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Hearty and healthy – these are the meals that the chain of Happy + Hale restaurants offer their customers. The bowls, salads and beverages on the menu were carefully chosen to deliver on nutrition, flavor and portion. The wallet-friendly Happy + Hale prices are a bonus considering the health benefits that come from eating their meals. Below are the latest Happy + Hale menu prices.


Salads + Bowls

Poole'side Salad$11.95
Create Your Own Bowl$9.95
Bueno Bowl$10.95
Med Bowl$10.95
Falafel Grain Bowl$9.95
Chimichurri Steak Bowl$11.95
Ahi Poké Bowl$10.95
Quinoa Bowl$8.50
Protein Bowl$9.95
Thai Chicken Crunch$11.95


The Almond Brothers$6.50
Big Green$6.50
City Of Oats$6.50
Pink Drink$6.95

All Day Breakfast

Açai Bowl$10.95
Breakfast Wrap$7.35
The Scramble$7.95


Lacroix Lemon$1.50
Lacroix Lime$1.50
Lacroix Grapefruit$1.50
Mati Cherry$2.95
Mati Citrus$2.95
Mati Peach Mango$2.95
Smart Water$2.50
Tribucha Brainiac$4.00
Tribucha Controlled Burn$4.00
Tribucha Flowers Of Life$4.00

Gluten Free Pastries

Chocolate Chip Cookie$3.00
Vegan Pb Brownie$4.50
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About Happy + Hale

Of course, it must also be said that making healthy choices in food is always up to the customer.  The likes of Happy + Hale can only offer these healthy choices but you have to make the decision on your own.


Matt Whitley and Tyler Helikson founded Happy + Hale on a dream – to provide the world with hearty and healthy meals that will make them happy. Their dream started small – just a tricycle and an electric golf cart for physical presence as well as a website created overnight – but it soon became bigger. Aside from its flagship retail shop in Raleigh, the chain has restaurants in Durham and Greenville, South Carolina, too.

What They’re Famous For

Happy + Hale is a chain of fast-casual eateries that offers a wide range of salads, smoothies and juices, among others. The chain’s main focus is in using simple ingredients to create healthy and hearty food and drinks – or as its management calls it, fresh, fast and healthy fuel for the body.

Why Eat Here

Every Happy + Hale eatery is a great place to enjoy generously-sized food and drinks suitable for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. Come here when the doors are open and you will find two or more meals that will suit your physical and mental requirements for the day.

The menu will vary depending on the hour of the day although there are several items that are available for most hours of the day. For example, the acai bowls, avocado toast, and breakfast wraps are available in the morning while the chimichurri steak bowl and protein bowl are available during lunch until dinner.

The Happy + Hale menu’s signature dishes are the salads + bowls, which cater to the needs of meat lovers, vegetarians, and vegans as well as people looking for gluten-free dishes. People with allergies to dairy, nuts and soy don’t have to worry about accidentally ingesting these foods since the menu clearly states whether a certain dish has them or not.

A few of the bowls also contain raw fish, such as the ahi poke bowl, so customers have to be aware of it; the consumption of raw fish, among others, can cause serious food issues although Happy + Hale chefs ensure that the raw fish is treated properly. Be sure to check the ingredients – or ask the servers or chefs – about it, especially if you have special dietary needs.

The ahi poke bowl is a favorite because it’s a flavorful dish made of raw ahi tuna, sticky rice, and diced avocado with citrus ponsu and wasabi ginger dressings. The chimichurri steak bowl contains a savory combination of chipotle-seared tenderloin and roasted vegetables including red peppers, mushrooms, and onions mixed with wild rice, pesto, and chipotle ranch. The falafel grain bowl is a delight with its mushroom and herb baked falafel, warm lentils, and crisp kale salad.

For meat lovers, the protein bowl is a great choice with its bacon, chicken breast, and goat cheese topped with honey sriracha dressing. But if you’re going the vegetable route, try the quinoa bowl with black beans, golden quinoa, and feta cheese served with tortilla crunch, diced onions and tomatoes, and red pepper vinaigrette.

Breakfast is more delightful with choices like The Scrambler, a scrambled eggs creation with your choice of vegetables and served with cheese, bacon, and golden quinoa. Try the Avocado Toast and Breakfast Wrap, too, if you’re looking for something great to start your day.  Check out the acai bowl, too, because it has good things in store for your palate and body – acai berry with bananas, blueberries, granola, chia seeds, coconut flakes and honey; yes, it’s a vegetarian treat.

The drinks are just as great-tasting as the food so we suggest ordering one, either to go with your meal or as a meal in itself. All the smoothies at Happy + Hale are vegan and gluten-free so there’s no reason to avoid them even when you have special dietary needs. The smoothies include City of Oats (steel cut oats, almond milk, and strawberries), Almond Brothers (chocolate almond milk with ground coffee), and Hale Mary (almond milk, spinach, and pineapple).

There are also cold-pressed juices like Beet It, Kale Crusader, and Hot n’ Bothered. The combination of vegetables and fruits in the juices make them such healthy treats that you will never get tired of.

Every Happy + Hale eatery has a casual and hip ambiance, thus, the crowd usually consists of students, young professionals, and even businessmen in their casual and business attired. There’s outdoor seating, free Wi-Fi access, and clean facilities so casual gatherings with friends and family are possible here.

To learn more about Happy + Hale or to find a location near you, visit their website at www.happyandhale.com.

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Happy + Hale FAQ

How much is Happy + Hale's Tribucha Controlled Burn?

Tribucha Controlled Burn – $4.00

How much is a Lacroix Grapefruit at Happy + Hale?

Lacroix Grapefruit – $1.50

How much are Breakfast Wrap at Happy + Hale?

Breakfast Wrap – $7.35

How much does a Happy + Hale's Falafel Grain Bowl Cost?

Falafel Grain Bowl – $9.95

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