Luby’s Prices

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January, 2023 Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest Luby’s menu prices.

Item Price

Combo Entrees

Angus Chop Steak Combo $15.39
Liver and Onion Combo $15.39
Chicken Fried Chicken Breast Combo $16.39
Blackened Chicken Breast Combo $15.89
Grilled Chicken Breast Combo $15.89
Fried Fish Combo $15.39
Grilled Salmon Combo $19.39

Everyday Family Packs

Chicken Tender Family Pack $39.95

Items Worth Indulging On

Customers can’t get enough of these dishes, we think you’ll love them too
Whole Cherry Pie $15.99
Whole Chocolate Ice Box Pie $15.99
Whole Coconut Cream Pie $15.99

Italian Spaghetti Family Pack

Italian Spaghetti with Meat Sauce Family Pack $39.95

Family Packs (Feeds 6)

Blackened Tilapia Family Pack $51.33
Grilled Salmon Filet Family Pack $69.95


Entrée Salad $9.58

Soups & Salads

Fruit Salad $2.36
Carrot Salad $2.37
Cucumber Salad $2.36
Pea Salad $2.30
Tossed Salad $3.12
Cup Vegetable Soup $3.58
Potato Salad $2.29
Romaine Salad $2.99
Mixed Field Greens $3.05
Beet Salad $2.36
Bowl of Vegetable Soup $4.57
Cole Slaw $2.31
Spinach Salad $3.12


Fruit Tray $44.99
Veggie Tray $44.99
Luby's Chicken Tenders Tray $29.99

Combos To-Go

1. Luby Fried Fish Combo $8.49
2. Chicken Fried Steak Combo $8.49
3. Liver & Onion Combo $9.31
4. Roast Chicken Combo $9.63
6. Baked Almondine Combo $8.49
7. Baked White Fish Combo $8.49
8. Angus Chopped Steak Combo $10.37
9. Chicken Fried Chicken Combo $10.93
10. Grilled Chicken Combo $9.99
11. Blackened Tilapia Combo $10.99
12. 3 Veggies Combo $7.34
13. 4 Veggies Combo $8.77

Classic Combos

Beef Liver and Onions $9.99
Fried Fish $10.99
Chicken Fried Chicken Combo $11.53
Luby's Fried Fish Combo $10.17
Liver & Onions Combo $9.96
Angus Chopped Steak Combo $10.68
Grilled Chicken Combo $10.57
Baked Almondine Combo $11.60
Three Veggie Combo $7.59
Blackened Tilapia Combo $12.35
Four Veggie Combo $9.22
Fried Chicken Combo $10.29
Roast Chicken Combo $12.13
Chicken Tenders Combo $10.33
Roast Beef Combo $12.08
Roast Turkey Combo $10.64
Bacon Cheese Steak Combo $10.57
Fried Catfish Combo $11.52
Lemon Basil Salmon Combo $14.94
Baked White Fish $10.32
Mushroom Turkey Chopped Steak Combo $9.12

Boxed Lunches

Sandwich Boxed Lunch $7.99

Chicken & Turkey Entrées

Tampico Chicken $10.99
Teriyaki Chicken $9.99
Turkey Chopped Steak $10.99
Oven-Roasted Chicken $11.49
Roasted Turkey Breast $11.49
Southern Fried Chicken $10.49
Chicken Alfredo $10.09
Chicken Cordon Bleu $10.99
Chicken Madeira $10.99
Chicken with Pomodoro Sauce $10.99
Chipotle Chicken $11.99
Grilled Chicken Breast $10.99
Lemon-Herb Chicken $10.99
BBQ Chicken $9.99
Blackened Chicken $10.99

LuAnn Plates

Luby's Fried Fish LuAnn $8.61
Liver and Onions LuAnn $8.60
Chicken Fried Steak LuAnn $8.62
Fried Chicken LuAnn $8.60
Roast Chicken LuAnn $8.61
Chicken Tender LuAnn $8.61
Roast Turkey LuAnn $9.55
Baked White Fish LuAnn $8.54
Bacon Cheese Steak LuAnn $8.56
Baked Almondine LuAnn $8.61
Chopped Steak LuAnn $8.59
Roast Beef LuAnn $9.52

Beef Entrées

Roasted Top Sirloin $11.49
Angus Chopped Steak $10.99
Bacon Cheesesteak $10.99
Baked Meatloaf with Mushroom Gravy $10.99
Baked Meatloaf with Red Sauce $10.99

Vegetarian Entrées

The ability to suggest whole pies and gallons of tea should be made available.
Cheese Enchiladas $15.48

