Little Caesars Prices: How much is Little Caesars?

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“Pizzas, pizzas and more pizzas” may well be the slogan of millions of Americans and we aren’t surprised. Pizzas are a universal favorite because of their versatility – these can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch and dinners, even for snacks, as well as enjoyed with nearly every toppings from meats and veggies to cheeses and sauces. There are even dessert pizzas, if you’re into this kind of treats. Little Cesars prices are considered to be one of the lowest of all the national pizza chains. Below are the latest Little Caesars menu prices.


ExtraMostBestest® Pizza

5 Meat Feast ExtraMostBestest®$13.26
Cheese ExtraMostBestest®$9.63
Pretzel Crust ExtraMostBestest®$8.85
Stuffed Pretzel Crust ExtraMostBestest®$13.23
3 Meat Treat® ExtraMostBestest®$11.91

Deep!Deep!™ Dish

3 Meat Treat® Deep!Deep!™ Dish$16.94
Cheese Deep!Deep!™ Dish$11.47
Deep!Deep! Dish Pepperoni$11.40
Ultimate Supreme Deep!Deep!™ Dish$18.92
Bacon Wrapped DEEP!DEEP!™ Dish$17.63

Specialty Pizzas

Deep! Deep! Dish Pepperoni$10.82

Classic Pizzas

Classic Pepperoni Pizza$7.63
Classic Cheese Pizza$7.55


Classic Cheese$7.62
Classic Pepperoni$7.54

Most Popular

ExtraMostBestest Ultimate Supreme$14.78


Deep!Deep!™ Dish Veggie$17.22

Wings and Bread

Buffalo Caesar Wings$8.84
Bbq Caesar Wings$8.83
Crazy Bread Combo$4.37

Limited Time Offers

Limited Time Offers
The Batman Calzony Pepperoni$9.45
Stuffed Crazy Bread Meal Deal with Diet Pepsi$12.37
The Batman Calzony Cheese$9.44
Stuffed Crazy Bread Meal Deal with Mtn. Dew$12.37
Detroit-Style Deep Dish Meal Deal with Pepsi$15.21
Stuffed Crazy Bread Meal Deal with Pepsi$12.37
Stuffed Crazy Bread Meal Deal with Sierra Mist$12.37
Crazy Calzony Cheese$11.21
Detroit-Style Deep Dish Meal Deal with Mountain Dew$15.21
Detroit-Style Deep Dish Meal Deal with Sierra Mist$15.21

ExtraMostBestest® Round Pizzas

Ultimate Supreme$15.46
5 Meat Feast$15.74
3 Meat Treat$13.21
Hula Hawaiian$12.54
ExtraMostBestest Sausage$9.99

Deep!Deep!™Dish Pizzas

DEEP!DEEP!™ Dish Hula Hawaiian®$14.68

Extra Most Bestest Pizza

Extra Most Bestest Hula Hawaiian Pizza$12.04

Extra Most Bestest® Pizzas

ExtraMostBestest® Hula Hawaiian®$11.55
ExtraMostBestest® Veggie$14.60


Pepperoni Thin Crust Combo$12.05
Call of Duty Combo$9.36
Classic Meal Deal$12.87
Crazy Puffs + Crazy Sauce Combo$6.26
Stuffed Crazy Crust Combo$15.73
Detroit-Style Deep Dish Meal Deal$15.23

Deep Deep Dish Pizzas

Deep Deep Dish Cheese Pizza$10.68
Deep Deep Dish Veggie Pizza$15.37

Round Pizza

Classic Italian Sausage Pizza$8.40
Hula Hawaiian Pizza$11.18
3 Meat Treat Pizza$12.06
Ultimate Supreme Pizza$13.51
Veggie Pizza$12.71
Extra Most Bestest Pizza$8.63

Deep Deep Dish Pizza

Deep Deep Dish Ultimate Supreme Pizza$15.42
Lunch Combo Pizza$7.05
Deep Deep Dish Pepperoni Pizza$11.02
Deep Deep Dish Hula Hawaiian Pizza$14.01

