Dunn Brothers Coffee Prices

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The chain of Dunn Brothers Coffee cafés is among the temples to coffee in the United States, if you believe that coffee is a religion unto its own. The coffeehouses are also great places to hang out with your friends, enjoy cups of coffee, and renew your mind and body even when you aren’t into the religion thing.

The Dunn Brothers Coffee prices are on the upscale side, as can be expected from a national coffeehouse chain offering excellent coffee drinks. But don’t be deterred from enjoying its coffee because the chain also offers its customers with promos and freebies.

Below are the latest Dunn Brothers Coffee menu prices.


Hot Beverages

Espresso (Small Espresso)$2.45
Espresso (Medium Espresso)$3.00
Espresso (Large Espresso)$3.40
Hot Chocolate (Small Hot Chocolate)$3.75
Hot Chocolate (Medium Hot Chocolate)$4.20
Hot Chocolate (Large Hot Chocolate)$4.50
Hot Chocolate (Kid's Hot Chocolate)$2.15
Hot Chai Tea Latte (Small Hot Chai Tea Latte)$3.90
Hot Chai Tea Latte (Medium Hot Chai Tea Latte)$4.30
Hot Chai Tea Latte (Large Hot Chai Tea Latte)$4.60

Iced Beverages

Infinite Black Cold Press (Small Cold Press)$3.20
Infinite Black Cold Press (Medium Cold Press)$3.60
Infinite Black Cold Press (Large Cold Press)$4.10
Infinite Black Nitro Drinks (Small 12Oz Vanilla Nirvana Nitro)$4.30
Infinite Black Nitro Drinks (Medium 16Oz Vanilla Nirvana Nitro)$4.75
Infinite Black Nitro Drinks (Large 24Oz Vanilla Nirvana Nitro)$5.35
Iced Chai Tea Latte (Small Iced Chai Tea Latte)$3.90
Iced Chai Tea Latte (Medium Iced Chai Tea Latte)$4.30
Iced Chai Tea Latte (Large Iced Chai Tea Latte)$4.60

Seasonal Drink Specials

Pumpkin Pie Latte (Small Pumpkin Pie Latte)$4.35
Pumpkin Pie Latte (Medium Pumpkin Pie Latte)$4.95
Pumpkin Pie Latte (Large Pumpkin Pie Latte (340 Cal))$5.35
Pumpkin Pie Latte Iced (Small 12Oz Iced Pumpkin Pie Latte)$4.35
Pumpkin Pie Latte Iced (Medium 16Oz Iced Pumpkin Pie Latte)$4.95
Pumpkin Pie Latte Iced (Large 24Oz Iced Pumpkin Pie Latte)$5.35
Honey Spiced Steamed Nirvana (Small 12Oz Honey Spiced Steamed Nirvana)$4.35
Honey Spiced Steamed Nirvana (Medium 16Oz Honey Spiced Steamed Nirvana)$4.95
Honey Spiced Steamed Nirvana (Large 20Oz Honey Spiced Steamed Nirvana)$5.35
Honey Spiced Iced Nirvana (Small 12Oz Honey Spiced Iced Nirvana)$4.35
Honey Spiced Iced Nirvana (Medium 16Oz Honey Spiced Iced Nirvana)$4.95
Honey Spiced Iced Nirvana (Large 24Oz Honeyspiced Iced Nirvana)$5.35
Golden Oatie (Small (12 Oz) Golden Oatie)$4.35
Golden Oatie (Medium (16Oz) Golden Oatie)$4.95
Golden Oatie (Large (20 Oz) Golden Oatie)$5.35
Golden Oatie Iced (Small (12Oz) Golden Oatie Iced)$4.35
Golden Oatie Iced (Medium (16Oz) Golden Oatie Iced)$4.95
Golden Oatie Iced (Large (24Oz) Golden Oatie Iced)$5.35

