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Sharetea Canada has taken the world of bubble tea by storm, enchanting taste buds with its wide array of flavors and innovative creations. In this article, we explore the exceptional reputation and unwavering popularity of Sharetea Canada, uncovering what sets it apart as a beloved destination for bubble tea enthusiasts. Below are the latest Sharetea Canada menu prices.


Popular Items

Strawberry Ice Blended$6.05
Kiwi Fruit Tea with Ice Jelly$5.50

Top 10 人氣精選

Milk Cap Oolong Tea 奶盖乌龙$5.05
Mango Ice Blended with Ice Cream 芒果雪沙$7.67
Oreo Ice Blended with Pearl 奧利奧珍珠冰沙$7.67
Hokkaido Pearl Milk Tea 北海道珍珠奶茶$5.83
Okinawa Pearl Milk Tea 沖繩珍珠奶茶$5.83
Handmade Taro with Fresh Milk 手作芋頭牛奶$6.08
Mango Green Milk Tea 芒果奶綠QQ$6.08

House Special

Mix Fruit Special-Tea$7.73
Watermelon Green Tea$6.57
Watermelon Tea Creama$7.57
Mango Milk Drop$7.57
Mango Grapefruit Sago$7.73

Ice Blended(冰沙系列)

Peach Ice Blended with lychee jelly and Ice Cream$6.89

Fruit Tea 鮮果茶系列

Whole Lemon Black Tea 一顆檸檬紅茶$6.50
Whole Lemon Green Tea 一顆檸檬綠茶$6.50

Milk Tea

Classic Coffee$4.83
Oolong Honey Milk Tea$4.80
Classic Milk Tea$5.16
Earl Grey Milk Tea$5.20
Ginger Milk Tea$5.10
Classic Pearl Milk Tea$5.65
Hokkaido Milk Tea$5.47
Cocoa Milk Tea$5.47
Hokkaido Pearl Milk Tea$5.64
Mango Green Milk Tea$5.73
Okinawa Pearl Milk Tea$5.42
Taro Pearl Milk Tea$5.90
Matcha Red Bean Milk Tea$5.95
Oreo Milk Tea$6.18
Honey Milk Tea$5.16
Okinawa Milk Tea$5.47
Ice Cream Green Tea$5.48
Ice Cream Black Tea$5.52
QQ Happy Family Milk Tea$5.96
Coffee Milk Tea$5.37
Qq Happy Family Milk Tea (Large)$6.25

Brewed Tea 經典醇茶系列

Honey Black Tea 蜂蜜紅茶$4.48
Honey Green Tea 蜂蜜綠茶$4.48
Ginger Tea 黑糖薑母茶$4.67


Coffee Creama$5.74
Creama Tea$5.78
Black Tea Creama$5.44
Oolong Tea Creama$5.49
Cocoa Creama$5.51
Wintermelon Tea Creama$5.56
Mango Green Tea Creama$5.78
Green Tea Creama$5.33
Matcha Green Tea Creama$5.98

Fresh Milk 鮮奶茶系列

Fresh Milk Black Tea 鮮奶紅茶$5.08
Fresh Milk Green Tea 鮮奶綠茶$5.08
Fresh Milk Oolong Tea 鮮奶烏龍茶$5.08
Wintermelon with Fresh Milk 冬瓜拿鐵$4.97
Boba Fresh Milk 青蛙撞奶$5.30
Matcha with Fresh Milk 抹茶拿鐵$5.55

Fruit Tea

Honey With Aloe Vera$4.85
Honey Lime with Aloe Vera$5.50
Whole Lemon Black Tea$5.93
Wintermelon with Lemon Juice$5.19
Passion Fruit Green Tea$4.90
Honey Lemon with Aloe Vera$5.43
Kiwi Fruit Tea with Aiyu Jelly$5.94
Wintermelon with Lime Juice$5.13
Lime Black Tea$5.17
Mango Green Tea$7.91
Hawaii Fruit Tea with Aiyu Jelly$6.52
Strawberry Black Tea$5.13
Peach Black Tea$5.10
Pineapple Green Tea with Aiyu Jelly$5.55
Passion Fruit, Orange, and Grapefruit Tea$5.98
Grapefruit Green Tea$5.28
Pineapple Black Tea with Aiyu Jelly$5.80
Hawaii Fruit Tea$5.47
Orange Green Tea$4.94
Pineapple Black Tea$5.17
Mango and Passion Fruit Green Tea$5.98
Tropical Fruit Tea$5.97
Whole Lemon Green Tea$6.02
Aloha Fruit Tea$6.03

Milk Cap 奶蓋系列

Milk Cap Coffee 咖啡奶蓋$5.05

Fresh Milk

Handmade Taro Fresh Milk$6.46
Black Tea with Fresh Milk$5.13
Fresh Milk Tea$5.33
Oolong Tea with Fresh Milk$5.13
Cocoa Lover$5.45
Matcha with Fresh Milk$5.73
Boba Fresh Milk$5.86
Handmade Taro with Fresh Milk$5.92
Herb Jelly with Fresh Milk$6.05
Cocoa with Fresh Milk$5.80
Wintermelon Fresh Milk$6.07
Wintermelon With Fresh Milk$5.31
Earl Grey with Fresh Milk$5.23

