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The name itself may cause bewilderment among non-locals but those who are in the know agree that Quaker Steak & Lube is among the best places to enjoy steaks, chicken wings, and burgers. The casual dining restaurant chain, which has its headquarters in Sharon, Pennsylvania, is known for its bike night, a tradition that started in its original location and has spread to other locations.

Quaker Steak is, indeed, keen on preserving traditions while also being in the present, a combination that appeals to its young and old customers. Every restaurant also becomes a hub for families and friends to enjoy classic American fare so it has a lively ambiance.

Below are the latest Quaker Steak menu prices.

Item Price


Pick Up Pickles $7.99
Fully Loaded Nachos $12.12
Pick-Up Pickles $8.68
Loaded Magna Fries® $10.52
Pork Fully Loaded Nachos $14.49
Loaded Magna Fries $11.53
Loaded Magna Tots® $11.05
Chicken Fully Loaded Nachos $14.49
4 Wheeler $15.99
Lube Chips and Dip $5.45
4-Wheeler $16.49
Lube Chips & Dip $5.81
Bavarian Pretzels $9.45
Fried Mozzarella $8.85
Boom Boom Shrimp $8.78
Chipotle Chicken Quesadillas $9.16
O-Rings $9.15
Peel-Out Potato Skins $10.36


Best wings USA! All wing options are tossed in your choice of lube sauce, sauce on the side, or plain.
Jumbo Bone-In Wings $17.87
Breaded Boneless Wings $9.36
Grilled Boneless Wings $11.99
Breaded Boneless Bucket $26.99
Breaded Boneless Basket $16.49
Breaded Boneless Starter $10.49


All sandwiches are served with french fries.
House Pulled Pork $11.00
House Pulled Pork Sandwich $11.29
Boneless Chicken Wrap $10.80
Jacked-Up BLT $11.66
Jacked-Up BLT Sandwich $12.91
Boneless Chicken Wrap Sandwich $10.42
Chicken Club $11.57
Chicken Club Sandwich $11.68
Quaker ST8K Sandwich $12.56
The Classic ST8K Sandwich $12.16
The BBQ O-String ST8K Sandwich $12.47
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich $10.67
Cheesesteak Melt $11.58
Chicken Sandwich $11.17
The Classic Steak Sandwich $12.77
GTO Gyro $11.73
Pub-Style Fish Sandwhich $14.99

Half-Pound Steakburgers

Mac & Cheese Burger $12.84
Hangover Burger $13.03
Pick UR Cheese Burger $11.39
Pick UR Cheese' Burger $11.49
'Pick Ur Cheese' Burger $12.47
Bacon Cheeseburger $12.00
Kentucky Bourbon Burger $12.68
Market Cut Bacon Cheddar Burger $12.84
Lubeburger® $12.82

Specialty Salads

Top Gear Tenders Chicken Salad $12.99
Sirloin Steak Salad $14.40
QSL Signature Salad $11.95
QS&L Boneless Wing Salad $11.56
Side Garden Salad $5.39
QSL Boneless Wing Salad $11.07
Biker Chicken Salad $13.00
Asian Chicken Salad $12.71
Caesar Salad $12.78
Side Caesar Salad $5.38

Steaks & Baby Back Ribs

Top Sirloin Steak $14.59
Baby Back Rib Combo $20.90
Thunderbird Steak $17.80
Choice Ribeye $23.22
NY Strip Steak $20.11

Steak & Baby Back Ribs

The Lube's Baby Back Ribs $13.99

Half-Pound Steak Burgers

Lubeburger $13.85


NY Cheesecake $4.99
Amazing Chocolate Chunk Cookie Skillet $8.29
Oreo Cheesecake $5.99
Strawberry Cheesecake $5.99


French Fries $3.26
House-Made Potato Chips $3.82
Coleslaw $3.27
Loaded Baked Idaho Potato $4.71
Fresh Baked Idaho Potato $3.77
Bourbon Baked Beans $3.33
Fresh Steamed Broccoli $3.28
Mac & Cheese $4.23
Sauteed Green Beans and Red Peppers $3.37
Sautéed Green Beans & Red Peppers $3.23
Mashed Potatoes and Gravy $3.37
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy $3.23
Potato Chips $3.16
Seasoned Rice $3.07
Black Beans and Rice $3.37
Black Beans & Rice $3.25
Celery, Carrots & Ranch Dip $3.25
Loaded French Fries $4.26
Tater Tots $4.03
Side of Sauce $0.99
Bottle of Sauce $6.89
Side of Ranch Dressing - 2 fl oz. $0.50
Loaded Tater Tots $5.08
Side of Blue Cheese Dressing - 2 fl oz. $0.50
Side of Sauce - 2 fl oz. $0.99
Bottle of Sauce - 12 fl oz. $5.93

Fountain Beverages & Shakes

Orange Cream Soda $4.16
Raseberry Iced Tea $3.99
Lemonade $3.99
Vanilla Cream Soda $4.13
Classic Milkshakes $7.99
Ginger Ale $3.99
Salted Caramel Pretzel Shake $5.99
Unsweet Tea $3.99
Orange Slice $3.99


