Cowboy Chicken Prices: How much is Cowboy Chicken?

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Cowboys and cooking over an open flame are closely associated in many cultures in North and South America. The flavors of meat, even of fruits, vegetables and corn, cooked over an open fire are distinctly different from those cooked in other ways. There’s a certain smokiness to the food that would be absent in cooking over a gas grill or oven. Below are the latest Cowboy Chicken menu prices.


Kid's Menu

The Cowpoke$6.44


Individual Cobbler$3.69
Fudge Nut Brownie$1.92
Fresh Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie$1.79
Chocolate Chip Cookie$2.57
Ice Cream$1.29
Scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream$1.29
Texas Size Cobbler$5.90


Triple Green Bowl$12.30

Most Ordered

The most commonly ordered items and dishes from this store
Jeanette's Homemade Peach Cobbler$5.24
White Cheddar Mac and Cheese$5.26
Banana Puddin'$5.75
Mexican Street Corn$5.16


Three Enchiladas$16.02

Farm Fresh Salads

Monterey Salad$13.14
Southwest Salad$12.02
Homemade Chicken Salad$4.49

Popular Items

Three Piece Dark$12.14
Quarter White$12.29
Chicken for 4$31.00

Wood Fire Chicken- Rotisserie Plates

Served with 2 Wild West Sides and a roll.
Half Chicken, All White$11.62

Family Meals for Four

Family Meals served with three Texas size sides, Texas size dessert and rolls
Chicken Meal for 6$58.96
Enchilada Meal for 4$52.27
Tenders and Wings$60.31

Salads & Bowls

Salad & Bowls served with Rotisserie chicken breast
Kickin' Cobb$16.43
Durango Bowl$14.88
KETO Green Bowl$15.68

Family Meals

Chicken for 6$45.00
Enchiladas for 4$40.33

Top Menu Items

Half Chicken Plate$10.39
#1 One Chicken Family Pack$26.16

Wood Fire Chicken Rotisserie Plates

3 Piece Dark Plate$9.29
Quarter White Plate$9.29


All sandwiches served toasted on a brioche bun with one side.
BBQ Chicken Sandwich$11.55
Brisket Sandwich$33.11
Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich$16.43
Buffalo Sandwich$13.86

Cowboy Plates

Two Enchiladas$13.99

Just Chicken

Half Chicken$11.41
Whole Chicken$12.26

Tenders & Wings

Six Crispy Wings Meal$15.74
Five Crispy Legs Meal$15.13
Nashville Hot Tender Meal$15.74
Add 6 wings$10.52
Wings and Tenders Combo$17.76
25 Wing Pack$41.95
Crispy Chicken Tenders$15.74

Famous Chicken Enchiladas

All white meat enchiladas hand rolled in corn tortillas with our housemade tomatillo sour cream sauce.
Tres Enchiladas with 2 Wild West Sides$12.22
2 Enchiladas$6.38
Dos Enchiladas with 2 Wild West Sides$10.55
2 Enchiladas with 1 Side$8.45
3 Enchiladas With 2 Sides$10.55
3 Enchiladas$8.38
3 Enchiladas with 1 Side$10.47


1/4 Chicken and Brisket$20.97
Brisket Plate$18.64

Family Packs

#2 One and a Half Chicken Family Pack$37.99
#3 Two Chickens Family Pack$51.32
#4 Nine Chicken Enchiladas Family Pack$34.99

Ranch Hand Sandwiches

The Laredo Chicken Sandwich$9.90
The Original Cowboy$9.73
Blue Ribbon Chicken Salad Sandwich$9.28

Kids' Menu

Kid's The Cowpoke$5.49
Kid's Veggie Plate$5.49


Add Side of Brisket$9.23
4 Rolls$1.34
Hot Sauce Bottle$9.01

Wild West Sides

Individual Side$4.25
Veggie Plate$11.99
Large Side$5.04
Texas Size Side$6.34
Twice Baked Potaters$4.15
Fried Okra$4.20
Tomato Cucumber Salad$3.50
Veggie Platter$8.47
Baked Mac and Cheese$3.69
Corn Fritters$3.42
Garden Salad$4.14
Spanish Rice$4.10
French Fries$4.20
Sweet Potato$5.03
Green Beans$4.14
Sweet Corn$3.56
Creamed Spinach$4.13
Ranchero Beans$4.14
Roasted Broccoli$5.16
Kaleblazer Slaw$3.63
Cowboy Slaw$5.26


Regular Drink$3.06
Half Gallon Beverages$6.45
Gallon Beverages$8.10
Bottled Water$2.33
Canned Soda$2.57
Gallon Drink$7.15
Large Drink$3.45
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About Cowboy Chicken

This was the inspiration behind the founding of Cowboy Chicken, a chain of restaurants that pride itself on the world-class quality of its chicken-based dishes. But with so many chicken rotisserie places in the United States, the chain has to distinguish itself from the competition – and it appears that it has, as evidenced by its loyal following.


