McDonald’s Belgium Menu

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2023, Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest McDonald’s Belgium menu prices.

Item Prijs


McFlurry Maltesers €3.99
Actimel €1.87
McFlurry Biscoff €3.95
2 Mini Oreo Donuts €2.33
4 Mini Oreo Donuts €4.29
6 macarons €4.36
Tranches de pomme €2.07
Appelschijfjes €2.01


Medium portie friet €2.96
Portion moyenne de frites €3.01
Grote portie friet €3.34
Grande portion de frites €3.32
Medium Smokey Chili Tomatoes McFlavor Fries €4.28
Grote Smokey Chili Tomatoes McFlavor Fries €4.54

Meest Populair

Grote Caramel Latte €2.46


Cheesy Morning €3.13
Scrambled morning €5.03

Ontbijt Menu

Large McMenu Toast Cheese & Bacon €3.32
Large McMenu McMuffin Beef Bacon & Egg €5.61
Large McMenu Scrambled McMorning €5.26

Menu Petit Dej

Large Menu Café + Croissant €2.89
Large Menu Café + Pain au chocolat €2.89
Large Menu McMuffin Bacon and Egg €5.42

Les Plus Populaires

McMenu Generous Jack €8.50
McMenu Royal Crispy Bacon €7.44
McMenu Maestro Lovely Louise €8.52
McMenu Royal-O-Fish €7.39
McMenu Big Mac €7.32
McFlurry M&M's €3.50
9 McNuggets €5.24
Bacon & Cheese salad €5.13
Salade Bacon 'n Cheese €5.23
Sharing Box €10.95
Grand Caramel Latte €2.76

Salads & McWraps™

Petit Chicken Wrap €2.75
Grilled Chicken Salad €5.67


McMenu Grand Big Mac €7.37
McMenu Maestro Generous Jack €8.67
Crispy Chicken Sharing Box €13.08
McMenu Maestro Generous Jacqueline €8.67
20 Chicken McNuggets© €11.71
Double Royal Cheese €7.94
Double Cheeseburger €3.89
McFlurry M&M €3.12

A La Carte

Croissant €1.03
Pain au Chocolat €1.09
Toast Cheese & Bacon €2.01
McMorning bacon & egg €3.16
McMuffin Beef Bacon & Egg €3.64
Confiture à la fraise €0.31
Confiture d'abricots €0.31
Nutella €0.28


Big Mac €5.03
Cheese Samuraï €2.47
CBO €7.59
Chicken Samuraï €2.47
Royal Crispy Bacon €5.36
Maestro Generous Jack €8.12
Royal Cheese €5.37
Royal-O-Fish €5.52
Filet-O-Fish €3.98
Maestro Generous Jack Junior €7.60
Cheeseburger €2.07
Hamburger €1.41
McFish €3.13
McChicken €5.13

Ontbijt à la carte

Bacon McMuffin™ & Egg €3.40


Grand Big Mac €4.60
McFeast €4.65
Generous Jack €5.89
Maestro Lovely Louise €5.81
Maestro Generous Jacqueline €5.88
Cheese Andalouse €2.34
Cheeseburger McMoment €1.50
Hamburger McMoment €1.20
Filet-o-Fish McMoment €2.50
McWrap Chicken Maredsous €4.80


McMenu Generous Jacqueline €8.50
McMenu Royal Cheese €7.44
McMenu 6 McNuggets €7.19
McMenu Filet-O-Fish €7.24
McMenu Chicken Wings 5 €7.03
McMenu McWrap Chicken Maredsous €7.51
McMenu McFeast €7.36
McMenu Chicken Wings 6 €7.75
Medium McMenu Grilled Chicken Salad €6.42
McMenu McChicken €7.25
Menu Salade Mozzarella €6.42


McVeggie €5.14
McMenu McVeggie €7.21
Mozzarella Salad €5.32
McMenu 6 Veggie Nuggets €7.12
McMenu McWrap Veggie €7.45
McWrap Veggie €4.84
McWrap Veggie Maredsous €4.83
6 Veggie Nuggets €4.43
9 Veggie Nuggets €5.28
4 Cheese Snacks €2.39
Sharing Box Veggie €9.32
Mozzarella Salade €5.19
Veggie Nuggets 4 €2.59
Cheese Snacks 4 McMoment €2.10
McMenu 6 Cheese Snacks €7.17
Cheese Snacks 6 €4.40
McMenu Veggie Deluxe €7.31
Cheese Snacks 9 €5.21
Veggie Deluxe €5.45


