El Torito Prices

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Below are the latest El Torito menu prices.

Item Price


Crispy Flautas $11.11
Loaded Tostada Nachos $11.67
Fresh Guacamole $13.12
Fresh Tableside Guacamole $13.04
Mexican Buffalo Wings $12.37
Cheese Quesadilla $12.43
Queso Dip $9.44
Quesadilla - Chicken $15.49
Nachos Supremos $11.86
Quesadilla - Steak $16.42
Bacon Wrapped Shrimp $15.60
Grande Fiesta Platter $19.82
Cheese Dip $4.88
Queso Dip with Carnitas $10.86

Fall Menu

Arroz con Pollo $14.97


Huevos Rancheros $9.91
Chilaquiles $10.03


Queso $5.11
Jalapeno Poppers $7.55
Chili Cheese Fries $8.15
Queso Fundido $10.47
Macho Nachos $9.55
Flautas $10.70
Fajita Quesadilla $10.27
Garden Quesadilla $9.45
Guacamole Appetizer $6.20


Huevos Motulenos $9.87
Huevos con Chorizo $9.58
Huevos Breakfast Combo $10.44
Huevos con Nopales $11.37

Picked For You

Tacos $1.57
Quesadilla $6.95

Breakfast Burritos

Breakfast Burrito $7.28

Soups and Salads

House-Made Tortilla Soup $8.38
Grilled Chicken Mexican Caesar $16.27
Grilled Chicken Taco Salad $17.10


Chicken Salad $7.48


Barbacoa Plate $10.78
Chile Verde Plate $10.88
Fajita Plate $12.70
Pregnant Donkey $10.45
Bean Burrito $6.23


Burrito $7.31
A.C.P $10.00
Sopes $3.57
Torta Regular $8.00
Torta Cubana $11.00
Gorditas $5.27
Dorilocos $6.90
Tamales $2.75
Pupusas $7.00
Platanos Fritos $6.20
Esquite $5.08

Soups & Salads

Fajita Salad - Grilled Steak $18.55


Sopa de Albondigas $9.73
Sopa de Tortilla $9.68
Pozole $12.51
Menudo $12.26


Chicken Wings $10.00


Enchiladas $14.30


Taco Salad $8.17


Taco $2.72
Torta $9.72
Sope $6.43

Soup & Salads

Grilled Chicken Mexican Caesar Salad $22.92
Fajitas Salad $15.99
Tableside Fajitas Salad $16.75
Fiesta Market Salad $16.15


Ignited Fajitas Supremas $25.56
Grilled Chicken Breast Fajitas $21.42
Fajita Tacos $15.57
Fajita Salad - Grilled Chicken $17.21

Street Tacos

3 Tacos $6.98
4 Tacos $8.79
5 Tacos $10.65
6 Tacos $11.97


Combo 1 $12.56
Combo 2 $15.05
Combo 3 $13.79

Flame Grilled Fajitas

Chicken Breast $16.69
Chicken and Shrimp $21.56

Platillos de la Casa

Ensalada de Pollo $11.35
Hamburguesa $10.49

Flame-Grilled Fajitas

Grilled Chicken Fajitas $19.89
Grilled Steak Fajitas $22.19
Shrimp Fajitas $25.20
Seafood Fajitas $23.45
Veggie Fajitas $20.03


Bean and Cheese Burrito $6.51
Chile Verde Burrito $11.01
Burro LOCO $14.16
Fajita Burrito $12.70
Beefy Burrito $7.81
Mexican Garden Burrito $12.24
El Torito Burrito $11.10

Create Your Own Combo

All combos include refried beans, rice, and our signature sweet corn cake.
Pick Any Two $14.79
Pick Any Three $15.79


Tortillas $1.74

Add Ons

Beans $3.32
Elote $3.29


Filete de Pescado $17.91


Kid's Burger $7.71


Macho Combo $19.39
Sizzling Combo $19.71
Baja Combo $19.87

El Torito Specialties

Carne Asada and Cheese Enchilada $23.59
Slow-Roasted Carnitas $21.20
Chile Relleno Especial $14.83
Salmon Veracruz $20.54
Pollo Fresco En Adobo $18.70
El Torito Bacon Burger $14.85
Carne Asada & Shrimp $25.79


Chicken Fajitas $25.17
Steak Fajitas $32.48
Steak $10.45
Fajitas Combo $22.41
Carne Asada Fajitas $17.88
Fajitas Duo $23.38
Family Style Fajitas $70.85

Beverages To Go

Soda $3.53


Enchiladas Suizas $10.30
Shrimp Mazatlán Enchiladas $17.91
Spinach Enchiladas $14.41
Enchiladas Rancheras $13.86
Enchilada Rancheras - Cheese $15.13
Enchilada Rancheras - Chicken $17.17
Sizzling Enchiladas $15.30
Enchilada Rancheras - Beef $17.17
Sizzling Enchiladas - Grilled Steak $18.92


