Pandhal Cake Shop India Prices

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2023, Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest Pandhal Cake Shop India menu prices.

Item Price


Russian Medovic Pastry ₹100.00
Brown Bread (500 gms) ₹50.00
Pandhal Foret Noire Pastry ₹135.00
Chicken Sandwich ₹100.00

Cheese Cake Pastry

Blueberry Cheese Pastry ₹100.00

Fresh Cream Pastries

Black & White Torte Pastry ₹100.00
Blueberry Pastry ₹90.00
White Forest Pastry ₹90.00
Black Forest Pastry ₹90.00
Fresh Cream Praline Pastry ₹90.00
White Chocolate Pastry ₹90.00
Irish Coffee Pastry ₹90.00
Red Velvet Pastry ₹100.00
Fresh Cream Strawberry Pastry ₹90.00

Chocolate Pastries

Chocolate Truffle Pastry ₹100.00
Chocolate Dream Pastry ₹110.00
Chocolate Praline Pastry ₹100.00
Rich Chocolate Pastry ₹100.00
Chocolate Pyramid Pastry ₹75.00
German Chocolate Pastry ₹135.00
Chocolate Caramel Pastry ₹135.00

Butter Cream Pastries

Butterscotch Pastry ₹75.00
Praline Pastry ₹75.00
Orange Carmel Hazelnut Pastry ₹145.00


Double Chocolate Cupcake ₹70.00
English Toffee Cupcake ₹70.00
Cupcake Passion Fruit & Pista ₹70.00


Pandhal Foret Noire Cake 1 KG ₹1,350.00
Red Velvet Cake - 1 KG ₹950.00
German Chocolate Cake - 1 KG ₹1,350.00
Rosemary Walnut Tea Cake (450 gms) ₹260.00
Coffee and Almond Tea Cake (450 gms) ₹260.00
Apricot and Cashew Tea Cake (450 gms) ₹260.00
Marble Tea Cake (450 gms) ₹260.00
Lemon Frost Cake(450 gms) ₹260.00
Matured Plum Cake(900 gms) ₹260.00
Black & White Torte Cake (1 Kg) ₹980.00
Blueberry Cake (1 Kg) ₹950.00
Blueberry Cheese Cake (1 Kg) ₹980.00
Butter Scotch Cake (1 Kg) ₹950.00
Orange Carmel Hazelnut Cake ₹1,250.00
Chocolate Dream Cake (1 Kg) ₹990.00
Chocolate Flakes Cake (1 Kg) ₹950.00
Chocolate Praline Cake (1 Kg) ₹980.00
Chocolate Truffle Cake (1 Kg) ₹980.00
Fudge Cake (1 Kg) ₹950.00
Irish Coffee Cake (1 Kg) ₹950.00
Fresh Cream Praline Cake (1 Kg) ₹950.00
Praline Cake (1 Kg) ₹950.00
Ribbon Cake (1 Kg) ₹990.00
Rich Chocolate Cake (1 Kg) ₹990.00
Fresh Cream Strawberry Cake (1 Kg) ₹950.00
White Chocolate Cake (1 Kg) ₹950.00
White Forest Cake (1 Kg) ₹950.00

Petit Fours

Chocolate Truffles ₹60.00
Chocolate Eclairs ₹70.00
Fudge Cake Pastry ₹70.00
Mini Log Pastry ₹60.00
Dulce & Banana Pastry ₹125.00
Pandhal Foret Noire Pastry (Petit Fours) ₹135.00
Russian Medovic Pastry (Petit Fours) ₹100.00
Sacher Torte Pastry ₹135.00

Tarts & Pies

Salted Caramel Chocolate Pie ₹70.00
Fudge Tart Small ₹70.00


Triple Chocolate Brownie ₹90.00
Walnut Brownie ₹75.00
Double Chocolate Brownie ₹90.00
White Chocolate Blondie Brownie ₹65.00


Coconut Cookies ₹10.00
Chocolate Cookies ₹10.00
Melting Moments Cookies ₹10.00
Almond Cookies ₹10.00


Paneer Sandwich ₹100.00
Vegetable Puffs ₹20.00
Cambodian Chicken Pie ₹80.00
Chicken Roll ₹40.00
Pulled Chicken Sandwich ₹160.00
Cajun Spiced Chicken Sandwich ₹160.00
Roast Beef Sandwich ₹160.00
Toast Bread (500 gms) ₹50.00
Brown Bread (500 gms) (Savouries) ₹50.00
Chicken Sandwich (Savouries) ₹100.00
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Amid the vibrant tapestry of Indian cuisine, one name stands out when it comes to indulging in sweet delights – Pandhal Cake Shop. With a reputation that resonates among dessert enthusiasts and a growing popularity that’s sweetening the culinary landscape, Pandhal Cake Shop has carved a niche as a go-to destination for those seeking not just cakes, but also a flavorful journey through the world of confectionery. Let’s dive into the flavors, values, and allure that define Pandhal Cake Shop in India.

