Scotty’s Brewhouse Prices: How much is Scotty’s Brewhouse?

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Americans definitely have an ongoing love affair with alcoholic drinks, from sophisticated wines to earthy beers – and we mean it is a good way! There are even people and organizations who dedicate themselves to food pairings with wines, beers and cocktails thus keeping the love affair alive and kicking. Below are the latest Scotty’s Brewhouse menu prices.



Buffalo Cauliflower (1/2 lb.)$7.99
Buffalo Cauliflower (1 lb.)$13.99
Buffalo Wings (10 Pc.)$12.99
Buffalo Wings (20 Pc.)$23.99
Boneless Wings (1/2 lb.)$7.99
Boneless Wings (1 lb.)$13.99
Dill Chips$8.59
White Queso Dip$7.49
Pistol Pete's Pretzel Stix$8.49
Loaded Fries$8.99
Macho Nachos$11.99
7 Tidals Buffalo Chicken Dip$9.49
Spinach & Artichoke Dip$8.99
Pulled Pork Sliders$6.49
Lucy Sliders$6.00
Mini Nachos$6.00
Fowl Ball Feathers$9.49
Mini Corn Dogs$6.49


Taco Salad$10.99
Cobb Salad$11.49
Wedge Salad$7.99
BBQ Ranch Salad$10.99
Buffalo Breath Chicken$10.99
Black & Bleu Steak Salad$11.99
Chicken Caesar Salad$9.99
Fajita Chicken Pasta Salad$10.99
Mixed Up & Tossed$4.99
Caesar Salad$4.99
Build Your Own Salad$7.99


Anti-Resolution Burger (Quarter Pound Burger)$9.99
Anti-Resolution Burger (Ground Chuck)$11.99
Anti-Resolution Burger (Homemade Veggie Burger)$11.99
Anti-Resolution Burger (Chicken Breast)$11.99
Anti-Resolution Burger (Bison)$14.99
Lucy Burger (Quarter Pound Burger)$7.99
Lucy Burger (Ground Chuck)$9.99
Lucy Burger (Homemade Veggie Burger)$9.99
Lucy Burger (Chicken Breast)$9.99
Lucy Burger (Bison)$12.99
Bacon Mac 'n Cheese (Quarter Pound Burger)$9.99
Bacon Mac 'n Cheese (Ground Chuck)$11.99
Bacon Mac 'n Cheese (Homemade Veggie Burger)$9.99
Bacon Mac 'n Cheese (Chicken Breast)$11.99
Bacon Mac 'n Cheese (Bison)$14.99
Monte Frisco Burger (Quarter Pound Burger)$8.99
Monte Frisco Burger (Ground Chuck)$10.99
Monte Frisco Burger (Homemade Veggie Burger)$8.99
Monte Frisco Burger (Chicken Breast)$10.99
Monte Frisco Burger (Bison)$13.99
Monte Frisco Burger (Farm Raised Beef)$11.99
Shewman Special (Quarter Pound Burger)$9.49
Shewman Special (Ground Chuck)$11.49
Shewman Special (Homemade Veggie Burger)$9.49
Shewman Special (Chicken Breast)$11.49
Shewman Special (Bison)$14.49
Bugle Blazin' Blues (Quarter Pound Burger)$8.99
Bugle Blazin' Blues (Ground Chuck)$10.99
Bugle Blazin' Blues (Homemade Veggie Burger)$8.99
Bugle Blazin' Blues (Chicken Breast)$10.99
Bugle Blazin' Blues (Bison)$13.99
Backyard BBQ (Quarter Pound Burger)$8.99
Backyard BBQ (Ground Chuck)$10.99
Backyard BBQ (Homemade Veggie Burger)$8.99
Backyard BBQ (Chicken Breast)$10.99
Backyard BBQ (Bison)$13.99
Manimal Smash Burger$10.99
The Plain Jane (Quarter Pound Burger)$7.49
The Plain Jane (Ground Chuck)$9.49
The Plain Jane (Homemade Veggie Burger)$8.99
The Plain Jane (Chicken Breast)$9.49
The Plain Jane (Bison)$13.49


Buffalo Chicken Sandwich$10.99
Piggy Mac Grilled Cheese$10.99
Spicy Steak Sandwich$12.59
Indiana Breaded Pork Tenderloin$11.49


Blackened Tilapia (Per Person)$10.99
Chicken Feathers$9.99
Fish & Chips$13.99
Smothered Chicken (Half Portion)$10.99
Smothered Chicken (Full Portion)$14.99

Wraps & Tacos

Spicy Luau Wrap$10.99
Luke's Cajun Steak$11.99
Mo'Fo' Buffalo$10.99
Sweet Chicken Club$10.99
Vegetarian Black Bean$9.99
Grilled Tilapia Tacos$10.99
Sriracha Pork Tacos$10.99


Blackened Tilapia$10.99
Lo-Cal Homemade Veggie Burger$8.99
Lo-Cal Buffalo Chicken Sandwich$10.99