Rice and beans $6.02
French Fries $2.87
Bacon $4.43
Avocado $3.29


Served with fried fries.
Cheeseburger $5.31

Quesadillas (a la Carte)

Shrimp $8.87

Popular Items

Pick Any 2 $16.55
Street Taco Trio $14.01
Pick Any 3 $17.72
Chicken & Sour Cream Enchiladas $16.56
Burrito Especial $14.15
Housemade Tortilla Soup $8.00

Fountain Drinks

Pepsi $4.17
Diet Pepsi $4.17
Iced Tea $3.85
Sierra Mist $4.17
Root Beer $4.17
Fruit Punch $4.17
Agua De Jamaica $4.38
Strawberry-Cilantro Soda $4.36
Cucumber Cooler $3.94

Burritos (a la Carte)

Chicken $7.35
Special Burrito $9.28

Tacos & Burritos

Street Taco Trio - Chicken $15.17
Seafood Taco Trio $17.91
Street Taco Trio - Carnitas $15.17
Tacos Al Pastor $15.00
Street Taco Trio - Steak $17.21
Grilled BBQ Burrito $16.16
Burrito Especial - Chicken Machaca $16.92
Burrito Especial - Beef Barbacoa $16.92
Carne Asada Burrito $17.31


Pollo Asado $15.61
Milanesa de Pollo $15.34
Chicken Tacos al Carbon $14.48
Pollo a la Crema $14.66


Home-Style Flan $7.87
Chocolate Volcano Cake $9.99
Sopapillas $7.68
Cheesecake Banana Chimi $9.48
Mudd Pie $11.55
Cinnamon-Crisp Cheesecake $8.66
Deep-Fried Ice Cream $8.67
Mexican Bread Pudding $9.53

Pork Specialties

Cochinita Pibil $16.19
Pork Carnitas Plate $11.89
Chile Verde $11.74
Puerco Adobado $12.54

Add Ons and A la Carte

Salad $6.31

Beef Specialties

Carne Asada $15.74
Beef Milanesa $13.21
Steak Guisado $14.81
EL Torito Steak $14.54
Barbacoa $12.59

Kids' Menu

Chicken Tenders $7.29
Mac & Cheese $7.32
Mini Burgers $7.50
Cheese Pizza $7.18
Mini Corn Dogs $7.50
Pepperoni Pizza $7.34
Crispy Mini Beef Tacos $7.37
Crispy Mini Chicken Tacos $7.37

Kids Menu

Kids Cheese Quesadilla $7.75
Kids Chicken Tenders $7.75
Kids Mac and Cheese $7.75
Kids Mini Burgers $7.75
Mini Burger $6.99
Kids Mini Corn Dogs $7.75
Mini Corn Dog $6.99
Kids Chicken Fajita $8.45
Kids Chicken Fajitas $8.61
Kids Steak Fajita $8.45
Kids Steak Fajitas $9.18
Kids Cheese Pizza $7.75
Kids Pepperoni Pizza $8.40
Kid's Crispy Mini Beef Tacos $7.75
Kid's Crispy Mini Chicken Tacos $7.75


Chimichanga $11.20

Add-Ons & A la Carte

Side Salad $6.07
Cup of Tortilla Soup $6.50
Cheese Enchilada $4.06

Fiestas to Go (Feeds 4 Adults)

Fiesta Tacos - Build Your Own Tacos $46.92
Fiesta Carnitas - Build Your Own Carnitas $46.92
Fiesta Fajitas - Build Your Own Fajitas $71.15
Fiesta Combos - Make Your Own Combo $41.92


Camarones Mi Tierra $16.31
Camarones a La Diabla $16.23
Camarones Mexicanos $16.84
Camarones al Mojo de Ajo $18.73


Fiesta Tacos $43.13
Fiesta Carnitas $45.00
Fiesta Fajitas $48.95

À La Carte

Guacamole $8.60
Chips and Salsa $4.79
Rice $3.38
Refried Beans $3.96
Sweet Corn Cake $4.23
Frijoles de la Olla $3.98
Chicken Enchilada $4.71
Chile Relleno $4.94
Chicken Tamale $4.48
Sauteed Vegetables $3.41


Soft Drink $3.09
Soft Drinks $3.95
Horchata $2.62
Agua Fresca $2.57
Coffee $2.04


Steak & Shrimp $13.37


Hamburger $7.01
Chicken Nuggets $7.25
Grilled Cheese Sandwich $5.20
Grilled Ham and Cheese $5.95

Non Alcoholic Drinks

Mexican Coke $2.99
Jarritos $2.47
Juice $2.75

Combination Meats

Carnitas $41.00

Side's Order

Pico de Gallo $2.28
Charro Beans $3.41


Fried Ice Cream $4.58
Flan Casero $5.39
Churros $4.73
Apple Pie Chimichanga $7.61


Flan $4.14
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About El Torito

Real Mexican food is a challenge to find outside of Mexico. There are fusions of Mexican cuisine with other regional cuisines, such as the famous Tex-Mex cuisine, but these aren’t true to the traditions of Mexican food and drinks. This is especially true in the United States, a melting pot of international, regional and ethnic cuisines, where every aspiring cook and established chef appears to be on to something new.