A Slice of Heaven: Mastering the Art of Confectionery

Pandhal Cake Shop’s allure lies in its mastery of the art of confectionery, where every creation is a testament to the love for flavors and aesthetics. At the heart of its offerings are a plethora of cakes, each crafted with meticulous attention to detail and an emphasis on delivering a delectable experience. From classic chocolate cakes to intricate fondant designs, every cake reflects the shop’s commitment to providing an authentic and delightful taste.

What sets Pandhal Cake Shop apart is its dedication to quality ingredients. The shop takes pride in sourcing the finest components, ensuring that each slice is a celebration of the brand’s commitment to excellence. From traditional recipes to innovative combinations, Pandhal Cake Shop offers a wide variety of options that cater to diverse preferences and desires, elevating the concept of confectionery to new heights.

Crafting Memories: A Hub of Sweet Celebrations

Pandhal Cake Shop’s popularity is not solely built on its cakes; it thrives on its role as a hub of sweet celebrations and confectionery creativity. The shop transforms the act of purchasing a cake into an experience that resonates with joy and festivity, thanks to its welcoming ambiance, friendly staff, and the enchanting display of beautifully crafted cakes.

The diversity of the offerings is a testament to Pandhal Cake Shop’s commitment to catering to various occasions and tastes. From elegant wedding cakes to whimsical birthday creations, the shop ensures that there’s something for every celebration. This immersive experience appeals to families, friends, and individuals alike, making Pandhal Cake Shop a preferred choice for those seeking to add a touch of sweetness to life’s milestones.

From Tradition to Innovation: A Sweet Journey

Pandhal Cake Shop’s reputation is closely tied to its ability to traverse the sweet journey from tradition to innovation, creating a confectionery haven that resonates with customers. With multiple locations across bustling neighborhoods, the shop caters to those seeking a taste of India’s finest flavors. The inviting ambiance, coupled with the diverse array of confectionery creations, makes Pandhal Cake Shop a favored spot for those looking to indulge in delicious treats.

Moreover, the shop’s dedication to customer satisfaction further enhances its popularity. The attentive service, focus on quality, and commitment to providing an unforgettable experience turn each visit into a memorable journey. This dedication to offering not just cakes, but also an environment that fosters happiness and indulgence, contributes to Pandhal Cake Shop’s reputation as a cherished confectionery destination.

A Fusion of Tradition and Culinary Artistry

Pandhal Cake Shop’s popularity extends beyond its culinary offerings; it’s a fusion of tradition and culinary artistry. The shop’s ability to craft cakes that embody India’s rich culinary heritage while incorporating modern techniques fosters a sense of connection among its patrons. The shared experience of savoring cakes that honor tradition adds to the shop’s reputation as a place of confectionery camaraderie and cherished memories.

Furthermore, Pandhal Cake Shop’s involvement in community events and festivities has solidified its reputation as a responsible and engaged establishment. This commitment to enhancing communal experiences resonates with customers who appreciate businesses that contribute positively to the local scene.


Pandhal Cake Shop India is a testament to the notion that confectionery can be a journey of indulgence, tradition, and shared delight. With its commitment to delivering authentic flavors, dedication to creating an ambiance that embraces India’s essence, and alignment with the values of confectionery excellence and tradition, the shop has earned a reputation that resonates with both dessert enthusiasts and those seeking to embrace the sweetness of life. As Pandhal Cake Shop continues to offer flavors that inspire, foster connections, and celebrate the art of confectionery craftsmanship, it remains a symbol of the power of treats to create cherished memories and elevate the experience of sharing in the modern culinary landscape.

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Pandhal Cake Shop India FAQ

How much is Pandhal Cake Shop India's Russian Medovic Pastry?

Russian Medovic Pastry – ?100.00

How much is a Chicken Sandwich at Pandhal Cake Shop India?

Chicken Sandwich – ?100.00

How much are Blueberry Cheese Pastry at Pandhal Cake Shop India?

Blueberry Cheese Pastry – ?100.00

How much does a Pandhal Cake Shop India's Red Velvet Pastry Cost?

Red Velvet Pastry – ?100.00