Protein Bar Prices: How much is Protein Bar?

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Proteins are considered as one of the Big Three macronutrients, the other two being carbohydrates and fats. Indeed, protein sources are a must in a healthy diet because of their crucial roles in enhancing muscle mass, cognitive function, and stable mood, as well as in maintaining a full feeling. For this reason, weightlifters, bodybuilders, and people on a weight loss program adopt a protein-rich diet. Below are the latest Protein Bar menu prices.


Breakfast Bar-ritos

AM Mexicali Bar-rito$8.60
Bacon, Egg and Cheese Bar-rito$8.60
Sunrise Spinach and Pesto Bar-rito$8.60

Breakfast Bowls

AM Mexicali Bowl$8.60
Bacon, Egg and Cheese Bowl$8.60
Sunrise Spinach and Pesto Bowl$8.60


Beauty Brew$7.99
Avo Matcha.$9.42
Pink Dragon$9.99
Wrigley Peeled.$8.69
Wrigley Peeled$7.99
Jokes Acai'd$8.78
Berry Good.$8.69
Jokes Acai'd.$8.69
Jokes Acai’d$7.41
Berry Good$7.78
Smashing Pumpkin$8.19
Keto Shake.$10.42
The Perk.$8.69
The Perk$8.00
Avo Matcha$8.20
Ging and Juice$9.99
Blue Heaven$9.59
Hippie Shake$8.06
Big Date$8.09
Keto Shake$10.77

Soup + Chili

Beyond Chili Bowl$10.99
Vegan Beyond Chili Bowl$10.99
Beyond Chili Cup$6.79
Chicken Chili Cup$6.41
Vegan Beyond Chili Cup$6.79

Super Blends


Acai Bowls

Triple Berry Acai.$11.10

Acai Bowls & Parfaits

The Elvis$11.49
Triple Berry Acai$11.25
Magic Dragon Bowl$11.99
Tropical Acai$11.73
Tropical Acai.$11.54
Berry Banana Parfait$8.99
Chia Berry$8.99
Power Plant Bowl$11.49
Island Sunrise Parfait$8.99
Blue Crush Bowl$11.49
Honey Granola Parfait$8.99


Egg Roll Bar-rito$13.04
Spicy Korean Bar-rito$12.03
Summer Carnitas Bar-rito$13.49
Black Bean Bar-rito$12.04
Mexicali Bar-rito$12.03
Spinach & Pesto$9.41
Buffalo Bar-rito$11.70
Basic Black Bean$9.41
Spinach and Pesto Bar-rito$11.10
Classic Buffalo$9.41
Basic Black Bean Bar-rito$9.74
Classic Buffalo Bar-rito$9.74
Steakhouse Ranch$11.41
Spicy Korean$12.17

Bottled Beverages

Adaptonic Ashwagandha$5.20
Adaptonic Ashwagandha.$5.29
Adaptonic Matcha$5.20
GT's Trilogy$5.29
Culture Pop - Watermelon$3.49
Adaptonic Matcha.$5.29
GT's Gingerade.$5.29
Heywell Mango$5.79
San Pellegrino$2.86
GT's Gingerade$5.29
Heywell Grapefruit$5.71
Bottled Water.$2.93
GT's Trilogy.$5.29
Heywell Grapefruit.$5.79
Chameleon Cold Brew$5.26
Heywell Strawberry$5.73
Bottled Water$2.77
Chameleon Cold Brew.$5.29
Heywell Strawberry.$5.79
Spindrift - Raspberry Lime$2.98
Vital Blackberry$5.70
Heywell Lime$5.79
Heywell Lime.$5.79
Vital Strawberry.$5.66
Spindrift - Raspberry Lime.$2.99
Honest Tea Lori's Lemon$3.70
Honest Tea Lori's Lemon.$3.79
Culture Pop - Strawberry Rhubarb$3.49
Just Ice Tea - Black Tea$4.99
Just Ice Tea - Peach Oolong$4.99
PBK Hibiscus Ginger$4.49
PBK Turmeric Tango$4.49
Vital Blackberry.$5.66
Vital Strawberry$5.70
Cold Brew$5.99
Rowdy Mermaid Strawberry$4.99
Rowdy Mermaid Watermelon$4.99
San Pellegrino.$2.99
Spindrift - Grapefruit$2.97
Spindrift - Grapefruit.$2.99


