Halal Guys Prices

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May, 2022 Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest Halal Guys menu prices.

Item Price


Platter $9.32
Chicken and Gyro Combo Platter $10.09
Falafel Platter $10.66
Small Platter $8.68


Combo Sandwich $9.51
Chicken Sandwich $9.49
Beef Gyro Sandwich $9.49
Chicken and Beef Gyro Sandwich $10.42
Falafel Sandwich $9.49
Beef Gyro and Falafel Sandwich $10.42
Gyro Sandwich $9.21
Chicken and Falafel Sandwich $10.42

Picked For You

Combo Platter $11.29

Regular Platters

Regular Combo Platter $11.95
Regular Gyro Platter $11.95
Regular Chicken Platter $11.96
Regular Falafel Platter $11.96


Extra Pita $1.23
Extra Sauce $0.71

New! Burritos

Combo Burrito $12.40
Chicken Burrito $12.20
Gyro Burrito $12.32
Burrito $11.49
Falafel Burrito $12.05
2 oz. Cheese Sauce $1.50
6 oz. Cheese Sauce $4.99

Top Menu Items

Platters $10.39
Sandwiches $8.49
Beef Gyro Platter $9.98
Chicken Platter $10.70
Regular Platter $9.29

Limited Time Offer

Spicy Hummus $3.57
Lemon Hummus $4.84
Signature Spicy Chicken/Falafel Sandwich $11.58

Small Platters

Small platters served with rice, pita, lettuce, tomatoes, one packet of white sauce and one packet of red sauce.
Small Chicken Platter $10.96
Small Gyro Platter $10.95
Small Falafel Platter $10.96
Small Combo Platter $10.95


Chocolate Chip Cookies $2.27
Chocolate Chunk Cookies $2.43

Popular Items

Gyro Platter $11.17
Combo Chicken and Gyro Sandwich $9.98
Sandwich $8.56

Party Platter

Party Pack $269.00

Fry Platters

A platter with french fries, lettuce, tomatoes, your choice of protein, pita bread, white sauce packet, and hot sauce packet.
Falafel Fry Platter $12.20
Chicken Fry Platter $12.20
Gyro Fry Platter $12.20
Combo Fry Platter $12.20


Extra White Sauce $0.85
Hummus $4.33
Baba Ganoush $4.84
Extra Hot Sauce $0.62
Falafel $2.26
Side of Hummus $5.56
Baba Ghanouj $3.83
French Fries $3.60
Side of Fries $3.50
Side of Tahini $3.75
Side of Rice $2.68
Fries $3.32
Extra Whole Pita $1.25
White Sauce Packet To-Go $0.95
Baba Ghanoush $4.54
White Sauce $0.74
Hot Sauce Packet To-Go $0.72
Hot Sauce $0.56
Jalapeños $2.37
Hot Sauce Packet $0.62
White Sauce Pouch To-Go $5.59
Olives $2.58
Tahini $3.53
White Sauce Packet $0.64
Pita $1.30
Side of Baba Ghanouj $5.51
Side of Jalapenos $3.56
Side of Tabbouleh $3.75
Rice $1.92
Tabbouleh $4.15
Baba Ganouj $4.77
Side of Pita $1.58
Side of Olives $3.66
White Sauce Pouch $8.19


20 oz Fountain Drink $2.45
Bottle of Soda $2.95
Bottle Water $1.77
Bottled Coke $2.86
Dasani $2.60
Fountain Soda $2.09
Poland Spring $1.87
Water $2.13
Bottle of Sprite $2.95
Bottled Diet Coke $2.86
Bottled Drinks $2.73
Coke $2.93
Bottled Soda $2.52
Bottle Of Water $2.95
Bottled Sprite $2.90
Bottles $2.79
Diet Coke $2.93
Snapple $2.49
Gatorade $2.54
Sprite $2.99
Snapple Lemon Tea $2.74
Soda $2.28
Bottled Ginger Ale $2.94
Bottled Dr. Pepper $2.81
Snapple Diet Lemon Tea $2.91
Bottled Water $1.86


Fresh Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies $2.59
Chocolate Chip Cookie $2.06
Baklava $3.23
Chocolate Chunk Cookie $1.74
2 Chocolate Chip Cookies $3.67


Fountain Drinks $1.94

Sides (a la carte)

Hot Sauce To-Go $0.62
White Sauce To-Go Packet $1.49

Small Salads

Choice of protein over a bed of lettuce and tomato. Includes pita bread, white sauce packet, and hot sauce packet.
Small Combo Salad $10.95
Small Chicken Salad $10.95
Small Gyro Salad $10.95
Small Falafel Salad $10.95

Regular Salads

Choice of protein over a bed of lettuce and tomato. Includes pita bread, white sauce packet, and hot sauce packet.
Regular Combo Salad $11.95
Regular Chicken Salad $11.95
Regular Gyro Salad $11.95
Regular Falafel Salad $11.95

Craft Beverages

Cranberry Lemonade $4.20
Creamy Mango $4.20
Hibiscus Lemonade $4.20
Mango Lemonade $4.20
Mint Lemonade $4.20
Passion Fruit Lemonade $4.20
Pomegranate Lemonade $4.20
Tropical Lemonade $4.20


The Halal Guys' Authentic Sauces
White Sauce 1.6 oz $0.75
White Sauce 16 oz $8.99
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About Halal Guys

The term “halal” refers to the lawful (i.e., permissible) dishes, desserts and drinks under traditional Islamic law. There are also several distinctions within halal including mandatory, recommended, and neutral so restaurants offering halal food have to be careful about these distinctions.

