Saga Steakhouse & Sushi Bar Menu Prices: How much is Saga Steakhouse & Sushi Bar?

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Step into the world of culinary delights, where succulent steaks and exquisite sushi creations take center stage. Saga Steakhouse & Sushi Bar has garnered a well-deserved reputation for its impeccable cuisine and unparalleled popularity. In this article, we will explore the secrets behind Saga’s culinary success, diving into its esteemed reputation and the factors that have made it a favorite among food enthusiasts. Below are the latest Saga Steakhouse & Sushi Bar menu prices.


Emperor's Dinner

Saga Special$32.00
Lobster Tail$35.00
Seafood Combo$36.00
Emperor's Deluxe$40.00

Teriyaki Dinner

Vegetable Teriyaki (Steamed Rice)$15.00
Vegetable Teriyaki (Fried Rice)$17.00
Steak Teriyaki (Steamed Rice)$20.00
Steak Teriyaki (Fried Rice)$22.00
Beef Negimaki Teriyaki (Steamed Rice)$17.00
Beef Negimaki Teriyaki (Fried Rice)$19.00
Chicken Teriyaki (Steamed Rice)$17.00
Chicken Teriyaki (Fried Rice)$19.00
Salmon Teriyaki (Steamed Rice)$18.00
Salmon Teriyaki (Fried Rice)$20.00
Shrimp Teriyaki (Steamed Rice)$20.00
Shrimp Teriyaki (Fried Rice)$22.00
Scallop Teriyaki (Steamed Rice)$21.00
Scallop Teriyaki (Fried Rice)$23.00
Filet Mignon and Shrimp Teriyaki (Steamed Rice)$27.00
Filet Mignon and Shrimp Teriyaki (Fried Rice)$29.00
Steak and Shrimp Teriyaki (Steamed Rice)$22.00
Steak and Shrimp Teriyaki (Fried Rice)$24.00
Chicken and Shrimp Teriyaki (Steamed Rice)$21.00
Chicken and Shrimp Teriyaki (Fried Rice)$23.00
Filet Mignon and Chicken Teriyaki (Steamed Rice)$24.00
Filet Mignon and Chicken Teriyaki (Fried Rice)$26.00
Steak and Chicken Teriyaki (Steamed Rice)$21.00
Steak and Chicken Teriyaki (Fried Rice)$23.00
Filet Mignon Teriyaki (Steamed Rice)$24.00
Filet Mignon Teriyaki (Fried Rice)$26.00
Twin Lobster Teriyaki (Steamed Rice)$31.00
Twin Lobster Teriyaki (Fried Rice)$33.00
Shogun Chicken (Steamed Rice)$18.00
Shogun Chicken (Fried Rice)$20.00
General Tso's Chicken (Steamed Rice)$19.00
General Tso's Chicken (Fried Rice)$21.00

Chef's Special Rolls

Saga Roll (10 pcs)$11.00
Crazy Roll (8 pcs)$12.00
Y2K Roll$12.00
Monroeville Roll$13.00
Rainbow Roll$12.00
Valentine Roll$12.00
Sweetheart Roll$14.00
Pink Lady Roll$11.00
Special Naruto (5 pcs)$12.00
New York Roll$14.00
Lobster Roll (5 pcs)$13.00
Spider Roll (5 pcs)$11.00
Hot Roll (10 pcs)$12.00
Dragon Roll$11.00
Paradise Roll$13.00
Fusion Roll$16.00
Dynamite Roll$13.00
Saga Monster Roll$13.00
Fantastic Roll$14.00
Rocking Volcano Roll$12.00
Foxy Lady Roll$13.00
Millennium Roll$15.00
Amazing Tuna Roll$12.00
Osaka Roll$15.00
Baked Alaska Roll$12.00
Double Spicy Roll$14.00
Phoenix Roll$12.00
Signature Roll$12.00
Angry Bird Roll$15.00

