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In the bustling landscape of the United Kingdom’s culinary scene, one name stands out like a beacon of artisanal delight – Franco Manca. With its humble origins and a commitment to crafting exceptional sourdough pizzas, Franco Manca has swiftly carved a reputation that resonates far beyond the realm of just another pizzeria. As we delve into the narrative of Franco Manca’s rise to prominence, we uncover the secret recipe that blends perplexity and burstiness into a gastronomic adventure. Below are the latest Franco Manca Uk menu prices.


Bites and Sides

Garlic Bread£5.38
Buffalo Tomato Salad£7.95
Burrata Tomato Salad£8.95
Burrata and 'Nduja£8.07
Cured Meats Sharing Platter£11.15
Garlic bread with Mozzarella£6.35
Vegetarian Sharing Platter£9.45
Dish of Olives£3.19


Chicken and Bacon Salad£8.90
Tuna Salad£11.95
Roasted butternut squash, artichoke and goat’s cheese salad£10.97
Mixed Leaf Salad£3.99
Franco's Salad£5.25
Franco and Lloyds Salad£4.28

Organic & Bio-dynamic Wine

Prosecco Bottle 750ml£28.75
Prosecco Bottle£28.00
Nero DAvola Rosso Bottle 750ml£20.30
Nero DAvola Rosso Bottle£19.75
Trebbiano Bottle 750ml£24.50
Dolcetto Bottle£20.95
Montepulciano Bottle 750ml£24.50
Cortese Bottle£20.95
Bianco Insolia Bottle 750ml£20.30
Trebbiano Bottle£23.95
Nero DAvola Rosato Bottle 750ml£23.30
Montepulciano Bottle£23.95
Bianco Insolia Bottle£19.75
Pinot Grigio Bottle 750ml£23.00
Sangiovese Bottle 750ml£23.00
Nero DAvola Rosato Bottle£22.75
Syrah Bottle 750ml£27.50
Grillo Bottle 750ml£27.50


No Logo Craft Lager 330ml£3.85
No Logo Craft Lager£3.52
No Logo Pale Ale 330ml£3.85
No Logo Pale Ale£3.52
No Logo Cider 330ml£3.85
No Logo Cider£3.47
Bitburger Drive 330ml£3.85
Bitburger Drive£3.41
Enzo Lager 330ml£4.60
Enzo Lager£4.50


Chilli Oil Bottle 250ml£5.32
Garlic oil Bottle 250ml£5.38
Franco Manca Flour 1KG£2.62
Olives 250gm£6.25

Gluten Free Pizzas (Max 6 per order) 🍕

Pizza 1 Gluten Free£10.00
Pizza 2 Gluten Free£11.65
Pizza 3 Gluten Free£12.65
Pizza 4 Gluten Free£12.80
Pizza 5 Gluten Free£12.80
Pizza 6 Gluten Free£13.65
Pizza 7 Gluten Free£14.05

Franco's Fabulous Value Bundles

Bundle 3£32.00
Bundle 2£30.00

Enzo Lager Bundle

Enzo Lager 4 x 330ml£12.00

Sourdough Special Pizzas 🍕

Meat Special 110£12.95
Meat Special 114£12.95
Meat Special 141£12.95
Veg Special 209£12.95
Veg Special 212£12.95
Veg Special 215£12.95
Vegan Special 613£12.50

Sourdough Pizzas 🍕

Pizza 1£8.24
Pizza 3£11.21
Pizza 9£13.20
Pizza 4£11.29
Pizza 5£11.44
Pizza 8£13.10
Pizza 10£12.60

Picked For You

Bundle 1£26.00
Meat Special 307£9.41
Pizza 2£10.07
Veg Special 411£9.85
Pizza 6£12.29
Pizza 7£12.76


Green Cola 250ml£2.75

Meat Special

Meat Special£9.98
Meat Special 2£9.00

Sourdough Specials Pizza

Vegan Special 603£9.82

Sourdough Pizza (Max 6 per order)


Veg Special

Veg Special£9.88

Gluten Free Pizza (Max 6 per order)

1 Gluten Free£7.95
3 Gluten Free£10.90
4 Gluten Free£10.90
2 Gluten Free£9.70
5 Gluten Free£10.95
6 Gluten Free£11.20
7 Gluten Free£11.70

Bites / Sides

Green Olives Nocellara £2.35
Platter of Cured Meat £7.95
Buffalo Mozzarella and Wild Fennel Salami£6.75
Buffalo Mozzarella and Cured Prosciutto from Tuscany D.O.P.£6.75
Pizza Bread with Rosemary and Coarse Salt £3.45
Buffalo Mozzarella£6.40


