Presotea Prices

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2023, Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest Presotea menu prices.

Item Price

Fruity Refreshments

Passionfruit QQ $8.10
Passionfruit QQ Black Tea $8.68
Passionfruit Tea $7.30
Lemon Tea $7.30
Passionfruit Black Tea $7.75
Passionfruit Green Tea $7.75
Plum Green Tea $7.30
Lemon Black Tea $7.75
Passionfruit QQ Green Tea $8.68
Summer Fruit Tea $8.55
Green Tea with Yakult $8.10
Lemon Green $7.75
Passionfruit Lemon Black Tea $8.68
Pineapple Special Tea $7.87
Passionfruit Lemon Green Tea $8.68
Passionfruit Pineapple Tea $8.64
Signature Fruit Tea $8.95
Mango Green Tea $7.69
Blueberry Fruit Tea $7.65
Peppermint Green Tea with Lemon $7.46
Lychee Black Tea $7.55
Crystal Wintermelon $7.75
Wintermelon Lemon $8.40

Relish Fresh Tea

Supreme Jasmine Green Tea $6.63
Ceylon Black Tea $6.68
Earl Grey Tea $6.68
A Li Shan Iced Tea $6.68
Oolong Green Tea $6.68
Roasted Hojicha Tea $6.85
Wen Shan Special Tea $6.50
Golden Oolong Tea $6.50
Green Jade Sencha $6.68
Japanese Genmaicha $6.68
Four Season Oolong Tea $7.88
Peach Oolong Tea $7.68
Toffee Black Tea $6.50
Roasted Oolong Tea $6.68
Peppermint Green Tea $6.63

Classic Milk Tea

Ceylon Milk Tea $7.69
Pudding Milk Tea $8.39

Milk Tea

Panda Milk Tea $8.39
Jasmine Green Milk Tea $7.75
Mango Milk Tea $8.44
Grass Jelly Milk Tea $8.39
Red Bean Milk Tea $8.39
Signature Milk Tea $7.53
Genmaicha Milk Tea $7.53
Hokkadio Milk Tea $7.75
Charcoal Roasted Milk Tea $7.53
Hojicha Milk Tea $7.75
Okinawa Brown Sugar Milk Tea $7.53
Oreo Cocoa $8.10
Uji Match Milk Tea $7.75
Uji Matcha Milk Tea $7.30
Jasmine Milk Tea $7.30
Earl Grey Milk Tea $7.53
Toffee Milk Tea $7.30
Hokkaido Milk Tea $7.30
Chocolate Milk Tea $7.30
Matcha Combo $8.39
Peppermint Chocolate Milk Tea $7.58
Lychee Milk Tea $8.32

Picked for you

Special Pearl Milk Tea $8.39

Fresh Milk Series

Black Fresh Milk Tea $7.80
Green Fresh Milk Tea $7.80
Earl Grey Fresh Milk Tea $7.80
Oolong Fresh Milk Tea $7.80
Matcha Fresh Milk Tea $8.09
Brown Sugar Latte with Grass Jelly $8.69
Brown Sugar Latte with Pearl $8.69

Milky Sensation

Milky Taro $7.53
Milky Cocoa $7.75

Milky Sensation (Caffeine Free)

Milky Strawberry $7.30
Milky Coconut $7.53
Milky Mango $7.30
Milky Honeydew $7.53

Juicy Juicy (Caffeine Free)

Passionfruit Lemon Juice $7.30
Honey Lemon Juice $7.30
Lemon Plum Juice $7.30
Honey and Aloe Vera $7.30
Crystal Winter Melon $7.30
Winter Melon Lemon $8.10
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In the world of refreshing beverages and tantalizing flavors, certain names stand out as champions of unique taste experiences, inviting beverage enthusiasts to embark on a journey of liquid delight. Among these names, “Presotea” shines brightly, promising a flavorful adventure that celebrates the art of tea-making and innovative blends. Beyond its delectable offerings, this establishment carries a reputation that echoes tales of beverage craftsmanship and exceptional taste. As we dive into the world of Presotea, we’ll uncover the secrets behind its reputation, the allure of its popularity, and the refreshing journey it offers to those who relish the magic of tea.

Crafting Liquid Artistry: The Essence of Presotea

Presotea is not just a tea shop; it’s a haven for those who seek to indulge in the essence of quality tea and the art of brewing. At its heart lies a menu that celebrates the art of tea-making, where each cup is meticulously crafted to capture the essence of flavor and purity. This symphony of aromas is reflected in the diverse offerings that cater to varying preferences and a shared appreciation for liquid craftsmanship.

Imagine sipping a cup of freshly brewed oolong tea, the delicate leaves unfurling to release their fragrant bouquet with each sip. The burst of flavors extends to the milk teas and fruit infusions, from creamy boba concoctions to vibrant herbal blends, each one promising a burst of refreshment that captures the spirit of tea enjoyment. This liquid presentation reflects Presotea’s commitment to delivering an experience that resonates with the essence of tea artistry.

A Burst of Tea Innovation: Elevating Tradition with a Twist

While Presotea pays homage to classic tea varieties, it’s the burstiness of tea innovation that truly defines its allure. The establishment’s tea artisans infuse their creations with imaginative twists, creating an experience that marries tradition with inventive presentation. The burstiness comes alive in the reinterpretation of each cup, where the ingredients, textures, and unexpected pairings form a symphony of flavors and visual appeal.

Imagine sipping a tea infused with unexpected ingredients like passion fruit and basil—a burst of flavors that takes the familiar to new heights of tea enjoyment. The burst of innovation extends to the specialty blends, where familiar flavors are reimagined with creative elements that surprise and delight the senses. Presotea doesn’t just serve tea; it crafts a liquid adventure that invites patrons to savor the harmony of taste and innovation.

From Hidden Gem to Tea Lover’s Paradise: Reputation and Popularity

Presotea’s reputation is a story that has evolved from a hidden gem to a tea lover’s paradise, resonating with both beverage aficionados and newcomers seeking a refreshing experience. What began as a local favorite has transformed into a brand that captures the spirit of tea excellence and liquid ingenuity. The establishment’s commitment to quality ingredients, tea artistry, and fostering an inviting ambiance has created a reputation synonymous with flavor and liquid craftsmanship.

In the digital age, Presotea’s popularity has flourished through a blend of word-of-mouth and online engagement. Social media platforms and review websites serve as virtual avenues for patrons to share their tea experiences, creating a digital tapestry of admiration that transcends geographical boundaries. The burstiness of these interactions mirrors the burst of flavors that Presotea offers, contributing to an engaging narrative that resonates with a diverse array of audiences.


Presotea encapsulates the intricate balance of perplexity and burstiness within the realm of liquid delight. Its diverse offerings, inventive blends, and dedication to tea excellence form a symphony of flavors and aroma that celebrate the joy of tea exploration. As reputation and popularity intertwine, Presotea remains a shining example of how a commitment to quality, creativity, and tea passion can shape a liquid journey worth savoring. Whether you’re a connoisseur of tea experiences, an enthusiast of inventive blends, or simply someone seeking a refreshing adventure that embraces the essence of liquid craftsmanship, Presotea offers a passage through taste that captures the essence of liquid brilliance and invigorating delight.

Presotea FAQ

How much is Presotea's Supreme Jasmine Green Tea?

Supreme Jasmine Green Tea – $6.50

How much is a Oolong Green Tea at Presotea?

Oolong Green Tea – $6.50

How much are Toffee Black Tea at Presotea?

Toffee Black Tea – $6.50

How much does a Presotea's Matcha Combo Cost?

Matcha Combo – $8.10