Round Pizzas

Pepperoni and Extra Cheese$10.95
ExtraMostBestest Stuffed Crust Pepperoni$12.93
Old World Fanceroni Pepperoni$13.59
Custom Round Pizza$9.88
Pepperoni and Cheese Stuffed Crust$13.35
Pretzel Crust – Pizza Sauce$9.99
Slices-N-Stix Bacon$10.18
Pepperoni and Sausage$10.96
Cheese Pretzel Crust$9.98
Slices-N-Stix Jalapeno$10.16
Pretzel Crust - Cheese Sauce$10.01
Sausage and Extra Cheese$10.96
Pepperoni and Bacon$10.97
Sausage and Mushroom$10.97


Thin Crust Pepperoni Pizza$9.96
Custom Thin Crust$11.08
ExtraMostBestest Thin Crust Cheese$8.89
THIN CRUST Pepperoni$10.80
ExtraMostBestest Thin Crust Pepperoni$8.88
THIN CRUST Cheese$10.76


Create Your Own Pizza$8.73

Detroit-Style Deep Dish

Detroit-Style Deep Dish Pepperoni$12.70
Custom Detroit-Style Deep Dish$13.04
Detroit-Style Deep Dish Sausage$13.03
Detroit-Style Deep Dish Cheese$12.62
Detroit-Style Slices-N-Stix$6.02
Detroit-Style Slices-N-Stix Cheese$6.02


Caesar Dip – Cheezy Jalapeño$0.95
Caesar Dip – Ranch$0.94


2-Liter Soda$4.09
20 Oz Soda$2.67


Crazy Combo®$4.91
Butter Garlic Caesar Dip®$0.87
Crazy Sauce$1.40
Pepperoni Cheese Bread$6.79
Caesar Wings – Oven Roasted$8.81
Cookie Dough Brownie made with MandM'S Minis Chocolate Candies$4.61
Cookie Dough Brownie made with MandM’S MINIS Chocolate Candies$4.63
Cookie Dough Brownie made with TWIX Cookie Bar Pieces$4.64
Cookie Dough Brownie made with MandM’S MINIS Chocol$5.51
Caesar Wings Garlic Parmesan$8.05
Cookie Dough Brownie made with TWIX Cookie Bar Pi$5.50
Butter Garlic Flavor Caesar Dip$1.00
Bleu Cheese Dressing$1.13
Buffalo Ranch Caesar Dip®$0.94


Custom Stuffed Crust$14.17
Stuffed Pretzel Crust - Pizza Sauce$13.83
Stuffed Pretzel Crust - Cheese Sauce$13.90
Stuffed Crazy Crust Custom$13.85
Stuffed Crazy Crust Cheese$13.65

Most Ordered

2-Liter Beverage$4.01
Crazy Combo [Crazy Bread and Crazy Sauce]$5.34
Crazy Bread$4.77
Caesar Wings$10.01
Italian Cheese Bread$6.54
Stuffed Crazy Bread$4.93
Stuffed Crazy Crust Pepperoni$13.74
Pepperoni Crazy Puffs$4.88
3 Cheese and Herb Crazy Puffs$4.88


Caesar Dip$1.09


2 Liter Diet Pepsi$3.69
2 Liter Pepsi Cola Products$3.42
20 oz Beverage$2.79
20 Oz Pepsi Cola Products$2.34
Sierra Mist 2 Liter$3.71
20 oz. Aquafina$2.23
AQUAFINA 20 oz.$2.45
Mountain Dew 2 Liter$3.68
Pepsi 20 oz.$2.46
Sierra Mist 20 oz.$2.45
2 Liter Pepsi$3.69
Mountain Dew 20 oz.$2.46
Diet Pepsi 20 oz.$2.46
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About Little Caesars

No wonder then that Little Caesars is as popular as ever, thanks to its delicious pizzas! With its Top Three status in the pizza chain – Pizza Hut and Domino’s Pizza are its main competitors – it seems here to stay for many more years.


Mike and Marian Ilitch, a husband-and-wife team, founded Little Caesars Pizza on May 8, 1959 with its first location in Garden City, Michigan. This was called Little Caesars Pizza Treat and it remained in operation until October 2018. 

