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In the heart of Australian retail, Coles stands as a cornerstone of everyday life, offering a diverse range of products that have become an integral part of households across the country. With a commitment to providing quality, convenience, and value, Coles has solidified its position as a beloved choice for shoppers seeking a seamless shopping experience. Let’s delve into the story behind Coles Australia’s reputation and the widespread popularity of their offerings. Throughout this exploration, we’ll uncover the elements that blend trust, accessibility, and retail excellence into the captivating narrative of Coles. Below are the latest Coles Australia menu prices.



Doritos Corn Chips, Cheese Supreme (170g)$4.50
Coles Curry Pot - Butter Chicken and Rice (350g)$7.00
Cheese & Bacon Rolls (4pk)$5.00
Pre-Cut Pineapple (200g)$4.50
Pasta Salad (800g)$8.20


Winter Warmers$35.00
Soup Kits$27.50
Curry for One$24.50


Banana (each)$1.25
A2 Milk, Full Cream (2.0L)$5.70
Coles Finest Sourdough White Vienna (each)$6.00
Coles Whole Hot Chicken (each)$12.50
Avocado (each)$3.50
Strawberries (250g)$5.00
Pana Ice Cream, Salted Caramel (475mL)$12.00
Halo Top, Peanut Butter (473mL)$12.00
Cadbury Family Block Chocolate, Hazelnut (180g)$6.00
Nudie Orange Juice (2.0L) - Chilled$8.70
Coles Pizza Chicken Parmagiana (470g)$7.00


Banana (each) (Fruit)$1.25
Coles Pink Lady apples (1kg)$6.20
White Peach (each)$1.00
Yellow Peach (each)$1.00
Coles White Seedless Grapes (0.8kg-1.0kg)$7.00
Navel Oranges (4pk)$3.00
Lemon (each)$1.50
Limes Prepack (5pk)$5.20
Kiwifruit (8pk)$7.00
Strawberries (250g) (Fruit)$5.00
Blueberries (125g)$6.90
Raspberries (125g)$6.90
Avocado (each) (Fruit)$3.50
Pre-Cut Watermelon (350g)$7.80
Pre-Cut Rockmelon (350g)$7.80
Pre-Cut Pineapple (200g) (Fruit)$4.50
Seasonal Fruit Salad Mix (350g)$7.50
Kids Pack Mandarins (700g)$7.50


Carrot Sticks (180g)$4.00
Celery Sticks (180g)$3.60


Weet-Bix (375g)$5.00
Uncle Tobys Quick Sachet Oats, Creamy Honey (420g)$7.20
Aussie Bodies Low Carb Whip'd, Choc Cookies & Cream (120g)$10.80
Optimum Nutrition Protein Crunch Bar, Peanut (56g)$4.80
Kelloggs Cereal Variety Fun Pack (170g)$8.60
Kelloggs Crunchy Nut Cereal Clusters (450g)$8.00
Nutri Grain (290g)$6.50
Kellogg's Coco Pops (650g)$9.00
Abes Bagels, Original (4pk)$6.00
Coles Croissants (4pk)$4.20
Tip Top English Muffins (6pk)$5.00
Aussie Bodies Low Carb Whip'd, Chocolate (120g)$10.80
Optimum Nutrition Protein Crunch Bar, Chocolate (56g)$4.80
Aussie Bodies Low Carb Whip'd, Honey (120g)$3.30

Dairy & Dairy Free

A2 Milk, Full Cream (2.0L) (Dairy & Dairy Free)$5.70
A2 Milk, Reduced Fat (2.0L)$5.70
Bonsoy (1.0L)$6.00
Almond Breeze Almond Milk, Unsweetened (1.0L)$4.00
Vitasoy Soy Milk Calcium Plus (1L) - Room Temperature$3.50
Dare Flavoured Milk, Double Espresso (500mL)$4.40
Dare Flavoured Milk, Espresso (500mL)$4.40
Big M, Strawberry Milk (600mL)$4.40
Big M, Chocolate Milk (600mL)$4.40
Chobani Fit Yoghurt (Mango) 170g$3.50
Chobani Fit Yoghurt, Strawberry (170g)$3.50
Chobani Yoghurt, Passionfruit (170g)$3.50
Chobani Yoghurt, Mango (170g)$3.50
Yopro Yoghurt, Passionfruit (160g)$3.50
Yopro Yoghurt, Strawberry (160g)$3.50
South Cape 4 Piece Cheese Selection Platter (435g)$20.00

