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Most restaurants have a set schedule – you eat breakfast until 10am, they’ll stop serving after 9pm and then close by midnight. However, if you want a place that is reliably open 24 hours a day and can offer any meal at any time then you need to go to Huddle House. This is an establishment known for offering any menu item at any time of the day and at incredibly low prices too. However, Huddle House menu prices aren’t the only defining factor as their food stands out as one of the best, even against international pancake houses.

Below are the latest Huddle House menu prices.



Premium Breakfast Platters

Served with 2 eggs cooked to order, homestyle grits or crispy hashbrowns, and toast.

Country Fried Steak with White Pepper Country Gravy$9.49
Ribeye Steak6 oz.$11.49
Ribeye Steak10 oz.$14.49
Smoked Sausage2 Pc.$8.19
Smokehouse Bacon3 Pc.$7.19
Country Sausage or Turkey Sausage2 Pc.$7.19
Two Egg Breakfast$4.89
Sugar Cured Ham$8.49
Slow Cured Country Ham$9.49
Add a Golden Waffle to Any Breakfast Meal$1.99
Upgrade Crispy Hashbrowns to "All The Way"$1.99

Stuffed Hashbrowns

Smokehouse Bacon, Sausage or Sausage Gravy$7.29
Ham & Cheese$6.79
Smoked Sausage$7.29

Golden Waffles

Golden Waffle Platter with Smokehouse Bacon$7.79
Golden Waffle Platter with Country or Turkey Sausage$7.79
Golden Waffle with Smokehouse Bacon$6.79
Golden Waffle with Country or Turkey Sausage$6.79
Southern Pecan Waffle$4.99
Strawberry Topped Waffle with Whipped Topping$4.99
Plan Waffle$3.69
Substitute Smoked Sausage for Smokehouse Bacon or Sausage on Any Meal$0.99

French Toast

French Toast Platter$6.99
Strawberry French Toast$7.19
Plain French Toast$5.79

Fluffed and Stuffed Omelets

Western Omelet$6.99
Mega Smokehouse Bacon and Cheese Omelet$8.39
Meat Lover's Omelet$7.89
Philly Cheese Steak Omelet$7.99
Garden Omelet$6.49
Ham & Cheese Omelet$7.19

Breakfast Sides

Smokehouse Bacon3 Pc.$2.99
Country or Turkey Sausage2 Pc.$2.99
Smoked Sausage2 Pc.$3.99
Slow Cured Country Ham$5.49
Sugar Cured Ham$5.49
Two Biscuits with Sausage Gravy$4.49
Golden Waffle$1.99
Smokehouse Bacon Cheddar Grits$2.99
Smokehouse Bacon Cheese Hashbrowns$3.89
Homestyle Grits or Crispy Hashbrowns$1.99
Double Your Crispy Hashbrowns$0.99
Hashbrowns "All the Way"$4.19
Raisin Toast2 Pc.$2.29
Regular Toast2 Pc.$2.74

Add Ingredient to Any Menu Item

5 Star Chili$0.99
Cheese1 Slice$0.59
Sausage Gravy$0.99
Cheddar Cheese Sauce$0.59
Chopped Bacon Bits$0.99
Diced Ham$0.99
Diced Green Peppers$0.69
Diced Tomatoes$0.69
Grilled Mushrooms$0.89
Grilled Diced Onions$0.39

Big House Breakfasts

Includes 3 Freshly Prepared Eggs, Crispy Hashbrowns, and Biscuit and Sausage Gravy or Homestyle Grits or Toast

Smokehouse Platter with Smokehouse Bacon$9.69
Smokehouse Platter with Country or Turkey Sausage$9.69
Ranch Platter with Country Ham or Sugar Cured Ham$9.99
Ranch Platter with Country Fried Steak$9.99
Big House Platter with Smokehouse Bacon$7.99
Big House Platter with Country or Turkey Sausage$7.99
Southern Smothered Biscuit Platter with Smokehouse Bacon$9.69
Southern Smothered Biscuit Platter with Country or Turkey Sausage$9.49

Big House Sandwich Combos

Build Your Own Sandwich Combo

Includes Tea, Soft Drink, or Coffee

Build Your Own Sandwich Combo$8.49

Big Bold Burgers

Served with Your Choice of Lightly Salted French Fries, Sweet Potato Fries or Tater Tots

Mushroom Swiss & Onion$7.99
Jalapeno Chipotle$7.99
BBQ Bacon Cheddar$7.99

Sandwich Platters

Served with Your Choice of Lightly Salted French Fries, Sweet Potato Fries or Tater Tots

Philly Cheese Steak$7.69
Smoked Sausage Melt$7.49
Grilled Chicken Melt$7.49
Mega BLT$7.49
Patty Melt$6.59
Add a Side Salad$2.99
Double Your Fries$1.39