Gr. Warme Choco €1.88
Gr. Koffie €1.88
kleine Coca Cola €2.05
kleine Coca Cola Light €2.05
kleine Coca Cola Zero €2.05
Kleine Fanta €2.05
Kleine Sprite €2.05
Kleine Ice Tea €2.05
Gr. Cappuccino €2.27
Gr. Café Latté €2.27


Side Salad €2.72

Happy Meal®

Happy Meal Hamburger €5.31
Happy Meal 4 Chicken McNuggets €5.31
Happy Meal Cheeseburger €5.31
Happy Meal McFish €5.41

Salad McMenus

Bacon & Cheese Salad McMenu €6.25
Mozzarella Salad McMenu €6.15
McMenu Grilled Chicken Salad €6.22

Happy Meal

Happy Meal avec Hamburger €4.56
Happy Meal avec 4 McNuggets €4.56
Happy Meal avec Cheeseburger €4.56
Happy Meal avec McFish €4.81
Happy Meal 4 Veggie Nuggets €4.68
Happy Meal Veggie Nuggets €4.67


Sweet Potato Fries €3.25

Finger food & Snacks

4 Chicken McNuggets© €3.15
9 Chicken Wings €6.80
3 Chicken Tenders €5.26
6 Chicken McNuggets© €5.32
9 Chicken McNuggets© €6.52
6 Chicken Wings €5.53

McNuggets & Wings

4 Chicken McNuggets McMoment €2.01
4 McNuggets €2.78
6 McNuggets €4.36
20 McNuggets €9.43
3 Chicken Wings €2.80


Tropicana jus d’orange €3.12
Grand Coca-Cola €3.48
Grote Coca-Cola €3.49
Large Chocolat Chaud €3.63
Grand Coca-Cola light €3.49
Grote Coca-Cola light €3.59
Large Café Classique €3.43
Grand Coca-Cola zero €3.48
Grote Coca-Cola zero €3.49
Moyen Coca-Cola €3.20
Grand Fanta €3.48
Grote Fanta €3.49
Grote Sprite €3.49
Moyen Coca-Cola light €3.25
Grand Sprite €3.48
Moyen Coca-Cola zero €3.20
Grand Ice Tea Pétillant €3.48
Grote Ice Tea Bruisend €3.44
Grote Vittel €3.38
Moyen Fanta €3.20
Tropicana Orange Juice €2.36
Tropicana Sinaasappelsap €2.58
Grand Vittel €3.41
Grote Perrier €3.38
Moyen Sprite €3.25
Grand Perrier €3.39
Moyen Ice Tea Pétillant €3.20
Fristi €2.40
Moyen Vittel €3.14
Moyen Perrier €3.14
Medium Coca-Cola €3.22
Large Coffee €2.36
Medium Coca-Cola light €3.27
Large Caramel Latte €3.62
Medium Coca-Cola zero €3.18
Large Hot Choco €2.54
Medium Fanta €3.18
Large Café Latte €3.36
Medium Sprite €3.18
Large Cappuccino €3.36
Medium Ice Tea Bruisend €3.20
Tropicana Apple Juice €2.35
Medium Vittel €3.13
Medium Perrier €3.13
Large Karamel Latte €3.62
Large Warme Choco €3.20
Large Klassieke Koffie €3.04
Large Caffe Latte €3.41

Koude dranken

Tropicana Appelsap €2.57


Coca-Cola €2.00
Small Coca Cola €2.08
Coca-Cola Light €2.00
Small Coca Cola Light €2.08
Coca-Cola Zero €2.00
Small Coca Cola Zero €2.08
Fanta €2.00
Small Fanta €2.08
Small Sprite €2.08
Sprite €2.00
Ice-Tea €2.00
Small Ice Tea €2.08
Tropicana Jus de pommes €2.46
Vittel €2.33
Perrier €2.32
Tropicana Jus de pomme €2.81
Gr. Caramel Latte €2.44
Grand Café €2.45
Tropicana Jus d'orange €2.43
Gr. Choco Chaud €2.08
Grand Café Latte €2.58
Gr. Café €2.01
Grand Cappuccino €2.57
Grand Choco Chaud €2.55

Warme dranken

Grote Café Latte €2.47


Grote Koffie €2.35
Grote Cappuccino €2.65

Ice, Shakes & Desserts

Milkshake €3.29
Sundae €2.81
McFlurry Speculoos €3.10
McFlurry Oréo €3.42
Muffin avec Nutella® €2.43
Muffin Nutella €2.36
1 macaron €1.26
McFlurry Strawberry Cheesecake €3.10
2 macarons €2.21
4 macarons €3.30
Muffin met Nutella® €2.39
Cacahuètes €0.10
Danonino €1.82
Pindanootjes €0.10
Poire €1.68