Ready to Go Meals

Chicken Samosas (180g)$4.80
Pilau Rice (250g)$3.60
Pesto Arancini with Quinoa (180g)$4.80
Rice Paper Rolls with Chicken$6.50
Rice Paper Rolls with Veggie$7.80
Onion Bhajis (160g)$4.80
Garlic & Coriander Naan (180g)$3.60
Tikka Bites (200g)$7.80

Hot Food

Coles Whole Hot Chicken (each) (Hot Food)$12.50
Lilydale Whole Hot Chicken (each)$15.50
Hot Roast Pork$23.90
Slow Cooked Hot Pork Ribs$20.00
Slow Cooked Hot Lambs Shanks$20.00
Seasoned Wedges$3.00
Nuggets (6pk)$3.60
Garlos Lean Pie$4.20
Garlos Steak Pie$4.80


Coles Potato Salad (800g)$8.20
Chicken Caesar Salad Bowl (180g)$7.20
Pasta Salad (800g) (Salads)$8.20
Ranch Slaw Kit (400g)$6.00
Coleslaw (800g)$8.20
Kaleslaw Kit (350g)$6.00
Big Crunch Teriyaki Chicken Salad (350g)$10.80
Coles American BBQ Slaw Kit (400g)$6.00
Coles Asian Style Salad Kit (350g)$6.00
Coles Broccoslaw Kit (350g)$6.00
Coles Mexican Style Salad Kit (400g)$6.00
Coles Caesar Salad Kit (265g)$7.00

Ready to Heat Meals

Latina Dy Pasta Sauce, Bolognaise (425g)$6.50
Coles Italian Meal Beef Lasagne (400g)$7.20
Latina Filled Pasta, Agnolotti Ricotta Spinach (375g)$7.00
Latina Filled Pasta, Ravioli Beef (625g)$8.50
Coles Garlic Bread Twin Pack (450g)$4.00
Chicken and Chorizo Paella (350g)$10.00
Chicken Linguini (350g)$10.00
Makhani Chicken (350g)$10.00
Lamb Bhuna (350g)$10.00
Beef Vindaloo (350g)$10.00
Vegetable Korma (350g)$10.00
Massaman Curry (350g)$10.00
Thai Red Curry (350g)$10.00
Beef Stroganoff with Rice (350g)$10.00
Chicken Enchiladas (450g)$10.00
Chicken Pad Thai with Noodles (350g)$10.00
Coles Pizza, BBQ Chicken & Bacon (470g)$7.00
Coles Pizza, Pumpkin & Fetta (470g)$7.00
Coles Pizza, Quattro Formaggi (460g)$9.00
Coles Beef Lasagne - Ready to Heat (1.8kg)$12.50
Coles Asian Soup Kit (500g)$7.00
Coles Vegetable Soup Kit (500g)$7.00
Coles Minestrone Soup (500g)$7.00
Coles Beef Vegetable and Barley Soup (500g)$7.00
Coles Chicken Laksa (500g)$8.00
Coles Curry Pot - Butter Chicken and Rice (350g) (Ready to Heat Meals)$7.00
Garlic Naan (250g)$4.00
Chicken Tikka Bites (200g)$7.00
Coles Pizza Chicken Parmagiana (470g) (Ready to Heat Meals)$7.00

The Bakehouse

Coles Muffin$1.20
Coles Ultimate Apple Pie (1.1kg) - Requires Heating$12.00
Hot Cross Buns, Traditional Fruit (6pk)$4.20
Bakery Anzac Biscuits (12pk)$5.50
Coles Ultimate Choc Chip Cookies Box (400g)$5.50
Chilled Slices (2pk)$6.00
Coles Finest Sourdough Pane Di Casa With Sesame (each)$6.00
Coles Finest Sourdough Rye Vienna (each)$6.00
Coles Finest Sourdough Wholemeal Vienna (each)$6.00
Coles Stone Baked Pane Di Casa (each)$5.00
Coles Finest Sourdough White Vienna (each) (The Bakehouse)$6.00
Rustic Baguette (each)$3.50
Coles Finest Sourdough Pumkin & Soybean Vienna (each)$6.00
Bakery Cupcakes, Choc Mud (4pk)$5.00
Bakery Cupcakes, Cookies & Cream (4pk)$5.00
Bakery Cupcakes, Red Velvet (4pk)$5.00
Bakery Cookies, Macadamia (6pk)$5.50
Bakery Cookies, Ultimate Choc Chip (6pk)$5.50
Coles Croissants (4pk) (The Bakehouse)$4.20
Vegemite Scroll (each)$2.40
Cheese & Bacon Rolls (4pk) (The Bakehouse)$5.00
Abes Bagels, Original (4pk) (The Bakehouse)$6.00
Tip Top English Muffins (6pk) (The Bakehouse)$5.00
Brioche Burger Buns (4pk)$4.50
Coles Soft Round Rolls (6pk)$3.50
Coles Hamburger Rolls (6pk)$3.50
Cinnamon Donuts (12pk)$5.00
Wonder White Block Loaf, White (700g)$5.00