Fortunately, there’s El Torito to the rescue! The chain of restaurants with locations in California, Oregon and Arizona as well as overseas offers real Mexican food prepared with Mexican cooking traditions.


El Torito touts itself as a pioneer in the full-service Mexican casual dining segment in California when it was established in 1954. Larry J. Cano, the chain’s founder, credits it for popularizing the margarita among Americans.

The name of the chain means “the little bull” in Spanish. Indeed, it has charged like a bull through the Mexican cuisine segment and, in the process, became a market leader. Today, the chain is owned and operated by Real Mex Restaurants.

What They’re Famous For

The El Torito chain is known for its emphasis on authentic Mexican cuisine from the appetizers and entrées to the desserts and drinks, although there are also American beers and liquors. The guests have also raved about the tableside preparations wherein many of the dishes, such as the tableside guacamole, are prepared according to their specifications.

Why Eat Here

The El Torito restaurants have the feel of a Mexican hacienda with its festive decorations, warm and welcoming atmosphere, and vibrant music. Guests may be in California, among other locations, but they will likely feel as if they have been transported to Mexico, perhaps even a small Mexican town with a fiesta in full swing.

The casual ambiance allows for casual attire but you will also see many young professionals in their smart business outfits. The restaurants are great places for groups of families with their kids, as well as for groups of adults with their friends, even business associates. The full bar coupled with the happy hours are just too good to pass up for people who want to unwind after a hard day’s work or who want to enjoy their drinks while engaged in conversions.

Most, if not all, of the El Torito restaurants have free W-Fi and television, mostly showing sports and news channels. While waiting for your food to be delivered to your table, you can surf the Internet, watch the shows, and talk with your friends. The waiters – yes, the chain has waiter service – are fast, efficient and friendly as well as knowledgeable about Mexican food.

Your group will have a waiter tasked to ensure that your dining experience is as enjoyable as possible, a distinctive advantage considering the casual dining vibe. You may even have the manager coming along to check about your dining experience so far without staying too long at your table.

Aside from the happy hours, the best days to come to an El Torito restaurant are on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. You can enjoy the outdoor seating arrangement, too, but you don’t have to worry about smokers inside – the chain has a strict no-smoking policy.

Of course, the overall quality of the food is still the best measuring stick of whether El Torito lives up to its own hype. According to the chain’s management, the food is made from the freshest ingredients including vegetables, fruits and meats, which are prepared using traditional Mexican cooking techniques. The Chef’s Specials are highly anticipated by regular patrons because the menu includes authentic regional Mexican entrées, appetizers and desserts, which the chefs learned on their visits to Mexico.

Be sure to try the El Torito specialties first because these will change your concept about Mexican food – the real one, not the fusion one. The Carne Asada is a 10-ounce marinated and grilled skirt steak with a nopalitos salsa topping, a tomato-jalapeno sauce, and cheese enchilada, as well as frijoles de la olla, warm tortillas, fresh guacamole, and rice – say “yummy” and it describes the dish. The Carnita Michoacan is an equally delicious dish made of tender pork simmered in spices, garlic and oranges, which is then served with frijoles de la olla, fresh avocado, and pico de gallo, among others.

You can’t get more Mexican than the Chile Verde, Pollo Fresco en Adobo, and fajitas, too.  The fajitas, such as the flame-grilled fajitas, grilled steak fajitas, and the shrimp fajitas, are so good you can’t be blamed for ordering them every time you’re in the El Torito.

What about the El Torito prices? These are higher than in most Tex-Mex casual dining joints but when you think about the fact that you’re actually getting real Mexican flavors, then you will be more than willing to pay for them.

To learn more about El Torito or to find a location near you, visit their website at www.eltorito.com.

El Torito FAQ

How much is El Torito's Loaded Tostada Nachos?

Loaded Tostada Nachos – $10.70

How much is a Bacon Wrapped Shrimp at El Torito?

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp – $14.98

How much are Huevos Rancheros at El Torito?

Huevos Rancheros – $9.04

How much does a El Torito's Garden Quesadilla Cost?

Garden Quesadilla – $9.62

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