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Old Chicago Pizza and Taproom is an American casual dining restaurant chain with a menu that centers round its specialty pizzas. They also offer other Italian and American inspired menu items like pastas, paninis, salads, burgers, calzones and appetizers.

They also serve a wide selection of beers with more the 30 varieties on tap. They currently have more than 60 locations across United States.

Below are the latest Old Chicago menu prices.


Taproom Starters

Sicilian Pepperoni Rolls$8.29
Sausage & Beer Onion Rolls$8.49
Buffalo Chicken Rolls$8.69
Mac N' Cheese Bites with Bacon & Cheddar$7.99
Fried Calamari$9.99
Jalapeno Cheese Pretzels$5.99
Cheese Curds$9.29
Artichoke Dip$9.29
Italian Nachos$9.89
Nachos Grande$9.89
Nachos Grande with Chicken or Beef$11.88
Chi-Town Trio$11.99

Tavern Bites

Best value Pick 3$9.29
Parmesan Garlic Fries$4.19
Beer Battered Onion Rings$3.29
Cheese Garlic Breads$3.29
Pretzel Bites$4.29
Italian Edamame$3.99
Fried Spicy Pickles$4.39
Sweet Potato Tots$3.29

Specialty Pizzas & Calzones

Classic Recipes

Meat Me (Chicago Thick Crust) - Individual$12.79
Meat Me (Chicago Thick Crust) - Medium$21.29
Meat Me (Chicago Thick Crust) - Large$25.99
Meat Me (Ale Crust) - Individual$13.29
Meat Me (Ale Crust) - Large$26.99
Meat Me (Tavern Thin Crust) - Individual$12.49
Meat Me (Tavern Thin Crust) - Large$23.79
Chicago 7 (Chicago Thick Crust) - Individual$11.99
Chicago 7 (Chicago Thick Crust) - Medium$20.79
Chicago 7 (Chicago Thick Crust) - Large$24.99
Chicago 7 (Ale Crust) - Individual$12.49
Chicago 7 (Ale Crust) - Large$25.99
Chicago 7 (Tavern Thin Crust) - Individual$11.69
Chicago 7 (Tavern Thin Crust) - Large$23.49
Hawaiian (Chicago Thick Crust) - Individual$11.59
Hawaiian (Chicago Thick Crust) - Medium$19.49
Hawaiian (Chicago Thick Crust) - Large$22.99
Hawaiian (Ale Crust) - Individual$12.09
Hawaiian (Ale Crust) - Large$23.79
Hawaiian (Tavern Thin Crust) - Individual$11.39
Hawaiian (Tavern Thin Crust) - Large$20.99
The Classic (Chicago Thick Crust) - Individual$11.59
The Classic (Chicago Thick Crust) - Medium$19.49
The Classic (Chicago Thick Crust) - Large$22.99
The Classic (Ale Crust) - Individual$12.09
The Classic (Ale Crust) - Large$23.79
The Classic (Tavern Thin Crust) - Individual$11.39
The Classic (Tavern Thin Crust) - Large$20.99
Double Deckeroni (Chicago Thick Crust) - Individual$11.59
Double Deckeroni (Chicago Thick Crust) - Medium$19.49
Double Deckeroni (Chicago Thick Crust) - Large$22.99
Double Deckeroni (Ale Crust) - Individual$12.09
Double Deckeroni (Ale Crust) - Large$23.79
Double Deckeroni (Tavern Thin Crust) - Individual$11.39
Double Deckeroni (Tavern Thin Crust) - Large$20.99

Red Sauces

Italian Grinder (Chicago Thick Crust) - Individual$11.99
Italian Grinder (Chicago Thick Crust) - Medium$20.99
Italian Grinder (Chicago Thick Crust) - Large$24.99
Italian Grinder (Ale Crust) - Individual$12.49
Italian Grinder (Ale Crust) - Large$24.99
Italian Grinder (Tavern Thin Crust) - Individual$11.99
Italian Grinder (Tavern Thin Crust) - Large$23.99
Kick'n Canadian Bacon (Chicago Thick Crust) - Individual$11.59
Kick'n Canadian Bacon (Chicago Thick Crust) - Medium$20.99
Kick'n Canadian Bacon (Chicago Thick Crust) - Large$22.79
Kick'n Canadian Bacon (Ale Crust) - Individual$12.09
Kick'n Canadian Bacon (Ale Crust) - Large$23.49
Kick'n Canadian Bacon (Tavern Thin Crust) - Individual$11.59
Kick'n Canadian Bacon (Tavern Thin Crust) - Large$20.79

White Sauces

Tuscan Chicken with Spinach (Chicago Thick Crust) - Individual$12.49
Tuscan Chicken with Spinach (Chicago Thick Crust) - Medium$21.29
Tuscan Chicken with Spinach (Chicago Thick Crust) - Large$24.99
Tuscan Chicken with Spinach (Ale Crust) - Individual$12.99
Tuscan Chicken with Spinach (Ale Crust) - Large$25.99
Tuscan Chicken with Spinach (Tavern Thin Crust) - Individual$12.19
Tuscan Chicken with Spinach (Tavern Thin Crust) - Large$23.99

