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The submarine, or simply the sub, is the big brother of the sandwich – it’s larger, longer and filled with more fillings. With the prodigious appetite of Americans, it has become a strong favorite and, thus, restaurants that offer a wide variety of submarines have a popular following. This is true for Planet Sub, a national chain of sub-centric sandwich shops in the United States.

The Planet Sub prices are commensurate to the quality of the submarines offered by the chain – these are slightly more expensive but the submarines are worth it. Many customers even say that the subs come in such generous portions that they can divide it to make two meals!

Below are the latest Planet Sub menu prices.



Big Dipper (Half Big Dipper)$5.99
Big Dipper (Whole Big Dipper)$9.19
Cuban (Half Sandwich)$6.29
Cuban (Whole Sandwich)$9.19


Turkey (Half Turkey)$4.99
Turkey (Whole Turkey)$8.79
Ham And Swiss (Half Ham And Swiss)$4.99
Ham And Swiss (Whole Ham And Swiss)$8.79
Bbq (Half Bbq)$4.99
Bbq (Whole Bbq)$8.79
Roast Beef (Half Roast Beef)$4.99
Roast Beef (Whole Roast Beef)$8.79
Turkey Club (Half Turkey Club)$4.99
Turkey Club (Whole Turkey Club)$8.79


Buffalo Chicken (Half Buffalo Chicken)$5.99
Buffalo Chicken (Whole Buffalo Chicken)$8.99
Chicken Bbq (Half Chicken Bbq)$5.99
Chicken Bbq (Whole Chicken Bbq)$8.99
Chicken Club (Half Chicken Club)$5.99
Chicken Club (Whole Chicken Club)$8.99
Chicken Parmesan (Half Chicken Parmesan)$5.99
Chicken Parmesan (Whole Chicken Parmesan)$8.99
Smoky Southwest Chicken (Half Southwest Chicken)$5.99
Smoky Southwest Chicken (Whole Southwest Chicken)$8.99
The Experience (Half Experience)$5.99
The Experience (Whole Experience)$8.99


The Planet Sub (Half Planet Sub)$5.99
The Planet Sub (Whole Planet Sub)$8.99
Creamy Club (Half Creamy Club)$5.99
Creamy Club (Whole Creamy Club)$8.99
Green Turkey (Half Green Turkey)$5.99
Green Turkey (Whole Green Turkey)$8.99
Super Hero (Half Super Hero)$5.99
Super Hero (Whole Super Hero)$8.99
Torpedo (Half Torpedo)$5.99
Torpedo (Whole Torpedo)$8.99
Dagwood's Dream (Half Dagwood's Dream)$5.99
Dagwood's Dream (Whole Dagwood's Dream)$8.99
Tijuana Taxi (Half Tijuana Taxi)$5.99
Tijuana Taxi (Whole Tijuana Taxi)$8.99
Cheese Steak (Half Cheese Steak)$5.99
Cheese Steak (Whole Cheese Steak)$8.99
Mega Roast Beef™ (Half Mega Roast Beef)$5.99
Mega Roast Beef™ (Whole Mega Roast Beef)$8.99
Beefeater (Half Beefeater)$5.99
Beefeater (Whole Beefeater)$8.99
Meatball Grinder (Half Meatball Grinder)$5.99
Meatball Grinder (Whole Meatball Grinder)$8.99
B.l.t. (Half Blt)$5.99
B.l.t. (Whole Blt)$8.99
Bacon Mushroom Melt (Half Bacon Mushroom Melt)$5.99
Bacon Mushroom Melt (Whole Bacon Mushroom Melt)$8.99

Veggies & Seafood

Meatless Masterpiece (Half Meatless Masterpiece)$5.99
Meatless Masterpiece (Whole Meatless Masterpiece)$8.99
The Veggie (Half Veggie)$5.99
The Veggie (Whole Veggie)$8.99
Veggie Grinder (Half Veggie Grinder)$5.99
Veggie Grinder (Whole Veggie Grinder)$8.99
Five Grain Tempeh Parmesan (Half Five Grain Tempeh Parmesan)$5.99
Five Grain Tempeh Parmesan (Whole Five Grain Tempeh Parmesan)$8.99
Five Grain Tempeh Bbq (Half Tempeh Bbq)$5.99
Five Grain Tempeh Bbq (Whole Tempeh Bbq)$8.99
Tuna (Half Tuna)$5.99
Tuna (Whole Tuna)$8.99
Tuna Bacon Melt (Half Tuna Bacon Melt)$5.99
Tuna Bacon Melt (Whole Tuna Bacon Melt)$8.99

