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Scores Rotisserie BBQ or just Score is a chain of casual dining restaurants that features chicken rotisserie, back ribs, and all you can eat soup, salad, and fruit bar. Most of Scores restaurants are located in Quebec and Ontario, Canada. Below are the latest Scores menu prices.


Roast Chicken

Quarter Chicken Leg$16.71
Quarter Chicken Breast$19.00
Two Leg Meal$20.81
Half Chicken$23.06
Portuguese Chicken Leg$19.00
Portuguese Chicken Half Chicken$25.85
8 Chicken Wings Meal$19.45
Portuguese Chicken / 2 Legs$23.06


Ogre Burger$10.40

Drinks & More

Extra Loaded Potato$4.25
Baked Potato$1.63
Brisk Iced Tea$3.00
Mug Root Beer$3.00
Small Coleslaw$2.00
Extra Bread$0.51
Apple Juice 450 ml$3.00
Orange Juice 450 ml$3.00


Molson Export$7.50
Coors light$8.25
Molson Dry$8.25
Rickard's Red$9.35

Burgers & Sandwiches

Hot Chicken Sandwich$17.89
Chicken Chipotle Wrap$18.24
Chipotle Burger$19.44
Decadent burger / Burger décadent aux côtes levées et rondelles d'oignons$21.25
Chicken Caesar Wrap with Bacon$17.93

Ribs & Combos

Crispy Chicken Tenders and Half Rack Ribs Combo$31.25
Half pound Ribs$24.40
Quarter Portuguese Chicken Leg and Half Rack Ribs Combo$33.35
Quarter Portuguese Chicken Breast and Half Rack Ribs Combo$35.65
Full Rack Back Ribs$33.61
Quarter Chicken Leg and Half Rack Ribs Combo$29.61
Quarter Chicken Breast and Half Rack Ribs Combo$31.90


Traditional Chicken Brochette$22.34
General Tao Chicken Brochette$24.63
Piri-piri brochette / Brochette de poulet piri-piri$25.17
Quebec-Style Brochette$25.00
Hunter's chicken$22.40


Caesar Meal$17.25
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad$19.81
House Salad Meal$17.18
House Chicken Salad$19.81
Grilled Chicken Thai Salad$20.94


Dutch Apple Pie$7.38
Pouding Chomeur$7.00
Decadent Brownie$7.25
Chocolate-Caramel Molten Cake$5.25


Chicken Poutine$17.80
General Tao Chicken Poutine$19.06
Tao Rib Poutine$18.00

Picked for you

Chocolate Cake$7.75
Carrot Cheesecake$7.75

Boissons / Drinks

Pepsi 591ml / Pepsi 591ml$3.00
Pepsi diète 591ml / Diet Pepsi 591ML$3.00
Pepsi zéro sucre 591ml / Zero Sugar Pepsi 591ml$3.00
7up 591ml / 7up 591ml$3.00
Thé glacé brisk 591ml / Brisk Iced Tea 591ml$3.00
Mug root beer 591ml / Mug Root Beer 591ml$3.00
Pepsi diète 2L / Diet Pepsi 2L$4.25
Pepsi 2L / Pepsi 2L$4.25
7up 2L / 7up 2L$4.25
Jus d'orange 450ml / Orange Juice 450ml$3.00
Jus de pommes 450ml / Apple Juice 450ml$3.00
Aquafina / Aquafina$2.95
Eau gazeuse / Sparkling Water$2.95
Bubly mûres / Bubly Blackberry$1.99
Bubly lime / Bubly Lime$1.99

Entrées / Appetizers

Ailes de porc / Pork Wings$13.75
Bombes de pomme de terre avec bacon / Tater Bombs$9.25
Ailes de poulet / Wings$16.65
Salade CĂ©sar / Caesar Salad$7.50
Combo suprĂŞme / Combo Supreme$30.75
Soupe poulet et nouilles / Scores Chicken and Noodle Soup$5.00
Rondelles d’oignon / Onion Rings$7.75

Grillades / Grill

Brochette de poulet Québécoise / Quebec-Style Brochette$23.30
Brochette de poulet traditionnelle / Traditional Chicken Brochette$23.00
Brochette de poulet Général Tao / General Tao Chicken Brochette$25.30

Desserts / Desserts

Tarte au sucre Ă  l'ancienne / Traditional Sugar Pie$7.25
Gâteau au fromage et aux carottes / Carrot Cheesecake$7.75
Brownie gourmet au beurre d'arachide / Gourmet Peanut Butter Brownie$7.75
Trous de beignet / Donut Holes$6.75
Tarte aux pommes hollandaise / Dutch Apple Pie$7.25

Burgers et Sandwichs / Burgers & Sandwiches

Burger BLT / BLT Burger$19.54
Burger décadent aux côtes levées et rondelles d'oignon / Decadent Burger$22.00
Burger Chipotle / Chipotle Burger$20.25

Featured items

Côtes levées entières / Full Rack Back Ribs$34.45
Pouding chĂ´meur / Pouding Chomeur$6.75
Combo de filets de poulet croustillants et demi-côtes levées / Crispy Chicken Tenders and Half Rack Ribs Combo$33.95
Wrap poulet chipotle / Chicken Chipotle Wrap$20.00
Gâteau au chocolat / Chocolate Cake$7.75