Blended Beverages

Fresh Baked Pastries

Fresh Bakery (Blueberry Muffin)$2.70
Fresh Bakery (Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin)$2.70
Fresh Bakery (Pistachio Muffin)$2.70
Fresh Bakery (Pumpkin Muffin)$2.70
Fresh Bakery (Lemon Crème Danish)$2.75
Fresh Bakery (Blackberry Creme Danish)$2.75
Fresh Bakery (Blueberry Scone)$2.55
Fresh Bakery (Cinnamon Twist)$2.90
Fresh Bakery (Butter Croissant)$2.75
Fresh Bakery (Strawberry Croissant)$2.90
Fresh Bakery (Cinnamon Coffee Cake)$2.75
Fresh Bakery (Cinnamon Roll)$2.90
Fresh Bakery (Chocolate Avalanche)$2.90

All Day Breakfast

Breakfast Sandwiches$5.00
Avocado Toast$5.00
Bacon Tomato & Egg Toast$4.50
Grab & Go Breakfast (Original Oatmeal)$3.75
Grab & Go Breakfast (Cherry Almond Oatmeal)$3.75
Grab & Go Breakfast (Classic Fruit & Nut Oatmeal)$3.75
Grab & Go Breakfast (Granolaberry Parfait)$4.00
Grab & Go Breakfast (Plain Bagel)$1.90


Snacks (Brownie - Ghirardelli)$2.55
Snacks (Chips)$1.30
Snacks (Chobani Greek Yogurt - Blueberry)$2.50
Snacks (Chobani Greek Yogurt - Peach)$2.50
Snacks (Chobani Greek Yogurt - Strawberry)$2.50
Snacks (Cookie - Chocolate Chunk)$2.15
Snacks (Hard Boiled Eggs)$1.90
Snacks (Sabra Hummus Cup - Original)$4.00
Snacks (Sabra Hummus Cup - Roasted Garlic)$4.00
Snacks (Sabra Hummus Cup - Roasted Red Pepper)$4.00
Snacks (String Cheese)$1.00

Sandwiches And Salads

Tuscan Turkey On Ciabatta Served With Chips$8.50
California Chicken Sandwich Served With Chips$9.00
The Ultimate Club On Ciabatta Served With Chips$8.50
Bacon Grilled Cheese Served With Chips$8.50
Ham And Brie Sandwich Served With Chips$8.50
The Italian Served With Chips$8.50
Sherwood Forest Ham On Ciabatta Served With Chips$8.50
Turkey Blt Wrap Served With Chips$8.50
Almond Chicken Salad Wrap Served With Chips$8.50
Almond Chicken Salad On Multi-Grain Bread Served With Chips$8.50
Avocado Grain Wrap Served With Chips$8.50
Chef Salad$8.00
Side Salad$3.00
Almond Chicken Salad$8.00

Corporate Catering

Catering Beverages (Hot Chocolate Joe-To-Go)$23.00
Catering Beverages (Lemonade Joe -To-Go)$16.00
Catering Bakery (Bakery Variety Box (Includes 6 Assorted Items))$15.00
Catering Bakery (Bakers Dozen Box (Includes 8 Muffins And 5 Pastries))$30.00
Catering Bakery (Ghirardelli Brownie Box (Includes 12 Brownies))$20.00
Catering Bakery (Cookies By The Dozen (Chocolate Chunk))$18.00
Catering Breakfast (Yogurt Parfait 6 Pack)$22.00
Catering Breakfast (Breakfast Sandwich Box - 6 Pack Of Freshly Prepared Breakfast Sandwiches)$30.00
Catering Breakfast (Breakfast Sandwich Box - 12 Pack Of Freshly Prepared Breakfast Sandwiches)$58.00
Catering Breakfast (Morning Meeting Hero (Joe To Go, 6 Muffins And 4 Pastries))$36.00
Catering Lunch (Sherwood Ham On Ciabatta Box Lunch (Comes With Chips & Cookie))$10.00
Catering Lunch (Tuscan Turkey On Ciabatta Box Lunch (Comes With Chips & Cookie))$10.00
Catering Lunch (Ultimate Club On Ciabatta Box Lunch (Comes With Chips & Cookie))$10.00
Catering Lunch (Turkey Blt Wrap Box Lunch (Comes With Chips & Cookie))$10.00
Catering Lunch (Chicken Salad Wrap Box Lunch (Comes With Chips & Cookie))$10.00
Catering Lunch (Avocado Grain Wrap Box Lunch (Comes With Chips & Cookie))$10.00
Catering Lunch (Side Salad)$3.00

Naan Pizza

Chicken Pesto$7.50
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In December 1987, brothers Ed and Dan Dunn opened the first Dunn Brothers Coffee café in St. Paul, Minnesota. This was a dream come true for the brothers who envisioned a coffeehouse that served only the best freshly-roasted and brewed coffee, just the way Mother Nature intended it to be.

