Skyline Chili Prices: How much is Skyline Chili?

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Cincinnati-style chili isn’t the same as the Tex-Mex chili many Americans are more familiar with. This neither a product of the fusion of Texan and Mexican cuisines nor a food that can be eaten on its own. Instead, this is a chili unique to the Cincinnati area and its environs, a product of immigrants from the Mediterranean. Below are the latest Skyline Chili menu prices.


Most Ordered

4-Way Onion$8.60
Soft Drink$3.45
Funnel Fries$5.23


Chili Deluxe Burrito$9.45
Original Deluxe Burrito$9.76
Vegetarian Black Bean Deluxe Burrito$8.20


The most commonly ordered items and dishes from this store
Chili Cheese Fries$8.14
Cheese Fries$5.78
Sky Fries$3.88


Regular Coney (Without Cheese)$3.08
Regular Coney$2.66
Cheese Coney$3.21
Hot Dog w/cheese$3.28
Chili Cheese Sandwich$3.29
3 Chili Cheese Sandwiches *Chili and Cheese on the Side*$10.33
3 Cheese Coneys *Chili and Cheese on Side*$10.33

Vegetarian Ways

3 Way Black Beans and Rice$8.93


Greek Chicken Wrap$10.86
Buffalo Chicken Wrap$10.89
Classic Chicken Wrap$10.90


Black Beans and Rice Bowl$8.99
Black Beans and Rice Deluxe Burrito$11.30
Black Beans and Rice Chilito$4.44


3-Way (Regular)$10.26
Regular Spaghetti with Cheese$6.92
4-Way Bean$8.60
3-Way (Large)$12.50
Large Spaghetti with Cheese$8.10
Large Chili Spaghetti$9.59
Regular Chili Spaghetti$8.10
Chili Spaghetti$6.21
Vegetarian Ways: 3-Way Black Beans & Rice$7.24
4-way (Regular)$10.60
5-Way (Large)$13.09
Spaghetti with cheese$6.41
5-Way (Regular)$10.81
4-way (Large)$12.48

Burritos / Chilitos

Original Burrito$9.44

Popular Items

Specially priced for children age ten and under.
Cheddar Potato$5.56
Kids' Coney Special$4.19
3 Way Chili$6.45
Garden Salad$4.68
Greek Chicken$7.34

Steamed Potatoes

Sour Cream Potato$3.80

Kids' Menu

Specially priced for children age ten and under.
Kids' 3-Way Special$5.54
Kids' P'sghetti Special$4.22
Kids' Hot Doggy Special$4.84

Kids' Meals

Specially priced for children age ten and under. Includes small beverage and special dessert.
Kids' 3-Way$8.84
Kids' Hot Doggy$6.25
Kids' P'sghetti$6.40
Kids' Coney$6.22

Fresh Selects: Salads

Buffalo Salad w/ Chicken$11.15
Buffalo Chicken Salad$9.79
Greek Salad$4.29
Chicken Bacon Ranch Salad - Regular$11.47
Greek Salad - Regular$8.63
Garden Salad - Regular$7.39


Loaded Chili Bowl$8.13
Coney Bowl$8.82
Chili Bowl$6.47
Vegetarian Black Beans & Rice$5.96
Pint of Chili$10.42
Pint of Beans and Rice$9.47
Half-pint of Chili$8.73


Chicken Tenders Basket$7.29

Fresh Selects: Wraps

Buffalo Chicken$7.49
Classic Chicken$7.75
Wrap Chicken Bacon Ranch$12.61

Hot Dogs

Single Weiner in Bun with Cheese$3.20
Double Weiner in Bun with Cheese$3.40

Family Meals

10 Pack Of Cheese Coneys$36.87
Family Cheese Coney Bar$50.66


Side of Cheese$2.54
Side of Extreme Cheese$2.65
Side of Sour Cream$0.90
Extra Hot Sauce Packets$0.10
Side of Onions$0.70
Bag of Crackers$0.28
Side of Ranch$0.85
Side of Chili Ranch$0.79

Additional Menu

Garlic Bread$3.30
Cheddar Bread$3.25
Pint Chili$11.80
1/2 Pint Chili$7.57
Chicken Bacon Ranch Salad$7.91
Bbr Bowl$7.96


3-Way Potato$9.84
5-Way Potato$10.41


York Mint$0.30
Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory Bakery$7.62
Family Funnel$10.39


Mountain Dew$3.56
Soft Drinks$2.50
Unsweet Iced Tea$3.56
Dr. Pepper$3.56
Iced Tea$2.03
1% White Milk$2.62
Sweet Tea$2.23
Pink Lemonade$3.81
Chocolate Milk$2.43
Hot Tea$1.64
1% Milk$1.34
1% Chocolate Milk$2.15
Sweet Tea - Gallon$7.16
Diet Dr. Pepper$3.56
Gallon of Sweet Tea$6.70
Sweet Iced Tea$3.56
Gallon of Unsweet Tea$6.79
Diet Pepsi$3.56
Unsweet Tea - Gallon$7.10


York Peppermint Pattie$0.35
Cheesecake Factory Chocolate Fudge Cake$5.22
Cheesecake Factory White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake$7.15
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About Skyline Chili

As such, the Cincinnati-style chili is a spiced meat sauce characterized by its generous use of Mediterranean spices (e.g., cinnamon) along with several ingredients, such as ground beef, stock, and tomato paste. While each cook will have his own version of the chili, a soup-like consistency is typical. This is true for the Cincinnati-style chili offered at Skyline Chili, a chain of chili-centric restaurants with corporate headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio.


