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The South’s love affair with fried chicken is not something anyone can deny. It’s a staple food item in the area and history can prove it. Today, the number of restaurants dedicated to serving such a dish is a testament to the region’s love for this comfort dish. So much so that it can feel overwhelming for someone who came from another region. Below are the latest Golden Chicken menu prices.



Signature Chicken Salad Sandwich$7.05
Triple Tender Sandwich$6.26
Chicken Salad Sandwich Combo$6.71
Chicken Sandwich$2.65
Golden Tender Sandwich Combo$6.71
Golden Tender Sandwich$4.42


Chicken Salad$4.85
Mashed Potatoes$2.96
Green Beans$2.85
Dirty Rice$2.87
Battered Fries$2.26
Fresh Salad$3.02
Mac and Cheese$3.06
Fried Okra$2.85
Cole Slaw$3.10
Battered French Fries$3.26
Fruit Salad$2.05
Potato Salad$2.02

Picked For You


Individual Combo

Tender Sandwich Combo$6.53


Catfish and Shrimp Combo$15.26
Surf and Turf Combo$11.45
BIG 'N' GOLDEN Chicken Sandwich$3.99
BIG 'N' GOLDEN Chicken Sandwich Combo$6.99
9 Pc- legs and Thighs$17.77
Light and Fresh Golden Roast$12.69
24 Wicked Wings $19.99 Special WED and WEEKEND ONLY$30.33
20 Shrimp$15.24
3pc Catfish Combo$15.23
6pc Shrimp Combo$10.15
Add 3 Shrimp$3.16
Lucky 13$29.20
Family 4-Pak$27.59
24 Wings and 4 Rolls$30.65
Raspberry Palmer$3.52
Wicked Wing Box Bundle$46.98

Golden Salads

Chicken Cherry Salad$9.70

Wicked Wings

24 Wicked Wings$30.97
Add 3 Wicked Wings$3.78
9 Wicked Wings$11.40
6 Wicked Wings$8.87


Golden Fried Chicken Combo$6.86
Golden Roast Combo$7.02
2 Piece Golden Fried Chicken Combo$7.19
Southern Fried Catfish Combo$8.67
2 Piece Golden Roast Combo$7.23

Family Meals

16 Golden Tenders with 4 Rolls$21.07
16 Golden Tenders with Gravy & 4 Rolls$22.07
16 Golden Tenders with 2 Family Sides$26.26
16 Golden Tenders$25.14
25 Golden Tenders with 6 Rolls$27.30
10 pc Dark Chicken$22.73
10 Pc. Chicken Legs and Thighs$11.59
8 Piece Mixed Chicken$20.98
25 Golden Tenders with 3 Family Sides$35.32
15 Piece Mixed Chicken$32.62
25 Golden Tenders with Three Family Sides$36.59
12 Golden Tenders$30.75
25 Golden Tenders$32.14
10 Piece Legs and Thighs$18.26
12 pc mixed Chicken$38.23
The Mixer Meal$39.15
The Mixer$57.68
8 Piece Mixed Chicken with 2 Family Sides$21.08
15 Piece Mixed Chicken with 3 Family Sides$33.07

Golden Combos

Golden Tenders$6.27
Golden Fried Chicken$9.04
Southern Fried Catfish$12.04
Golden Roast$7.59
Tender Snack Pack$5.12
Jr. Combos$5.46

Top Menu Items

Golden Tenders Combo$7.63

Platos De Fondo / Main Course

Bistec Encebollado$15.68

Sides and By The Piece



Tender Salad$8.89
Garden Salad$6.20
Side Salad$3.36

Jr. Combos

Tender Jr. Combo$5.20
Catfish Jr. Combo$6.39
Kid's Meal$4.84
Chicken Jr. Combo$4.99

By the Piece

1 Piece Chicken Breast$2.17
Chicken Tender$3.00
Yeast Roll$0.73
1 Piece Catfish$2.12
Chicken Breast$2.31
1 Piece Chicken$1.53
1 Piece Yeast Roll$0.56
Homemade Honey Mustard$0.99
Breast Substitution$0.96

Kids Meal

Kids 2 Tenders Meal$5.20
2 Tenders$4.92
Kids 1 Chicken Leg Meal$5.16
Chicken Leg$4.45

Side Items

Lettuce Salad$2.01


Diet Pepsi$1.81
Fountain Drinks$1.94
Dr. Pepper$1.82
Diet Dr. Pepper$1.81
Mountain Dew$1.81
Bag of Ice$2.65
Big Red$1.79
Gallon of Tea$3.80
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea$2.13
Raspberry Lemonade$2.87
Bottled Water$2.68


