Slim Chickens Prices

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2023, Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest Slim Chickens menu prices.

Item Price


Bottled Water $3.15
Can of Soda $1.00
20oz Sweet Tea $2.89
Bottle of Water $2.50
32oz Sweet Tea $3.50
20oz Unsweet Tea $2.89
32oz Unsweet Tea $3.50
20oz Peach Tea $2.89
32oz Peach Tea $3.50
20oz Raspberry Tea $2.89
32oz Powerade Blue $3.47
32oz Raspberry Tea $3.50
20oz Lemonade $2.89
32oz Lemonade $3.50
20oz Coca-Cola $2.89
32oz Coca-Cola $3.49
20oz Diet COKE $2.89
32oz Diet COKE $3.49
20oz Coke Zero $2.89
32oz Coke Zero $3.49
20oz Coca-Cola Cherry $2.89
32oz Coca-Cola Cherry $3.50
32oz Raspberry Lemonade $3.47
20oz Dr Pepper $2.89
32oz Dr Pepper $3.49
20oz Diet Dr Pepper $2.89
32oz Diet Dr Pepper $3.49
20oz Sprite $2.89
32oz Sprite $3.49
20oz Root Beer $2.89
32oz Root Beer $3.48
20oz Hi-C Pink Lemonade $2.90
32oz Hi-C Pink Lemonade $3.51
20oz Fanta Orange $2.89
20oz Hi-C Fruit Punch $2.88
32oz Fanta Orange $3.50
20oz Fanta Strawberry $2.92
Gallon of Lemonade $12.21
32oz Hi-C Fruit Punch $3.49
32oz Fanta Strawberry $3.51
20oz Powerade Blue $2.87
Gallon of Sweet Tea $7.48
Gallon of Unsweet Tea $7.48
Gallon of Peach Tea $7.48
Gallon of Raspberry Tea $7.49
Gallon of Raspberry Lemonade $12.53
20oz Raspberry Lemonade $2.91

House Sauces

Slim Sauce $0.49
Ranch $0.50
BBQ $0.50
Spicy BBQ $0.50
Sweet Red Chili $0.50
Cayenne Ranch $0.50
Honey Mustard $0.50
Gravy $0.50
Blue Cheese $0.50
Mango Habanero $0.50
Buffalo $0.50
Hot $0.50
Inferno $0.50
Honey BBQ $0.50
Garlic Parmesan $0.50
Sriracha Garlic $0.50
Korean BBQ $0.50
Balsamic Vinaigrette $0.49
Lite Italian $0.50
Raspberry Walnut Vinaigrette $0.50

Chicken & Waffles

Waffle Only $7.40
Chicken and Waffles $10.99


Chocolate Milkshake $5.07
Vanilla Milkshake $5.07
Strawberry Milkshake $5.07
Oreo Milkshake $5.07


Mac and Cheese $6.99
Coleslaw $4.97
Fries $2.97
Potato Salad $6.21
Ranch Chips $3.23
Side Salad $4.52
Fried Pickles $6.85
Fried Okra $6.81
Fried Mushrooms $6.82
Texas Toast $0.77
Side of Butter $0.48
Side of Syrup $0.48

Family Meals

Southern Style Family Meal $39.55
Picnic Pack $45.38
Crowd Pleaser Pack $41.86
Tailgate Pack $52.07
Grab and Go Pack $32.27

Kids Meals

Kids Tender Meal $7.07
Kids Mac $5.91


Large Crowd Potato Salad $35.20

Craft Sandwiches and Wraps

Chicken Club Sandwich Meal $13.60
Chicken Club Sandwich $9.79
Cayenne Ranch Chicken Sandwich Meal $11.70
Cayenne Ranch Chicken Sandwich $7.65
Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich Meal $11.69
Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich $7.80
Crispy Chicken Sandwich Meal $10.23
Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich $8.19
Crispy Chicken Sandwich $6.31
Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich Meal $11.88
Wrap Meal $12.78
Wrap $9.11
Buffalo Wrap Meal $12.76
Buffalo Wrap $9.10
Smokey Cheddar Wrap Meal $12.76
Smokey Cheddar Wrap $9.11

Sandwiches & Wraps

Cayenne Ranch Chicken Sandwich Plate $7.92

Picked For You

Kid's Tender Combo $7.07
5 Tenders, 1 Side $9.99
5 Tenders, 5 Wings, 1 Side $14.33


3 Tenders, 1 Side $8.01
4 Tenders, 1 Side $9.00
7 Tenders, 1 Side $12.79
20 Tenders $30.26
30 Tenders $44.12

Tenders and Wings

3 Tenders, 3 Wings, 1 Side $12.31

Tender & Wing Meals

Classic Meal $12.12
Chick's Meal $10.69
Slim's Meal $13.81
5 and 5 Meal $18.84
Buffalo Mac and Cheese Bowl Meal $12.51
Hungry Meal $16.64
6 Wing Meal $14.81
8 Wing Meal $17.11
Tender Mac and Cheese Bowl Meal $11.28
3 and 3 Meal $15.59


6 Wings, 1 Side $11.59
8 Wings, 1 Side $13.59
30 Wings $40.36


Smokey Cheddar Wrap, 1 Side $9.51
Buffalo Wrap, 1 Side $9.50
Wrap, 1 Side $9.04


Slim's Salad $11.91
Buffalo Blues Salad $9.86


Chocolate Brownie Pudding Jar Dessert $8.41
Strawberry Cheesecake Jar Dessert $8.47
Chocolate Chip Brownie $2.56

