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July, 2022 Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest Sonny’s menu prices.

Item Price


Fried Pickles $5.38
Fried Okra $4.76
Wings - Dry-Rubbed $10.99
Wings - Smoked $10.99
Smoked Wings $10.57
Wings $10.29
Loaded Tots $7.33
Wings - Slathered $10.99
Redneck Egg Rolls $8.04
Onion Rings $4.41

Most Popular

Big Deal! Pork Sandwich $9.73
Ribs for Two $27.28

Appetizers & Salads

Caesar Salad $7.08


Includes your choice of blue cheese, ranch, caesar, Italian, Greek, or Thousand islands dressings.
Garden Salad $4.52
Chef Salad $7.59


Limited Time Offers
No Limit Ribs ... Sort of 🙂 $14.99

Popular Items

Make it a big deal: add a sidekick and a soft drink to any BBQ sandwich for just $2.50
Sonny’s Sampler $17.11
Sonny's Sampler $17.02
Sweet Carolina $9.93
St. Louis Ribs $15.59
Baby Back Rib Plate $15.32
Pulled Pork Plate $10.99
Pulled Pork $11.88
Corn Nuggets $5.10
Half Chicken $12.99
Doubled Pulled Pork 3 Ways� $16.00
Baby Back Ribs $16.09
Ribs & Smoked Wings Plate $12.47
Redneck Egg Roll $10.21

BBQ Sandwiches (Deal)

Make it a big deal: add a sidekick and a soft drink to any BBQ sandwich for just $2.50
Chopped Beef Brisket $11.00

Garden Of Eatin'

Side Salad $3.28

Garden of Eatin

BBQ Salad $7.11
BBQ Salad + BBQ meat $9.99

Side Orders

French Fries $4.57

BBQ Sandwiches

Sweet Carolina Sandwich $8.35
Sweet Carolina Sandwich Combo $9.74
Big Deal! Sweet Carolina Sandwich $10.76
Whole Hog Sandwich $8.60
Smokin' Gun $9.55
Smokin’ Gun Sandwich $8.99
Smokin' Gun Sandwich $8.91
Smokin’ Gun $10.69
Pulled Chicken $10.69
Whole Hog Sandwich Combo $10.74
Big Deal! Smokin' Gun Sandwich $11.66
Sliced Pork $10.35
Beef Brisket Sandwich $8.26
Smokin' Gun Sandwich Combo $10.74
Big Deal! Beef Brisket Sandwich $10.64
Smoked Turkey $10.07
Chopped Brisket Sandwich $7.54
Pulled Chicken Sandwich $7.44
Sliced Brisket Sandwich $7.24
Pulled Pork Sandwich Combo $8.57
Big Deal! Pulled Chicken Sandwich $9.74
Grilled Chicken $9.52
Sliced Pork Sandwich $6.98
Sliced Pork Sandwich Combo $8.57
Big Deal! Sliced Pork Sandwich $9.68
Sonny’s Steakburger $8.87
Pulled Pork Sandwich $6.99
Big Deal! Pulled Pork Sandwich $9.68
Chopped Brisket Sandwich Combo $9.74
Smoked Turkey Sandwich $7.14
Sliced Brisket Sandwich Combo $9.57
Big Deal! Smoked Turkey Sandwich $9.68
Smoked Turkey Sandwich Combo $8.86
Sonny's Steakburger $8.47
Big Deal! Sonny's Steakburger $10.82
Pulled Chicken Sandwich Combo $8.86
Grilled Chicken Sandwich $8.47
Big Deal! Grilled Chicken Sandwich $10.82
Whole Hog $9.75
Big Deal! Whole Hog $11.00

Pitmaster Picks

Served with two sidekicks and choice of bread.
Rib & Chicken Plate $12.41
Ribs & Chicken $14.98
Chicken & Pork $13.41
Chicken & Pork Plate $12.24
Ribs & Smoked Wings $14.60
Pork 3 Ways $15.47
Family Feast $47.42
Baby Back Ribs Lunch $14.95
Sweet & Smokey Ribs Lunch $11.50
House Dry-Rubbed Lunch $11.50

Signature BBQ

Pulled or Sliced Pork Signature BBQ $11.99
Pulled or Sliced Pork $14.05
BBQ Pork $12.11
Sliced Pork Plate $10.99
Baby Back Ribs Signature BBQ $17.49
Beef Brisket $12.85
Chopped Beef Brisket Plate $12.79
St. Louis Ribs Signature BBQ $13.79
Sliced Beef Brisket Plate $12.12
Half Chicken Signature BBQ $10.99
Beef Brisket Signature BBQ $14.79
Half Chicken Plate $10.99
Sweet & Smokey St. Louis Rib Plate $12.66
Pulled Chicken Signature BBQ $12.19
Pulled Chicken Plate $10.62
Smoked Turkey Signature BBQ $12.22
Smoked Turkey Plate $10.69
Dry Rubbed St. Louis Rib Plate $12.66


BBQ Beans $3.16
Crinkle-Cut Fries $3.41
Coleslaw $3.24
Baked Sweet Potato $2.72
Corn on the Cob $2.71
Baked Potato $2.70
Tater Tots $4.94
Broccoli $4.13