One of the foremost restaurant chains that offers halal food in the United States is The Halal Guys, a fast casual restaurant franchise with both storefront and food cart locations worldwide. These locations are so popular that the lines can be lengthy, sometimes stretching to a block, but the wait isn’t long because of the fast service. The customers include students, young and old professionals, and businessmen looking for delicious food, whether they are on a halal diet or not.

The Halal Guys prices are part of the chain’s charm – affordable without sacrificing on the flavorful quality of the food.


Mohamed Abouelenein, Ahmed Elsaka, and Abdelbaset Elsayed launched The Halal Guys as a hotdog cart in 1990 in New York’s 53rd and 6th. But Abouelenein soon realized that hotdogs aren’t exactly filling and satisfying fare so he made the decision to change the cart’s offerings to gyro meat, chicken, rice and pita the following year.

At first, the customers were mainly Muslim cab drivers who were looking for affordable yet tasty halal meals that they can get on the go. But word soon spread around New York City about the wonderful chicken and gyro meat over pita and rice meals so much so that people were lining up for an hour or more to get them! The now-famous red and white sauces were also instrumental in the growth of The Halal Guys from a simple food cart, one among hundreds in the Big Apple, to a worldwide sensation.

What They’re Famous For

People new to American halal food introduced by The Halal Guys will love the platter of chicken or gyro meat served with fluffy rice, as well as the wrap sandwich with the same ingredients. In fact, it’s the core dish of the ever-expanding menu of the restaurant franchise because it’s simple to eat yet scrumptious on the palate and filling in the stomach.

Such is the popularity of the food cart that a student food club dedicated to its food has been established at the New York University! Even recognized chefs praise the quality of the food, even when they have to wait in line for it.

Why Eat Here

Everyone who visits the Big Apple should visit The Halal Guys at least once! Every true New Yorker who knows the city like the palm of his hand should make the trip to the original location at 53rd and 6th near the infamous HOPE sign.

The menu is relatively limited but what it lacks in quantity it more than makes up for quality. Even the price is reasonable, if not cheap, considering the amount of food that you can get.

There are two main choices on the menu, namely, the platters and sandwiches. The platter typically includes meat, which can be chicken and/or gyro, as well as fluffy rice, iceberg lettuce, and slices of pita bread. The iceberg lettuce may also be substituted for extra rice in case you want a quick carbohydrate boost, aside from a menu option that offers a platter sans the rice.

The sandwiches contain the same ingredients as the platters but these are wrapped in pita bread. Many customers say that this is a lower-calorie option since there’s no rice in them. The carts also offer falafel, a meat alternative.

But it isn’t just the platters and sandwiches that people line up for here in New York City. The red and white sauces, which come in small packets, are also favorites among loyal customers many of whom slather it on their meat dishes at home.

The white sauce has a tangy flavor due to the combination of vinegar, salt, sugar, black pepper, canola oil, soybean, egg yolk, and natural flavors. The red sauce with its ground red pepper, salt, spices, vinegar, and concentrated lemon juice isn’t for the faint of heart – it’s so scorching hot that it may drown out the delicious flavors of the halal food. But if you’re into extra-hot food, then go ahead of get it.

The chain has both food carts and storefront restaurants in the United States and abroad. While both have essentially the same menu, these locations have their obvious differences, such as in the availability of seating, restroom facilities, and accessibility.  Both types, however, typically accepts only cash payments, especially when you’re buying from the food carts.

Since the food carts are usually located in high-traffic areas, customers usually include people from many walks of life from the cabbies on their rounds to the young professionals on their lunch breaks.  Be prepared for the long lines because The Halal Guys are the go-to guys for the best in American halal food!

To learn more about Halal Guys or to find a location near you, visit their website at thehalalguys.com.

Halal Guys FAQ

How much is Halal Guys's Beef Gyro and Falafel Sandwich?

Beef Gyro and Falafel Sandwich – $10.42

How much is a Chicken and Beef Gyro Sandwich at Halal Guys?

Chicken and Beef Gyro Sandwich – $10.42

How much are Chicken Sandwich at Halal Guys?

Chicken Sandwich – $9.49

How much does a Halal Guys's Combo Platter Cost?

Combo Platter – $11.29

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