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Fried chicken is a polarizing dish in societies where it’s present and prevalent, as is the case in the United States. The recipes for fried chicken are a dime a dozen, ranging from the simple batter of flour, eggs and salt to the more complex batter of KFC with its secret 11 herbs and spices. The results are significantly different, too, since the cooking processes are different – home-cooked fried chicken, for example, tend to be less crispy than KFC’s pressure-cooked fried chicken. KFC prices are very competitive with that of the other fried chicken fast food restaurants.

KFC’s fried chicken has, indeed, always been a strong contender as the best fried chicken worldwide. But the proof is in the eating so come and enjoy a bucket of fried chicken at your neighborhood KFC!

Below are the latest KFC menu prices.

Item Price

Featured Products

Featured Products
American Club 6 Inch Regular Sub $6.91
American Club Footlong Regular Sub $10.43
Veggie Delite® 6 Inch Regular Sub $3.83
Veggie Delite® Footlong Regular Sub $6.58

Chicken & Waffles

1 Piece Breast and Waffle Basket $6.56
2 Piece Drum & Thigh and Waffle Basket $6.56
3 Tenders and Waffle Basket $6.56
2 Piece Breast and Wing and Waffle Big Basket $8.58
3 Piece Drum & Thigh and Waffle Big Basket $8.58
4 Tenders and Waffle Big Basket $8.59
Chicken & Waffle Sandwich Combo $8.05
A la Carte Chicken & Waffle Sandwich $6.06
A La Carte Waffle $2.02

Fill Ups

1 Piece Breast Fill Up $5.44
3 Tenders Fill Up $7.77
3 pc. Tenders Fill Up $5.58
Famous Bowl Fill Up $5.45
KFC Famous Bowl $5.43
Pot Pie Fill Up $5.45

All Sandwiches

All Sandwiches
Black Forest Ham 6 Inch Regular Sub $5.48
Black Forest Ham Footlong Regular Sub $8.23
Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt 6 Inch Regular Sub $6.91
Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt Footlong Regular Sub $10.43
Classic Tuna 6 Inch Regular Sub $5.81
Classic Tuna Footlong Regular Sub $9.33
Cold Cut Combo 6 Inch Regular Sub $4.38
Cold Cut Combo Footlong Regular Sub $6.58
Italian B.M.T.® 6 Inch Regular Sub $5.81
Italian B.M.T.® Footlong Regular Sub $9.33
Meatball Marinara 6 Inch Regular Sub $4.38
Meatball Marinara Footlong Regular Sub $6.58
Spicy Italian 6 Inch Regular Sub $5.48
Spicy Italian Footlong Regular Sub $8.23
Steak & Cheese 6 Inch Regular Sub $6.91
Steak & Cheese Footlong Regular Sub $10.43
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki 6 Inch Regular Sub $5.81
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Footlong Regular Sub $9.33
Turkey Breast 6 Inch Regular Sub $5.81
Turkey Breast Footlong Regular Sub $9.33
Sunrise Subway Melt® 6 Inch with Regular Egg $4.71
Sunrise Subway Melt® Footlong with Regular Egg $7.13
B.L.T. 6 Inch Regular Sub $5.81
B.L.T. Footlong Regular Sub $9.33
Subway Melt® 6 Inch Regular Sub $6.91
Subway Melt® Footlong Regular Sub $10.43
Turkey Breast & Black Forest Ham 6 Inch Regular Sub $5.81
Turkey Breast & Black Forest Ham Footlong Regular Sub $9.33
Pizza Sub 6 Inch Regular Sub $5.48
Pizza Sub Footlong Regular Sub $8.23
Turkey & Bacon Guacamole Footlong Regular Sub $12.63
Veggie Patty 6 Inch Regular Sub $5.26
Veggie Patty Footlong Regular Sub $8.23
Turkey Italiano Melt 6 Inch Regular Sub $5.81
Turkey Italiano Melt Footlong Regular Sub $9.33

Big Box Meals

3 pc. Chicken Box $9.13
Crispy Colonel Box $9.22
5 pc. Tenders Box $9.43

A La Carte Buckets

12 Tenders Bucket $26.05
8 Tenders Bucket $19.43
16 Tenders Bucket $33.04

Signature Wraps

Signature Wraps
Chipotle Southwest Steak & Cheese $8.23
Turkey, Bacon & Guacamole $8.01
Black Forest Ham $7.68
B.L.T. $7.68
Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt $7.68
Cold Cut Combo $7.68
Italian B.M.T. ® $7.68
Meatball Marinara $7.68
Spicy Italian $7.68
Steak & Cheese $7.68
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki $7.68
Subway Melt® $7.68
Tuna $7.68
Turkey Breast $7.68
Turkey Breast & Black Forest Ham $7.68
Turkey Italiano Signature Wrap $7.68
Veggie Delite® $6.58
Veggie Patty $7.68