Hibachi Dinner

Hibachi Vegetables$17.00
Hibachi Chicken$18.00
Hibachi Salmon$21.00
Hibachi Shrimp$22.00
Hibachi Steak$24.00
Hibachi Scallops$24.00
Hibachi Swordfish$23.00
Hibachi Tuna$24.00
Hibachi White Fish$24.00
Hibachi Filet Mignon$27.00

Hibachi Side Orders

Fried Rice$5.00
Filet Mignon$15.00

Children's Dinner

Hibachi Chicken (Children's Dinner)$12.00
Hibachi Shrimp (Children's Dinner)$13.00
Hibachi Steak (Children's Dinner)$14.00
Hibachi Filet Mignon (Children's Dinner)$17.00


Garden Salad (Small)$2.00
Garden Salad (Large)$5.00
Seaweed Salad$5.00
Spicy Kani Salad$5.00
Octopus Salad$5.00
Avocado Salad$4.00
Seafood Salad$6.00
Tuna Mango Salad$11.00
Salmon Mango Salad$11.00
Tuna Avocado Salad$10.00
Salmon Avocado Salad$10.00
Chicken Salad$11.00

Age Mono

Ton Katsu (Steamed Rice)$14.00
Ton Katsu (Fried Rice)$16.00
Salmon Katsu (Steamed Rice)$16.00
Salmon Katsu (Fried Rice)$18.00
Chicken Katsu (Steamed Rice)$15.00
Chicken Katsu (Fried Rice)$17.00

Udon Noodle Soup

Tempura Udon Noodle Soup$13.00
Beef Sukiyaki Udon Noodle Soup$15.00
Nabe Yaki Udon Noodle Soup$14.00

Sushi & Sashimi a La Carte

Salmon (Sake) (2 pcs)$6.00
Squid (Ika) (2 pcs)$5.00
Saba (Mackerel) (2 pcs)$5.00
Tuna (Maguro) (2 pcs)$6.00
White Fish (Escolar) (2 pcs)$6.00
Yellowtail (Hamachi) (2 pcs)$6.00
Red Snapper (Tai) (2 pcs)$5.00
Striped Bass (Suzuki) (2 pcs)$6.00
Scallop (Hotate) (2 pcs)$6.00
Red Tobiko (2 pcs)$5.00
Black Tobiko (2 pcs)$5.00
Gold Tobiko (2 pcs)$5.00
Wasabi Tobiko (2 pcs)$5.00
Salmon Roe (Ikura) (2 pcs)$6.00
Red Clam (Hokkigai) (2 pcs)$5.00
Octopus (Tako) (2 pcs)$6.00
Sea Urchin (Uni) (2 pcs)$9.00
Sweet Shrimp (Amaebi) (2 pcs)$7.00
Egg Cake (Tamago) (2 pcs)$4.00
Crab Stick (Kani Kama) (2 pcs)$5.00
Shrimp (Ebi) (2 pcs)$5.00
Eel (Unagi) (2 pcs)$6.00
Smoked Salmon (2 pcs)$6.00
Tofu Skin (Inari) (2 pcs)$4.00
Asparagus (2 pcs)$4.00
Avocado (2 pcs)$4.00
Mushroom (2 pcs)$4.00

Vegetable Rolls or Hand Rolls

Cucumber Roll$4.00
Carrot and Cucumber Roll$4.00
Asparagus Roll$4.00
Avocado Roll$4.00
Sweet Potato Roll$4.00
Vegetable Roll$4.00

Tempura Dinner

Vegetable Tempura$12.00
Chicken Tempura$14.00
Soft Shell Crab Tempura$17.00
Shrimp Tempura$17.00
Tempura Deluxe$29.00

Emperor's Combo

Hibachi Lobster and Chicken$28.00
Hibachi Lobster and Steak$30.00
Hibachi Lobster and Shrimp$30.00
Hibachi Lobster and Scallops$32.00
Hibachi Lobster and Filet Mignon$32.00
Hibachi Filet Mignon and Chicken$25.00
Hibachi Filet Mignon and Shrimp$29.00
Hibachi Filet Mignon and Scallop$31.00

