Long John Silver’s Prices

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May, 2022 Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest Long John Silver’s menu prices.

Item Price


Fish and Chicken Platter $12.37
Lobster Bites and Fish Platter $14.34
Fish and Shrimp Platter $12.41
Fish, Chicken and Shrimp Platter $12.46
Super Sampler $12.31
Fish and Shrimp $12.94
Fish, Chicken and Shrimp $13.13

Popular Items

2 Fish, 6 Shrimp $10.65
Fish & Chicken $11.69
2 Fish, Chicken, 3 Shrimp $10.22
Fish & Shrimp $12.26
Fish, Chicken & Shrimp $12.36

Family Meals

8 Piece Fish or Chicken $29.36
8 Piece Family Meal $30.99
Lobster Bites Family Feast $40.08
12 Piece Fish or Chicken $38.54
12 Piece Family Meal $40.56
16 Piece Fish or Chicken $48.56
16 Piece Family Meal $51.38


Fish and Chicken $10.96
3 Chicken $9.67
Fish and Chicken Meal $10.14
8 Shrimp $10.51

Meals (Ljs)

2 Fish Meal $11.75
3 Chicken Meal $8.94
1 Fish & 2 Chicken Meal $11.03
8 Shrimp Meal $9.59


2 Chicken $9.07
2 Fish $9.18
Fish Sandwich $7.99
Lobster Bites Combo $11.50
2 Classic Fish Tacos $9.06
Fish Sandwich Combo $8.16

Grilled Choices

2 Tacos $6.59
Grilled Salmon and Shrimp Platter $12.61
Rice Bowls $8.46
Rice Bowl $8.25
Grilled Salmon Meal $10.82
Grilled Salmon & Shrimp Platter $12.21
Grilled Shrimp Meal $10.82

Add a Piece

1 Fish $2.61
1 Grilled Salmon $5.16
3 Piece Shrimp $2.83
3 Piece Grilled Shrimp $2.85
1 Chicken $2.48


15pc Shrimp Sea-Share $13.32
Sea Shares $13.68
6 Crab Cakes Sea-Share $13.31
6pc Fish Sea-Share $13.41
9pc Chicken Sea-Share $13.34


Fries $2.62
Coleslaw $2.56
Sweet Corn $2.49
Green Beans $2.56
Hushpuppies $2.46
Corn $2.56
Rice $2.56

Sides (LJS)

4 oz.
Kernel Corn $3.56
Cole Slaw $2.07


Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake $2.82
Chocolate Cream Pie $2.83


Drink $2.75
Soft Drink $2.52
Drinks $2.48
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About Long John Silver’s

According to some surveys, diners in America want to eat more seafood. They want more seafood-based dishes on menus when dining out to give them the opportunity to enjoy such delicacies. With Long John Silver’s prices and number of locations around the globe, it can help meet such demands in its own way.

As one of the many fast-food chains that specialize in seafood, Long John Silver’s is one of the easiest ways for lots of people to access seafood locally. They bring marine-based cuisine to those who can’t go to the ocean to take a bite of its offerings, making seafood easily obtainable to those who live inland.

Since it’s the largest seafood-themed fast-food chain in America, it won’t be surprising if Long John Silver’s would be the most accessible seafood eatery for you. You don’t have to worry about not having much of a choice, however, as the LJS has a number of exciting things in store.


The first Long John Silver’s opened in Lexington, Kentucky on August 1969. Named after a popular character in Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island novel, it continued the seafood-theme of the previous occupant of its location which was a seafood carryout eatery known as the Cape Codder. The space was redesigned by architect Druce Henn into a New England style structure that completes the nautical theme of the chain.

Soon enough, Long John Silver’s became quite well known for their Cape Cod-style buildings. They featured blue roofs that are punctuated by square cupolas, wooden tables and benches, wrought iron sword door handles, lobster pots, rope-lined walkways, and ship wheels. They added more nautical elements to their locations later on, the most notable of which are the seats that resemble nautical flags.

The ownership of LJS changed hands a couple of times over the decades. At one point, it was owned by Yum! Brands alongside other popular chains. After a decade, however, they sold the brand to a group of franchisees known as the LJS Partners LLC. They continue to manage and run this massive operation with its 1132 locations around the globe today.

What They’re Famous For 

As a seafood fast-food chain, Long John Silver’s is best known for its quick meals that feature various aquatic ingredients. The most popular of the lot would be their fried fish and chips. One order of this dish and you’ll transport yourself to a seaside village of your imagination.

However, since this eatery is a fast-food chain, it’s also known for its deep-fried offerings. Their fries and hush puppies are some of the most popular picks as sides to their deep-fried fish, cod, and shrimp. And to better cater to the whole family and cover all their bases, they also included the fish of the land, chicken, on their menu.

Unfortunately, it’s with this menu that LJS made waves in 2013 for having the worst restaurant in America. The nutrition health policy group known as the Center for Science in the Public Interest determined that their “Big Catch” meal contains nearly 3,700 milligrams of sodium,  1,320 calories, 33 grams of trans fat, and 19 grams of saturated fat. In short, it was quite bad. By the following year, the brand announced that they’re doing away with trans fat. 

They then introduced their grilled menu. It’s pretty small with only the salmon and shrimp options available but it’s a great start. Now, diners have healthier alternatives to their original deep-fried fare.

Why Eat Here

Are you thinking of grabbing some crispy fish and fries but not sure whether you should get them from Long John Silver’s? Here are a few things that might just give you the nudge you need to pay their nearby location a visit:

1. You can eat seafood to your heart’s desire every Sunday.

Their latest promotions, the All You Can Eat Sunday is drawing quite a lot of attention to Long John Silver’s. The very friendly price tag and the relatively unique offering caught the attention of many. It’s really not every day that you’ll find an eat-all-you-can offer on seafood.

2. Their menu is composed of a number of interesting items.

Aside from the fried and grilled seafood items, you can also head to LJS if you want a change of pace on your next Taco Tuesday. Their tacos are available in three varieties, grilled salmon and shrimp, as well as a fried wild Alaskan pollock option. The different flavors their tacos can bring will let you explore another exciting side of the classic taco.

To learn more about Long John Silver’s or to find a location near you, visit their website at www.ljsilvers.com.

Long John Silver’s FAQ

How much is Long John Silver’s Fish and Shrimp Platter?

Fish and Shrimp Platter – $12.41

How much is a Super Sampler at Long John Silver’s?

Super Sampler – $12.31

How much are 8 Piece Fish or Chicken at Long John Silver’s?

8 Piece Fish or Chicken – $29.36

How much does a Long John Silver’s Fish and Chicken Meal Cost?

Fish and Chicken Meal – $10.14