Gong Cha Prices: How much is Gong Cha?

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In the world of beverages, few names resonate as deeply as Gong Cha. With its tantalizing array of teas and impeccable service, Gong Cha has managed to capture the hearts and palates of tea enthusiasts worldwide. This article takes a closer look at Gong Cha, unveiling its reputation, soaring popularity, and the reasons behind its enduring allure. Below are the latest Gong Cha menu prices.


Featured items

Royal Pearl Milk Tea$9.70
Mango Fresh Milk with Mango Pearls$9.83
Brown Sugar Fresh Milk with Brown Sugar Pearls$9.39

Branded Merchandise

Stainless Steel Straw Set$7.50

Health Tea Series

Lemon Roasted Melon Tea with Basil Seed$8.66
Matcha Red Bean$8.65
Matcha Tea Latte$7.60
Honey Lemon$8.23
Old Style Plum Tea$8.34
White Pearl and Ai-Yu Special$9.66
Matcha Latte$8.65

Milk Foam Series

Milk Foam Green Tea$8.67
Milk Foam Black Tea$8.68
Milk Foam Oolong Tea$8.88
Milk Foam Alisan Tea$9.53
Milk Foam Wintermelon Tea$9.70
Milk Foam Earl Grey Tea$9.67

Smoothie Series

Mango Smoothie$9.26
Red Bean Smoothie$9.31
Matcha Smoothie$9.30
Matcha Red Bean Smoothie$9.31
Peach Yoghurt Smoothie$9.32
Lemon Yoghurt Smoothie$9.32
Cookie Choco Smoothie$9.43
Honeydew Smoothie$9.28
Strawberry Cookie Smoothie$8.50
Pearl Milk Tea Smoothie$9.90

Little Star Jelly Series

Tropical Fruit Party$8.42

Creative Mix Series

Peach Green Tea$7.91
Grapefruit Green Tea$7.90
QQ Passionfruit Green Tea$8.92
Passionfruit Green Tea$7.89
Mango Alisan Tea$7.88
Honey Green Tea$7.90
Lemon Green Tea$8.77
Lemon Tea$7.57
Grape Green Tea with Basil$8.62
Double Strawberry Green Tea$9.56
Lychee Oolong with Aloe$8.82
Plum Green Tea$8.61
Apple Green Tea$7.73
Grapefruit Mango Green Tea$8.83
Mango Pomelo Drink$9.66


Pearl Milk Tea$8.19

Milk Tea Series

Cookie Milk Tea$8.64
Cookie Choco Milk Tea$8.67
Toffee Oolong Milk Tea$7.60
Caramel Milk Tea$8.13
Honeydew Milk Tea$8.17
Double Coconut Milk Tea$8.75
Royal Milk Tea$7.83
Taro Coconut Milk Tea$8.89
Green Milk Tea$7.83
Oolong Milk Tea$7.81
Brown Sugar Milk Tea$8.17
Taro Milk Tea$8.17
Chocolate Milk Tea$7.65
Honey Milk Tea$8.03
Choco Milk Tea$9.10
Earl Grey Milk Tea$7.83
Earl Grey Milk Tea With 3J$9.44
Wintermelon Tea Latte$8.18
Mango Green Milk Tea$8.16
Strawberry Au Lait$8.17
Brown Sugar MT with Pearls$8.30

Yogurt Series

Green Tea Yoghurt$8.82
Lemon Yoghurt$8.17
Plum Yoghurt$8.13
Grape Yoghurt$8.18
Mango Yoghurt$8.14
Green Yoghurt$7.83

Brewed Tea Series

Green Tea$7.20
Black Tea$7.20
Oolong Tea$7.40
Alisan Tea$7.97
Wintermelon Tea$7.42
Longan Honey Tea$8.07
Wintermelon Alisan Tea$7.99

Soy Series

Matcha Soy Latte$8.61
Royal Soy Milk Tea$8.03
Soy Milk Green Tea$8.03
Soy Milk Earl Grey Tea$8.05
Soy Milk Oolong Tea$8.03
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Crafting Liquid Elegance: The Gong Cha Experience

Gong Cha offers more than just a beverage; it provides an experience that indulges the senses and transports individuals to a world of refined taste. With a diverse menu that spans from classic milk teas to innovative fruit infusions, Gong Cha caters to a wide spectrum of preferences. Each sip is a journey, as flavors harmonize with textures, creating an intricate dance that delights the taste buds.

Gong Cha’s Reputation: The Art of Perfection

At the heart of Gong Cha’s reputation lies its commitment to perfection. Each cup of tea is crafted with precision, utilizing premium ingredients and age-old techniques to deliver an unparalleled sensory experience. The mastery behind Gong Cha’s tea blends extends beyond taste; it’s an art form that marries tradition with innovation.

Gong Cha’s reputation is a testament to its unwavering pursuit of excellence. From meticulously selecting tea leaves to refining brewing processes, every detail is designed to ensure that each cup surpasses expectations. This dedication to delivering consistent, extraordinary quality has garnered Gong Cha a devoted following that spans continents.

A World Thirsting for Gong Cha: Popularity on the Rise

Gong Cha’s popularity isn’t confined to a single locale; it’s a global phenomenon that transcends borders. As tea enthusiasts worldwide seek a beverage that tantalizes their taste buds and soothes their souls, Gong Cha emerges as a beacon of quality and taste. The brand’s ability to cater to diverse preferences, from traditionalists to trendsetters, positions it as a go-to destination for individuals seeking the perfect cup of tea.

The rise of Gong Cha’s popularity is also fueled by its adaptability. In an era where convenience is paramount, Gong Cha has embraced digital platforms and delivery services, ensuring that its offerings reach individuals wherever they are. This forward-thinking approach has not only expanded Gong Cha’s reach but has also solidified its reputation as a brand that evolves with the times.

The Digital Aroma: Gong Cha in the Digital Age

Gong Cha’s popularity in the digital age is a testament to the power of visual storytelling. Platforms like Instagram and TikTok have become virtual showcases for Gong Cha’s exquisite creations. Captivating images and videos of perfectly brewed teas, adorned with tapioca pearls and fruit slices, create a visual allure that entices both loyal patrons and curious newcomers.

Gong Cha’s digital presence isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about connection. Engaging with customers through social media platforms allows Gong Cha to forge deeper bonds, providing insights into the brand’s journey and inviting patrons to become part of the Gong Cha story.

In Conclusion: Gong Cha’s Timeless Elegance

In a world that’s ever-evolving, Gong Cha stands as a bastion of timeless elegance and taste. Its reputation, meticulously built on the pillars of perfection and innovation, and its resounding popularity that resonates with tea enthusiasts globally, underscore the magic of a brand that transforms a simple beverage into a remarkable experience.

So, whether you’re in search of a soothing moment or a burst of energy, Gong Cha offers more than a beverage – it offers a sip of artistry that lingers on the palate and in the memory. With each cup, Gong Cha invites us to savor life’s simple pleasures, reminding us that in every sip, there’s a story waiting to be told..

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Gong Cha FAQ

How much is Gong Cha's Passionfruit Green Tea?

Passionfruit Green Tea – $7.30

How much is a Apple Green Tea at Gong Cha?

Apple Green Tea – $7.00

How much are Milk Foam Oolong Tea at Gong Cha?

Milk Foam Oolong Tea – $8.40

How much does a Gong Cha's Cookie Choco Milk Tea Cost?

Cookie Choco Milk Tea – $8.00

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