Nowadays, there are more than 5,400 locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Peru, and Panama, among other countries. 

What They’re Famous For

One word: Pizzas! But we can’t resist adding that these are among the best pizzas you will ever find in your neighbourhood, if you’re lucky enough to have one in it. 

Why Eat Here

Little Caesars isn’t as little as its name implies and it starts with the menu. Yes, the pizzas are classified into two categories only – standard and customized – but the actual selection is quite impressive.

The standard pizzas are enough to satisfy every pizza lover’s appetite, from their generous sizes to their awesome toppings. The choices include Pepperoni Pizza, Classic Cheese Pizza, Three Meat Treat Pizza, Hula Hawaiian Pizza, Italian Sausage Pizza, Ultimate Supreme Pizza, and Veggie Pizza. The popular standard pizza is the Deep! Deep Dash Pizza, a Detroit-style pizza. 

The customized pizzas can obviously be made according to your preference in the type of crust, toppings including meats, veggies and fruits, and cheeses, as well as sauce. Keep in mind that the prices will likely vary depending on your mixing and matching of the ingredients and crust type. There’s also the matter of availability of ingredients so you may want to check with the specific restaurant first. 

If you’re a stickler for hot-from-the-oven pizzeria food, then you should consider ordering from the Hot-N-Ready Menu! You don’t need to call ahead, nor wait for your order, since the pizzas and other food items here always hot and ready. You can order larger 14” pizzas along with oven-roasted wings (eight pieces) and the Crazy Combo, which has the Crazy Sauce and eight pieces of Crazy Bread.

The pizzas at Little Caesars are so delicious these border on the addictive! The crust is baked to perfection so it actually complements the sauces, toppings and cheese – neither empowering nor becoming soggy under their weight. The toppings and cheeses are of the highest quality possible considering the fairly affordable price – the deli meats are sliced thickly, for example, and the cheeses have a fresh feel to them. 

The crew members are friendly enough so customizing your pizzas doesn’t feel like a rushed task. You can take as long as necessary in choosing your preferred crust and toppings without getting dirty looks and snide remarks from the crew members. But you may want to hurry up if you’re so hungry you can eat a horse, not to mention that there are other customers waiting for their turn, too. 

Pizzas being the stars of the menu hasn’t stopped Little Caesars from offering more choices. The menu includes numerous flavored chicken wings, which are served in generous sizes as well as with a crispy and crunchy skin complementing the juicy, succulent and flavorful white meat.

There are also several salads and breads that go well with each other, as well as with the pizzas. We suggest getting a salad with your pizza, too, just so you can assuage your guilt at eating too much of the latter. Pairing a bread with pizza seems like a good idea if you’re going for carb-loading. 

Little Caesars restaurants have a casual ambiance so these are great for groups and families on both weekends and weekdays; the weekends are apparently the busiest days. The dining room layout makes it easier to navigate between tables even on peak hours while the tables and chairs are comfortable places to enjoy eating boxes upon boxes of pizzas. 

While Little Caesars accepts cash and credit cards for payment purposes, it doesn’t accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, and cryptocurrency – at least, not yet.  Most of its restaurants offer spacious parking spaces for cars and bikes, as well as have facilities for persons with disabilities (i.e., wheelchair accessible).

There are no outdoor seating – and it usually isn’t necessary because many of Little Caesars’ business is takeout – as well as no television and Wi-Fi connection. Again, you’re here for the great food, not for the entertainment.

To learn more about Little Caesars or to find a location near you, visit their website at

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Little Caesars FAQ

How much is Little Caesars's Caesar Wings® – Garlic Parmesan?

Caesar Wings® – Garlic Parmesan – $7.73

How much is a Hot N Ready Box Set Pizza at Little Caesars?

Hot N Ready Box Set Pizza – $10.23

How much are ExtraMostBestest® 3 Meat Treat® at Little Caesars?

ExtraMostBestest® 3 Meat Treat® – $12.02

How much does a Little Caesars's 3 Meat Treat Cost?

3 Meat Treat – $11.26

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