Party Trays

25 Tenders $47.03
20 Wings $35.89
Texas Toast Tray $7.71
10 Wings $19.53
10 Tenders $19.70
Pack of 5 Sauces $2.55
Pack of 10 Sauces $5.10
Small Crowd Mac and Cheese $26.62
Large Crowd Mac and Cheese $37.49
Small Wrap Platter $27.87
Pack of 20 Sauces $9.16
Large Wrap Platter $51.20
Small Crowd Coleslaw $19.41
Large Crowd Coleslaw $27.12
Small Crowd Potato Salad $24.86
Small Crowd Ranch Chips $17.32
Large Crowd Ranch Chips $32.01
Small Crowd Spring Salad Tray $23.58
Large Crowd Spring Salad Tray $46.19
Brownie Tray $21.86
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About Slim Chickens

Don’t be taken by the word “slim” in the Slim Chickens brand. Indeed, the Slim Chickens’ foods are neither slim in size nor small in flavors so you will always get the best bang for your buck!

Be sure to try the food and drinks here first before you pass judgment.  At the end of your meal, you will find that the chain takes to heart its mission of bringing Southern hospitality to the fast casual restaurant sector. You will also appreciate that the reasonable Slim Chickens prices reflects the sense of Southern hospitality in the restaurants.


The chain was founded on a craving for freshly-cooked, succulent-to-the-bone, and delicious chicken but there were no restaurants that can satisfy it. Thus, the owners started experimenting with their chicken recipes in their garage and a restaurant was born. The first Slim Chickens restaurant was opened in Fayetteville, Arkansas in 2003.

After more than a decade in operation, the chain has grown to several restaurants in Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Illinois and Ohio with more planned for opening in other states.

What They’re Famous For

Slim Chickens continues to build its niche in the fast casual dining sector through its hand-breaded chicken tenders and fresh Buffalo wings coupled with the chain’s signature handmade dipping sauces. These food items are the bestsellers in the restaurants for good reasons – the chicken tenders and fresh Buffalo wings are savory, succulent and delicious on their own. But when these are combined with the dipping sauces, the results are spectacular!

The chain is also known for its charitable initiatives and community involvement, thus, its claim that the chicken dishes are changing lives.  The company establishes partnerships with regional and national charitable organizations for various causes, donates food to community events, and helps in local fundraisers.

Why Eat Here

Slim Chickens is among the best places to satisfy your intense cravings for the best parts of a chicken – the wings and breast, as well as the tenders.  This isn’t just an exaggerated marketing claim as most of its customers can attest to the chain’s superior chicken tenders, Buffalo wings, and fried chicken breast. The meat has a succulent, tender and flavorful quality to it so much so that each bite is worth the effort placed into it – think the best Southern fried chicken and you get the idea.

The menu also includes combo meals that cater to the hungry appetites of both individuals and groups of families and friends. These include combo meals like:

  • Slims Box with five tenders, two dipping sauces, cookie and chips.
  • Chicks Box with three tenders, one dipping sauce, cookie and chips.
  • 6 Wing Box with six wings, one dipping sauce, cookie and chips.
  • 3&3 Box with three wings, three tenders and two dipping sauces plus with the chips and cookie.

The chain also offers chicken dishes served with sandwiches, wraps, and salads. These include the Cayenne Ranch Chicken Sandwich Box with fried chicken breast, toasted bun filled with lettuce, fried onions, and pickles with cayenne seasoning; the Wrap Box with chicken tenders, tomato and lettuce with ranch dressing; and Smokey Cheddar Wrap Box with tangy BBQ tenders, lettuce, shredded cheese and ranch dressing. Every box comes with chips and cookie, too.

These boxes are also available as plates – the dishes are served in dine-in plates instead of the boxes. Plus, there’s also a Kid’s Box with two tenders, a dipping sauce, chips and cookie, a popular option for parents with their kids in tow.  The Kid’s Box is only available for kids 10 years old and below.

Of course, chickens aren’t the only food items on the menu. Diners, after all, will want variety in their meals so the Slim Chickens chain also added salads, chicken sandwiches, and even waffles.

The choices include Slims Salad with fresh greens, a choice between fried and grilled tenders, tomatoes, cheese, cucumbers, fried onion straws, carrots, and croutons; Buffalo Blues salad with fresh greens, a choice between fried and grilled tenders shaken in the signature Buffalo wing sauce, diced celery, blue cheese crumbles, and croutons; and Chicken and Waffles with three chicken tenders on a golden waffle with generous doses of butter and syrup.

The food items are above par obviously but the food selection isn’t the be-all and end-all of the best restaurants. The Slim Chickens restaurants are also must-go places for other notable reasons, thus, its enduring popularity in the fast casual restaurant sector.

For one thing, the wait staff at all the Slim Chickens restaurants are friendly, courteous and helpful to the diners. Your dining experience may not be on par with fine dining restaurants but it will be an enjoyable one, nonetheless, because of the great service provided by the servers.

For another thing, the amenities and facilities are well-maintained so you don’t have to worry about unhygienic restrooms and the like. The welcoming atmosphere and lively vibe, thanks to the groups of families and friends, is a plus, too.

To learn more about Slim Chickens or to find a location near you, visit their website at

Slim Chickens FAQ

How much is Slim Chickens's Chick's Meal?

Chick’s Meal – $8.96

How much is a 8 Wing Meal at Slim Chickens?

8 Wing Meal – $12.68

How much are Strawberry Milkshake at Slim Chickens?

Strawberry Milkshake – $4.81

How much does a Slim Chicken's Southern Style Family Meal for 3-4 Cost?

Southern Style Family Meal for 3-4 – $28.79

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