Dressing or Sauce to Go

Salad Dressing$5.00
Ginger Sauce$5.00
Shrimp Sauce$5.00


Ice Cream$4.00
Banana Tempura$4.00
Mochi Ice Cream$5.00
Fried Cheesecake$6.00
Fried Tempura Ice Cream$5.00

Raw Rolls or Hand Rolls

Tuna Roll$6.00
White Fish Roll$6.00
Salmon Roll$6.00
Yellowtail Roll$6.00
Spicy Tuna Roll$6.00
Spicy Salmon Roll$6.00
Spicy Yellowtail Roll$6.00
Mexican Roll$5.00
Spicy Mixed Fish Roll$6.00
Alaskan Roll$6.00
Spicy White Fish Roll$6.00
Seafood Maki$6.00
Dallas Roll$6.00
Volcano Roll$6.00

Cooked Rolls or Hand Rolls

California Roll$5.00
Spicy California Roll$5.00
Shrimp Asparagus Roll$5.00
Salmon Skin Roll$5.00
Futo Maki (5 pcs)$5.00
Eel Maki$6.00
Philadelphia Roll$5.00
East Roll$6.00
Green River Roll$6.00
Boston Roll (5 pcs)$5.00
Spicy Shrimp Avocado Roll$6.00
Spicy Shrimp Roll$6.00
Spicy Crab Meat Roll$6.00
Shrimp Tempura Roll (5 pcs)$7.00
Chicken Tempura Roll (5 pcs)$7.00
White Fish Tempura Roll (5 pcs)$7.00

Combination Dinner

Hibachi Chicken and Shrimp$24.00
Hibachi Chicken and Steak$24.00
Hibachi Chicken and Scallops$25.00
Hibachi Steak and Scallops$27.00
Hibachi Steak and Shrimps$26.00
Hibachi Shrimp and Scallops$27.00

Entrees From the Sushi Bar

Vegetable Sushi$14.00
Maki Combo$15.00
Cooked Maki Combo$17.00
Spicy Roll Combo$17.00
Regular Sushi Dinner$18.00
Tuna Dinner$18.00
Cooked Sushi Combo$19.00
Triple Sushi$22.00
Deluxe Sushi Dinner$23.00
Regular Sashimi Dinner$23.00
Deluxe Sashimi Dinner$26.00
Sushi and Sashimi Combo$28.00
Saga Maki$30.00
Sushi (For Two)$45.00
Lover Boat$55.00
Omakase (Small)$40.00
Omakase (Medium)$80.00
Omakase (Large)$100.00

Udon or Soba Pan Sauteed Noodles

Chicken Udon$12.00
Chicken Soba$12.00
Beef Udon$13.00
Beef Soba$13.00
Shrimp Udon$13.00
Shrimp Soba$13.00
Seafood Udon$19.00
Seafood Soba$19.00

Sushi Bar Appetizers

Sushi (5 pcs)$9.00
Tako Su$9.00
Sashimi (9 pcs)$10.00
Beef Tataki$10.00
Black Pepper Tuna$10.00
Unagi Yakitori$10.00
Sex Salmon$10.00
Tuna Tartar$10.00
Salmon Tartar$10.00
House Special Jalapeno$12.00
Tango Tuna$12.00

Hot Appetizers

Steamed Soybean (Edamame)$4.50
Age Tofu$4.50
Fried Shrimp Dumpling (Shumai)$5.00
Pan-Fried Pork Dumplings (Gyoza)$5.00
Steamed Vegetable Dumpling (Yasai Gyoza)$5.00
Garlic Broccoli$5.00
Japanese Spring Roll (Harumaki)$5.00
Skewered Grilled Chicken (Yaki-Tori)$6.00
Crab Rangoon$6.00
Chicken Nuggets (Tatsuta Age)$8.00
Fried Squid (Ika Fry)$6.00
BBQ Squid$9.00
Vegetable Tempura (Hot Appetizers)$7.00
Chicken Tempura (Hot Appetizers)$8.00
Shrimp Tempura (Hot Appetizers)$9.00
Chicken Negi Maki$6.00
Coconut Shrimp$8.00
Rock and Shrimp$9.00
Beef Negi Maki$8.00
Beef Kushiyaki$9.00
Seafood Kushiyaki$10.00
Soft Shell Crab$9.00