Ijsjes, Shakes & Desserten

Peer €1.70


Ketchup €0.82
Mayonnaise €0.80
Sauce frites €0.80
Barbecue sauce €0.81
Sauce aigre-douce €0.83
Sauce curry €0.81


Mayonaise €0.85
Frietsaus €0.91
Barbecuesaus €0.91
Zoetzure saus €0.83
Curry Saus €0.90
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In the realm of delectable cuisine, McDonald’s Belgium shines as a culinary icon that effortlessly blends flavorful dishes with an unparalleled reputation. With a rich history steeped in excellence, this renowned fast-food chain has carved its name into the culinary landscape through a harmonious fusion of distinguished repute and a lasting wave of popularity. Join us on a delicious journey as we unveil the story of McDonald’s Belgium – a narrative intertwined with history, culinary expertise, and the essence that propels its enduring acclaim.

A Legacy of Culinary Excellence: Unveiling the Heritage

McDonald’s Belgium is not just a fast-food chain; it’s a living testament to a legacy that spans decades. Established in 1978, this iconic restaurant chain entered Belgium with a mission to offer mouthwatering burgers and a unique dining experience. Enriched by McDonald’s international heritage and a commitment to crafting delicious meals, the chain emerged as a symbol of culinary excellence that captivates all who step foot inside.

The journey of McDonald’s Belgium began humbly, introducing the authentic taste of burgers and fries that have captivated people worldwide. Guided by an unwavering commitment to delivering quality food, a constant focus on innovation, and a dedication to providing a memorable meal experience, McDonald’s quickly captured the palates of customers and the trust of those seeking a tasty and reliable meal. Over time, the chain expanded not only in the number of locations but also in its evolution into a place where friends and families gather to enjoy cherished moments.

A Palette of Flavors: Exploring the Irresistible Menu

McDonald’s Belgium presents a menu that celebrates a spectrum of flavors, offering choices that cater to various tastes. The heart of the experience lies in the beloved burgers – from the classic Big Mac to more customized options like the McChicken and the Quarter Pounder. Each burger is prepared with attention to detail, delivering a burst of flavors that excite the senses. However, the culinary adventure doesn’t stop at burgers.

The culinary narrative at McDonald’s Belgium extends to a variety of delectable sides, including the universally adored crispy French fries. Moreover, salad options and Chicken McNuggets are popular choices for those seeking a touch of freshness or a lighter alternative. And for those with a sweet tooth, the dessert menu offers irresistible treats, such as the iconic McFlurry and the delectable apple pie.

A Hub of Gathering for All: Deciphering the Popularity

The popularity of McDonald’s Belgium isn’t a coincidence; it’s the result of a carefully crafted combination of elements that converge to create an exceptional dining experience.

A Model of Efficiency and Consistency: From the moment customers step into a McDonald’s Belgium outlet, they are greeted by a familiar and inviting environment. The efficiency of service and the consistency in food quality reflect the chain’s enduring commitment to satisfying customers.

Timelessness and Innovation: While upholding its timeless classics, McDonald’s Belgium also embraces innovation. With the introduction of vegetarian options and alternative protein choices, the chain showcases its ability to adapt to ever-changing consumer preferences.

Community Connection: Beyond being a restaurant chain, McDonald’s Belgium plays an active role in the communities it operates in. The chain engages in social initiatives, supports relevant causes, and promotes actions that benefit society, demonstrating a commitment to social responsibility.

In a fusion that strikes a balance between tradition and innovation, McDonald’s Belgium stands as a testament to culinary excellence, an unwavering commitment to quality, and a passion for creating enduring culinary memories. Whether indulging in the authentic taste of classic burgers, exploring the latest menu offerings, or cherishing moments with loved ones, McDonald’s Belgium continues to delight and satisfy the palates of all. When the craving for a dining experience that transcends the ordinary arises, heed the call and immerse yourself in the world of McDonald’s Belgium. Your senses will thank you for this delicious experience.

To learn more about McDonald’s Belgium or to find a location near you, visit their website at

McDonald’s Belgium FAQ

How much is McDonald's Belgium's The OriginalAcai Bowl?

The OriginalAcai Bowl – $12.10

How much is a Mango Passionfruit Bowl at McDonald's Belgium?

Mango Passionfruit Bowl – $13.32

How much are Ain't Nothin Butter Bowl at McDonald's Belgium?

Ain’t Nothin Butter Bowl – $16.55

How much does a McDonald's Belgium's Gladiator Smoothie Cost?

Gladiator Smoothie – $11.00