Magnum Ice Cream, Classic (4pk)$9.00
Peters Maxibon Ice Cream, Vanilla (4pk)$9.00
Peters Drumstick Ice Cream, Vanilla (4pk)$9.00
Weis Bars, Mango (4pk)$8.00
Peters Proud & Punch Coconuts For Mango (6pk)$9.00
Skinny Cow Cups Ice Cream, Toffee & Vanilla Choc (680ml)$8.00
Halo Top, Peanut Butter (473mL) (Sub-Zero)$12.00
Halo Top, Sea Salt Caramel (473mL)$12.00
Halo Top, Toasted Coconut (473mL)$12.00
Pana Ice Cream, Salted Caramel (475mL) (Sub-Zero)$12.00
Pana Ice Cream, Mint Choc Chip (475mL)$12.00
Haagen Dazs Ice Cream, Salted Caramel (457mL)$12.00
Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream (Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough) 458mL$12.00
Street Blue Ribbon Ice Cream, Vanilla (2.0L)$8.00
Coles Frozen Mixed Berries (500g)$5.90
Sara Lee Sticky Date Pudding (475g)$7.50
Sara Lee French Cream Cheesecake (360g)$7.50
Coles New York Baked Cheesecake (640g)$14.40
Sara Lee Icecream, French Vanilla (1.0L)$12.00
Sara Lee Icecream, Ultimate Choc Chip (1.0L)$12.00
Sara Lee Icecream, Honeycomb Butterscotch (1.0L)$12.00
Streets Gaytime Icecream (4pk)$9.00
Peters Drumstick Ice Cream, Vanilla (16pk)$24.00
Halo Top, Choc Chip Cookie Dough (473mL)$12.00
Weis Bars, Macadamia Mango (4pk)$8.00
Haagen Dazs Ice Cream, Peanut Butter (457mL)$12.00
Haagen Dazs Ice Cream, Mango Raspberry (457mL)$12.00
Streets Blue Ribbon Ice Cream, Buttermilk Vanilla (1L)$11.00
Peters Tropical Frosty Fruits 8 Pack (600g)$7.50
Peters Connoisseur Ice Cream, Cookies & Cream (1L)$12.00
Streets Magnum Dairy Free, Almond (270g)$8.00
Streets Magnum Dairy Free, Classic (270g)$8.00


