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Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery and Grill is one of the most popular chains in the country providing top-quality Caribbean delicacies at a low and affordable price. As a matter of fact, Golden Krust is now considered as the leading Jamaican business in the United States and is known for being the only Caribbean establishment that offers nine different varieties of the popular Jamaican patty. For anyone looking to fill their hunger with high quality food from the West Indies then this is the top choice to consider. Below are the latest Golden Krust menu prices.



Natural Juices$5.17
Poland Spring Water$1.38
Bigga Sodas$2.57
Bottled Water$1.55
Bigga Pineapple$3.06
Peanut Punch$5.71
D and G Soda$2.79
Tropical Rhythm$3.43
Bottled Soda$2.28
DandG Soda$2.87
Cran Wata$2.10
Tropical Rhythms$3.19
Tropical Rythm$3.14
Tru Juice$3.86
Bigga Soda$2.79
Pepsi, 20oz. Bottle$2.59
Bigga Ginger Beer$3.27
Kola Soda$3.10
Ginger Beer$3.72
Natural Juice$4.11
D and G Sodas$2.57
Vita Malt$3.02
True Juice$4.69
Ocean Spray$2.16
Can Soda$1.70
Coconut Water$4.78
Pineapple Ginger Soda$3.10
Sorrel Ginger$3.05
Fountain Drink$1.86
Fruit Punch$3.56
Bottle Water$1.50
DandG Sodas$2.98
Mango and Carrot$3.10
Pineapple and Ginger Juice$4.88
Snapple Lemon Iced Tea$2.88
Snapple Mango$2.88
Bigga Kola Champagne$3.10
Lemonade Juice$3.45
Bigga Orange$3.10

Combo Meals - Breakfast

Traditional caribbean breakfast is a great way to stared any day. Choose your meal and accompaniment of yam, boiled bananas, boiled dumplings or bread.
Callaloo and Cod Fish$8.75


Coco Bread - 4 Pieces$6.99

Breakfast Mains

Ackee and Salt Fish$11.00

Top Menu Items

Braised Oxtail Meal$18.60
Jerk Chicken Meal$12.55

Breads & Pastries

Coconut Cake$3.34
Lemon Cake$4.16
Bulla Cake$4.00
Slice Loaves$1.63

Reggae Fest Combo Meals

Braised Oxtail Combo$18.60
Curried Chicken Combo$11.34
Stew Chicken Combo$11.84
6 Curried Chicken Combo$11.68
7 Braised Oxtail Combo$17.16
Curried Goat Combo$13.61

Popular Items

7. Braised Oxtail Meal$17.16
Jerk Chicken Combo$12.55
Curry Chicken Combo$10.99
2. Jerk Chicken Meal$13.39
Curry Goat Combo$13.27
Snapper Fish Combo$18.85
Sliced King Fish Combo$15.51

Picked For You

Brown Stew Chicken$11.12


Curry Chicken$12.52


Soup Of The Day$6.05

Meals and Specials

Brown Stew Snapper$18.60


Savory, flavorful spicy or mild ground beef, cheese beef, curry chicken, spinach, vegetables, jerk chicken wrapped in flaky layers of our signature golden crust. A Jamaican classic.
Spicy Beef$4.60
spicy beyond patty$6.35
Chee-Zee Beef Patty$3.38
Mild Beef$4.59
Beef Patty$2.91
Mild Beef Patty$3.28
Cheezee Beef Patty$3.29
Curry Chicken Patty$3.43
Blazin' Pepper Shrimp Patty$4.94
Beef Cocktail Patty$15.41
Chicken Patty$3.10
Cocktail Patties$12.33
Curried Chicken Patty$3.58
Spicy Beef Patty$3.38
Jerk Chicken Patty$3.33
Shrimp Patty$3.27
Spinach Patty$3.36
Chee-Zee Beef$3.54
Vegetable Patty$3.26
Dozen Cocktail Patties$9.31
Cocktail Patty$12.55
Krust Patty$2.27
Soya Patty$2.21
Big Up Mild Beef Patty$4.95
Big Up Spicy Beef Patty$4.95
Cocktail Chicken$13.12
Big Up Cheezee Beef Patty$5.19