Fried Rice

Chicken Fried Rice$12.00
Beef Fried Rice$13.00
Shrimp Fried Rice$13.00
Combination Fried Rice$21.00


Miso Soup$2.00
Clear Soup$2.00
Seafood Soup$6.00
Gyoza Soup$4.00
Seafood Miso Soup$7.00
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Reputation for Culinary Excellence

Saga Steakhouse & Sushi Bar has built a strong reputation for its commitment to culinary excellence. From the moment you enter, the inviting aromas of perfectly grilled steaks and fresh sushi envelop your senses, setting the stage for a memorable dining experience.

Exquisite Steaks and Sushi Creations

Saga Steakhouse & Sushi Bar is celebrated for its mastery in preparing both steaks and sushi with finesse. Their team of skilled chefs combines traditional techniques with innovative flavors to craft mouthwatering dishes. From juicy and flavorful steaks to delicate and artfully prepared sushi rolls, every bite at Saga is a testament to their dedication to culinary craftsmanship.

Impeccable Service and Inviting Ambiance

Beyond the culinary creations, Saga Steakhouse & Sushi Bar prides itself on providing impeccable service and creating an inviting ambiance for its patrons. The attentive and friendly staff ensures that every guest feels welcomed and taken care of. The warm and elegant decor adds to the overall dining experience, creating an atmosphere that is both sophisticated and comfortable.

A Culinary Haven for Food Enthusiasts

Saga Steakhouse & Sushi Bar has emerged as a culinary haven, attracting food enthusiasts who seek a delightful fusion of flavors and an exceptional dining experience.

Fusion of Flavors

Saga Steakhouse & Sushi Bar offers a tantalizing menu that combines the best of both worlds – succulent steaks and delectable sushi creations. The fusion of flavors caters to a variety of tastes, satisfying the cravings of steak aficionados and sushi lovers alike. Whether you prefer a perfectly seared ribeye or a beautifully crafted sushi roll, Saga guarantees a captivating culinary journey.

Quality Ingredients and Craftsmanship

A key factor contributing to Saga’s popularity is its commitment to using only the finest ingredients in their dishes. From prime cuts of meat to fresh seafood, each component is carefully sourced to ensure exceptional quality and taste. The skilled craftsmanship of the chefs brings out the natural flavors, resulting in a dining experience that is both exquisite and memorable.

Resounding Acclaim and Popularity

Saga Steakhouse & Sushi Bar’s reputation and popularity extend beyond its doors, resonating within the culinary world and captivating the hearts of both critics and patrons.

Recognition from Critics and Awards

Renowned critics and industry experts have showered Saga Steakhouse & Sushi Bar with accolades, recognizing its contributions to the culinary landscape. From prestigious awards to glowing reviews, the restaurant’s acclaim is a testament to its unwavering pursuit of excellence and its ability to consistently deliver exceptional dining experiences.

Word-of-Mouth Recommendations

The success of Saga Steakhouse & Sushi Bar is further amplified by the enthusiastic recommendations and word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied customers. Patrons eagerly share their exceptional dining experiences, spreading the word through personal testimonials and online platforms. Social media platforms and review sites buzz with positive reviews and recommendations, solidifying Saga’s position as a must-visit destination for culinary enthusiasts.

In conclusion, Saga Steakhouse & Sushi Bar stands as a culinary gem, where the art of steak and sushi converge to create an unforgettable dining experience. Through its reputation for culinary excellence, commitment to quality ingredients, and resounding acclaim, Saga has cemented its place in the hearts of food enthusiasts. Whether you seek a mouthwatering steak or a delightful sushi creation, Saga Steakhouse & Sushi Bar promises to transport your taste buds to new heights, leaving you with a lasting appreciation for the fusion of flavors and the mastery of culinary craftsmanship.

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