Cadbury Family Block Chocolate, Hazelnut (180g) (Treats)$6.00
Cadbury Family Block Chocolate, Dairy Milk (180g)$6.00
Cadbury Old Gold Block Chocolate, Original (200g)$6.00
Lindt Milk Chocolate Block, Original (100g)$5.00
Bag of Maltesers (250g)$8.00
Nestle Kit Kat Bar (45g)$2.40
Cadbury Twirl Bar (39g)$2.40
Cadbury Cherry Ripe Bar (52g)$2.40
Cadbury Picnic Bar (46g)$2.40
Snickers Bar (50g)$2.40
Allens Snakes Alive (200g)$4.00
Allens Party Mix (190g)$4.00
Oreo Original Cookies (137g)$4.20
Tim Tam's, Double Chocolate (200g)$5.00
Tim Tam's, Original (200g)$5.00
Carman's Nut Bar (Almond, Hazelnut & Vanilla)$6.30
Carman's Nut Bar (Almond, Cashew & Cranberry) 175g$6.30
Cobs Gluten Free Sea Salt Popcorn (80g)$4.40
Cobs Gluten Free Slightly Sweet Popcorn (120g)$4.40
Red Rock Deli Potato Chips, Honey Soy Chicken (165g)$5.80
Red Rock Deli Potato Chips, Sea Salt (165g)$5.80
Pringles Potato Chips, Original (134g)$4.80
Doritos, Original (170g)$4.50
Red Rock Deli Popcorn, Butter (96g)$4.80
Red Rock Deli Popcorn, Vanilla & Caramel (96g)$4.80
Cadbury Turkish Delight (55g)$2.40
Red Rock Deli Potato Chips, Salt & Vinegar (165g)$5.80
Allens Party Mix Lollies (520g)$6.50
Doritos Corn Chips, Cheese Supreme (170g) (Treats)$4.50
Smiths Crinkle Potato Chips, Salt Vinegar (170g)$4.50
Coles Salsa Medium (300g)$3.50
Coles Salsa Mild (300g)$3.50
Nestle Kit Kat Milk Block (170g)$6.00
Darrell Lea Fresh Liquorice Batch 37 (300g)$5.90
Darrell Lea Choc Coated Bullets (200g)$4.00
Allens Large Bag Chewmix (415g)$5.90
Allens Killer Python (192g)$4.00
Lindt Excellence Chocolate, Sea Salt Caramel (100g)$5.00
Mars Peanut M&M's (345g)$7.00
Coles Milk Chocolate Coated Almonds (190g)$3.00
Mars Pods (160g)$5.00
Nestle Crunch Chocolate Block (200g)$5.00
Cadbury Old Gold Block Chocolate Roast Almond (180g)$6.00
Cadbury Old Gold Block Chocolate: Jamaica Rum and Raisin (180g)$6.00
Cadbury Family Block Chocolate Creme Egg (180g)$6.00
Cadbury Family Block Chocolate Fruit and Nut (180g)$6.00
Cadbury Marvellous Creations Block: Jelly Popping Candy Beanies (190g)$6.00
BCH Hi Protein Bites, Choc Honeycomb (70g)$5.40
Red Rock Deli Potato Chips, Sweet Chilli & Sour Cream (165g)$5.80
Coles Salted Mixed Nuts (375g)$6.50
Coles Unsalted Mixed Nuts (375g)$6.50


Coles Spring Water (600mL) - Room temperature$2.00
Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling (450mL) - Room temperature$3.80
Coke (600mL) - Chilled$4.00
Diet Coke (600mL) - Chilled$4.00
Fanta (600mL) Chilled$4.00
Sprite (600mL) - Chilled$4.00
Solo (600mL) - Chilled$4.00
Remedy Kombucha, Raspberry Lemonade (300mL) - Chilled$4.20
Coles Orange Juice (500mL) - Chilled$3.00
Coles Cloudy Apple Juice (500mL) - Chilled$3.00
Schweppes Lemonade (1.1L) - Room Temperature$4.00
Cocobella Coconut Water (1.0L) - Room Temperature$6.60
Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling (1.25L) - Room temperature$3.20
Coles Soda Water (1.25L) - Room Temperature$2.50
Pepsi Max (1.25L) - Room temperature$4.00
Coke (1.25L) - Room temperature$4.00
Coke No Sugar (2.0L) - Room temperature$4.50
Nudie Orange Juice (2.0L) - Chilled (Drinks)$8.70
Maximus, Blue (1.0L) - Room Temperature$4.00
Gatorade, Lemon Lime (600mL) - Room Temperature$4.00
Powerade, Berry Ice (600mL) - Room Temperature$4.00
Monster Energy, No sugar (500mL) - Room Temperature$4.50
San Pellegrino Sparkling (750mL) - Room Temperature$3.60
Nexba Sparkling Rasberry, No Sugar (1.0L) - Room Temperature$3.50
Nexba Sparkling Lemon, No Sugar (1.0L) - Room Temperature$3.50
Red Bull 250mL (4pk) - Room temperature$12.20
Remedy Kombucha, Ginger & Lemon (700mL) - Room Temperature$7.20
Schweppes Lemon Lime & Bitters 300mL (4pk) - Room temperature$6.30
Fevertree Mediterranean Tonic Water 200mL (4pk) - Room Temperature$8.40
Fevertree Indian Tonic Water 200mL (4pk) - Room Temperature$8.40
Remedy Kombucha, Raspberry Lemonade (700mL) - Room Temperature$7.20
Powerade, Mountain Blast (600mL) - Room Temperature$4.00
Gatorade, Blue Bolt (600mL) - Room Temperature$4.00
Nudie Apple Juice (2.0L) - Chilled$8.70
Nudie Orange Juice, Pulp Free (2.0L) - Chilled$8.70
Maximus, Raspberry (1.0L) - Room Temperature$4.00
Remedy Kombucha, Lemon Ginger (4pk) - Room Temperature$10.80
Nexba Sparkling Cola No Sugar (1.0L) - Room Temperature$3.50
Coles Natural Mineral Water (1.25L) - Room Temperature$2.50
Coles Tonic Water (1.25L) - Room Temperature$2.50
Coles Tonic Diet (1.25L) - Room Temperature$2.50
Coles Dry Ginger Ale (1.25L) - Room Temperature$2.50
Coles Coconut Water (1L) - Chilled$5.00
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Origins of Retail Excellence: The Coles Story