Romaine Wraps

Buffalo Chicken Romaine Wrap$6.29
Tuna & Cheddar Romaine Wrap$6.29
Turkey & Provolone Romaine Wrap$6.29

Tortilla Wraps

Chipotle Wrap$6.29
Greek Wrap$6.29


House Salad (Small House Salad)$5.29
House Salad (Large House Salad)$7.49
Greek Salad (Small Greek Salad)$5.29
Greek Salad (Large Greek Salad)$7.49
Chicken Caesar Salad (Small Chicken Caesar Salad)$5.29
Chicken Caesar Salad (Large Chicken Caesar Salad)$7.49

Side Items

Whole Pickle$0.99
Chocolate Chunk Cookie$1.29
Snickerdoodle Cookie$1.29
M&m Cookie$1.29


Kids Pizza Boat (Pizza Boat Only)$2.49
Kids Pizza Boat (Meal)$3.99
Kids Grilled Cheese (Sandwich Only)$2.49
Kids Grilled Cheese (Meal)$3.99
Kids Pb&j (Sandwich Only)$2.49
Kids Pb&j (Meal)$3.99
Kids Turkey & American (Sandwich Only)$2.49
Kids Turkey & American (Meal)$3.99
Kids Ham & American (Sandwich Only)$2.49
Kids Ham & American (Meal)$3.99


Kettle Brand Sea Salt$1.29
Miss Vickie's Jalapeños$1.29
Miss Vickie's Bbq Chips$1.29
Miss Vickie's Salt & Vinegar Chips$1.29
Baked Lays$1.29


Regular Soft Drink$1.99
Large Soft Drink$2.49
Bottled Water$1.49
Bottle Coca Cola$2.09
Bottle Diet Coke$2.09
Bottle Sprite$2.09
Bottle Peak Tea$2.09


Bowl Of Soup$4.69


Individual Box Lunches (Assorted Box)$8.29
Individual Box Lunches (Creamy Club Box)$8.29
Individual Box Lunches (Cheese Steak Box)$8.29
Individual Box Lunches (Chicken Club Box)$8.29
Individual Box Lunches (Chicken Parmesan Box)$8.29
Individual Box Lunches (Dagwood's Dream Box)$8.29
Individual Box Lunches (Experience Box)$8.29
Individual Box Lunches (Ham And Cheese Box)$8.29
Individual Box Lunches (Planet Sub Box)$8.29
Individual Box Lunches (Roast Beef Cheddar Box)$8.29
Individual Box Lunches (Super Hero Box)$8.29
Individual Box Lunches (Southwest Chicken Box)$8.29
Individual Box Lunches (Turkey Provolone Box)$8.29
Individual Box Lunches (Turkey Club Box)$8.29
Individual Box Lunches (Meatless Masterpiece Box)$8.29
Individual Box Lunches (Veggie Box)$8.29
Individual Box Lunches (Caesar Salad Box)$8.29
Individual Box Lunches (Greek Salad Box)$8.29
Individual Box Lunches (Big Dipper Box)$8.29
Individual Box Lunches (Blt Box)$8.29
Individual Box Lunches (Bacon Mushroom Melt Box)$8.29
Individual Box Lunches (Meatball Grinder Box)$8.29
Individual Box Lunches (Mega Roast Beef Box)$8.29
Individual Box Lunches (Beefeater Box)$8.29
Individual Box Lunches (Planet Bbq Box)$8.29
Individual Box Lunches (Roast Beef Box)$8.29
Individual Box Lunches (Tijuana Taxi Box)$8.29
Individual Box Lunches (Torpedo Box)$8.29
Individual Box Lunches (Turkey Box)$8.29
Individual Box Lunches (Tuna Bacon Melt Box)$8.29
Individual Box Lunches (Tempeh Bbq Box)$8.29
Individual Box Lunches (Tempeh Parmesan Box)$8.29
Individual Box Lunches (Veggie Grinder Box)$8.29
Party Tray Subs (3" Assorted)$3.29
Party Tray Subs (3" Creamy Club)$3.29
Party Tray Subs (3" Chicken Club)$3.29
Party Tray Subs (3" Ham And Cheese)$3.29
Party Tray Subs (3" Planet Sub)$3.29
Party Tray Subs (3" Rb/ched)$3.29
Party Tray Subs (3" Super Hero)$3.29
Party Tray Subs (3" Turkey)$3.29
Party Tray Subs (3" Turkey Club)$3.29
Party Tray Subs (3" Turkey Provolone)$3.29
Party Tray Subs (3" Meatless Masterpiece)$3.29
Party Tray Subs (3" Veggie)$3.29
Fresh Salads$39.99
Chips (Kettle Brand Sea Salt)$1.29
Chips (Miss Vickie's Jalapeños)$1.29
Chips (Miss Vickie's Bbq Chips)$1.29
Chips (Miss Vickie's Salt & Vinegar Chips)$1.29
Chips (Nacho Cheese Doritos)$1.29
Chips (Cheetos)$1.29
Chips (Baked Lays)$1.29
Chips (Variety Chip)$1.29
Cookies (Chocolate Chunk Cookie)$1.29
Cookies (Snickerdoodle Cookie)$1.29
Cookies (M&m Cookie)$1.29
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Planet Sub traces its roots to Yello Sub, a submarine sandwich shop that opened its doors in Lawrence, Kansas in 1979. Yellow Sub was a typical hole-in-the-wall shop offering just eight sandwiches with the breads baked from scratch every day.