Signature Combos

Includes individual side and medium drink.
Colonel's Original $5.42
KFC Famous Bowls $6.37

Limited Time Only

10 Piece Meal - 4 FREE Cinnabon Biscuits $27.13
12 Piece Meal - 4 FREE Cinnabon Biscuits $31.89
16 Piece Meal - 4 FREE Cinnabon Biscuits $40.17

Bucket Meals

8 Piece Chicken $16.10
8 Piece Family Fill Up $20.53
Side Lovers Meal $27.64
12 Chicken Tenders $15.97
12 pc. Tenders Family Fill Up $20.16
10 Piece Feast $36.01
12 Piece Chicken $22.43
8 Piece Meal $23.92
12 Piece Meal $34.25
16 Piece Meal $43.68
16 Piece Chicken $28.75
8 Tenders Meal $28.42
12 Tenders Meal $24.84
Tenders Share Meal $11.64
16 Tenders Meal $48.77
6 pc. Filet Family Fill Up $20.08

World Famous Chicken

2 pc. Drum and Thigh Fill Up $7.42
2 pc. Drum & Thigh Combo $5.49
2 pc. Breast & Wing Combo $6.92
3 pc. Chicken Combo $8.25
4 pc. Chicken Combo $10.02
Hot Wings™ Combo $7.33
Kentucky Fried Wings™ Combo $6.78


Bacon, Egg & Cheese 6 Inch with Regular Egg $4.71
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Footlong with Regular Egg $7.13
Black Forest Ham, Egg & Cheese 6 Inch with Regular Egg $4.71
Black Forest Ham, Egg & Cheese Footlong with Regular Egg $7.13
Steak, Egg & Cheese 6 Inch with Regular Egg $4.71
Steak, Egg & Cheese Footlong with Regular Egg $7.13
Egg & Cheese 6 Inch with Regular Egg $4.38
Egg & Cheese Footlong with Regular Egg $5.48
Western Egg & Cheese 6 Inch with Regular Egg $4.38
Western Egg & Cheese Footlong with Regular Egg $7.13
Breakfast B.M.T.® Melt 6 Inch with Regular Egg $4.71
Breakfast B.M.T.® Melt Footlong with Regular Egg $7.13

Box Meals

Classic Chicken Sandwich Box $11.06
Spicy Chicken Sandwich Box $11.06

Signature Sandwiches

Crispy Colonel Combo $6.27
Crispy Colonel Sandwich $4.44

Kids' Meal

Popcorn Nuggets $4.47

Chopped Salads

Chopped Salads
Chicken & Bacon Ranch $9.65
Subway Melt® Salad $9.65
Turkey & Bacon Guacamole Salad $10.20
B.L.T. Salad $8.55
Turkey Breast & Ham Salad $8.55
Pizza Melt Salad $8.22
Veggie Patty Salad $8.00
Turkey Italiano Salad $8.55


Chocolate Chip Cookie $0.80
Cole Slaw $2.47
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie $0.64
Mac & Cheese $2.46
Whole Kernel Corn $2.47
White Chip Macadamia Nut Cookie $0.64
Baked Lays Plain $1.63
Green Beans $3.05
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy $2.47
Doritos Nacho Cheese $1.63
Potato Wedges $2.44
Fries $2.35
Gravy $1.47
Sunchips Harvest Cheddar $1.80
Apple sauce $1.41
2 Biscuits $1.64
Lays Classic Plain $1.63

2 for $6 - Select First Item

3 Extra Crispy™ Tenders $6.03
Pot Pie $6.06

Fresh Fit for Kids™

Fresh Fit for Kids™
Black Forest Ham Mini for Kids $3.30
Turkey Breast Mini for Kids $3.85
Veggie Delite® Mini for Kids $3.30

Tenders & Nuggets

Tenders Combo $6.98
Nashville Hot Tenders Combo $6.50
Popcorn Nuggets Combo $7.06


Classic Chicken Sandwich $5.11
Chicken Little $2.12
Classic Chicken Sandwich Combo $8.62
Chicken Littles Combo $6.46
Spicy Chicken Sandwich $5.12
Spicy Chicken Sandwich Combo $8.62

Kentucky Fried Wings

6 Kentucky Fried Wings $5.32
12 Kentucky Fried Wings $10.46
24 Kentucky Fried Wings $19.86
48 Kentucky Fried Wings $39.01

Popular Items

Coleslaw $3.23
Macaroni and Cheese $3.18
Chicken Breast $5.01
Mac & Cheese Bowl Fill Up $5.08
Spicy Mac & Cheese Bowl Fill Up $5.12
Sweet Corn $3.23


1% Low Fat Milk $1.96
Honest Kids® $1.30
Dasani® Bottled Water $2.40
Coke Classic $2.40