Nestle Bottled Water - 16.9 fl oz. $1.18
Bottled Water $1.74
Pepsi - 16.9 fl oz. $1.50
Pepsi $3.00
Diet Pepsi - 16.9 fl oz. $1.50
Diet Pepsi $3.00
Mountain Dew - 16.9 fl oz. $1.50
Red Bull - 8.4 fl oz. $3.50
Red Bull $4.00
Sugar Free Red Bull - 8.4 fl oz. $3.50
Sugar Free Red Bull $4.00

Entrées & Custom Built Combos

Limited Time Offers
Custom Built Combo $13.91
Grilled Boneless Wings & Broccoli $11.74
Top Gear Tenders $12.15
Flame-Grilled Chicken $14.32
Surf & Turf $16.99
Fried Shrimp Plate $12.06
Boom Boom Shrimp Plate $14.23
Mac & Cheese Skillet $10.29
Loaded Mac & Cheese Skillet with Chicken $11.35
Seared Salmon $15.16
Loaded Mac & Cheese Skillet with Pork $11.35
Pub-Style Fish & Chips $15.62
Turf & Turf $17.84
Mac and Cheese Skillet $9.99
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In 1974, George Warren III and Gary Meszaros conceptualized a restaurant that will become instrumental in the preservation of the culture of high-powered muscle cars and gas stations. The idea came to them after they observed that gas stations across the United States were closing as a consequence of the 1973 oil crisis.

The first Quaker Steak & Lube was a cook-your-own steakhouse in an abandoned gas station in Sharon, Pennsylvania.  It featured classic muscle cars, such as the 1936 Chevrolet on its hydraulic grease rack, and was decorated with license plates on the walls.  Its name was also a wordplay on Quaker State, a motor oil prdoduct.

On November 2015, TravelCenters America acquired Quaker State after the latter filed for bankruptcy. As of October 2016, the chain consisted of 50 restaurants in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Colorado, among other states.

What It’s Famous For

Nowadays, Quaker Steak is known for its bone-in and boneless chicken wings served with a wide range of sauces. The chicken wings are, in fact, the chain’s signature dish that diners order nearly every time they visit a Quaker State restaurant.  These are well-loved for their crispy and crunchy skin as well as their juicy, succulent and tender meat.

The sauces are the icing on the cake, so to speak. Diners can choose based on their preference and tolerance for spicy sauces, the heat level of which is measures in Scoville units.  The Smoky Gold BBQ, Original BBQ, and Ranch sauces are the mildest with 90 units while the Triple Atomic has the highest heat at 500,000 units.

In between these extremes are sauces like Super-Charged, Dusted Ghost Pepper, Cajun, Hot, Dusted Mango Habanero, Golden Garlic, Arizona Ranch, Medium, Thaisian, and Louisiana Lickers.  We suggest asking the wait staff about the spicy levels of these sauces so that you can choose something well within your tolerance.

Why Eat Here

The Jumbo Bone-In Wings are so good that you will want to take an order or two for takeout! You will have fun eating an entire extra-large wing, sucking it down to the bone, and starting on the next wing – and when your plate’s clean, you can lick your fingers, too, to get every last delicious drop.  You can cleanse your palate in between by munching on the celery or carrots, which are served with your choice of either ranch or bleu cheese dip.

The diners at Quaker State are divided which of the bone-in or the boneless wings are more delicious. We must say that both are finger-licking delicious so it boils down to your personal preference.

The breaded boneless wings are fritter-style all-white meat from chicken breast, which are hand-breaded and deep-fried for the best texture and flavor. These are available in starter, basket and breaded bucket sizes, as well as served with your choice in Quaker Steak sauce and side (i.e., celery or carrots with dip).

If you’re looking for something healthier yet still satisfies your cravings for chicken wings, then your best choice is the grilled boneless wings. You will love the scrumptious flavors of the marinated chicken tenders, which are grilled first before being tossed in your choice of sauce. Your meal is complete with toasted pita wedges, fresh pico de gallo, and shredded iceberg lettuce.

The all-white chicken meat is also included in a few salad varieties. The Top Gear Tenders Chicken Salad, Biker Salad, and QS&L Boneless Wing Salad are a mix of fruits and vegetables, meat, and even toasted pita wedges with bleu cheese crumbles.

The menu also includes shrimp appetizer, fried mozzarella, nachos, chips and dip, chicken quesadillas, and tacos like mahi street tacos, pulled chicken tacos, and pork caritas tacos. The burgers aremade of brioche garlic toasted bun with grilled USDA ground steakburger, which can be cooked either to pink or no pink results.  The choices include International Butter Burger, LubeBurger, and Feel Like Bacon Love Burger, among others.

There’s also a full bar with alcoholic drinks on the menu.  The best nights to come here are on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.  Most has televisions on the walls and free Wi-Fi access.

Many of the Quaker Steak restaurants accept reservations for small and large groups, as well as catering orders.  These places are usually crowded during the lunch and dinner hours, usually with students, young professionals, and families in the crowd. These are also great for late night food runs.

To learn more about Quaker Steak or to find a location near you, visit their website at thelube.com.

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