63

Signature Hot Dogs

Nacho Hot Dog$7.96

The Grill

5 oz Halal Burger$7.10
Chicken Breast$8.18
Turkey Burger$7.12
Hot Dog$5.17

On the Grill Combos

Burger Combo$11.00
Chicken Breast Burger Combo$11.88

BYOB Combo

Chicken Breast Combo$14.86
Veggie Burger Combo$14.73
Fried Chicken Combo$18.29

The Grill Combo

5 oz Halal Burger Combo$12.39
Turkey Burger Combo$12.23
Hot Dog Combo$11.01

Signature Burgers

Mushroom and Swiss$10.49
True North Burger$10.97
Mushroom and Double Swiss Burger$13.46
Korean BBQ Burger$10.29
BBQ Bacon Burger$10.97
Southern Fried Chicken Burger$12.85
Spicy Piri Piri$9.56
Bacon and Cheese$9.82
Double Cheese Veggie Burger$13.50
Spicy Southern Fried Chicken$12.85

Fries and Sides

House-Cut Fries$3.84
Veggie Fries$5.90


Veggie Poutine$6.25
Sweet Potato Fries$4.78
Classic Poutine$6.31
Side Gravy$1.53
Side Cheese Sauce$1.39


Garden Salad$3.78
Side Garden Salad$4.67
Caesar Salad$3.75
Side Caesar Salad$4.19
Main Garden Salad$5.00
Main Caesar Salad$5.00
Main Garden Salad With Chicken$9.20
Main Caesar Salad With Chicken$9.27

Signature Hot Dog Combos

BBQ Bacon Hot Dog Combo$16.61
Mushroom and Swiss Hot Dog Combo$16.47
True North Hot Dog Combo$16.61


Hand-Scooped Milkshakes$4.98

Family Combo

Family Combo$37.58
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South St. Burger Canada: Elevating the Burger Experience

South St. Burger Canada takes the classic burger to new heights, offering an elevated experience that satisfies even the most discerning palates. Each burger is made with 100% pure beef, sourced from trusted suppliers who prioritize animal welfare and sustainable farming practices. This commitment to quality ensures that every bite of a South St. Burger is bursting with flavor and juiciness.

Customization: Burgers Tailored to Your Tastes

One of the highlights of South St. Burger Canada is the ability to customize your burger according to your tastes and preferences. With an extensive selection of toppings, sauces, and cheeses, you can create a burger that is truly unique. Whether you prefer classic toppings like lettuce, tomato, and onions, or more adventurous options like avocado, jalapeños, or smoked bacon, South St. Burger Canada has you covered. This customization allows you to build a burger that satisfies your cravings and reflects your individuality.

Sustainability: Doing Good While Enjoying Good Food

In addition to its commitment to flavor and customization, South St. Burger Canada also prioritizes sustainability. They are dedicated to reducing their environmental impact by using biodegradable packaging, implementing energy-efficient practices, and partnering with suppliers who share their commitment to sustainability. By choosing South St. Burger Canada, you can enjoy a delicious gourmet burger while knowing that you are supporting a brand that cares about the planet.

The Popularity of South St. Burger Canada: A Burger Craze

The popularity of South St. Burger Canada continues to soar, attracting a loyal following of burger enthusiasts. The combination of high-quality ingredients, customizable options, and a commitment to sustainability has resonated with customers across the country. South St. Burger Canada’s welcoming and friendly atmosphere adds to its appeal, creating a dining experience that keeps customers coming back for more.


South St. Burger Canada has redefined the burger experience, offering gourmet burgers made with quality ingredients and allowing for customization to suit individual tastes. With a commitment to sustainability and a loyal following of burger enthusiasts, South St. Burger Canada has earned its exceptional reputation and unwavering popularity. Whether you’re a classic burger lover or prefer to experiment with unique flavor combinations, South St. Burger Canada offers a juicy journey into the world of gourmet burgers. Indulge in the deliciousness, knowing that each bite supports a brand that cares about quality, customization, and sustainability.

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South St. Burger Canada FAQ

How much is South St. Burger Canada's Bottled Water?

Bottled Water – $2.51

How much is a Aquafina Bottled Water 591ml at South St. Burger Canada?

Aquafina Bottled Water 591ml – $3.25

How much are House Cut Fries at South St. Burger Canada?

House Cut Fries – $3.98

How much does a South St. Burger Canada's BBQ Bacon Cost?

BBQ Bacon – $9.00

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