Buy 3 Dips for £6.25£6.25
Chilli Dip£1.95
Pesto Dip£1.25
Seasonal Pesto Dip£2.23
Stilton Dip£1.95
'Nduja Dip£2.21
Garlic Dip£2.21

Soft Drinks

Sparkling Water 500ml£3.05
Still Water£3.00
Still Water 500ml£3.05
Organic lemonade 250ml£2.76
Apple Juice 250ml£3.18
Coca Cola Zero 330ml£3.40
Orange Juice 250ml£3.18
Coca Cola 330ml£3.31
San Pellegrino Aranciata Can 330ml£3.25
San Pellegrino Limonata Can 330ml£3.25
Diet Coke 330ml£3.24

Chilli Oils

Franco Manca Chilli Oil Bottle 250ml£3.95


Lemon, Rosemary and Almond Cake£5.55
Lemon Almond Cake£3.95
Chocolate and hazelnut Cake£5.10
Caramel Pecan Cheesecake£5.95
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A Slice of History: The Rise of Franco Manca

In the heart of London, a small pizzeria with a big dream laid its foundation in the year 2008. Franco Manca’s story begins not with grandeur, but with the simplicity of genuine passion for quality ingredients and traditional craftsmanship. The founders, Giuseppe Mascoli and Bridget Hugo, embarked on a mission to bring the authentic flavors of Neapolitan pizza to the streets of London.

The Perplexing Excellence: Sourdough Mastery and Ingredients

At the heart of Franco Manca’s culinary prowess lies a dough that is both perplexingly intricate and delightfully simple – the sourdough. The sourdough, a mixture of just three basic ingredients – flour, water, and salt – undergoes a fermentation process that yields a crust of unparalleled texture and flavor. This sourdough alchemy, often a subject of curiosity, results in a chewy, charred exterior that envelops a tender interior, forming the foundation for their delectable pizzas.

But it’s not just the dough that lends Franco Manca its distinctive burstiness. The choice of ingredients amplifies the complexity of flavors. From the succulent tomatoes imported directly from a small cooperative in Italy to the locally sourced and ethically raised meats, each element tells a story of ethical sourcing and dedication to genuine taste.

Popularity Unveiled: A Journey Beyond Borders

Franco Manca’s rise to popularity is no mystery; it’s a saga of mouthwatering authenticity that transcends borders. The burstiness of their menu, a mélange of classic and inventive creations, caters to diverse palates while retaining the essence of Neapolitan tradition. This has led to a kaleidoscope of flavors that leaves patrons both satisfied and intrigued.

The pizzeria’s popularity has surged, not through extravagant advertising, but rather through the whispers of those who’ve had the pleasure of indulging in its culinary offerings. The enigma of Franco Manca’s allure lies in its ability to capture the heart and taste buds of both seasoned food enthusiasts and young gastronomes exploring the world of flavors for the first time.

Savoring the Burstiness: A Conclusion

In a realm where culinary experiences are often weighed by their capacity to perplex and tantalize, Franco Manca stands as a testament to the artistry of combining complexity with simplicity. The intricate dance of sourdough fermentation, the harmonious blending of diverse ingredients, and the burstiness of flavors that emanate from their wood-fired ovens all contribute to the enigmatic charm that is Franco Manca.

As patrons walk through the doors of Franco Manca’s establishments, they embark on a journey where every slice of pizza is a brushstroke on a canvas painted with passion, dedication, and the thrill of the unexpected. It’s a journey that celebrates the nuanced beauty of both perplexity and burstiness, leaving an indelible mark on the culinary map of the United Kingdom.

In the end, Franco Manca UK is more than just a pizzeria; it’s a symphony of tastes that invites everyone to savor the intricacies of sourdough mastery and indulge in the burstiness of flavors that have etched its name into the hearts of gastronomes across the nation.

In conclusion, the story of Franco Manca UK is one that weaves together perplexity and burstiness into a tapestry of gastronomic excellence. From its humble beginnings to its widespread popularity, this pizzeria has mastered the art of creating pizzas that tantalize the senses and capture the imagination. As we continue to explore the culinary landscape, Franco Manca UK stands as a shining example of how complexity and variation can come together to create a truly remarkable dining experience.

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Franco Manca UK FAQ

How much is Franco Manca Uk's Green Cola 250ml?

Green Cola 250ml – £2.75

How much is a Vegan Special 603 at Franco Manca Uk?

Vegan Special 603 – £9.20

How much are Chicken and Bacon Salad at Franco Manca Uk?

Chicken and Bacon Salad – £8.90

How much does a Franco Manca Uk's Green Olives Nocellara Cost?

Green Olives Nocellara – £2.35

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