Family Packs

The ability to suggest whole pies and gallons of tea should be made available.
Roast Chicken LuAnn Family Pack $39.95
4 Veggie Family Pack $39.97
Chicken Tenders Family Pack $32.05
Chicken Tetrazzini Family Pack $33.23
Chopped Steak $23.95
Angus Chopped Steak Family Pack $52.21
Blackened Tilapia $39.52
Chicken Fried Steak Family Pack $40.03
Bacon Cheese Steak Family Pack $37.99
Roast Turkey Breast Family Pack $40.56
Luby's Fried Fish Family Pack $44.08
Grilled Salmon Filet $70.69

Whole Pies

Whole Apple Pie $15.99
Whole Cream Cheese Pie $19.99
Whole Lemon Ice Box Pie $19.99

Seafood Entrées

Mesquite Tilapia $11.49
Pan-Grilled Tilapia $11.49
Fried Catfish $12.99
Lemon-Basil Tilapia $11.49
Luby's Fried Fish $10.99
Blackened Catfish $12.99

Kids Meal

Served with Jello a choice two sides
Kids Chicken Strips $5.99
Kids Fried Fish $5.99
Kids Chopped Steak $5.99
Kids Fried Chicken $5.99
Kids Roast Chicken $5.99
Kid's 3 Veg Plate $6.01
Kid's Tetrazinni $5.99
Kid's Turkey Breast $5.99
Kid's Bacon Cheese Steak $5.99


Deviled Eggs $0.59
Jalpeno $0.39
Olives $0.39
Stuffed Jalapeño $0.56
Pickles $0.49
Pico de Gallo $0.39
3 Deviled Eggs $1.31
Add 6 Fried Shimp $2.99
Add Sausage $2.17
Add 3 Fried Shrimp $1.50
Link of Sausage $2.10


Dz Cornbread $4.82
Dz Jalapeno Cornbread $4.84
Dz Wheat Rolls $4.84
Dz White Rolls $4.84
Jalapeno Cornbread $0.42


Chicken Tetrazzini $9.94
Italian Spaghetti $9.99

Sides & Bread

Spinach $2.43
Pinto Beans $2.56
Cabbage $2.40
Corn $2.40
Broccoli $2.40
Skillet Fried Cabbage $2.56
Buttered Corn $2.56
Fried Okra $2.43
Green Beans with Bacon $2.43
New Potatoes $2.38
Mashed Potato $2.43
White Rice $2.41
Candied Yams $2.42
Wheat Roll $0.41
White Roll $0.42
Cornbread $0.42
Black Eyed Peas $2.59
Roasted New Potatoes $2.57
Biscuit $0.40
Fresh Broccoli $2.57


Cornbread Dressing $2.58
Broccoli with Cheese $2.36
Mac and Cheese $2.47
Mashed Potatoes and Gravy $2.59
Tomato-Basil Squash $2.59
Twice-Baked Potatoes $2.59
Rice of the Day $2.59
Roasted Mixed Vegetables $2.59
Roasted Rosemary Potatoes $2.59
Seasoned Green Beans $2.59
Seasoned New Potatoes $2.59
Green Bean Casserole $2.59
Jalapeno Mac and Cheese $2.59
Bean of the Day $2.59
Broccoli and Rice Casserole $2.59
Buttered Sweet Corn $2.59
Candied Sweet Potatoes $2.59
Steamed Broccoli $2.59


Unsweet Iced Tea $2.74
Sweet Iced Tea $2.74
Fountain Coke $2.74
Fountain Diet Coke $2.74
Fountain Dr Pepper $2.74
Fountain Sprite $2.74
Milk $1.44
Fountain Root Beer $2.69
Luby's Bottle Water $2.07
Luby's Bottled Water $2.06


Gallon Sweet Tea $5.87
Gallon Unsweet Tea $5.87
Coffee $2.69
Gallon Lemonade $6.99
Assorted Individual Sodas $2.89


Chocolate Cake $25.42
Chocolate Pie $4.41
New York Cheesecake $29.99
New York Style Strawberry Cheesecake $4.83
Cheesecake $4.82
Jello - Blue $0.99
Strawberry Shortcake $4.55
Chocolate Icebox $4.49
Jello - Red $0.99
Apple Pie $6.16
Cherry Pie $6.71
Chess Pie $3.07
Choc Chip Cookie $1.99
Bread Pudding $4.57
Carrot Cake $10.94
Apple Cobbler $6.01
Buttermilk Chess Pie $2.99
Jello $0.99
Sugar Cookie $1.99
Strawberry Cheesecake $3.99
Lemon Icebox Pie $4.54
Lime Congeal $2.56
Pumpkin Pie $13.11
Lemon Meringue Pie $15.23
Banana Nut Mini Loaf $3.01
Coconut Meringue Pie $19.15
Pecan Pie $8.13
Peach Cobbler $9.99
Red Velvet Cake $4.25
Chocolate Ice Box Pie $16.99
Coconut Cake $29.99
Assorted Cookie Tray $5.99
Yellow Cake with Chocolate Frosting $29.99
German Chocolate Cake $34.99
Cream Cheese Pie $19.99
Lemon Ice Box Pie $19.99
Banana Pudding $9.99
Fried Cheesecake $3.99
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About Luby’s

Not many restaurants are designed like cafeterias but that’s exactly what Luby’s restaurants are nowadays. The cafeteria-style restaurants can be found in several cities in Texas including Dallas, Austin, Houston, El Paso, and San Antonio as well as the Rio Grande Valley. Other restaurants are in Arkansas, Mississippi, and Oklahoma while the corporate headquarters in Houston’s Near Northwest district.