Spicy Famous Bowl $5.98
Spicy Famous Bowl Combo $6.68
Famous Bowl $6.03


4 Cinnabon® Biscuits $3.11
12 Chocolate Chip Cookies $5.47

A La Carte

A La Carte Breast $3.15
A La Carte Thigh $2.38
Large Popcorn Nuggets $4.75
A La Carte Drum $2.36
A la Carte Mac & Cheese Bowl $5.11
A La Carte Wing $2.00
A la Carte Spicy Mac & Cheese Bowl $5.11
A la Carte Tender $2.31

Sweet Treats

Lemon Cake $4.04
Double Chocolate Chip Cake $4.22


1/2 Gallon Beverage Bucket $4.77
Medium Beverage $2.08
Large Beverage $2.32
Bottled Water $2.45

Dipping Sauces

Buttermilk Ranch $0.25
Honey BBQ Sauce $0.26
Honey Mustard Sauce $0.27
Finger Lickin' Good Sauce $0.27
Classic Ranch $0.29
KFC Sauce $0.29
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During the Great Depression, Harland Sanders started selling fried chicken from his roadside restaurant Corbin, Kentucky. He was successful at it but he also realized the profit potential of franchising his restaurant concept and, thus, Kentucky Fried Chicken was born. The first franchise opened in 1952 in Utah and the chain has grown by leaps and bounds since then, not to mention that it continues to challenge the dominance of hamburger in the fast-food market.

Today, KFC is among the largest restaurant chains in the world along with the likes of McDonald’s and Wendy’s. The chain has nearly 20,000 restaurants worldwide – 123 countries and territories as of December 2015 – and its current owner is Yum! Brands, also among the world’s largest operator of restaurant brands; it also owns Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and WingStreet.

What They’re Known For

KFC is best known for its pressure-fried, on-the-bone fried chicken pieces seasoned with 11 secret herbs and spices, the Original Recipe developed by Colonel Sanders. The chain is also known for its catchy slogans, such as “So good”, “Nobody does chicken like KFC”, and “It’s Finger Lickin’ Good!”

Why Eat Here

Many of KFC’s happy customers think that it’s the best place to enjoy the best fried chicken in the restaurant industry, and we have to agree. The fried chicken here isn’t the usual deep-fried chicken that tends to be greasy, fatty and heavy. Instead, KFC has developed a special process in ensuring crispy, succulent and flavorful fried chicken, the type that’s finger-licking good.

According to press releases, every cut of chicken is hand-breaded in the original breading recipe – wheat flour mixed with the seasoning with its 11 secret herbs and spices – a process that takes between two and four minutes. The chicken pieces are then pressure fried for about 7 to 10 minutes; the number of minutes differs depending on the country but the standard oil temperature is 185°C. The fried chicken will then be left to cool for five minutes and then placed in a warming oven.

KFC ensures that only freshly-cooked fried chicken will be served to customers – fried chicken that hasn’t been sold within 90 minutes after cooking is discarded. The freshness is immediately evident as soon as you take your first bite – the skin is always crispy and the meat is juicy, succulent and tender, as well as still warm.

Do you notice that the KFC fried chicken seem to have subtle differences in flavor, especially between two locations in the United States and abroad? This is because the frying oil used varies regionally with the most commonly used being soybean oil, sunflower oil, palm oil, and rapeseed oil. The flavor of the fried chicken will also be affected by the diet of the chicken itself – the suppliers use either corn or wheat as chicken feed.

The fried chicken is available in individual servings and group servings, typically served in a bucket containing between 6 and 16 pieces.  The chicken itself can be cut anywhere between eight and nine pieces – thighs, drumsticks, breast, wings, and keel are the typical cuts.

KFC has other items on its menu, too, most of which are chicken-based. The chicken fillet wraps and sandwiches are popular because these are complete meals-in-one, in a manner of speaking. The chicken burgers include the Tower and Zinger burgers while the wraps include the Boxmasters and Twisters.

The menu also has several finger foods, such as crispy chicken strips, hot wings, and French fries, usually made from a local tuber, such as either potatoes or sweet potatoes. The popcorn chicken, which are small pieces of crunchy fried chicken, and the chicken nuggets are also popular.

For breakfast, many locations also have a breakfast menu with waffles, porridge, and pancakes. The desserts menu include the Krusher or Krushem frozen beverages with Kit Kat, Oreo and strawberry shortcake bits. Ice cream sundaes and egg custard tarts are available in some locations.

Note: KFC adapts its menu for its international locations according to regional tastes. You may then find an item in Japan that may not be available in the United States, such as fried seafood products.

Even the soft drinks come from competing brands depending on the location. Some sell Pepsi products only while others sell Coke products exclusively.

To learn more about KFC or to find a location near you, visit their website at www.kfc.com.