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Slushies are a great way to beat the heat, especially when you live in places like Tucson, Phoenix and Casa Grande where the temperature can rise to the 40s in summer. But why settle for slushies made from fruit-flavored powders when you can get the best frozen fruit drinks made from real fruits? Come to the nearest Eegee’s and find out for yourself. Below are the latest Eegee’s menu prices that will definitely make you say, “Oh, gee! That was good!”



eegees Party Pak$51.99
3ft Deluxe Grinder$57.20
eegees Fun Pak$36.42
3ft Original Grinder$50.85
3ft Veggie Grinder$50.85
3ft Turkey and Provolone Sub$57.20
3ft Ham and Swiss Sub$50.85
3ft Turkey, Ham and Provolone Sub$58.49
3ft Roast Beef and Provolone Sub$61.85
10 Pack Vanilla Ice Cream$9.75


Salted Caramel Cookie$3.17
Chocolate Chip Cookie$3.01
Vanilla Ice Cream$0.98
10-Scoops Vanilla Ice Cream$9.75


3 Chicken Tenders Box$12.32
4 Chicken Tenders Box$14.74
2 Chicken Tenders Box$9.91
12 Party Tenders$31.78
12 Party Tenders Buffalo Style$31.78
12 Party Tenders Half and Half$31.78


Bottled Water$1.90


Vanilla Ice Cream Scoop$0.98


Kids Tenders$7.62
Kids Salami Sub$6.35

Our Grinders

5 Inch Original Grinder$3.66
8 Inch Original Grinder$5.43
12 Inch Original Grinder$7.30
5 Inch Deluxe Grinder$3.86
8 Inch Deluxe Grinder$5.73
12 Inch Deluxe Grinder$7.60
5 Inch Veggie Grinder$3.76
8 Inch Veggie Grinder$5.63
12 Inch Veggie Grinder$7.50
5 inch Spicy Grinder$4.06
8 inch Spicy Grinder$6.13
12 inch Spicy Grinder$8.20
5 Inch Pastrami Grinder$4.09
8 Inch Pastrami Grinder$5.89
12 Inch Pastrami Grinder$8.09


5-inch, 8-inch, and 12-inch sub-style sandwiches on fresh baked bread
Turkey, Ham and Cheese Sandwich$3.87
Ham and Cheese Sandwich$3.67
Turkey Sandwich$3.69
Roast Beef and Turkey Sandwich$4.77
Roast Beef Sandwich$4.04
BLT Sandwich$4.37
Meatball Sandwich$3.92
Pastrami Sandwich$3.99
Club Sandwich$4.34
Salami and Cheese Sandwich$3.57
Tuna Sandwich$4.07


Potato Chips$1.39
Side Salad$1.54
Kraft Mac and Cheese$3.11


Small Fries$2.47
Medium Fries$3.68
Ranch Fries$3.47
Large Fries$3.39
Original Ranch Fries$5.08
Buffalo Ranch Fries$4.22
Cheesy Bacon Fries$4.62
Chipotle Ranch Fries$5.08
Party Ranch Fry$10.16
Party Buffalo Ranch Fry$10.16
Party Chipotle Ranch Fry$10.16
Party Pizza Fry$11.43
Party Cheesy Bacon Fry$11.43

Hot Dogs

Hot Dog$2.22
Chilli Dog$3.20


Plain Pretzel$1.57
Cheese Pretzel$2.41
Salted Pretzel$1.57
Chilli Cheese Pretzel$2.73
Pizza Pretzel$2.55


Farmhouse Ranch Chicken Salad$10.39
Classic Chef$10.50
Cobb Salad$6.39
Southwest Ranch Chicken Salad$11.69
Tuna Salad$6.54
Garden Salad$3.99
Antipasto Salad$6.54


Two Sugar Cookies$0.99
Large Cookie$1.86
Fudge Brownie Cookie$1.87

Kids Meals

Kids Hot Dog$4.37
Kids Ham Sub$5.29
Kids Turkey Sub$5.29
Kids Mac and Cheese$4.37


Iced Teagee's$1.47
eegee's Fizz$1.47
Iced Tea$1.41

eegee's Party Sizes

Fun Pak$19.99
Party Pak$24.99

Three Foot Subs

Deluxe Grinder$25.65
Veggie Grinder$23.27
THC Sub$32.99
Roast Beef Sub$33.99
Original Grinder$17.89
Turkey Sub$32.99
Ham and Cheese Sub$30.99
Tuna Sub$32.99
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About Eegee’s

But for now, the chain of restaurants can only be found in the metropolitan areas of Tucson, Phoenix and Casa Grande in Arizona. If you’re from out of state, you should come and visit one of the nearly 30 Eegee’s locations in these cities and try their eponymous frozen fruit drinks.