Côtes Levées et Combos / Ribs & Combos

Demi-côtes levées / Half Pound Ribs$25.00
Combo quart de poulet cuisse et demi-côtes levées / Quarter Chicken Leg and Half Rack Ribs Combo$31.05
Combo quart de poulet poitrine et demi-côtes levées / Quarter Chicken Breast and Half Rack Ribs Combo$33.95
Combo quart de poulet portugais cuisse et demi-côtes levées / Quarter Portuguese Chicken Leg and Half Rack Ribs Combo$33.25
Combo quart de poulet poitrine portugais et demi-côtes levées / Quarter Portuguese Chicken Breast and Half Rack Ribs Combo$35.25

Poulet / Chicken

Quart de poulet cuisse / Quarter Chicken Leg$18.15
Quart de poulet poitrine / Quarter Chicken Breast$20.35
Repas deux cuisses / Two Leg Meal$22.75
Demi-poulet / Half Chicken$25.00
Poulet Portugais cuisse / Portuguese Chicken Leg$20.45
Poulet portugais poitrine / Portuguese Chicken Breast$22.75
Demi-poulet portugais / Portuguese Half Chicken$27.25
Poulet portugais / 2 cuisses / Portuguese Chicken / 2 Legs$25.00
Repas d'ailes de poulet / Chicken Wings Meal$20.25

Les à Côtés / Sides

Patate garnie / Extra Loaded Potato$5.65
Patate au four / Baked Potato$3.25
Frites / French Fries$3.65
Petite salade de chou / Small Coleslaw$2.25
Extra pain / Extra Bread$0.60
Frites de patates douces / Sweet Potato French Fries$5.75

Coin DĂ©couverte / Discovery Corner

Poulet parmigiana / Chicken Parmigiana$22.45
Poulet Chasseur / Hunter's Chicken$19.50
Fish and frites / Fish and Chips$22.45

Enfants / Kids

L'Ogre / The Orgre$10.00
L’Amigo / The Amigo$10.00
Le ninja / The Ninja$10.00
Les 2 fantastiques / The 2 Fantastics$10.00
L'aventurier / The Adventurer$10.00
Le cirque / The Circus$10.00

Poutines / Poutine

Poutine au poulet / Chicken Poutine$18.85
Poutine général tao / General Tao Chicken Poutine$20.75
Poutine classique / Classic Poutine$16.00
Poutine côtes levées tao / Tao Rib Poutine$20.50

Salades / Salads

Salade maison repas / House Salad Meal$17.40
Salade CĂ©sar repas / Caesar Meal$19.55
Salade thaĂŻe / Grilled Chicken Thai Salad$19.55


Chicken Fingers$11.40
Chicken and Noodle Soup$4.50
Combo Supreme$26.56
Sweet Potato Fries$6.11
Caesar Salad$8.44
Mozzarella Sticks$8.58
6 PORK WINGS$10.95
Onion Rings$7.03


Cobb Salad$12.33
Greek Salad$10.67

Burgers, Sandwiches & Dogs

All of our hamburger are an 8 oz. seasoned and seared grilled patty served on your choice of a sweet jalapeño cheddar bun or a brioche. All burgers and sandwiches are served with your choice of side.

1/2 lb. Burgers and Hoagies

Classic Cheese Burger$12.98


Buffalo Chicken Wrap$11.71


Cheese Pizza$10.49

New Items

Chicken Quesadilla$11.53


French Fries$4.47

Kids Menu

Kids Grilled Cheese$7.33
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It opened its first doors in 1995 in Montreal, Canada. Since then, Scores has been committed in serving delicious meals in a family friendly, casual setting environment. It is their pledge to serve quality food at the best price possible. Today, Scores has 40 restaurants located in Montreal, Quebec, and Ontario. Scores is under the management of Imvescor, Inc. – a public limited company that develops culinary brands across Canada.

What They’re Famous For?

Scores offers wide dining options such as lunch and dinner meals, delicious grill items, light sensational sandwiches, fresh salad options, lavish desserts, kid’s menu, and even international fusion dishes. With scores, there’s always something for everyone, even for picky eaters. But what Scores is really know for are the following:

  • Scores Rotisserie Chicken – this is the real reason why Scores’ customers come back to them – a succulent, juicy, and flavorful roasted chicken. This high quality, air chilled, and seasoned with Scores’ special spices mix chicken is something everybody should try at least once in their lives.
  • Scores Back Ribs – this rib is probably one of the best ribs ever invented. Scores makes their back ribs by grilling only the finest back ribs seasoned with their special spices mix for seven long hours to ensure flavorful and super juicy meat and then finished by glazing with Scores’ famous rib sauce.
  • All You Can Eat Soup, Salad, and Fruit Bar – some restaurants offer unlimited soup, some offer unlimited salad, and some offer unlimited desserts – but with Scores, you get to create you all you can eat meal without having to go to an actual buffet restaurant. They offer a wide variety of home made soups, fresh salad options with different toppings, condiments, and dressings, and seasonal fruits.

Why Eat at Scores?

If you are looking for a place where you can eat real good and food served in a cozy atmosphere by friendly and attentive staff, then Scores is a good choice. Score has mastered the art of serving delicious and mouth watering home-style meal throughout the years. Although Scores prices might look a little bit pricey at first, you can be sure that you cannot find a better deal in other places within their area.

To learn more about Scores or to find a location near you, visit their website at

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Scores FAQ

How much is Scores's Combo Supreme?

Combo Supreme – $18.00

How much is a Scores Chicken & Noodle Soup at Scores?

Scores Chicken & Noodle Soup – $4.00

How much are Cheese Sticks (8 Pc.) at Scores?

Cheese Sticks (8 Pc.) – $9.50

How much does a Scores's Half Pound Back Ribs Cost?

Half Pound Back Ribs – $12.50

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