Reggae Fest Meals

Braised Oxtail$23.72
Stew Chicken$13.57
Whole Snapper Fish$23.10
Stew Peas$15.82
Jerk Chicken$12.60
Curry Shrimp$17.31
Snapper Fish$18.97
Curried Chicken$12.15
BBQ Chicken Meal$11.71
Curried Chicken Meal$11.34
Curried Goat Meal$13.61
Stewed Chicken$18.85
Curried Goat$15.86
Fried Chicken$11.72
Patty and Coco Bread$5.55
Stew Chicken Meal$11.84
2. Jerk Chicken Combo$13.39
6. Curried Chicken Meal$11.68
Jerk Pork$12.68
Curried Shrimp$17.62
Jerk Pork Meal$13.69
Sliced Fish$14.52
Whole Snapper Fish Meal$21.75
Fried Chicken Meal$12.13
Whole Red Snapper Combo$21.06
Cow Foot$13.42
King Fish$21.45


Brown Stew Fish.$20.36

Reggaefest Combo

All served with brown / white rice and peas.
1/4 Jerk Chicken$6.49
Beef or Chicken Patty Combo$4.31

Combo Meals

Sliced King Fish Meal$15.51
Snapper Fish Meal$18.85


Large Soup of the Day$10.65
Goat Head Soup$6.47
Small Soup of the Day$7.16
Chicken Soup$6.05

Lunch Special

BBQ Chicken$10.87

Reggae First Meals

Escovitch Fish$19.22

Lunch/Dinner Sides

Family Feast Jerk Chicken$40.24


Mild Beef Patty.$3.93
Spicy Beef Patty.$3.93
Curried Chicken Patty.$4.11
Vegetable Patty.$4.11
Coco Bread.$2.34
Jerk Chicken Patty.$4.24
Spinach Patty.$4.11
Pack of Coco Bread.$8.94
1 Dozen Beef Patties.$47.59
1 Dozen Chicken Patties.$49.54

‘Sharing is Caring’ Deals

Two Curry Goat Combos$26.88
Two Snapper Fish Combo$29.38


Beef Patty Combo$6.36

Side Order

Candied Yams$3.42

Side Orders

Fried Dumpling$1.17
Jerk Chicken Pasta$7.62
Macaroni and Cheese$4.64
Spinach Rice$4.89
White Rice$3.85
Steamed Vegetables$4.23
Fried Plantains$3.91
Jerk Wings$7.98
Rice and Peas$4.90
Steam Vegetables$4.27
Mac and Cheese$5.19
Fried Plantain$2.94
Jerk Chicken Salad$5.94

Breads and Pastries

Hard Dough Bread (small)$5.57
Hard Dough Bread (large)$6.88
Sliced Pound cake$2.35


Banana Cake$3.57
Rainbow Cake$3.34
Sweet Potato Pudding$3.57

Homemade Juices

Pineapple Ginger$4.49

Entrées. (Available from 11am)

Sweet Chili Salmon.$20.99

Sandwiches and Wraps

Spinach Wrap$3.61


Curry Chicken Meal$10.99
Curry Goat Meal$13.27
Curry Goat$19.58


Bun and Cheese.$5.86
Sliced Special Cakes.$6.99
Hard Dough Bread.$7.10
Spiced Bun.$11.59
8" Christmas Cake.$39.00
Pack of Bulla.$5.82
Rock Cake.$2.29
Round Bun.$3.08
Tutti Fruitti.$3.31
Duck Bread.$13.18
Sliced Cheese.$14.99

Side Orders. (Available from 11am)

Mac and Cheese.$7.49
Fried Plantains.$3.05


Bun and Cheese$5.23
Fruit /Rum Cake$4.71
Bread Pudding$2.89
Carrot Cake$4.17
Spice Bun$7.33
Red Velvet$4.13
Tutti Frutti$2.58
Duck Bread$10.02
Bulla Cakes$4.19
Rum Cake$4.92
Round Bun$2.46
Spiced Bun$11.03
Sugar Bun$2.70
Peanut Cake$2.51
Tutti Fruitti$2.52
Sliced Cakes$3.19
Rock Cake$2.50
Coconut Drops$2.75
Spice Bun (Large)$12.85
Tutii Fruitti$2.25
Potato Pudding$4.54
Shirley Biscuit$2.94
Water Crackers$4.05
Fruit Cake$4.69
Sliced Cake$3.05