In 1949, Nicholas Lambrinides opened the first Skyline Chili in the Price Hill neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio. By the end of the 20th century, the chain also consisted of 100 restaurants, most of which were in Ohio as well as a few in Kentucky, Florida, and Indiana, among others.

The Cincinnati-style chili offered by the chain has remained unchanged since Nicholas Lambrinides introduced it. Such was its popularity that it became largely synonymous with the unique style of chili, as well as being declared as the official chili of the Cincinnati Cyclones, the Cincinnati Reds, and the Columbus Blue Jackets, among others.

In 1998, the chain was purchased by Fleet Equity Partner. But in 2007, another change of ownership happened again when the chain’s board of directors acquired most of the Skyline stock.

What They’re Famous For

The Skyline Chili chain is famous for its unique take on the Cincinnati-style chili that, in itself, is a unique creation. Unlike the Texan chili con carne, the Cincinnati chili is usually poured over hotdogs and spaghetti known as coneys and two-ways, respectively. The Mediterranean blend of spices also adds a distinctive taste that significantly differs from its Texas counterpart.

Why Eat Here

The best – many regular patrons say the only – reason to eat at a Skyline Chili restaurant is the Cincinnati-style chili. Officially, its recipe is a tightly-guarded secret known only to the surviving children of Nicholas Lambrinides, the chain’s founder. But foodies and patrons believe the Skyline chili’s distinctive taste – sweet yet spicy – comes from the combination of cinnamon and chocolate.

Emphasis must be made that both cinnamon and chocolate are common spices used in Greek cuisine, thus, the Mediterranean flavor profile. When the chili is poured over hotdogs and spaghetti, the Mediterranean flavors complement the American and Italian-American classic fare. The chili flavors enhance the meatiness of the hotdog and the al dente texture of the spaghetti.

The Skyline menu across all the restaurants feature several signature dishes. Keep in mind, nonetheless, that these are also typical offerings in other Cincinnati chili-centric restaurants but the Skyline food has a superior quality. These dishes include:

  • Cheese coneys, a hotdog liberally topped with mustard, cheese and onions as well as the flavorful Skyline chili
  • 3-ways, a spaghetti dish with cheese and Skyline chili in just the right amount
  • 4-ways, a liberal pouring of Skyline chili over spaghetti with toppings of either onions or beans
  • 5-ways, a spaghetti dish with the cheese, chili, onions and beans

The generous portions of these signature dishes mean that even a single cheese coneys will be enough to satisfy your craving and fill your tummy until the next meal. The Mediterranean flavors is a joy, too, because it feels like you’re in the Greek islands but enjoying American fare.

The menu also includes other items so there’s little chance of becoming easily bored with the food. These include burritos filled with the Skyline chili, French fries, cheese fries, salads in both classic and Greek styles, baked potatoes with Skyline chili, and cheese and garlic breads.

Even people with special dietary needs may find one or two dishes to suit their specific preferences. The low-carb diet items include the coney bowl, a hotdog without the bun but with generous ladling of Skyline chili, while the vegetarian options have rice and black place in lieu of chili. The kids’ menu mimics the food menu but in smaller portions and with kid-friendly flavors.

Did we mention that every diner is also provided with either a package or a bowl of oyster crackers? This is a great feature because oyster crackers go well with the Cincinnati-style chili. The oyster crackers can also be dipped into the famous Skyline Dip, which are made with rich layers of canned chili, cream cheese, and shredded cheddar cheese, although the more common complement is tortilla chips.

But if you’re not near a Skyline Chili restaurant, you can buy many of their products in supermarkets. These include frozen microwave dinners – spaghetti with the meat sauce – and canned chili sauce.

It’s not just the food that makes Skyline Chili a great place to enjoy good food. Many of the restaurants also feature great views, as well as good customer service, casual and cozy ambiance, and clean facilities.  The Skyline Chili prices are friendly on the wallets, too, so splurging doesn’t have to be a cause for anxiety.

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Skyline Chili FAQ

How much is Skyline Chili's Regular 3 Way?

Regular 3 Way – $9.28

How much is a Chili Deluxe Burrito at Skyline Chili?

Chili Deluxe Burrito – $7.42

How much are Vegetarian Black Bean Deluxe Burrito at Skyline Chili?

Vegetarian Black Bean Deluxe Burrito – $7.45

How much does a Skyline Chili's Original Deluxe Burrito Cost?

Original Deluxe Burrito – $8.33

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