Today, the chain of coffeehouses is considered as among the top coffee companies in terms of size (i.e., number of locations) in the United States. Most of the Dunn Brothers Coffee cafés are in the American Midwest, especially in Minnesota. In recent years, the chain has also expanded to other states including Texas, Nebraska, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Iowa, to name a few.

What They’re Famous For

Dunn Brothers Coffee is a franchising company and, thus, most of its coffeehouses are locally owned and operated. But while each store has its unique character, all of the stores have quintessentially Dunn Brothers Coffee characteristics.

For one thing, the whole coffee beans are roasted and brewed in each store, typically every day, thus assuring the freshness of the dark brew. The roasting is done in small batch sizes, which ensures excellent quality control is maintained for each batch. There can be as many as 15 whole bean varieties available for sale to customers, too.

For another thing, the chain buys its coffee from sustainable sources. This is made possible through its partnerships with certifiers of sustainably grown coffee, such as Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade USA. The management deeply cares about the environment-friendly coffee cultivation practices used by its farming partners and, in the process, reduce its carbon footprint.

Aside from the excellent coffee, the beans of which are sourced from around the world, Dunn Brothers Coffee is also known for its sumptuous egg sandwiches and freshly-baked pastries.

Why Eat Here

The delicious-to-the-last-drop coffee is, of course, the best reason to come to your nearest Dunn Brothers Coffee! The espresso is strong without being too bitter, just the right balance of acidity, flavor and complex notes. This is actually the best way to start your day, especially if you’re anticipating a hectic day ahead.

There are several varieties of specialty coffee drinks, both hot and cold, too. Choose from the likes of regular coffees (i.e., light and medium), nitro coffee, and vanilla-flavored coffee. There are several featured coffee drinks, too, such as the Pumpkin Pie Latte (pumpkin, spices, and maple syrup with cinnamon whipped cream) and Honey Spiced Nirvana (honey syrup, cinnamon, brown sugar, and cream). These drinks aren’t overwhelmingly sweet so you can enjoy them to the last drop.

If coffee isn’t up your alley, try the specialty tea drinks and blended beverages in hot and cold versions. You will never be thirsty when you’re at a Dunn Brothers Coffee.

You will not go hungry either with the wide range of breakfast and lunch items. You can even enjoy breakfast at any time of the day, as well as enjoy sandwiches with your preferred ingredients (i.e., build-your-own sandwiches. You also have several types of salads and soups that will fill your tummy and satisfy your cravings.

For the build-your-own sandwiches, start with the egg soufflé and cheese followed by your choice in grain and protein. The grain choices include burrito wrap, biscuit, bagel, croissants, English muffins (i.e., with gluten-free option). The protein options include bacon, sausages, turkey bacon, chorizo, ham, and black bean patty.

And apples figure prominently in the Dunn Brothers Coffee menu, thanks to the Apple Honey Toast with its Granny Smith apple slices, creamy mascarpone cheese, and crushed granola topped with honey drizzles. It isn’t as sweet as you think it is but it’s definitely crunchy and creamy.

Other food items include the acai bowls, Belgian waffle breakfast sandwich, Belgian waffle trio, and omelets, as well as oatmeal with different toppings like fresh fruits and nuts.

A Dunn Brothers Coffee visit isn’t just about the food although it’s the highlight. The staff members are friendly with the customers, quick in delivering the orders, and helpful in making suggestions, if asked. There’s a casual approach to customers without being too friendly as to invade your personal space.

As a modern chain of coffeehouses, each location usually has free Wi-Fi access for customers while many of them offer outdoor seating perfect for people watching. Many customers, in fact, like working in their favorite Dunn Brothers Coffee cafés because it has such a work-friendly atmosphere.

To learn more about Dunn Brothers Coffee or to find a location near you, visit their website at dunnbrothers.com.