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With the proliferation of international fast-food chains, the regional chains have been placed in the back burner, a shame considering that many of the latter brands actually offer great-tasting foods! Such is the case with Miami Subs, a chain of fast casual restaurants with about 30 locations, most of which are in Florida while the others are in Indiana, South Carolina, and Indiana. While it isn’t as well-known as is big box competitors, it’s a well-loved chain among its customers who have stayed loyal through the years.

Part of its appeal is in the nostalgia of the restaurants and we can definitely understand why. The restaurants are great places to bring your friends and family, as well as your kids, because of its delicious foods, casual ambiance, and friendly service.

Below are the latest Miami Subs menu prices.


Fresh Salads

Chicken Caesar Salad$6.99
Chicken Club Salad$6.99
StarKist Tuna Salad$5.99
Greek Salad$5.99
Garden Salad$4.99
Caesar Salad$4.99


Gyros Pita$5.75
Grilled Chicken Pita$5.75
Veggie Pita$4.99
StarKist Tuna Pita$4.99

Chicken Wings

Includes seasoned fries, celery, blue cheese, and wing sauce.

Krispy, Grilled, Naked Wings (10 Pc.)$8.99
Boneless Wings (10 Pc.)$7.99
Boneless, Krispy, Grilled, Naked Wings (20 Pc.)$14.99

Philly Cheesesteaks

Steak or chicken.

Original Cheesesteak 6"$5.29
Original Cheesesteak 12"$7.29
Classic Cheesesteak 6"$5.59
Classic Cheesesteak 12"$7.59
Works Cheesesteak 6"$5.99
Works Cheesesteak 12"$7.99

Hot and Cold Subs

Turkey Sub 6"$5.29
Turkey Sub 12"$7.29
Italian Sub 6"$5.29
Italian Sub 12"$7.29
StarKist Tuna Sub 6"$5.29
StarKist Tuna Sub 12"$7.29
Meatball Parmesan Sub 6"$5.29
Meatball Parmesan Sub 12"$7.29
Veggie Sub 6"$3.99
Veggie Sub 12"$5.99

Angus Steak Burgers

Classic Burger$4.49

Chicken Sandwiches

Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich$4.49
Chargrilled Chicken Club Sandwich$4.99
Krispy Chicken Tender Sandwich$4.49


Includes seasoned fries and salad.

Gyros Platter$7.59
Grilled Chicken Platter$7.59
Chicken Tenders Platter (3 Pc.)$6.59
Chicken Tenders Platter (5 Pc.)$7.99
Fish Platter$6.99
Shrimp Platter$7.99
Seafood Platter$8.99


Fish and Chips Basket$5.99
Shrimp and Chips Basket$6.99
Seafood Basket$7.99
Fish Boat$14.99
Fish Sandwich$3.99
Shrimp Boat$15.99
Seafood Boat$17.99


Includes seasoned fries and salad.

6" Cheesesteak Combo$7.59
Meatball Sub Combo$6.99
Chicken Pita Combo$7.59
Gyros Pita Combo$7.59
Fish Sandwich Combo$6.29
Chicken Sandwich Combo$6.99
Fish and Chips Combo$6.99
Classic Angus Burger Combo$6.99
One Hot Dog Combo$4.99

Family Meals

Fish Boat Family Meal$14.99
Shrimp Boat Family Meal$14.99
Seafood Boat Family Meal$17.99
Wings (20 Pc.) Family Meal$14.99

Kids Meals

Includes fries and drink.