In 1971, Edmund Irving and Robert Greenberg started selling their lemon-flavored frozen drink from a vending truck at sports events, concerts, and schools. Over the years, their business expanded until the vending trucks were retired and restaurants were opened.

In September 2006, CEO Foods, Inc. acquired the chain; the company is owned and operated by the O’Connor family thus Eegee’s remains a family-centric business.

What It’s Famous For

Eegee’s is famous for its eegee’s drinks, which are frozen fruit drinks made from real fresh fruits. These have the perfect consistency for drinking through a straw, as well as made without food coloring, high fructose corn syrup, and fillers. These are instead made from real fruits including strawberries, pineapples, and coconuts, among others, so there’s a natural sweetness to them.

While there are staples on the eegee’s menu, there are also seasonal flavors.  All eegee’s drinks come in several sizes suitable for adults and kids, too.  We have to say that the large-sized drink is more than enough to get you through an Arizona summer’s day!

Why Eat Here

Again, the eegee’s frozen fruit drinks are the bestselling items on the menu and, thus, it’s the main reason for coming here!  There’s likely to be two or more flavors that will suit your specific tastes, whether it’s the tang of lemon or the sweetness of strawberries. While there are no create-your-own flavors, the wide range of flavors is sufficient.

But since you will likely not feel satisfied without solid food in your stomach, the Eegee’s menu also has several salads and submarine sandwiches.  The subs are served with the chain’s amazing house dressing while the breads are freshly baked – and you will know it because of its smell, feel and taste, especially when you also bake your own bread.

The sandwiches can also be served in your choice of style, namely, Grinder, Sub, and D-Lite as well as served on your choice of bread – rye roll, wheat, and white. The Grinder style includes Original, Deluxe, and Veggie while the Sub versions include Turkey, Ham, Tuna, and Turkey Ham and Cheese.

We have to say that the Eegee’s chain caters to the meat lovers in Arizona. The subs with premium meats are meaty and, thus, filling and satisfying – Roast Beef, Hot Pastrami on Rye, Roast Beef and Turkey, and Meatball Sub.

The salads are equally good, especially when you’re on a vegetarian diet. The Garden Salad contains fresh ingredients from the vegetables to the herbs, as can be said for the Chef Salad and Antipasto Salad. For your fish fix, you can order the Tuna Salad with its generous chunks of the heart-healthy fish along with vegetables and dressing.

The ranch, chili and pizza fries are guilty pleasures for many diners at Eegee’s and we’re not surprised. These aren’t your usual fried slices of potatoes because these are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, as well as flavorful with their respective dressing and large bacon bits.

The menu also features many classic American favorites, such as hotdogs and chili dogs, pretzels in several flavors (i.e., plain, salted, cheese, chili cheese, and pizza), and extras like mac ‘n cheese and chips.  These food items are fairly good but the subs and sandwiches are of superior quality.

Bring your kids along, too, because Eegee’s has a kids’ menu. The choices include a Kids’ Meal as well as Ham Sub, Turkey Sub, and Hotdog. There are also cookies for people with a sweet tooth, and the choices include cookie of the month (e.g., sweet orange chip), sugar cookies, and chocolate chip cookies.

The prices are more than fair so you can order for a large group without draining your meal budget. You won’t feel overcharged, too, as each meal is truly filling for the palate and stomach.

The service rendered by the wait staff is surprisingly excellent, especially as Eegee’s is a fast-food chain. The wait staff maintains eye contact and repeats your order both at the counter and when your food is delivered to your table.

As a fast-food chain, Eegee’s restaurants have a casual ambiance, with an average noise level, and without alcohol on the menu.

To learn more about Eegee’s or to find a location near you, visit their website at

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Eegee’s FAQ

How much is Eegee's Turkey Sandwich?

Turkey Sandwich – $3.69

How much is a Roast Beef and Turkey Sandwich at Eegee's?

Roast Beef and Turkey Sandwich – $4.77

How much are Potato Chips at Eegee's?

Potato Chips – $1.39

How much does a Eegee's's Ranch Fries Cost?

Ranch Fries – $3.47

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