The Luby’s prices are affordable, too. The fact that the company has long-term contracts for cafeteria-style catering with colleges and universities, offices, and hospitals is one of the proofs of such reasonable pricing scheme.


Bob Luby opened the first Luby’s Cafeteria in 1947 but its roots stretch back to the time when his father opened the New England Dairy Lunch, also a cafeteria. He focused on ensuring that his customers enjoyed delicious, fresh and nutritious food as well as satisfactory customer service.

In 1973, the company that came to be known as Cafeterias, Inc. turned from a privately-owned company to a publicly-traded company. But in 1981, the name was changed to Luby’s Cafeterias, Inc. in honor of Bob Luby.

In 2001, the owners of Houston’s Pappas Restaurants, Chris and Harris Pappas, joined the company’s management team. This resulted in the gradual transition of the Luby’s locations from cafeteria-style restaurants to a hybrid of fine dining and cafeteria-style restaurants.

What They’re Famous For

The Lu Ann Platter is the offering that made the chain popular across the United States. Basically, it’s a half-portion main dish combined with vegetables. The cafeteria-style restaurants also makes it easy for diners to choose their meals from the counter and pay for them at the cashier’s station, a system similar to school cafeterias but given the hybrid casual dining/fine dining treatment.

Why Eat Here

The cafeteria-style system in each of the Luby’s restaurant is a familiar one for most Americans. Schools including colleges and universities as well as offices use a similar method, after all, not to mention that buffet restaurants also use it with a few modifications.  This is a plus considering that there’s no learning curve necessary.

The system is simple. Just get behind the last person in the line, get your plate and start piling your preferred food on it. The choices in food and drinks are more than the average selections in schools and offices including soups, salads, and entrées, as well as desserts.  The food have obviously been prepared with more care and attention, too, since the target market of Luby’s restaurants are students, professionals and businessmen, as well as groups of friends and families.

While most of the dishes are delicious, there are several standouts that deserve special mention.  The chopped steak, which was cooked medium well, with onions and brown gravy was flavorful, juicy and tender with the right balance between chewiness and melt-in-your-mouth quality. The mac and cheese, a classic cafeteria food, isn’t your run-of-the-mill fare either – the dish is perfectly seasoned while the macaroni was al dente and the cheese was nice.  The buttermilk biscuit evokes the best of grandma’s baking with its crumbly texture and the bread pudding with caramel sauce is just a piece of sweet heaven.

Diner can also build their own salads, a cool feature considering that many people deal with their own personal taste preferences and allergies, among other issues. The vegetables including fresh broccoli, carrots and cucumbers are guaranteed fresh, organic and freshly cut, too, which can be easily experienced from the first bite, even from their appearance.

Be sure to try the Lu Ann plate, too, which is touted as the original value meal. You already have a full meal in a plate since it already includes your choice entrée, a roll and two sides for an affordable price.  You can also add roast beef, chicken fried steak, carved ham, baked white fish, Angus chopped steak, pan-grilled tilapia, and fried chicken to your plate, if you so wish.

Savvy diners know that leaving room for dessert is a good move. Luby’s restaurants have a good selection of classic desserts including classic cheesecake, chocolate ice box pie, strawberry shortcake, apple pie, and pecan pie.  These are popular among kids and adults because there’s something comforting about ending your meal on a sweet note.

The Luby’s restaurants don’t take reservations so you and your large group of family and friends can just walk right in and line up. The chain doesn’t deliver for now but it accepts orders for takeout and for catering services. The casual atmosphere usually attracts customers who want to enjoy a more laidback dining experience while enjoying good food.

Most restaurants also offer outdoor seating and free Wi-Fi, as well as private parking for cars and bikes.  The amenities especially the restrooms are usually kept clean by the staff, a must since these are dining establishments that must comply with stringent sanitary standards.

To learn more about Luby’s or to find a location near you, visit their website at

Luby’s FAQ

How much is Luby’s Angus Chop Steak Combo?

Angus Chop Steak Combo – $15.39

How much is a Chicken Fried Chicken Breast Combo at Luby’s?

Chicken Fried Chicken Breast Combo – $16.39

How much are Chicken Tender Family Pack at Luby’s?

Chicken Tender Family Pack – $39.95

How much does a Luby’s Whole Coconut Cream Pie Cost?

Whole Coconut Cream Pie – $15.99

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