BBQ by the Pound

Open Hours: 11:00AM - 8:30PM
Sliced Beef Brisket $16.95
Beef Brisket - Lb $16.99
Pulled Chicken - Lb $12.99
Pulled Pork - Lb $12.99
Sliced Pork - Lb $12.99
Homestyle Mac & Cheese $5.34
Smoked Turkey - Lb $12.99
Sweet & Smokey Ribs - Lb $13.99
Sweet & Smokey Ribs $13.78
House Dry-Rubbed Ribs - Lb $13.99
House Dry-Rubbed Ribs $13.31
House Dry Rub Ribs $12.79
Whole Chicken BBQ By The Pound $11.99
Hot Links - Lb $13.99
Whole Chicken $12.16
Hot Links $13.13
Green Beans $5.40
Original Recipe BBQ Beans $5.28
Mac & Cheese $3.69
Homemade Coleslaw $5.68
Potato Salad $4.73


Sweet Tea $2.76
Sonny's Signature Sweet Tea $2.34
Sonny’s Signature Iced Tea $2.72
Sonny’s Signature Sweet Tea $2.69
Sonny's Signature Tea $2.88
Sonny's Signature Unsweet Tea $2.74
Sonny’s Signature Unsweet Tea $2.82
Half & Half Tea $2.49
Soda $2.62
Lemonade $2.67
Sodas $2.99
Dasani Water Bottle $1.54
Gallon Sonny's Signature Sweet Tea $5.99
Bottled Water $1.93
Coke $2.55
Gallon Sonny's Signature Tea $5.99
Pibb $2.59
Gallon Lemonade $6.85
Gallon Sonny's Signature Unsweet Tea $5.99
Bottled Water Dasani $2.17
Diet Coke $2.68
Sprite $2.55
Half & Half Sweet Tea $2.89
Half & Half Unsweet Tea $2.89


Peach Cobbler $5.50
Cinnamon Sugar Donut Holes $4.24
Fruit Cobbler $3.99
Chocolate Chip Cookies $2.95
Banana Pudding $4.20

Family Meals

Grab & Go Meal Kit $47.99
Family Meal Deal $29.99
Family Feast for 4 $40.99

Kids Meals

Kids Chicken Tenders $5.27
Kids Ribs $6.07
Kids Mac & Cheese $4.57
Kids Pulled Pork Sandwich $4.16
Kids Hot Dog $4.27
Grilled Cheese $4.87
Kids Turkey Sandwich $4.70

Side Kicks

Crinkle Cut Fries $2.74


Donut Holes $4.50
Donut Holes with Sweet Tea Icing $4.99

Kids' Menu

Grilled Cheese Sandwich $3.93


Garlic Bread $2.61


Coffee $1.98
Tea $1.56
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About Sonny’s

Sonny’s prices are as friendly as Southern ladies can be, so to speak. The barbecue restaurant chain, which has more than 120 locations across 9 Southeastern states, specializes in Southern-style barbecue.


Floyd “Sonny” Tillman and Lucille, his wife, founded Sonny’s Real Pit-Bar-B-Q in 17 April 1968 with their first location on Waldo Road in Gainesville, Florida. In 1977, the company began franchising its restaurants such that by 1988, there were 77 locations in 6 states. The menu consisted of pork, ribs, beef, and chicken as well as several sides including beans.

In 1988, Bob Yarmuth acquired Sonny’s. During the 2000s, the chain was the largest of its kind in the United States with approximately 150 locations in 9 states. After moving its headquarters to Winter Park, Florida in 2012, the company changed its name to Sonny’s BBQ.

What It’s Famous For

Sonny’s BBQ menu has Southern style barbecue including pulled pork, sliced pork, baby back ribs, buffalo wings, St. Louis style ribs, and beef brisket; along with burgers, appetizers and sides

Why Eat Here

Your first impression will likely be the unassuming façade of a Sonny’s restaurant followed by the impression of dark interiors from the wood décor to the booth and table seating. But such simplicity is one of the reasons for the chain’s popularity since it adds to the cozy, casual and welcoming atmosphere.

Of course, the wide variety of barbecued meats is the star of the show with choices including pulled pork, brisket, chicken, and ribs. You will love the huge portions of meat coupled with the generous sides and large glasses filled with sweet tea, a must to wash all of the meat and sides down.  You also have several choices in sauces, sides and salads including cornbread, baked beans, and potato spears, all of which are flavorful.

When coming into a Sonny’s restaurant, be prepared to have a full meal because of the generous portions from the appetizers to the desserts. You may want to bring along a friend to share the food – or not since the food is just too good to be shared anyway. The extensive menu will be a joy to people who want variety in their meals but it can also be bewildering to customize your own meals without paying extra.

As for the service, the wait staff are generally attentive to the needs of guests, friendly in their approach, and efficient in their movements. Even with a casual vibe, you will feel pampered by the servers.

To learn more about Sonny’s or to find a location near you, visit their website at

Sonny’s FAQ

How much is Sonny's Baby Back Rib Plate?

Baby Back Rib Plate – $15.32

How much is a Garden Salad at Sonny's?

Garden Salad – $4.52

How much are Big Deal! Pork Sandwich at Sonny's?

Big Deal! Pork Sandwich – $9.73

How much does a Sonny's Wings – Slathered Cost?

Wings – Slathered – $10.99

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