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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – and it’s a concept that still holds true even in the crazy busy days of your modern lifestyle! But making breakfast at home may not be possible so the thought of enjoying breakfast at a restaurant becomes more appealing. Below are the latest Snooze menu prices.



Blackberry Mint Limeade$7.16
Strawberry Lavender Lemonade$7.16


Double Bacon Sandwich*$18.06

Cold-Pressed Juice & Drinks

Evolution Cold Pressed Orange Defense Up Juice$6.85
Maine Root Soda$3.13
Evolution Cold Pressed Essential Green Juice$6.85
Evolution Cold Pressed Watermelon Juice$6.85
Iced Tea$3.56

Single Use Items Needed

Snooze Sriracha 12oz Bottle$10.30

Barista Counter: Coffee & Tea

Iced Honey Oat Milk Latte$6.57
Snooze House Blend Coffee$3.90
Iced Latte$5.22
Chai Tea$4.64
Lavender Latte$6.55
Honey Oat Milk Latte$6.57
Iced Lavender Latte$6.55
Snooze Hot Chocolate$4.97
Iced Mocha$5.26
Iced Chai$4.64
Vanilla Almond Matcha Tea Latte$6.58
Local Nitro Cold Brew Coffee$5.57
Flavored Coffee$3.82
Organic Hot Tea$3.64
Iced Americano$4.05
Decaf Flavored Coffee$3.79
Decaf House Coffee$4.06

Sides & Enhancements

Snooze Signature Bacon Flight$10.77
Side Grits$3.00
Hash Browns$3.82
Bacon But Different$6.66
Two Cage-Free Eggs*$4.73
Side Fresh Fruit$5.10
One Side Taco*$4.73
Chicken Sausage Patty$4.41
Side Toast$2.21
Maple and Black Pepper Glazed Bacon$7.08
Habanero Pork Belly$7.06
Polidori Sausage Links$4.91
Polidori Sausage Patty$5.53
One Cage-Free Egg*$2.79
Tender Belly Ham$5.14
Polidori Chorizo$4.73

Pancakes And French Toast

Pancake Flight Customized$14.47
Pineapple Upside Down Pancakes$10.97
Pancake of the Week$12.64
Sweet Potato Pancakes$11.32
Buttermilk Pancakes$11.09
French Toast Neat$12.90
Blueberry Danish Pancakes$11.56
Monte Cristo Brioche Toast$14.63
Strawberry Shortcake Pancakes$11.77
Cinnamon Roll Pancakes$11.99
Chocolate Chip Pancakes$11.06
Vegan Banana Bliss Pancakes$13.90
OMG! French Toast GFF$13.98
Funky Monkey French Toast$14.18
Pancake of the Week GFF$12.64
Blueberry Pancakes$10.85
Strawberry Shortcake GFF Pancakes$11.77
French Toast Neat GFF$13.08
Blueberry Danish GFF Pancakes$11.72
Gluten Free Friendly Signature Flight$13.62
Buttermilk Pancakes GFF$11.09
OMG! French Toast$13.42
Sweet Potato GFF Pancakes$11.45
Cinnamon Roll GFF Pancakes$11.99
Blueberry GFF Pancakes$10.85
Pineapple Upside Down GFF Pancakes$11.46
Chocolate Chip GFF Pancakes$11.06
Signature Pancake Flight$14.40
Vegan Bliss Pancakes$13.07

Plant Power

Bravocado Toast*$15.94
Sweet Potato Veggie Smash Up*$12.97
Bountiful Buddha Bowl*$14.99
Adobo Roasted Veggie Breakfast Tacos*$14.94
Goldilocks' Porridge$12.19
Kale and Avocado Quinoa Bowl*$15.15

Kids Menu

Lil Pardner's Pancakes$7.70
Kids Scrambled Eggs and Toast*$7.70
Kids French Toast$7.70
Kids Quesadilla*$7.70
Kids Gluten Free Friendly French Toast$7.70

Eggs, Omelets & Breakfast Riffs

Protein and Veggie Egg White Scramble*$15.07
Shrimp and Grits*$17.58
Garden Harvest Omelet$15.91
Sweet Potato Bacon Smash Up*$14.05
Tofu Scramble$14.29
Habanero Pork Belly Breakfast Fried Rice$17.24
Love You E'Lote Breakfast Pasta$15.21

DoorDash Only

Signature Flight$11.41
The Snooze Classic$12.33
3 Egg Omelet$12.16
Ham Benedict$12.50
Sandwich I Am$12.54
Bella Bella Benny$14.70
Corned Beef Hash$13.21
3 Egg Scramble$12.16
Sweet Potato Hash$11.54
Plain Pancakes$8.81
Egg White Omelet$14.76
Egg White Scramble$14.76
Breakfast Burrito$11.57
Pineapple Upside Down Gluten Free Friendly$9.72
Plain Pancakes Gluten Free Friendly$9.08
OMG French Toast Gluten Free Friendly$11.83

Tacos, Burritos, & Tostadas

Snooze Breakfast Burrito*$13.38
Huevos Tostadas*$13.66
Juan's Breakfast Tacos*$12.86