Kids Chicken Tenders$4.99
Kids World Famous Beef Hot Dog$4.29
Kids Hamburger$5.99
Kids Cheeseburger$5.99

Fries and Sides

Seasoned Fries (Small)$1.69
Seasoned Fries (Large)$2.29
Nathan's Fries (Small)$1.79
Nathan's Fries (Large)$2.49
Cheese Fries (Small)$2.99
Cheese Fries (Large)$2.79
Mozzarella Sticks$3.99
Hush Puppies (3 Pc.)$0.99
Hush Puppies (6 Pc.)$1.99
Jalapeño Bites (3 Pc.)$2.99
Jalapeño Bites (6 Pc.)$4.99


Key Lime Pie$2.59
Cookie (1 Pc.)$0.89
Cookies (2 Pc.)$1.49


Soda (Small)$1.69
Soda (Medium)$1.99
Soda (Large)$2.29
Bottled Water$1.39
Freezers (Strawberry or Mango)$3.99
Blue Bell Hand Dipped Milk Shake$3.99
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Gus Boulis, Miami Subs’ founder, was instrumental in the expansion of Mr. Submarine, a Canada-based restaurant chain now known as Mr. Sub. When he retired from said job, he opened Mr. Submarine in 1980 in Key West, Florida, which eventually became known as Miami Subs Grill.  The single restaurant became a chain with the rapid expansion in the 1990s.

What They’re Famous For

Miami Subs is well-loved for its filling and flavorful submarine sandwiches, the core items on the menu, as well as their chicken wings, pizzas, and hot dogs. The pizzas are licensed from Arthur Treacher’s while the hot dogs are from Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs; these companies were former corporate siblings of Miami Subs (1999-2007).

Why Eat Here

Miami Subs locations are always clean with well-maintained facilities from the main dining area to the restrooms so there’s no need to worry about food contamination. The bright, airy and cheerful interiors complement the casual dining atmosphere, a fact that the groups of family and friends seem to appreciate. There are many groups that seem to linger over their food and drinks, too.

Unlike a fast-food restaurant where diners line up at the counter, wait for their orders to be completed, and take them to their tables, your orders are delivered to your table. You will enjoy the mix of fast-food efficiency and upscale service that comes with each visit at your nearest Miami Subs location. You may also get your food via the drive-thru facilities.

The food itself has great appearance, flavors and textures so the slightly more expensive prices are well worth it. The submarine sandwiches are the bestselling items because of their flavorful, filling and satisfying quality, with many of them being large enough to be shared by two people.

The Original is comfort food in itself with its delicious mix of grilled marinated steak topped with grilled onions and Swiss American cheesed inside a baked roll, a popular item then and now.  The Fajita cheesesteaks have a Tex-Mex feel with its steak topped with green peppers, onions, chipotle barbecue sauce, diced tomatoes, and shredded cheese.  The Classic is the Original but with a twist – it has green peppers and sautéed mushrooms but if you want to level up, then the Works is a great option – The Classic with vine ripe tomatoes, onions, and crisp lettuce with a mayonnaise topping.

If you’re in a group, the 10-piece or 20-piece platter meal will surely fill up everybody! Your group will have the best chicken wings, which can either be already served tossed in your choice of sauce or with it served to the side.  You will certainly be licking off the sauce from the bone and your fingers.

You can also choose from several chicken dishes – the Krispy Wings, deep-fried for a crunchy coating; Grilled Wings with your choice of sauce; and Naked Wings combining fried chicken with the breading.  The Boneless Wings is all goodness and no bones, although it may not be people who want the old-fashioned bone-in chicken wings.

No self-respecting sub chain will be caught dead without its own version of burgers and the Miami Subs have plenty of choices on the menu. The burgers are always double-stacked with beef patty but the toppings are different from one burger to the next, said toppings of which include lettuce, tomato, cheese, onion rings, grilled ham, pickles, and onion rings. The bun may be a brioche roll or a multigrain roll, both of which are the perfect base for Miami Subs’ burgers.

But if you’re looking for something healthier, we suggest ordering the Turkey Sub or the Sub Tuna. There’s even a healthy version of the Turkey Sub if you want to split hairs – or calories, more appropriately.

Miami Subs aren’t just about the subs, sandwiches and burgers! You can also indulge in your sweet tooth with the few but delicious choices in desserts – the Key Lime pie with its rich flaky cradling a filling of honey and ground walnuts are a must-have here.

And don’t forget the freestyle soda machines where you can get your wacky soft drinks! You can get your Miami Subs fix well into the night, too, so it’s popular among night shift workers.

To learn more about Miami Subs or to find a location near you, visit their website at

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