Gluten Sensitive

Spicy Sausage & Sweet Peppers (Gluten Free Crust) - Individual$14.99

Pesto Sauce / Basil Oil

Mediterranean Farmer (Chicago Thick Crust) - Individual$11.99
Mediterranean Farmer (Chicago Thick Crust) - Medium$20.29
Mediterranean Farmer (Chicago Thick Crust) - Large$23.99
Mediterranean Farmer (Ale Crust) - Individual$12.49
Mediterranean Farmer (Ale Crust) - Large$24.99
Mediterranean Farmer (Tavern Thin Crust) - Individual$11.69
Mediterranean Farmer (Tavern Thin Crust) - Large$22.99
Royal Margherita (Chicago Thick Crust) - Individual$11.29
Royal Margherita (Chicago Thick Crust) - Medium$18.99
Royal Margherita (Chicago Thick Crust) - Large$21.99
Royal Margherita (Ale Crust) - Individual$11.79
Royal Margherita (Ale Crust) - Large$22.99
Royal Margherita (Tavern Thin Crust) - Individual$11.29
Royal Margherita (Tavern Thin Crust) - Large$20.99
Mediterranean Sausage (Chicago Thick Crust) - Individual$11.99
Mediterranean Sausage (Chicago Thick Crust) - Medium$22.99
Mediterranean Sausage (Chicago Thick Crust) - Large$23.99
Mediterranean Sausage (Ale Crust) - Individual$12.49
Mediterranean Sausage (Ale Crust) - Large$24.99
Mediterranean Sausage (Tavern Thin Crust) - Individual$11.99
Mediterranean Sausage (Tavern Thin Crust) - Large$22.99

Sweet & Spicy Chili Sauce

Thai Pie (Chicago Thick Crust) - Individual$11.59
Thai Pie (Chicago Thick Crust) - Medium$19.29
Thai Pie (Chicago Thick Crust) - Large$22.49
Thai Pie (Ale Crust) - Individual$12.09
Thai Pie (Ale Crust) - Large$23.49
Thai Pie (Tavern Thin Crust) - Individual$11.39
Thai Pie (Tavern Thin Crust) - Large$20.79

Specialty Calzones

Chicago 7$10.99
Meat Me$10.99
Chicago Fire$11.49
Beer Bratwurst & Cheese$11.99

Craft Your Own Pizzas & Calzones

Cheese (Chicago Thick Crust) - Individual$8.99
Cheese (Chicago Thick Crust) - Medium$13.99
Cheese (Chicago Thick Crust) - Large$15.99
Cheese (Ale Crust) - Individual$9.29
Cheese (Ale Crust) - Large$16.99
Cheese (Tavern Thin Crust) - Individual$8.59
Cheese (Tavern Thin Crust) - Large$14.49
Cheese Calzone (Individual) - Individual$8.29
Additional Topping - Pizza or Calzone (Individual)$1.19
Additional Topping (Medium)$2.09
Additional Topping (Large)$2.59
3 Toppings - Pizza or Calzone (Individual)$2.79
3 Toppings (Medium)$5.29
3 Toppings (Large)$6.49

Craft Burgers & Sandwiches

Served with deli-style Pickles and choice of Fries, Coleslaw or fresh Veggies with Dip.

Substitute Onion Rings, Sweet Potato Tots, Side Caesar or Garden Salad for $0.99. Add sliced Avocado or Bacon for $0.99.

BBQ Bacon Cheddar Burger$10.29
Stupid Spicy Burger$11.29
Craft Beer Burger$9.99
Whiskey Bacon Burger$10.29
50/50 Hickory Bacon Burger$10.99
Classic Chile Verde Burger$9.99
Classic Cheddar Burger$9.99
Cod Po'boy$9.99
Chicago 7 Stromboli$9.79
Cajun Chicken Sandwich$10.49
Chicken Pesto Panini$10.49
California Chicken Sandwich$10.29
Spicy Angus Steak Sandwich$10.99
Stacked Turkey & Bacon Club$9.99
Monster BBLT$9.99

Toasted Cheddar Mac-Stravaganza

Chicken Pesto Mac$12.99
Beer Brat Mac$12.89
Sicilian Pepperoni Roll Mac$12.49
Craft Your Own Mac N'Cheese$9.99
Add Sauce, Protein, Veggie or Topping$1.19
Add 3 Items: Sauce, Protein, Veggie & Topping$2.79