In 1998, Klusman and Kelly opened their first Yello Sub franchised location but renamed it Planet Sub for legal reasons. In 2002, the duo purchased Yello Sub; the original locations retained the Yello Sub name while the Planet Sub brand was applied to new locations.

As of 2016, the Planet Sub chain consisted of 13 company-owned stores and 28 franchised locations in the United States. The corporate headquarters are in Kansas City, Missouri.

What They’re Known For

Planet Sub has established an enviable reputation for its made-from-scratch breads baked in each of its shops. In fact, every location is also a bakery complete with a dough mixer for this reason. The meats, cheeses, and vegetables are also sliced daily on-site, thus, ensuring the fresh quality of the submarines.

The chain is also known for its adoption of an innovative playing card system. In it, the customers are given a unique playing card used in identifying their respective sandwiches when it has been baked.

Why Eat Here

The Planet Sub bread is vegan so it lends itself well to vegan and vegetarian subs. The menu actually includes several vegetarian subs like the Meatless Masterpiece, a flavorful sub with Pepper Jack, cream cheese, Swiss cheese, green peppers, mushrooms, and black olives. There are vegetarian subs, too, with tempeh as the featured ingredient; tempeh is a meatless patty made from soybeans.

The vegetable sandwiches are important for the brand although these aren’t the most popular subs in the menu. The brand, after all, realizes the need for healthy products in the fast casual segment, as well as recognizes the importance of offering something for everyone. Along this line, the chain has also introduced menu boards with calorie information for all the items.

The wide range of submarines can be initially overwhelming but it becomes familiar after a few visits. The most popular arguably is The Planet Sub, a generously-sized, tasty-to-the-last-bite sub with roast beef, smoked ham, roasted turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, and Swiss cheese with Dijon mustard and mayonnaise topping. The Super Hero takes a large appetite to finish but it’s easy enough with the delicious combination of pepperoni, salami, spicy capicola, red onions, Provolone, lettuce, oregano, and banana peppers with a simple oil and vinegar dressing.

The Classics have less fillings but these are just as delicious as the superstars of the menu. The Turkey sub for example, has lip-smacking oven-roasted turkey while the Roast Beef sub has juicy premium roast beef at its heart. Go for the Ham & Cheese if you’re hankering for comfort food delivered the quick way.

Other sub varieties include Chicken BBQ (chicken with pickles, lettuce and tomatoes drizzled in BBQ sauce); The Experience (chicken, bacon and jalapenos with chipotle sauce); and Tuna (tuna salad, tomatoes, and lettuce with mayonnaise). The subs are divided into specific categories, such as Classics, Seafood and Originals, so it’s easier to make a choice.

We suggest the seafood subs to add variety to your meat-centric subs. The Creamy Crab will lift your spirits with its combo of bacon, surimi crab, cream cheese, lettuce and tomatoes with a mayonnaise topping. The Tuna Bacon Melt has the perfect balance between creamy and crunchy with its creamy tuna and crisp lettuce.

Look beyond the subs although these are definitely the must-haves. Try the romaine wraps, which come in three varieties – Buffalo Chicken with Planet Sub’s signature chicken, pepper jack, tomatoes and buffalo sauce; Tuna and Cheddar with tuna salad, cheddar, bacon, red onions, and tomatoes with a Dijon dressing; and Turkey & Provolone with turkey, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, and provolone.  There are also tortilla wraps and salads although these are few in comparison with the subs.

Planet Sub has a mobile rewards app that offer discounts, access to exclusive deals, and a free sub on your birthday.

The chain is known for its friendly and efficient customer service, a must considering that most customers who come to its restaurants are craving for hearty meals to satisfy their hungry stomachs.

To learn more about Planet Sub or to find a location near you, visit their website at