Bakery + Pastries

Hard Dough / Wheat$5.08
Slice Cake$3.00
Iced Plain Cake$4.81


Jerk Chicken Wrap$6.24

D&G Sodas

Kola Champagne$3.31
Cream Soda$3.26
DandG Ginger Beer$3.22
Pineapple Soda$3.24


Okra & Saltfish$7.49
Ackee and Cod Fish$11.47
Ackee and Saltfish$13.30
Porridge (Small)$8.32
Porridge of the day - Small$5.64
Beef Liver$11.74
Saltfish Fritters$2.27
Callaloo and Saltfish$10.32
Porridge of the Day$5.15


Coco Bread (4 Pack)$6.25


Large Whole Wheat Bread$6.97
Coco Bread - Single Piece$1.69
Hard Dough Bread$5.36
Whole Wheat Bread$5.12
Hard Dough$4.56
Whole Wheat$4.26
Small Whole Wheat Bread$5.49
Coco Bread$1.76

Reggaefest Combos

Chicken Patty Combo$6.24
Fried Chicken Combo$12.13
BBQ Chicken Combo$11.71

Sides and Salads

Rasta Pasta$11.82
1/2 Jerk Chicken$11.07

Everything Jerk

BBQ Wings$7.35


Coconut Water.$5.45
Island Blend.$5.99




Fried Dumplings$0.99

Natural Juices

GK Cucumber$5.72
Irish Moss$5.68
Carrot Juice$5.69


Banana Chips$2.56

Golden Krust Campaign: Jamaican Jerk Festival

Jamaican Jerk Festival$11.39

Fish Fry

Whole Red Snapper Meal$21.06


Goat Roti$9.33
Curry Goat Roti$13.26
Roti Skin$4.31
Chicken Roti$8.17
Curry Chicken Roti$11.39
Shrimp Roti$15.75
Curried Goat Roti$16.16
Oxtail Roti$16.21
Curried Chicken Roti$13.64

beyond patties

100% plant based patties
mild beyond patty$6.45

mixed meals

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History of the Golden Krust

The Golden Krust traces its history back over 50 years to a small bakery owned by Ephraim Hawthorne and his wife Mavis back in St. Andrews, Jamaica. This bakery was known for serving special family recipes. Their son Lowell, his wife Lorna and their children opened the first Golden Krust in 1989 at the East Gun Hill Road in the Bronx, New York. Since then the business has grown, with the chain beginning to offer franchising and has now grown to over 120 locations in 9 different states. It is now known as the “go-to” chain for anyone looking to get good Jamaican food and the fact that Golden Krust prices are very affordable makes the chain stand out from the rest.

What’s Golden Krust Famous For?

As its name implies, the Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery and Grill is known for its Caribbean menu items, in particular its hot Jamaican patties. The restaurant chain is also known for exquisite jerk chicken and jerk fish. You may even find a lot of take-out patties in local groceries as the chain distributes them to different retailers and supermarkets. The Golden Krust is also popular for their Rock Cakes, Gizzarda, Spice Bun and Carrot Cakes. For their breakfast menu, Golden Krust offers their popular Callaloo and Cod Fish dish as well as their special signature Porridge.

Why Eat at Golden Krust

You can travel all across the country and the only restaurant chain you’ll find that offers top of the line Jamaican food and other delicacies from the West Indies then the Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery and Grill is the place to go to. The Golden Krust menu prices are affordable and yet it is guaranteed that your dish is more authentic to the original Jamaican dish than the fancy “Caribbean” meals offered in luxury cruise ships at the Bahamas. Even if you’re not into Jamaican food the restaurant has a wide selection of choices, ensuring anyone and everyone can enjoy.

To learn more about Golden Krust or to find a location near you, visit their website at

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Golden Krust FAQ

How much is Golden Krust's Curried Chicken?

Curried Chicken – $9.42

How much is a Braised Oxtail at Golden Krust?

Braised Oxtail – $16.31

How much are Slice Loaves at Golden Krust?

Slice Loaves – $1.70

How much does a Golden Krust's Braised Oxtail Combo Cost?

Braised Oxtail Combo – $14.98

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