Picked for you

Snooze Signature Bacon$6.02
Spuds Deluxe*$14.65

Ahhhh La Carte

Tender Belly Bacon$4.26


Habanero Pork Belly Benny*$17.49
Benny Duo*$17.55
Ham Benedict III*$14.97
Smashed Avocado Benny*$16.37
Pork Chile Verde Benny*$15.47
Barbacoa Chile Verde Benny*$16.13
Parmesan-Panko Crab Cake Benedict*$23.03


Cold Pressed Orange$5.91
Cold Pressed Green$5.91
Cold Pressed Melon$5.93
Decaf Coffee$3.30

Barista Drinks

Decaf House Blend Coffee$3.22
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About Snooze

If you’re one of the millions of people who like eating breakfast at a restaurant, then you will find that Snooze is your best choice! Here, you will always have your favorite breakfast items within a few minutes of ordering – no need for slaving over the stove or burning the bacon.


Jon and Adam Schlegel opened the first Snooze on April 2, 2006 in Denver, Colorado. The brothers’ mission: To provide diners with a different breakfast dining experience via a combination of innovative dishes, friendly and comfortable service, and energetic and eclectic atmosphere.

With such a combination, the brothers attained success in their business. The chain now has locations in Colorado, its home state, as well as in Arizona, Texas, and Arizona.

What They’re Known For

Every Snooze restaurant has an exciting vibe about it, especially during the breakfast and lunch hours when the crowd like to gather for filling and flavorful meals. The dining experience here is always the enjoyable kind, thanks to the refreshing and welcoming interiors, the energetic and efficient staff, and the cozy atmosphere where everybody feels like part of the family.

Why Eat Here

When you enter a Snooze restaurant, you won’t go into snooze mode, far from it. You will instead be awoken from your morning stupor by the sight and smell of the food and drinks laid out on the tables of your fellow diners. Your first step will then to make a beeline for a table of your own so that you, too, can enjoy your breakfast or lunch.

The restaurant can be quite crowded on weekdays, especially so on weekends, but the staff has made it a point to ensure that every group can quickly be seated. The waiters and waitresses are friendly toward the diners but are also quick on their feet with the orders and attentive to their diners’ needs.  There’s a sense of being welcomed to the restaurant by family, a feeling that stays with you even after you have finished your meal and exited the restaurant.

Breakfast for many people won’t be the same without coffee and the Snooze coffee is always brewed onsite and always fresh, not to mention tastes and feels really great. The pancakes, which are breakfast staples in American homes, are fluffy, milky and tasty, as well as usually served with your choice in toppings like candied pecans, homemade caramel, and ginger butter. The corned beef with hash complements the pancakes and coffee so these are the bestselling items on the menu.

Diners will never run out of breakfast options with the extensive menu at the Snooze restaurants. The Snooze Classic consisting of three farm-fresh organic eggs cooked in your preferred style, as well as served with your choice in bacon, ham, chorizo, or chicken sausage, and toast and hash browns. The 3 Egg Omelet or Scramble consisting of the farm-fresh eggs served with a choice of three fillings, toast or tortillas, and hash browns. The Breakfast Pot Pie is a bestseller because it’s so filling, thanks to the flaky puff pastry covered with rosemary sausage gravy and topped with an egg and served with hash browns.

The corned beef hash appeals to the Irish and Mexican in diners – it consists of the delicious corned beef, shredded hash, and caramelized onions and poblanos served with two eggs and your choice in tortillas or toast.  The Juan’s Breakfast Tacos is a filling breakfast with its three tortillas served with hash browns, scrambled eggs, green chile hollandaise, jack cheese, and pico de gallo; it’s also available in both vegetarian and meat lovers’ version.

And don’t forget to enjoy the hollandaise-topped dishes! The Snooze brand is known for these dishes for good reason – the meats are perfectly cooked, the eggs are poached well, and the hollandaise sauce is so creamy.  We highly recommend the Ham Benedict III, the I like You E’Lote Benedict, and the Chili Verde Benedict.

The sandwiches are your best bet for on-the-go breakfast fare.  The Sandwich I Am, a soft pretzel roll with fillings of scrambled eggs, sausage patty, and cheddar cheese served with hash browns and smoked cheddar hollandaise is a popular choice.

Aside from the standard drinks, the menu also features several beverages. These include mimosas and Mayan mocha, a drink with steamed milk, espresso, Ancho Reyes Liqueur, and chocolate and vanilla syrup.  The full bar is as stocked as can be while the background music makes chilling out possible.

Just come right into your nearest Snooze restaurant; there’s no reservation system although the chain provides delivery, takeout and catering orders.  Come for your breakfast and brunch, and be sure to bring your family and friends.

To learn more about Snooze or to find a location near you, visit their website at

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Snooze FAQ

How much is Snooze's Chili Verde Benny?

Chili Verde Benny – $11.75

How much is a Winter Harvest Benny at Snooze?

Winter Harvest Benny – $11.75

How much are Huevos Rancheros at Snooze?

Huevos Rancheros – $9.75

How much does a Snooze's 3 Egg Omelet or Scramble Cost?

3 Egg Omelet or Scramble – $10.25

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