Add Toppings

Grilled Mushrooms or Jalapenos$0.89
Grilled Diced Onions$0.39
Extra Cheese$0.59
Cheddar Cheese Sauce$0.59
5 Star Chili & Cheese on Fries$1.59

Substitute Items for Your Fries

Loaded Baked Potato$1.59
Onion Rings$1.29
5 Star Chili with Cheese$3.09
Side Salad$1.09

Starters & Snacks

Huddle Up Sampler$5.99
Buffalo Shrimp and Chicken Basket$7.29
Fried Pickles Basket$4.39
Jalapeno Poppers Basket$4.39
Crispy Southern Fried Chicken Tenders Basket3 Pc.$6.79
Shrimp Basket$6.99
Chicken WingsSmall$6.79
Chicken WingsLarge$9.79
Chili Cheese Fries$4.99
Mozzarella Cheese SticksSmall$4.79
Mozzarella Cheese SticksLarge$8.49

Dinner Platters

Includes Texas Toast and Two Sides

Country Fried Steak with White Pepper Country Gravy$9.29
Ribeye Steak and Shrimp6 oz.$14.99
Ribeye Steak and Shrimp10 oz.$17.99
Ribeye Steak6 oz.$11.49
Ribeye Steak10 oz.$14.49
Crispy Southern Fried Chicken Tenders$8.99
Grilled Chicken$7.99
Chopped Steak$8.99

Chili & Salads

5 Star Chili$3.89
5 Star Chili with Shredded Cheddar Cheese$4.48
Loaded 5 Star Chili$5.29
Crispy Southern Fried Chicken Salad$7.49
Grilled Chicken Salad$7.49
Large Tossed Salad$5.29
Side Tossed Salad$2.99

Bottomless Beverages

Hometown Blend Coffee$1.79
Soft Drinks$1.99
Pauline's Southern Tea$1.99
Hot Tea$1.99

Specialty Beverages

Pauline's Southern Peach Tea$2.49
Strawberry Lemonade$2.49
Minute Maid Lemonade$2.49
Hot Chocolate$1.99
Milk or Chocolate Milk$2.79
Minute Maid Orange JuiceLarge$2.49
Minute Maid Orange JuiceRegular$1.99


Turtle Waffle Sundae$2.99
Chocolate Covered Strawberry Waffle Sundae$2.99
Oreo Waffle Sundae$2.99
Seasonal Cobbler$2.99
Warm Brownie a la Mode$3.99
Turtle Cheesecake$3.99
Strawberry Cheesecake$3.99
Hand Dipped Milk Shake (Chocolate, Strawberry, or Vanilla)$2.99
Hand Dipped Milk Shake (Oreo or Turtle)$3.49

Kids Menu


Two Eggs Served with Grits and Toast$3.49
Golden Waffle$3.69
Golden Waffle with Smokehouse Bacon$4.69
Strawberry French Toast$3.99
French Toast with Smokehouse Bacon$4.69


Served with French Fries or Tater Tots

Grilled Cheese$3.99
Chicken Tenders2 Pc.$4.99


Kids Milk / Chocolate Milk$1.49
Kids Soft Drink or Iced Tea$1.49

Disclaimer: Prices shown above have been sourced from individual restaurant visits and other online sources. They may not cover recent changes. Contact the restaurant directly to find the exact pricing information.

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History of Huddle House

John Sparks opened the first Huddle House in 1964 in Decatur, Georgia. The name was derived from the act of huddling in a game of American football and Sparks’ main goal was to open an establishment that can offer high quality meals 24 hours a day. To this day it is known as one of the most recommended restaurants to go to after a big game. It has proven to be a successful business model and there are now over 390 locations across 21 states, most of them located in the South however there are a few locations in Illinois and Indiana.

What’s Huddle House Famous For?

Huddle House prices are very appealing and the overall design makes them appear quite welcoming but the success of Huddle House goes beyond that. Having the freedom to walk in at 2am and order anything from their breakfast, lunch and dinner menu has never been matched by any other establishment. You can walk in late at night and still order hashbrowns and waffles or have your steak in the morning. The fact that it’s open all around the clock makes it even more appealing because now it can be you or your family’s favorite spot no matter what time of day people get free from their busy schedules.

Why Eat at Huddle House

Huddle House is the place to go when you get off at work in the middle of the night, it’s the place to eat when you want pancakes or biscuits and gravy after dinner and it’s the place that’s ideal for your whole family, group of friends or even your date to have a good time. The food is always guaranteed to be good, the prices are low and with a round-the-clock menu you have a wider selection of food to choose from.

To learn more about Huddle House or to find a location near you, visit their website at

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