Ice Blend

Coffee Ice Blended w/ Ice Cream$7.23
Passion Slushy$5.97

Ice Blended

Mango Ice Blended$5.83
Taro Ice Blended with Pudding$6.43
Strawberry Slushy with Lychee Jelly$6.26
Mango Ice Blended with Ice Cream$6.76
Milk Tea Ice Blended with Pearl$6.61
Matcha Red Bean Ice Blended$6.31
Matcha Red Bean with Ice Cream$6.86
Coffee Ice Blended$5.66
Coffee Ice Blended with Ice Cream$6.86
Oreo Ice Blended with Pearl$6.66
Milk Tea Ice Blended with Pearls$6.13

Taiwanese Milk Tea 台灣奶茶

Classic Milk Green Tea 歇腳亭綠茶$4.97
Classic Milk Oolong Tea 歇腳亭烏龍茶$4.97
Honey Milk Tea 蜂蜜奶茶$5.05
Classic Coffee 招牌咖啡$5.35
Ginger Milk Tea 黑糖薑母奶茶$5.17
Coffee Milk Tea 鴛鴦奶茶$5.58
Classic Pearl Milk Black Tea 歇腳亭珍珠紅奶茶$5.70
Classic Pearl Milk Green Tea 歇腳亭珍珠綠奶茶$5.70
Classic Pearl Milk Oolong Tea 歇腳亭烏龍珍珠奶茶$5.70
Taro Pearl Milk Tea 香芋珍珠奶茶$6.08
Matcha Red Bean Milk Tea 抹茶紅豆奶茶$6.00

Ice Blended 冰沙系列

Milk Tea Ice Blended with pearl 珍珠奶茶冰沙$7.47
Taro Ice Blended with Pudding 香芋布丁雪沙$7.67
Strawberry Ice Blended with Lychee Jelly and Ice Cream 草莓撈椰雪沙$7.73
Matcha Red Bean with Ice Cream 宇治金時雪沙$6.90
Coffee Ice Blended with Ice Cream 咖啡雪沙$7.67


Green Tea with Yakult$5.70
Mango Juice with Yakult$5.72

Brewed Tea

Classic Black Tea$4.73
Classic Green Tea$4.94
Oolong Green Tea$4.33
Classic Oolong Tea$4.82
Honey Black Tea$5.14
Wintermelon Tea$4.94
Honey Tea$4.63
Honey Green Tea$5.35
Ginger Tea$5.08


Coffee Latte$4.73
Coffee Mocha$5.13

Hot Drinks

Fresh Taro Milk Tea$5.38
Longan Red Date Tea$5.22


Marinated Egg$1.00


Herb Jelly Series$7.30
Pudding Series$7.30
Purple Rice Cup$7.30
Mango Pudding Cup$8.30
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Sharetea Canada: Crafting the Perfect Bubble Tea Experience

Sharetea Canada is dedicated to crafting the perfect bubble tea experience, one cup at a time. With a commitment to quality ingredients and innovative recipes, they have become a leading name in the industry. Sharetea Canada offers an extensive menu of bubble tea flavors, providing something for every taste preference. From classic milk teas to refreshing fruit teas and indulgent specialty drinks, their offerings cater to a diverse range of palates. Each cup is expertly prepared, allowing customers to explore a world of delightful flavors and combinations.

Sharetea Canada’s Reputation: A Testament to Excellence

Sharetea Canada has earned a reputation for excellence, becoming a trusted name in the bubble tea industry. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets them apart from the competition. Only the finest ingredients, including premium tea leaves and fresh fruits, are used in their bubble tea creations. This attention to quality ensures that each cup of Sharetea is bursting with authentic flavors and natural goodness. Sharetea Canada maintains strict standards across all its locations, providing customers with a consistent and high-quality taste experience. Additionally, Sharetea Canada continually introduces new flavors and unique combinations to keep customers excited and engaged.

The Popularity of Sharetea Canada: A Bubble Tea Craze

Sharetea Canada’s popularity continues to grow, attracting a devoted following of bubble tea enthusiasts. Customers eagerly share their Sharetea experiences on social media platforms, showcasing the visually appealing drinks and expressing their enthusiasm for the brand. This social media buzz has contributed to Sharetea Canada’s widespread popularity and increased its visibility among bubble tea lovers. Sharetea Canada actively engages with its community by participating in local events, supporting charitable initiatives, and connecting with customers on a personal level. This community-focused approach has fostered a sense of loyalty and belonging among Sharetea Canada’s customers, further solidifying its popularity.


Sharetea Canada has become a go-to destination for bubble tea lovers, offering a wide variety of flavors and a commitment to excellence. With their dedication to crafting the perfect bubble tea experience, using quality ingredients, and staying ahead of the curve with innovative creations, Sharetea Canada has earned its exceptional reputation and unwavering popularity. Step into the world of Sharetea Canada and indulge in the flavorful journey of bubble tea, discovering why it has become a beloved destination for bubble tea enthusiasts across Canada.

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Sharetea Canada FAQ

How much is Sharetea Canada's Strawberry Ice Blended?

Strawberry Ice Blended – $6.05

How much is a Oreo Ice Blended with Pearl at Sharetea Canada?

Oreo Ice Blended with Pearl – $6.37

How much are Classic Pearl Milk Tea at Sharetea Canada?

Classic Pearl Milk Tea – $5.46

How much does a Sharetea Canada's Hokkaido Pearl Milk Tea Cost?

Hokkaido Pearl Milk Tea – $5.03

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