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In the world of gastronomy, Pieminister UK stands as a symbol of culinary innovation and mouthwatering delights. With its distinctive brand identity and a legacy of crafting exceptional pies, Pieminister has etched itself into the hearts and palates of food enthusiasts across the United Kingdom. Let’s delve into the narrative behind Pieminister’s reputation and the unwavering popularity of their delectable creations, while exploring the nuances that blend taste, creativity, and tradition into its captivating story. Below are the latest Pieminister Uk menu prices.


Beer and Cider

Camden Pale Ale£4.98
Pieminister 5% Can£4.75
Freedom Pilsner£4.98
Brooklyn - Special Effects£4.00

Hot Puddings

Sticky Toffee Pudding with custard£7.50
Hot Chocolate Pudding with custard£7.50

While You Wait

Halloumi Chips with Sweet Chilli and Lemon£4.95

Regular Sides


super side

Onion Rings£5.00

Meal Deals

PIE and 2 Sides£13.00
Mother Earth£11.00
Gluten Free Pie & Two Sides£10.96
Filo so good£14.00

Classic Pies

Moo and Blue£7.25
Kate and Sidney£6.73
Free Ranger£6.84
Fungi Chicken£7.23
Tikka to Ride£8.25
Moolin Rouge£7.21
Light as a Feta£7.25
Maroc Star£7.25
Souk Chook£7.00

Most Popular

Wild Shroom£6.37

** Pie Week Special Offer **

Pie Week Mothership£9.19

Picked For You

Pie, 1 Side and Gravy£9.71
Pie, 2 Sides and Gravy£11.63
Pie and Two Sides£10.15
Fully Loaded£12.50

Loaded Fries

Be Cheesus£7.50
Pork Dirty£7.50


Jerk Chook Patty£2.50
Smokin’ BBQ Patty£2.50
Holy Chipotle Patty V/VG£2.50
Chana-Rama Patty V/VG£2.50


Pigs in Blankets£4.00
Free Range Pork Scratchings£4.48
Halloumi Chips£4.00
Large Green Olives£4.00


Minty Mushy Peas£3.00
Vegan Mash£3.05
Minted Mushy Peas£2.83
Smoky Baked Beans£3.00
Pieminister Slaw£3.00

Pies - with onion and red wine gravy

Gluten Free Moo£7.00
Chicken of Aragon£6.48
Saag Pie-Neer£6.25
Gluten Free Ranger£7.00
Gluten Free Heidi£7.00


Grated Cheddar Cheese£1.50
Crispy Shallots£1.00
Extra Gravy£1.00
250ml gravy carton£2.50

Soft Drinks

Can Coke£2.50
Coca-Cola Original Taste 330ml£1.75
Cawston Press Elderflower Lemonade£2.20
Cawston Press Elderflower Lemonade can£1.60
Cawston Press Apple and Rhubarb£1.88
Diet Coke 330ml£1.60
Cawston Press Apple and Rhubarb can£1.60
Cawston Press Sparkling Apple£2.22
Can Diet Coke£2.26
Frank Water - Still£2.20
Still Water£2.25
Frank Water - Sparkling£2.20
Sparkling Water£2.25
Karma Organic Lemony Lemonade£2.65
Coca Cola Can£1.75

Super Sides

Skin on Fries£3.99
Salt and Pepper Onion Rings£4.00
Cheesy Mash£4.00
Macaroni Cheese£4.00
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A Taste of Ingenuity: Pieminister UK’s Origins

The journey of Pieminister UK began with a passion for creating pies that go beyond ordinary expectations. Founded by pie enthusiasts who believed that a pie could be more than just a meal – it could be an experience – the brand quickly gained recognition for its dedication to using quality ingredients and crafting pies that embody culinary creativity. The founders’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of pie-making set the stage for Pieminister’s reputation as a haven for innovative and mouthwatering pastry delights.

Perplexity in Pie Craftsmanship: Crafting Savory Artworks

Pieminister UK’s allure lies in its exceptional ability to offer a diverse range of pies that cater to a multitude of tastes, all while maintaining an unwavering commitment to quality. The burstiness of their offerings, a fusion of classic flavors and daring combinations, is where the magic truly unfolds. From traditional steak and ale pies to adventurous vegetarian options and indulgent dessert pies, each creation on the menu reflects the brand’s dedication to delivering a slice of culinary excellence.

The reputation of Pieminister thrives on the complexity of flavors they expertly pack into their pies. The culinary craftsmanship involves layering premium ingredients – from succulent meats to fresh vegetables and aromatic spices – to create pies that are both a feast for the eyes and a treat for the taste buds. It’s a harmonious blend of intricate flavors and comforting simplicity, resulting in a burstiness of tastes that truly satisfy.

An Experience Beyond Taste: The Pieminister Journey

The popularity of Pieminister isn’t confined to just the pies; it’s about the holistic dining experience they offer. Stepping into one of their inviting eateries, patrons are greeted by an atmosphere that exudes creativity and comfort. The burstiness of the ambiance, alive with the aroma of freshly baked pies and the buzz of conversations, creates an environment that elevates dining into a memorable journey of flavors and sensations.

Pieminister UK understands that true culinary allure transcends taste alone. The reputation they’ve cultivated is founded on their ability to create an environment that engages all the senses. Whether it’s the visual delight of seeing a beautifully crafted pie or the pleasure of sharing a meal with friends and family in a welcoming setting, Pieminister offers an experience that goes beyond sustenance.

A Legacy of Pastry Excellence: Pieminister’s Ongoing Triumph

As culinary preferences evolve, Pieminister UK stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of classic comfort food and culinary innovation. The reputation of Pieminister is built on their commitment to offering a diverse range of pies that cater to evolving tastes. The burstiness of their menu, featuring signature creations and seasonal specials, ensures that every visit is a flavorful exploration of pie possibilities.

Pieminister’s popularity isn’t a fleeting trend; it’s a legacy that continues to thrive. The brand’s ability to seamlessly blend the complexities of pie flavors with the burstiness of customer preferences is a testament to its ongoing success. With every bite savored and every moment enjoyed, Pieminister UK solidifies its position as a cherished destination for those seeking a satisfying and memorable pie experience.

In Conclusion: A Slice of Culinary Artistry

The story of Pieminister UK is a celebration of flavor, innovation, and culinary mastery that resonates with food enthusiasts and those seeking an extraordinary dining experience. Through the lens of creativity and tradition, we witness a brand that skillfully marries the intricacies of pie-making with the joy of indulgence. From its inception to its enduring popularity, Pieminister UK remains a cherished chapter in the narrative of delightful and memorable dining journeys.

As patrons savor their pie creations, they become part of a narrative that commemorates the harmonious blend of complexity and simplicity. Pieminister UK isn’t just a dining establishment; it’s an embodiment of culinary artistry and the delight of shared flavors. With each bite taken, the brand’s legacy of flavor innovation continues to flourish, satisfying both appetites and a craving for the extraordinary.

To learn more about Pieminister Uk or to find a location near you, visit their website at https://pieminister.co.uk/.

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Pieminister Uk FAQ

How much is Pieminister Uk's Moo and Blue Pie?

Moo and Blue Pie – £6.97

How much is a Wild Shroom at Pieminister Uk?

Wild Shroom – £6.37

How much are Jerk Chook Patty at Pieminister Uk?

Jerk Chook Patty – £2.50

How much does a Pieminister Uk's Pigs in Blankets Cost?

Pigs in Blankets – £4.00

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