The journey of Coles Australia began with a vision to provide communities with a one-stop shopping destination that caters to their everyday needs. Founded with a dedication to delivering quality products and unmatched customer service, the brand swiftly gained recognition for its commitment to elevating the shopping experience. The founders’ mission to create a store where shoppers could find everything they required under one roof laid the foundation for Coles’ reputation as a trusted retailer that understands the pulse of the nation.

A Diverse Selection: Coles’ Commitment to Convenience

Coles Australia’s allure lies in its ability to offer a wide array of products that cater to diverse needs and preferences. From fresh produce to household essentials and everything in between, the store reflects the brand’s dedication to delivering a comprehensive shopping experience.

The reputation of Coles thrives on the authenticity of their products. Each item on the shelves is carefully curated to meet stringent quality standards, ensuring that customers receive nothing but the best. It’s a symphony of retail curation and accessibility that guarantees every visit to Coles Australia is a satisfying and productive experience.

A Hub of Community Engagement: The Coles Shopping Journey

The popularity of Coles Australia extends beyond the transactional; it’s about being a part of a community hub that connects people and their daily needs. Walking into one of their inviting stores, shoppers are greeted by an atmosphere that fosters familiarity and convenience, creating an environment that transforms shopping from a chore into a social and engaging experience. The vibrant displays and the warmth of the staff create an ambiance that encourages connections and a sense of belonging.

Coles Australia understands that true allure encompasses more than just product availability – it’s about embracing the joy of shopping and interacting with a store that reflects the needs and desires of the community. The reputation they’ve cultivated is grounded in their ability to provide an atmosphere where shoppers can fulfill their requirements while also enjoying a sense of community engagement. Whether it’s the excitement of discovering new products or the satisfaction of finding a trusted brand, Coles offers an experience that resonates deeply with individuals seeking a blend of convenience and social connection.

A Legacy of Retail Excellence: Coles’ Ongoing Success

As lifestyles evolve, Coles Australia stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of well-stocked shelves and a commitment to providing convenience and value. The reputation of Coles is built on their commitment to offering a wide range of products that cater to evolving needs and preferences. The diversity in their offerings, featuring fresh produce, household goods, and more, ensures that every visit is a fruitful and enjoyable shopping experience.

Coles’ popularity isn’t just a fleeting trend; it’s a legacy that continues to thrive. The brand’s ability to seamlessly blend accessibility, retail variety, and a dedication to delivering remarkable shopping experiences is a testament to its ongoing success. With every purchase made and every interaction enjoyed, Coles Australia solidifies its position as a beloved retailer for those seeking a memorable, efficient, and community-centered shopping journey.

In Conclusion: Nurturing Communities Through Convenience

The story of Coles Australia is a celebration of convenience, retail passion, and the art of creating a shopping destination that caters to the diverse needs of a community. Through the lens of shopping satisfaction and shared enjoyment, we witness a brand that skillfully marries product variety with the joy of engaging with a store that understands and supports the local community. From its inception to its enduring popularity, Coles Australia remains a cherished chapter in the narrative of accessible and community-focused retail experiences.

As shoppers stroll through the aisles, they become part of a narrative that commemorates the harmonious blend of convenience and retail brilliance. Coles Australia isn’t just a supermarket; it’s a hub of everyday essentials and the joy of embracing the art of convenient shopping while fostering connections with fellow community members. With every purchase, the brand’s legacy of retail excellence and community engagement continues to flourish, satisfying both shopping needs and a desire for an enriching experience that celebrates the beauty of modern retail innovation.

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Coles Australia FAQ

How much is Coles Australia's Absolute Essentials?

Absolute Essentials – $0.00

How much is a Soup Kits at Coles Australia?

Soup Kits – $27.50

How much are Strawberries at Coles Australia?

Strawberries – $5.00

How much does a Coles Australia's Yellow Peach Cost?

Yellow Peach – $1.00

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