Craft Your Own Oh My Spaghetti Pie

Add Premium Topping: Grilled Chicken, Spicy Link Sausage or Caprese Topping$1.99

Fresh Salads

Spinach, Chicken & Avocado (Half)$9.49
Spinach, Chicken & Avocado (Full)$11.69
Roasted Chicken & Apple Walnut (Half)$8.99
Roasted Chicken & Apple Walnut (Full)$11.99
Crispy Chicken (Half)$8.89
Crispy Chicken (Full)$11.29
Italian Chef's Salad (Half)$8.99
Italian Chef's Salad (Full)$10.79
Southwest BBQ Chicken (Half)$8.99
Southwest BBQ Chicken (Full)$11.49
Old Chicago Chopped (Half)$8.99
Old Chicago Chopped (Full)$10.99
Crispy Buffalo Chicken (Half)$8.89
Crispy Buffalo Chicken (Full)$11.29

Side Salads & Soups

Side Garden or Caesar Salad$3.99
Side Garden or Caesar Salad with Entrée$3.29
Side Mediterranean Salad$4.29
Side Mediterranean Salad with Entrée$3.59
Tomato & Mozzarella Caprese Salad$4.39
Tomato & Mozzarella Caprese Salad with Entrée$3.49
Tomato Basil Bliss Soup or Chicken Green Chili (Cup)$4.49
Tomato Basil Bliss Soup or Chicken Green Chili with Entrée (Cup)$2.99

Hand Tossed Chicken Wings

Served with Celery sticks and your choice of Ranch or Bleu Cheese Dressing.

Flavors: Applewood BBQ, Original Buffalo, Sweet & Smoky Bacon, Sweet Thai Chili, Screaming Mango, Firehouse, Thai Fire, Volcano, Twice Baked Applewood, Italian Garlic & Herb or Jamaican Jerk.

Classic or Boneless Wings (Short)$6.59
Classic or Boneless Wings (Tall)$10.99

Incredible Weekday Launch Menu

Monday - Friday: 11:00AM - 3:00PM

Any Crust Pizza or Calzone (with Unlimited Salad) - Individual$7.99
Add Tall Craft Beer (32 oz.)$4.99


Cheesecake with Fresh Berries$5.99
Brownie Bites$4.99
The Big Cookie 6"$3.89
The Big Cookie 9"$5.29
Add Vanilla Ice Cream$1.39

Old Chicago - Party Platters

Pizza Party To-Go

3 Large Pizzas, Party Size Garden or Caesar Salad & 2 Big Chocolate Chip Cookies (Serves 8-10)$69.99


Serves 6-8.

Old Chicago's Signature Platter$27.99
Classic or Boneless Chicken Wings Platter$35.99
Pepperoni Roll Platter$27.99


Serves 6-8.

Mediterranean Salad$17.99
Garden Salad$14.99
Caesar Salad$19.99
Chicken Caesar Salad$34.99
Roasted Chicken & Apple Walnut Salad$37.99


All Pastas served with toasted Garlic Bread.

Toasted Cheddar Mac-Stravaganza - Chicken Pesto (Serves 10–12)$89.99
Toasted Cheddar Mac-Stravaganza - Crispy Bacon Jalapeño (Serves 10–12)$89.99
Oh My Spaghetti Pie (Serves 8–10)$79.99
Add Premium Topping$11.99


Cheesecake with Fresh Berries (Serves 8-16)$58.99
The Big Cookie (Serves 2-3)$4.99
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Few buddies founded Old Chicago in 1976 in its first restaurant located in Boulder, Colorado. From then on they agreed on some basic principles in running their business that includes serving up delicious and tasty fresh-baked pizzas in a pub like cozy environment served by friendly and accommodating staff. Today, OCPT runs under the management of CraftWorks Restaurant & Breweries, Inc., a private multi-brand restaurant operator headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee and Bloomfield, Colorado. More than 30 years later, with a much more modern and fresh new look, Old Chicago is still committed in being the best place to enjoy great-tasting pizzas and exceptional craft beers.

What They’re Famous For?

Old Chicago is known for their hand crafted specialty pizzas made from fresh-pizza dough. They are also famous for their craft and seasonal beer selections. Here are some of their most note-worthy items:

  • Our Original Chicago Seven – served in Chicago deep dish style or New York style pizza crust covered with their special red sauce topped with Italian sausage, pepperoni, fresh mushrooms, black olives, green bell peppers, red onions, and smothered with mozzarella cheese.
  • Meat Me – served in Chicago deep dish style or New York style pizza crust covered with their special red sauce topped with Italian sausage, Canadian sausage, Andoulle sausage, pepperoni, roasted garlic, fresh basil, and smothered with mozzarella cheese.
  • Thai Pie – served in Chicago deep dish style or New York style pizza crust covered with their special red sauce topped with tender and tasty roasted chicken, fresh mushrooms, red bell peppers, green onions and Thai chili sauce, smothered with mozzarella and cheddar cheese.

Why Eat at Old Chicago?

If you are looking for a place that serves authentic Chicago-style pizzas to with your uniquely thirst-quenching craft beer, then Old Chicago is a solid choice. Their wide selection of mouth-watering dishes served in a laid-back cozy environment is worth a try. Old Chicago prices are also affordable which is really just a bonus to their great customer service.

To learn more about Old Chicago or to find a location near you, visit their website at www.oldchicago.com.

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