Fall Protein Bowl$11.01
Mexicali Bowl$11.39
Black Bean Bowl$11.92
Spinach and Pesto Bowl$10.49
Spicy Korean Bowl$11.92
Buffalo Bowl$11.80
Egg Roll Bowl$13.09
Basic Black Bean Bowl$9.59
Classic Buffalo Bowl$9.59
Summer Carnitas Bowl$13.49
Steakhouse Ranch Bowl$11.49
Salmon TLC$12.96
Salmon and Summer Vegetables$14.99
Sweet Potato Falafel Bowl$11.01
Healthy Parm$12.70
Winter Protein Bowl$11.20

Breakfast Scrambles

AM Fall Protein Bowl$6.57
Steak & Eggs$7.38

Breakfast Scramble

Morning Mexicali$6.11
Sunrise Spinach & Pesto$5.88
Big Bacon$6.51
Winter Protein$7.20

Oatmeal Plus

Peanut Butter and Acai$6.57
Overnight Oats$6.61
Almost Naked Oatmeal$6.41
Maple Bacon Oatmeal$5.89
Winterberry Oatmeal$6.20


Buffalo Salad$12.02
Kale Caesar Salad$11.62
The Greek Salad$11.20
Spicy Caesar Salad$13.49
Classic Buffalo Salad$10.10
Healthy Club Salad$11.71
Southwest Salad$11.90
Green Goddess Salad$13.38
Superfood Salad$11.51
Superfood Vegan Salad$10.17
Harvest Salad$10.49

Cold Pressed Juices

Beet Box$7.99
Beet Box Juice$7.99
Market Juice$7.99
Sweetgreens Juice$7.99

Super Green Drinks

Health Nut$7.71

Cold Pressed Juice (Bottle)

Sweet Greens$7.99


Kale Caesar Wrap$11.78
The Greek Wrap$11.20
Healthy Club Wrap$11.71
Southwest Wrap$11.93
Green Goddess Wrap$13.60
Superfood Wrap$11.70
Superfood Vegan Wrap$10.14
Buffalo Wrap$11.61
Classic Buffalo Wrap$10.12
Spicy CĂ©sar Wrap$13.49
Harvest Wrap$10.57


Lean and Green$10.19
Berry Banana$9.19
Tropic Thunder$9.19
Mango Cure$10.19
Sonic Refresher$8.29

Soups & Chilis

Chicken Chili$9.89
Spicy Chickpea & Lentil Soup$9.49
Beyond Chili$10.16

Soup & Chilis

Chicken Chili Bowl$10.44
Veggie Chili Bowl$9.12


GT Synergy Kombucha$4.99
GT's Kombucha$5.01
Bottled Spring Water$2.29
Spindrift Sparkling Water$2.69
GT's Organic Kombucha$4.60
San Pellegrino Sparkling Water$2.72
Health Ade Kombucha$4.84


Mid-Day Squares - Peanut Butter$4.99
Mera Choc Chip and Coconut$3.92
Buffalo Queso Tortilla Chips$2.49
Lime Jalapeño Tortilla Chips$2.49
Protein Bakery Brownie$5.32
Protein Bakery Brownie.$5.32
Protein Bakery Cookie$4.76
Protein Bakery Cookie.$4.79
Two Hard Boiled Eggs$2.49
Chocolate Almonds$2.99
Multi-Grain Tortilla Chips$2.24
Multigrain Tortilla Chips$1.99
Jackson's Sweet Potato Chips- Spicy Tomatillo$2.79
White Cheddar Popcorn$2.37
Sweet Potato Chips$2.21
Jackson's Sweet Potato Chips- Sea Salt$2.79
Power Up Trail Mix$2.06
Multi Grain Chips$2.30
RXBAR Chocolate Peanutbutter$3.96
RXBAR Blueberry.$3.78
RXBAR Chocolate Sea Salt.$3.78
Unreal Almond Butter Cup$1.49
RX Bar$3.49
Rx Bars$3.49
Late July Jalapeno Lime Chips$2.78
RXBAR Blueberry$3.78
Protein Cookie$3.54
RXBAR Chocolate Sea Salt$3.78
Protein Brownie$4.04

Sides and Snacks

Protein Brownies$3.99
Protein Cookies$3.49
Beef Jerky$5.99
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About Protein Bar

But it can be difficult to find truly healthy protein-rich foods in the restaurant industry – until Protein Bar came into the scene. The restaurant offers a wide range of nutritious and delicious food for on-the-go customers and, thus, reinforces its reputation as the go-to place for healthy meals and snacks.


