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Nestled in the heart of Canada’s culinary landscape, Nando’s has emerged as a beloved destination for food lovers seeking a taste of the exotic. This article delves into the distinguished reputation and enduring popularity of Nando’s Canada, exploring its flavorful menu offerings, unique dining experience, and the factors that have made it a go-to choice among discerning diners. Below are the latest Nando’s Canada menu prices.


Featured items

PERi-PERi Chicken Bowl$19.16
Full Platter$53.70
Whole Chicken$31.43
½ Chicken$16.33
Double Leg$16.83
10 PERi-PERi Whole wings$21.02
¼ Chicken Breast + Wing$13.40

Snacks and Shareables

5 PERi-PERi Whole Wings$12.08
Halloumi Sticks with Chili Jam$10.43
3 PERi-PERi Whole Wings$8.88

Salads & Bowls

Pulled Chicken, Feta and Avo Bowl$20.55
Avocado and Roasted Pepper Bowl$17.01


Mango Lemonade 16oz$4.63
Coca-Cola Drink$4.02
Strawberry Lemonade 16oz$4.63
Mango Lemonade 1L$9.27
Diet Coke$3.90
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar$4.02
Sprite Drink$4.02
Strawberry Lemonade 1L$9.27
NESTEA Lemon Iced Tea$4.02
Fanta Orange$4.03
DASANI Bottled Water$4.10
Canada Dry Drink$4.03
Minute Maid Apple Juice$4.10
Minute Maid Orange Juice$4.10


Chicken Wrap$11.34
Portobello and Mushroom Halloumi Sandwich or Wrap$11.11
Veggie Sandwich$11.11
Nandoca's Choice$15.78

What's New?

Spicy Chicken Caesar Wrap$12.76
Spicy Chicken Kale Caesar salad$21.10
Peri Ranch Crunch Salad$19.13
Rainbow Vegetarian Bowl$17.39


Garlic 250 ml Bottle$9.05
Hot 250 ml Bottle$9.05
Medium 250 ml Bottle$9.05
XX Hot 250 ml Bottle$9.05
Lemon and Herb 250 ml Bottle$9.05
Perinaise Hot 450ML$9.05
Perinaise Mild 450ML$9.05
Perinaise Garlic 450ML$9.11
Perinaise Vegan 450ML$9.14

Nandinos (Kids Meals)

Grilled Chicken Tender Meal$10.89
PERi Mac Meal$11.01
Grilled Chicken Skewer Meal$10.89


New York Cheesecake$7.05

Popular Items

1/2 Chicken with 1 Side$16.24
1/2 Chicken with 2 Side$18.10
1/2 Chicken with 2 Sides$19.97
Whole Chicken - On It's Own$20.96
Chicken Sandwich with 1 Side$13.30
1/2 Chicken & PERi-Fries$16.13
Chicken Wrap with 1 Side$12.64
Chicken Thighs + 2 Sides$19.01
Chicken Thighs + 1 Side$16.31
Butterflied Chicken Breast + 1 Side$17.59
Butterflied Chicken Breast + 2 Sides$20.82

Limited Time Offer

Chicken Thighs$13.90
The Thigh & Mighty Sandwich$15.07
The Thigh & Mighty Sandwich + 1 Side$16.57
The Thigh & Mighty Sandwich + 2 Sides$19.80
Butterflied Chicken Breast Sandwich$17.16
Butterflied Chicken Breast Sandwich + 1 Side$19.79
Butterflied Chicken Breast Sandwich + 2 Sides$23.17
No Bones Platter$35.19

Fire Starters

Prepare your taste buds for the main event with our mouthwatering nibbles.
PERi-PERi Whole Wings$10.75
Garlic Bread$5.02
Hummus with PERi-PERi Drizzle$7.38
Spicy Mixed Olives$5.00
PERi-PERi Nuts$4.70
PERi-PERi Sliders$10.91
Whole Wings$8.55


Get a little fresh with us.
Caesar Salad$5.88
Casa Salad$4.74
Mediterranean Salad$12.75
Grilled Chicken and Halloumi Salad$14.79

PERi-PERi Chicken

What we're famous for - fresh, never frozen chicken marinated for 24 hours in PERi-PERi and flame-grilled to order.
1/2 Chicken with One Nando's Size Side$18.21
1/4 Chicken - Breast with 1 Side$13.20
1/4 Chicken - Breast with 2 Sides$15.61
Grilled Chicken Livers$12.82
1/4 Chicken with One Nando's Size Side$14.23
1/4 Chicken - Breast with 2 Side$15.24
1/4 Chicken - Leg with 1 Side$12.10
1/4 Chicken - Leg with 2 Sides$14.25
Double Leg with 1 Side$14.85
¼ Chicken Leg + Thigh$11.74
1/4 Chicken - Leg with 2 Side$14.14
Double Leg with One Nando's Size Side$16.89
Double Leg with 2 Sides$16.93
Double Skewers$12.60
Double Leg with 2 Side$16.78
Double Skewers with 1 Side$13.56
Double Skewers with One Nando's Size Side$15.47
Double Skewers with 2 Sides$15.72
Chicken Livers with 1 Side$13.15
Chicken Livers with 2 Sides$15.25
Double Skewers with 2 Side$15.43
Chicken Livers with 2 Side$14.92
PERi-PERi Whole Wings with 1 Side$19.42
PERi-PERi Whole Wings with 2 Sides$21.06
PERi-PERi Whole Wings with 2 Side$20.90
Grilled Chicken Livers with One Nando's Size Side$13.91
Boneless Chicken Breast$7.23

PERi-PERi Sandwiches & Wraps

What we're famous for - fresh, never frozen chicken marinated for 24 hours in PERi-PERi and flame-grilled to order.
Chicken Sandwich with 2 Sides$14.85
Chicken Wrap with 2 Sides$14.85
Chicken Caesar Wrap with 1 Side$12.75
Chicken Caesar Wrap with 2 Sides$14.85
PERi-PERi Chicken Caesar with One Nando's Size Side$14.68
PERi-PERi Chicken Sandwich with One Nando's Size Side$14.70
PERi-PERi Chicken Caesar Wrap with One Nando's Size Side$14.80
Whole Wheat PERi-PERi Chicken Wrap with One Nando's Size Side$14.70

Nando's Favourites

Go big on taste with these favourites.
Chicken Sandwich$12.22


At Nando's, we're all kids at heart. So, we've put together a menu just for Nandinos (under 10 years old).