Phil Sanders was a former textile salesman who loved Western movies and culture. While he was living in Dallas, Texas, he created and perfected a method of cooking chicken over a wood fire – and thus was born the Cowboy Chicken’s core food item, the wood fire-cooked chicken on a rotisserie. He first tested it on his family and friends who were soon lining up for their orders.

By 1981, Phil and his wife, Jeanette, opened their first Cowboy Chicken restaurant in 1981. Even with the changing times, the restaurant chain has remained true to its core values – serve the best rotisserie chicken with healthy and hearty signature dishes and provide a welcoming experience for the diners.

What They’re Famous For

The rotisserie chicken is at the heart of the Cowboy Chicken chain’s reputation. Its juicy, delicious and succulent quality with all-natural, organic and hormone-free chickens, a deliberate choice because it’s healthier for the body. It’s then cooked over an open flame for several hours to encourage the chickens’ natural flavors coupled with the smokiness from the wood fire to come to the surface.

The chain calls it “honest food” and there’s definitely an honest-to-goodness quality to it that continues to draw in its customers!

Why Eat Here

When you’re at a Cowboy Chicken restaurant, you should always order the rotisserie chicken – it’s what the restaurant is all about and it’s what you came here for, after all. While there are many other rotisserie chicken places in the United States, the Cowboy Chicken’s version is just juicier, more delicious, and more succulent and that’s a fact. These qualities come from the combination of spices used and the cooking method applied to the chicken although the company won’t disclose them.

If you’re looking for a complete meal, your best bet is the rotisserie plates that come in several versions. Each version, nonetheless, already comes with the chicken, a single roll, and two Wild West Sides of your choice. Your choices include Three Piece Dark, Quarter White, BBQ Drumsticks, Half Chicken, and Whole Chicken.

The Half Chicken is obviously for a single person while the Whole Chicken is for sharing among two or more people. Keep in mind that the portions can be sizable so sharing is always possible.

There are also the Famous Chicken Enchiladas, which are made from all-white meat enchiladas and tomatillo-sour cream sauce hand-rolled in the in-house corn tortillas.  These are available in two versions, namely, 3 Enchiladas and 2 Enchiladas that can be ordered with one or two sides.

The sandwiches are a homage to the adage that, “Everything’s bigger in Texas!” thus their name – Texas Sized Sandwiches. When served with a single order of sides, these sandwiches are a complete meal or snack in themselves so many diners order them for takeout after finishing their rotisserie plates.  The rotisserie chicken is obviously at the heart of these sandwiches with the addition of melted cheese, fresh vegetables like lettuce, red onions, and tomatoes, and sauces like tangy BBQ sauce and chipotle mayo.

The Wild West Sides aren’t uncommon in Texas and Tex-Mex restaurants but these complement the unique rotisserie chicken. These include twice-baked potatoes, baked sweet potatoes, corn fritters, roasted veggies, and fried okra, which you can choose from when you order the rotisserie plates.

You can add salads to your order, if you’re feeling guilt about your meat consumption. You will definitely love the Farm Fresh Salads, such as the Monterey salad, the Southwest salad, and the West Texas Caesar.

This isn’t a Texas-inspired restaurant for nothing! There are also plenty of desserts to choose from, such as Jeanette’s Homemade Peach Cobbler, Fudge Nut Brownie, and Fresh Baked Cookie.

Bring the kids along, too, since Cowboy Chicken has a kids’ menu for them. Each order comes with a choice of milk or juice.  There’s the Cowpoke with its chicken, side, and roll; the PB&J with a choice of chips or carrots; and the Veggie with its choice of two sides and a roll. There are also large Family Packs for the entire family to enjoy.

In many of the Cowboy Chicken restaurants, there are television sets and free Wi-Fi access so the kids can be entertained while waiting for the food. But when your orders arrive, everybody will stop with whatever they are doing and just enjoy the food!

To learn more about Cowboy Chicken or to find a location near you, visit their website at

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Cowboy Chicken FAQ

How much is Cowboy Chicken's Triple Green Bowl?

Triple Green Bowl – $12.16

How much is a Crispy Drumsticks at Cowboy Chicken?

Crispy Drumsticks – $11.00

How much are Homemade Chicken Salad at Cowboy Chicken?

Homemade Chicken Salad – $4.49

How much does a Cowboy Chicken's Southwest Family Meal Cost?

Southwest Family Meal – $36.00

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