Hot Yeast Rolls$0.49
Fresh-Baked Rolls$0.86
Yeast Rolls$2.76
Chocolate Chip Cookie$0.74
Corn Nuggets$3.42
Jalapeno Poppers$3.39
Chocolate Chip Cookies$0.75
Country Gravy$0.72
Dipping Sauces$0.25
Dipping Sauce$0.28

Family Meal

10 Piece Chicken Legs and Thighs$11.01

Junior Combos

Tender Junior Combo$5.33
Catfish Junior Combo$6.75
Chicken Junior Combo$5.30

Kid's Meals

2 Tender Kid's Meal$7.21
Chicken Leg Kid's Meal$7.08


Honey Mustard$0.66

Side Orders

French Fries$4.13

Side Order

Onion Rings$5.68
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About Golden Chick

But then again, with the history of the South, it’s really not that difficult to see why fried chicken is so popular there. Fried chicken may seem extremely simple but as Southern fried chicken is prepared in a multitude of ways, it still gets to offer variety and a lot of excitement to diners.

Despite the vast array of options, however, it doesn’t seem like the best ones are taking a hit from the stiff competition. Golden Chick is a solid proof of this with its growing number of branches in the South and all over the country.


Golden Chick was first known as Golden Fried Chicken when it opened the doors of its first store in San Marcos, Texas in 1967. It was born out of the idea that the founder, Howard Walker, can do things better –  from cooking fried chicken to operating a franchise – than his former employer which is also a fried chicken chain.

With his experience, the establishment of the chain took off smoothly. Franchising started as soon as 1972. Within a decade, the stores under the name grew exponentially around central Texas, proving the claims of the founder. His secret marinade and franchising savvy helped the business take off that when it was sold in 1982, Golden Fried Chicken already has 39 restaurants.

The company was acquired once again in 1989 by Mark Parmerlee. The franchise community was supportive of the sale so it’s not surprising that it helped boost the growth of the brand to the 185-strong chain that it is today. Parmerlee’s focus on the development of the brand did not go unnoticed in the business community as lots of experts are impressed with his feats in growing a family business to the large chain that it is today.

With Parmerlee at the helm, the brand made bold moves to modernize itself in 1993. Its overly simple menu was enhanced, its stores got remodeled, and its name was changed to the Golden Chick that we know now. Some might think that the huge changes wouldn’t do good for the brand but it actually helped the company grow even more.

Aside from Parmerlee, a lot of Golden Chick’s success today is also believed to be ushered in by the hiring of a local chef. He further expanded the chain’s menu and decided to add chicken salads that come with various dressings. Their addition was made to provide healthy options to diners which also helped the restaurant appeal to a wider market. Combined with the friendly Golden Chick prices, the move proved to be very effective.

What They’re Famous For

As their name would suggest, Golden Chick is best known for its chicken dishes. Its core menu item, however, would be its chicken strips. Trademarked as the Golden Tenders, this item is among the first things that are served by Golden Chick during its early years. This is why it’s not so surprising that it’s considered as the main offering of the restaurant.

What makes the Golden Tenders popular? It could be their simplicity and easy consumption. In any case, you can enjoy it as it is in orders of 4, 6, 16, and 25 pieces or in sandwiches for a heavier meal.

Ideally, the fried chicken is the main offering of Golden Chick. It’s not exactly the top seller but it’s still a major menu item. Known as the Original, the dish is the very definition of golden fried chicken which is also the name of the dish. While it’s golden brown from frying, it’s not dripping with oil. It’s nicely crispy outside and moist and tender inside, making it such a delight to feast upon.

Why Eat Here

Still not sure why you should pay a visit to a Golden Chick location near you? Here are a few reasons that might just convince you to get in the car or order a delivery:

1. It’s pretty much a historic diner in central Texas.

Being around for more than 50 years now, Golden Chick is pretty much a traditional eatery in central Texas today. It’s one of the many testaments to the storied love affair of the South and fried chicken.

2. They offer classic Southern sides.

True to their roots, Golden Chick is also the perfect place to head to if you’re hankering for some classic Southern Sides. They have fries, mashed potatoes, green beans, fried okra, coleslaw, mac and cheese, and even dirty rice among many others. Their biscuits, jalapeño poppers, and salads will also help complete a nice Southern spread for you.

To learn more about Golden Chick or to find a location near you, visit their website at

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Golden Chick FAQ

How much is Golden Chick's Battered French Fries?

Battered French Fries – $2.05

How much is a Battered Fries at Golden Chick?

Battered Fries – $2.23

How much are Mac and Cheese at Golden Chick?

Mac and Cheese – $2.07

How much does a Golden Chick's Golden Fried Chicken Cost?

Golden Fried Chicken – $14.51

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