Sharing Platters

Bundles of our legendary PERi-PERi chicken - plenty for friends and family to share.
Jumbo Platter$85.98
Full Pack$43.75
Family platter$65.00
Party Pack$71.78

Veg PERidise

Veggie Sandwich with 1 Side$12.08
Veggie Sandwich with 2 Sides$14.28
Veggie Wrap with 1 Side$12.08
Veggie Wrap with 2 Sides$14.28
Portobello Mushroom Halloumi with 1 Side$12.64
Portobello Mushroom Halloumi with 2 Sides$14.85
Portobello Mushroom with Halloumi Cheese and Chilli Jam with One Nando's Size Side$14.62
Whole Wheat Veggie Wrap with One Nando's Size Side$14.08
Veggie Sandwich with Nando's Size Side$14.08


Choose a winning combination.
Classic Fries$4.60
Garlic Mashed Potatoes$4.60
Seasonal PERi-Vegetables$4.60
Roasted Brussels Sprout$8.46
Spiced Rice$4.60

What About Dessert

Naughty Natas$3.12
Nando's Kisses$4.92
Chocolate Cake$7.39
Classic New York Cheesecake$5.82


Bottled Pop$3.07
Sparkling Water$3.40
Vitamin Water$3.35
Bottled Water$3.04
Orange Juice$3.04
Apple Juice$3.04
Chocolate Milk$3.10


Halloumi Cheese$2.65
Cheddar Cheese Slice$1.51
Grilled Pineapple Slice$1.85
Roasted Portobello Mushroom$4.07
PERi Ranch$2.31
Peri Drizzle$1.67
Half Avocado$2.29
Feta Cheese$2.64
Chilli Jam$1.65
PERi-PERi Drizzle$1.65
Portuguese Roll$4.72
Boneless Breast$7.99
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The Flavors of Peri-Peri

At the heart of Nando’s Canada is the irresistible allure of peri-peri, a unique African chili pepper that infuses the dishes with a distinctive and fiery flavor. Nando’s is renowned for its peri-peri chicken, marinated for hours in a blend of herbs, spices, and the signature peri-peri sauce, and then flame-grilled to perfection. The result is a succulent and tender chicken with a spicy kick that tantalizes the taste buds.

Beyond the chicken, Nando’s Canada offers a diverse menu that caters to various preferences. From burgers and wraps to salads and vegetarian options, there is something for everyone. Each dish is crafted with attention to detail, using high-quality ingredients and the vibrant flavors of peri-peri to create a culinary experience that is both memorable and satisfying.

Unique Dining Experience

Nando’s Canada not only offers delectable cuisine but also provides a unique dining experience that sets it apart from other restaurants. As guests enter a Nando’s location, they are greeted by a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere. The eclectic decor, colorful artwork, and lively music contribute to the restaurant’s energetic ambiance, creating a space that is perfect for both casual meals and special occasions.

One distinctive feature of Nando’s Canada is its self-service approach. Diners can customize their meals by choosing their preferred level of spiciness and selecting from a variety of delectable sides and sauces. This interactive dining experience empowers guests to create their own culinary adventure, adding a touch of personalization to their meal.

Reputation and Popularity

Nando’s Canada has garnered a strong reputation for its commitment to flavor, quality, and customer satisfaction. The restaurant has consistently received positive reviews from critics and patrons, solidifying its position as a top choice for those seeking a unique and flavorful dining experience. Its dedication to using fresh ingredients, providing efficient service, and maintaining consistency have contributed to its enduring popularity.

Moreover, Nando’s Canada has successfully cultivated a loyal following through its focus on sustainability and community engagement. The restaurant sources its chicken from ethical suppliers, ensuring responsible and environmentally conscious practices. Additionally, Nando’s supports various charitable initiatives and local communities, fostering a positive impact beyond the dining table.


Nando’s Canada stands as a testament to the vibrant flavors of peri-peri, a unique dining experience, and enduring popularity. With its commitment to using high-quality ingredients, crafting flavorful menu offerings, and providing an energetic ambiance, the restaurant has earned a distinguished reputation among food enthusiasts and those seeking a taste of the exotic. From the mouthwatering peri-peri chicken to the interactive dining experience, every aspect of Nando’s Canada is carefully designed to create a memorable culinary journey. It is this unwavering dedication to flavor, quality, and community engagement that has solidified Nando’s Canada as a beloved choice for those in search of peri-peri delights within the Canadian culinary scene.

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Nando’s Canada FAQ

How much is Nando's Canada's 1/2 Chicken with 1 Side?

1/2 Chicken with 1 Side – $16.24

How much is a Whole Chicken – On It's Own at Nando's Canada?

Whole Chicken – On It’s Own – $20.96

How much are Butterflied Chicken Breast at Nando's Canada?

Butterflied Chicken Breast – $15.98

How much does a Nando's Canada's PERi-PERi Whole Wings Cost?

PERi-PERi Whole Wings – $6.34

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