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Burritos may be Mexican in origin but these are among the most popular food in the United States.  Many fast-food and casual dining chains in the country serve the savory dish because of their filling and satisfying quality.  Plus, these can also be adapted for the American on-the-go lifestyle, such as when eating on the run. Below are the latest Hot Head Burritos menu prices.


Popular Items

Regular Burrito$8.93
Regular Bowl$8.96



Craft Recipes

2. Hawaiian$11.48
Jalapeno Ranch$12.10
Paleo Bowl With Steak$13.25
Sweet Habanero$12.05
9. Leroy's Spicy Chicken$11.43
Fish Taco$4.07
7. Jalapeno Ranch$11.51
Leroy's Spicy Chicken$12.08
1. Sweet Habanero$11.43
8. Cheetos Flamin' Hot$12.77
Pork Verde$11.69
Southwest Ranch$12.15
6. Southwest Ranch$11.51
Chicken Power Bowl$17.19
Steak Power Bowl$17.23
3. Teriyaki$11.45
Veggie Power Bowl$11.54
4. Americano$11.50
Hawaiian Pork$12.27
Paleo Bowl With Pork$13.23
Keto Bowl With Chicken$11.65
Keto Bowl With Barbacoa$11.69
5. Cantina Nachos$11.96
Doritos Flamin' Hot Chorizo Nachos$14.75


Kids Meal$8.09
Cheese Quesadilla$6.46
Deluxe Quesadilla$10.19
Smothered Burrito$13.49
Abrazo Taco$5.09
Cantina Nachos$12.53
Two Pack$25.38
Walking Taco$4.22

Most Ordered

Li'l Burrito$7.73
Bottled Pop - 20oz$3.21
Li'l Bowl$7.73
Fountain Drink$2.95


Queso Blanco$2.62
Cheetos Flamin' Hot$5.86
Hot Head Queso$2.44
Custom Queso$3.94
Sour Cream$0.95
Jalapeno Poppers$4.97
Doritos Nacho Cheese$1.50
Doritos Flamin' Hot Cool Ranch$2.35
Doritos Flamin' Hot Nacho Cheese$2.29
Sweet Habanero Bottle$7.46


Killer Brownie - Large$8.03
Killer Brownie - Single Serve$3.57


Bottled Water$2.41
Bottled Soda$2.62
Pure Leaf Tea$3.44
Fruit Shoot$2.70
Tropicana Twister$2.85
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About Hot Head Burritos

The Hot Head Burritos chain of restaurants obviously prides itself on the excellent quality of its burritos, among other Mexican-style foods.  The casual ambiance lends itself well to groups of families and friends who are looking for inexpensive yet delicious foods and drinks.


Hot Head Burritos is among the fast-food chains specializing in Mexican-style foods making a name for itself in the restaurant industry.  From its corporate headquarters in Dayton, Ohio, the chain maintains 75 locations as of October 2016 in the United States. It has also been recognized as among America’s next big chains by in 2009 and as one of 2011’s Top 100 Movers and Shakers by FastCasual.

What It’s Famous For

The chain is most famous for its Mexican-style foods with burritos taking the center stage.

Why Eat Here

The Hot Head Burritos concept is similar to Chipotle but there are also several differences that make it a force to be reckoned with despite its relative newcomer status. The prices are more affordable, a boon to students, young professionals, and families on a budget who want to dine out without running out of cash. No surprised then that the lunch and dinner crowd usually have more than a few dishes on their tables!

The servings are also more generous so much so that the bowls are usually stuffed to the brim. Many diners say that they don’t even have to ask for extra servings because the typical ones are already satisfying. In contrast, diners also say that they have to ask for more toppings at Chipotle although it’s also a matter of personal preference.

But the quality of the ingredients are always topnotch so your worries about quality being sacrificed for quantity is unwarranted. You will immediately see that, indeed, the ingredients are of fresh and premium quality, from the crisp vegetables to the juicy meats.

The concept is simple, too, especially if you have been to an assembly-line type of restaurant. You make your orders via an assembly line of wait staff ready to customize your burritos, tacos, quesadillas, bowls, and nachos. You may add your choice in:

  • Fiber – Rice, brown rice, pinto beans, black beans, and peppers and onions
  • Proteins – Chicken, spicy chicken, steak, spicy steak, pork, spicy pork, taco meat, and beef barbacoa
  • Salsa – Pico, Corn, Roja, Verde, and Wild, which have spice levels from 1 (Pico) to 10 (Wild)
  • Onions and peppers, such as banana peppers and jalapeno peppers, can also be added
  • Sauce – Sweet Habanero, BBQ, Ranch, and Taco, among others
  • Toppings – Sour cream, lettuce, cheddar, Monterey Jack, and guacamole

You can also pick a side, such as salsa, queso, chips, or guacamole.  If you choose a vegetarian meal, you will be provided with the on-the-house guacamole.

The assembly line style of ordering and the ingredients for the Mexican-inspired foods are familiar to most people who have gone to create-your-own food (e.g., pizzas and burritos) places. But the Hot Head Burritos chain distinguishes itself by making great sauces with different spice levels – and we all know how the right sauce can elevate ordinary burritos to extraordinary burritos!

The spice levels range from 1 for the Sweet Habanero and 5 for the Hot Head to 10 for the Straight Habanero. Diners can mix and match their burritos, for example, with the sauces so that each one has its own distinctive taste.

The wait staff are also helpful, friendly and efficient. Even first-time diners praise the accommodating attitude of the wait staff, from running down the list of ingredients to making suggestions about the popular combos.

The facilities are clean even when the food items can be messy to eat.  The restrooms are usually well-maintained with the basic amenities for hygiene purposes, too.

The main issue apparently with Hot Head Burritos restaurants is that these places are too popular.  Seats may not always be available although the staff members look in behalf of the waiting diners so the waiting time isn’t too long.

Yet another reason for becoming a regular at your nearest Hot Head Burritos is the generous rewards system. There are birthday rewards wherein the birthday celebrant receives a free item; the Earn Free Food promo where signing up means getting a free order of queso and chips followed by earning points for freebies; and Double Point Tuesdays where you can earn twice as many points.  Getting free food may mean buying as many food as you can at a Hot Head Burritos place!

To learn more about Hot Head Burritos or to find a location near you, visit their website at

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Hot Head Burritos FAQ

How much is Hot Head Burritos's Fountain Drink?

Fountain Drink – $2.56

How much is a Pure Leaf Tea Bottles at Hot Head Burritos?

Pure Leaf Tea Bottles – $3.51

How much are Veggie Lil Bowl at Hot Head Burritos?

Veggie Lil Bowl – $6.97

How much does a Hot Head Burritos's Regular Burrito Cost?

Regular Burrito – $8.94

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