Brownie Skillet$6.99
Cookie Skillet$6.99
Mini Homemade Peanut Butter Pie$3.49


Chicken Feathers (Per Child)$5.99
Mac-N-Cheese (Per Child)$5.99
Slater Mini Corn Dog (Per Child)$5.99
Vaughn's Grilled Cheese (Per Child)$5.99
Lil' Lucy Burger (Per Child)$5.99


Waffle Fries$3.00
Natural Cut Fries$2.50
3WM Chips$2.50
Fruit Salad$3.00
Low Cal Broccoli (No Butter)$3.00
Black Beans & Rice$3.00
Cole Slaw$2.00
Seasonal Vegetables$3.00


Soft Drink$3.00
San Pellegrino Sparkling$3.00
Voss Water$4.00
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About Scotty’s Brewhouse

One of these organizations is the chain of Scotty’s Brewhouse restaurants. Just as its name implies, the restaurants combine the services of a casual restaurant with a full brewery, a concept that’s popular with college students, young professionals, and businessmen.


Scott Wise launched Scotty’s Brewhouse in 1996. His first restaurant opened in Muncie, Indiana – and it remains to this day. But it was only in October 2015 that it started offering its diners hard alcohol.  As of present, the chain has 18 restaurants in nearly a dozen cities in Indiana as well as in Punta Gorda, Florida.

What They’re Famous For

The Scotty’s Brewhouse restaurants are known for their contemporary American cuisine with pizzas and hamburgers as the focus of the menu. The hamburgers are loved for their creative combos, such as peanut butter on the Shewman Burger and Oreos with cream cheese frosting on one of its burgers of the month.

Aside from the food, the restaurants also offer a wide range of alcoholic beverages including wines, beers and liquors. The Three Wise Men beer is a craft beer made exclusively by Scotty’s Brewhouse.

Why Eat Here

As soon as you enter a Scotty’s Brewhouse, your first impression will be that, indeed, it’s a sports-focused place from the layout to the colors. There are several television sets with games, sports shows, and even movies and local news showing with sound level that still allows for normal conversations. The place becomes noisier when there are championship games or shows with local impact but it’s still tolerable.

The dark wood and brick walls and floors surprisingly doesn’t make diners feel claustrophobic, thanks to the relatively bright lighting system. The dining area has several sections so couples, families and large groups can be accommodated well without being too crowded; diners can choose from a private dining room while a few sections of the restaurant can be segmented, too.

The spacious bar, usually U-shaped, offers several seats while also separating it from the rest of the dining are.  There’s even a large outdoor area with a fire pit and outdoor coaches, a great place to wind down after a hard day at work.  The alcoholic beverages selection here is quite impressive – beers, wines and liquors are a mix of national and local brands with a few made by Scotty’s Brewhouse itself. There’s even a Bloody Mary bar where you can have your fill of the rejuvenating red drink.

The best nights to come to a Scotty’s Brewhouse restaurant are on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays when people are winding down from their week’s work and spending time with their friends. The chain also offers military discounts aside from the specials and promos with their discounts.

The food here is as just as impressive – and if we do say so ourselves, creative in their ingredients and presentation. The choices include steaks, nachos, mussels, and fried pickles, as well as a few classic items like mac ‘n cheese and tater tot nachos.

Be prepared for the creative names on the menu, too. There’s the Necronomicon Grilled Cheese, a grilled cheese sandwich with mac ‘n cheese and pulled pork, and the Cthugha with its spicy yet tasty flavors. The burgers, wraps and pizzas are familiar for most Americans but there’s always a Scotty’s Brewhouse, which may seem weird at first until you taste them. The idea of sweet crushed Oreos and cream cheese frosting as toppings on a savory burger is an example of the weird-yet-wonderful pairings Scotty’s Brewhouse has come up with in the past years.

The vegetarians in the crowd will also find several veggie and gluten-free dishes. The dieters will also find the limited low-calorie menu a reason to come to a Scotty’s Brewhouse restaurant. But since you’re in a place where good food is a must, why limit yourself to a restrictive calorie diet? Think of it as your cheat day, if you will.

And then there’s the boneless and on the bone wings! These have crispy skin and juicy meat with flavorful sauces, just as the best chicken wings should be. The sauces are also wide-ranging from the mild to the truly spicy, such as mild, honey sriracha, and Caribbean jerk, among others.

The customer service is friendly, attentive and thoughtful, especially when kids are around since parents appreciate the helping hand. There’s also an app that makes the ordering and paying process easier and faster, a convenient service for people on the go.

Come here for lunch and dinner with your family and friends and just have a great time with them!

To learn more about Scotty’s Brewhouse or to find a location near you, visit their website at

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Scotty’s Brewhouse FAQ

How much is Scotty's Chicken Caesar Salad?

Chicken Caesar Salad – $9.99

How much is a Wedge Salad at Scotty's Brewhouse?

Wedge Salad – $7.99

How much are Taco Salad at Scotty's Brewhouse?

Taco Salad – $10.99

How much does a Scotty's Brewhouse's Fowl Ball Feathers Cost?

Fowl Ball Feathers – $9.49

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