Red Corn Taqueria Canada Prices: How much is Red Corn Taqueria Canada?

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In the vibrant culinary landscape of Canada, one name stands out for its delectable Mexican cuisine and unmatched reputation—Red Corn Taqueria. With its authentic flavors, warm ambiance, and commitment to quality, Red Corn Taqueria has become a popular destination for food enthusiasts across the country. In this article, we delve into the captivating story of Red Corn Taqueria and explore the factors that contribute to its growing reputation and popularity. Below are the latest Red Corn Taqueria Canada menu prices.


Cantina Favorites

Build Your Own Taco Bowl$12.85
Chicken Burrito$10.63


Shrimp Tacos$12.13
Steak Tacos$12.13
Chicken Mole Tacos$11.78

Chips and Dips

Chips and Guacamole$4.13
Chips and Pico De Gallo$3.42
Chips and Queso$4.13
Chips and Salsa Roja$3.42
Chips and Salsa Verde$3.42


Coca Cola Can$2.63
Dasani Sparkling Water and Lime$2.99
Vitamin Water and XXX Bottle$4.49


Lime Jalapeno Slaw$4.13
Caesar Side Salad$5.28
Refried Black Beans$4.13
Cilantro Rice$4.13
House Side Salad$5.28


Vitamin Water XXX Bottle$4.49
Sprite Can$2.63
Dasani Bottled Water$2.63
Dasani Sparkling Water, Lime$2.49
Diet Coke Can$2.63
Minute Maid Bottled Orange Juice$3.78
Vitaminwater, XXX Bottle$4.49

Snacks & Sweets

Black Cherry Ricotta Cheesecake$8.95
Snickers Candy Bar$3.95
M&M's Peanut$3.95
Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake$8.95
M&M's Plain Chocolate$3.95
Lays Classic Potato Chips$2.95
Baked Lays Sour Cream & Onion Chips$2.95

Drinks / Energy

Red Bull Energy$5.95
Red Bull Sugar-Free Energy$5.95
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The Birth of a Culinary Gem

Red Corn Taqueria began its journey as a humble food truck in a bustling street corner of Toronto. It was founded by Alejandro Ramirez, a Mexican culinary maestro with a vision to introduce Canadians to the true essence of Mexican cuisine. What started as a modest endeavor soon gained attention for its mouthwatering tacos, prepared with fresh ingredients and traditional recipes passed down through generations.

Authenticity that Satisfies the Palate

One of the key factors behind Red Corn Taqueria’s success is its unwavering commitment to authenticity. Every dish on their menu is crafted with utmost care, ensuring that the flavors transport diners to the streets of Mexico. From the perfectly seasoned meats to the homemade salsas and tortillas, every ingredient at Red Corn Taqueria is selected with meticulous attention to detail. The result is a symphony of flavors that leaves patrons craving for more.

A Unique Dining Experience

Beyond its culinary excellence, Red Corn Taqueria offers a dining experience like no other. Step into their cozy and vibrant restaurant, adorned with colorful Mexican decor, and you’ll instantly feel the lively atmosphere. The attentive and friendly staff adds to the warm ambiance, making each visit a memorable one. Whether you’re grabbing a quick bite with friends or indulging in a leisurely meal, Red Corn Taqueria provides a space that embraces the true spirit of Mexican hospitality.

Honoring Dietary Preferences

Red Corn Taqueria takes pride in catering to a diverse range of dietary preferences and restrictions. They offer an extensive menu that includes options for vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free diners. By providing inclusive choices without compromising on taste or quality, Red Corn Taqueria ensures that everyone can savor the flavors of Mexico, regardless of their dietary needs.

Spreading the Joy, One Location at a Time

Thanks to its growing popularity, Red Corn Taqueria has expanded to multiple locations across Canada. From Vancouver to Montreal, their restaurants have become go-to destinations for Mexican food enthusiasts. By consistently delivering exceptional culinary experiences, Red Corn Taqueria has garnered a loyal following that eagerly awaits each visit.


Red Corn Taqueria Canada has solidified its reputation as a culinary gem, captivating the taste buds of Canadians with its authentic Mexican cuisine and exceptional dining experience. From its humble beginnings as a food truck to its widespread success with multiple locations, Red Corn Taqueria continues to win the hearts of food enthusiasts across the nation. With a commitment to authenticity, inclusivity, and warm hospitality, Red Corn Taqueria invites diners to embark on a flavorful journey that celebrates the rich culinary heritage of Mexico. Visit Red Corn Taqueria and let their tantalizing dishes transport you to the vibrant streets of Mexico, right here in Canada.

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Red Corn Taqueria Canada FAQ

How much is Red Corn Taqueria Canada's Quesadilla?

Quesadilla – $10.63

How much is a Shrimp Tacos at Red Corn Taqueria Canada?

Shrimp Tacos – $12.13

How much are Chips & Pico de Gallo at Red Corn Taqueria Canada?

Chips & Pico de Gallo – $2.99

How much does a Red Corn Taqueria Canada's Chips and Pico De Gallo Cost?

Chips and Pico De Gallo – $3.66