Matt Matros opened the first Protein Bar restaurant in 2009 at Franklin and Adams in Chicago, Illinois. He previously worked in brand management but left his career in it after he realized that restaurants offering protein-rich foods were few and far between. He was then on a protein-rich diet in his effort to live a healthy lifestyle so that he can reduce his risk of cardiovascular disease.

What They’re Famous For

The Protein Bar restaurants, as their name implies, offer high-protein fare including salads, burritos, and quinoa bowls as well as smoothies and cold-pressed juices. Diners can also choose from several types of breakfast, lunch and dinner options aside from the vegan and vegetarian dishes on the menu. Suffice it to say that the chain deserves its reputation of being among the best places to enjoy nutrient-rich, great-tasting dishes, desserts, and drinks.

Why Eat Here

The Protein Bar restaurants are terrific places for health-conscious people including vegans and vegetarians, weightlifters and bodybuilders in training, and weight loss watchers. But not everybody in the hungry crowd is counting calories, so to speak, because many are also here just to enjoy the flavorful food and drinks. There’s also no need to justify your orders because everything on the menu is good for your health.

Unlike many restaurants, the Protein Bar chain ensures that the nutritional information for the food and drinks on the menu is prominently featured. You then don’t have to second-guess yourself about the amount of calories, fat and sodium you’re getting from a dish or drink. You will likely stay on track with your nutrition plan and that’s why you will come back again and again to the nearest Protein Bar.

The menu is a testament to the fact that nutritious food can also be delicious! We suggest starting with whatever dish and drink seems familiar to your palate so that you can ease into the more exotic flavors. But many of the food on the menu are familiar to the American palate so you won’t have any issue with your initial choices.

Get the Mexicali breakfast scramble for a protein-rich boost in the morning, thanks to the fluffy scrambled whole eggs, cheddar cheese, black beans, kale, salsa, and chipotle Greek yogurt. Be sure to try the other breakfast scrambles, too, including the Chilaquiles, Spinach and Pesto, and Denver, all of which are available in either bowl or wrap. Keep in mind that the wrap style typically contains more calories, proteins and carbohydrates than the bowl version.

For lunch and dinner, the choices are aplenty, too. There are the soups and chilis, which the chain claims are made from scratch to maintain their fresh quality and which are filling in their own right. These are also considered as full meals so there’s no need to order other dishes, if you’re on a strict calorie-restricted diet.

The bestselling items are the Spicy Chicken Hominy, a savory blend of chicken broth, poblano peppers, hominy and tomatoes with Southwest spices; the Thai Curry with its carrots, shiitake mushrooms, bamboo shoots, and carrots simmered in spicy coconut curry; and the Chicken Chili, a classic chili dish with organic chicken, tomatoes, beans and tomatoes with a topping of cheddar cheese and Greek Yogurt.

The wraps and salads are so satisfying that you can’t help but order one for the road. The Kale Caesar rules the roost with its combo of organic chicken, tomatoes, avocado, parmesan cheese and crumble, and Greek yogurt Caesar dressing.  There are also the Southwest with its spicy Cholula sauce and the Baja Guac with its tangy cilantro lime dressing.

But why stop with the dishes when there are also drinks that give your body and mind a good boost for the day? There are smoothies and juices on the menu, said drinks of which contain a medley of fruits and vegetables, with and without the crushed ice.

More than the delicious food and drinks, the Protein Bar restaurants are known for their friendly crew members who work hard to provide quick service. While there are days when the crew members aren’t as quick on the service, it’s usually because of the large crowd demanding their attention.

Come in your casual attire and laid-back attitude so that you can enjoy the goodness of Protein Bar and its offerings!

To learn more about Protein Bar or to find a location near you, visit their website at

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Protein Bar’s FAQ

How much is Protein Bar's Fall Protein Bowl?

Fall Protein Bowl – $11.01

How much is a Spicy Korean Bowl at Protein Bar?

Spicy Korean Bowl – $11.87

How much are Steakhouse Ranch Bowl at Protein Bar?

Steakhouse Ranch Bowl – $11.49

How much does a Protein Bar's AM Fall Protein Bowl Cost?

AM Fall Protein Bowl – $6.49

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