Church’s Chicken Prices: How much is Church’s Chicken?

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Fried chicken is the best comfort food there is! If you’re one of millions of Americans who believe it, then you have likely enjoyed the pleasures of Church’s Chicken fried chicken. Compared to the rest of the fast food chicken industry, the Church’s Chicken prices are considered to be about average. If you choose to get the family meals, the price can go up fast. Below are the latest Church’s Chicken menu prices.


Limited Time Offers

Original Smokehouse Chicken Combo$10.10

Original Real Meal Combos

5 Piece Tenders$10.21

Picked For You

3 Piece Mixed Chicken Combo$10.01
5 Tender Strips® Combo$10.67

Feed 2: Tender Strips®

10 Tender Strips® Meal$19.55
8 Tender Strips® Meal$15.14

Feed 2: Chicken

6 Piece Mixed Chicken Meal$16.71

Spicy Real Meal Combos

5 Piece Spicy Tenders$14.19
Chicken Sandwich Combo Spicy$7.55

Popular Items

12 Pieces Mixed Chicken Meal$33.78
18 Pieces Mixed Chicken Meal$45.69
3 Pieces Mixed Chicken Combo$11.26
6 Pieces Mixed Chicken Meal$18.39
12 Pieces of Mixed Chicken Only$27.52
5 Pieces Tender Strips® Combo$11.95
10 Pieces Tender Strips® Meal$21.69

Chicken Sandwich

Sandwich Only$4.62
Individual Combo: Chicken Sandwich, Regular Side, Large Drink$8.14
Original Chicken Sandwich Combo$7.19
Chicken Sandwich Combo$7.37
Feeds 4: 4 Chicken Sandwiches, 2 Large Sides, 4 Frosted Honey Butter Biscuits$26.96
Spicy Chicken Sandwich$4.35
XL Chicken Sandwich Combo$10.76
Spicy XL Chicken Sandwich Combo$10.73
Feed 4 Chicken Sandwich Combo$26.95
Feed 4 Combo$26.93
Chicken Sandwich$4.23
Feed 4 Spicy Chicken Sandwich Combo$26.95
Spicy Chicken Sandwich Feed 4$27.07

Individual Combos

The tried and true – just for you. Served with your choice of any regular side, a scratch made Honey-Butter Biscuit™ and an ice cold drink to wash it all down.
5 Piece Texas Tenders Combo$12.02
4 Tender Strips® Combo$8.25

Original Family Value Meals

16 Piece Tenders$30.55
10 Piece Tenders$17.20
24 Piece Tenders Meal$42.58

Family Feast Feeds 4

16 Piece Texas Tenders Meal$34.42
6 Pieces Mixed Chicken & 8 Tender Strips® Meal$35.73
6 Pieces Mixed Chicken and 8 Piece Texas Tenders Meal$37.89

Spicy Family Value Meals

16 Piece Spicy Tenders$30.55
24 Piece Spicy Tenders Meal$42.58
10 Piece Spicy Tenders$17.26

Tender Strips

4 Tender Strips Meal$8.25

Feeds 2

Down Home, nobody leaves the table hungry. Get full belly bliss for the whole family with one of our family meals.
10 Piece Texas Tenders Meal$22.75

Feed 4: Chicken

10 Piece Mixed Chicken Meal$25.88
12 Piece Mixed Chicken Meal$31.69
10 Pieces of Mixed Chicken$17.68
12 Pieces of Mixed Chicken$25.23

Feed 4: Tender Strips®

16 Tender Strips® Meal$32.05
15 Tender Strips® Meal$31.48
15 Tender Strips®$19.93

Feed 6: Tender Strips®

24 Tender Strips® Meal$43.96
20 Tender Strips® Meal$39.85
20 Tender Strips®$25.57

Feed 4: Complete Family Feast

6 Piece Mixed Chicken & 8 Tender Strips® Meal$33.38

Family Feast Feeds 6

24 Piece Texas Tenders Meal$47.29
9 Pieces Mixed Chicken and 12 Piece Texas Tenders Meal$50.67
9 Pieces Mixed Chicken & 12 Tender Strips® Meal$48.73


22 oz. Soft Drinks$1.92
30 oz. Soft Drink$2.00
1 Gallon of Church's Southern Sweet Tea®$4.84
Fanta® Strawberry$1.97
1 Gallon of Minute Maid® Lemonade$4.84
Minute Maid® Lemonade$2.38
Diet Coke®$1.97
Dr Pepper®$1.97
Hi-C® Flashin' Fruit Punch$2.41
Gallon of Church's Unsweetened Tea$5.22
1 Gallon of Hi-C® Flashin’ Fruit Punch$4.84
Church's Southern Sweet Tea®$2.83
1/2 Gallon of Church's Southern Sweet Tea®$2.94
Church's Unsweetened Tea$2.83
1 Gallon of Church's Unsweetened Tea$4.85
1/2 Gallon of Church's Unsweetened Tea$2.93
Gallon of Church's Southern Sweet Tea®$5.20
1/2 Gallon of Minute Maid® Lemonade$3.18
Gallon of Minute Maid® Lemonade$5.25
Gallon of Hi-C® Flashin’ Fruit Punch$5.25

Feed 6: Chicken

15 Piece Mixed Chicken Meal$35.40
18 Piece Mixed Chicken Meal$43.54
15 Pieces of Mixed Chicken$23.85

Classic Sides

Fried Okra$2.61
Jalapeño Cheese Bombers®$2.61
Corn on the Cob$2.60
Baked Mac & Cheese$2.72
Mashed Potatoes$2.67
Cole Slaw$2.73

Sweet Treat

1 Apple Pie$1.46
Apple Pie$3.55
3 Apple Pies$3.31
4 Apple Pies$5.09
4 Frosted Honey-Butter Biscuits$4.91
8 Frosted Honey-Butter Biscuits$8.72

House Favorites

1 Honey-Butter Biscuit$0.90
3 Honey-Butter Biscuits$2.65
6 Honey-Butter Biscuits$4.97
1 Jalapeño Pepper$0.70
12 Honey-Butter Biscuits$9.02
3 Jalapeño Peppers$1.62
5 Jalapeño Peppers$2.55

Limited Time Offer

20 for $20$20.00
Shrimp & Tenders Meal$6.99

Feed 6: Complete Family Feast

9 Piece Mixed Chicken & 12 Tender Strips® Meal$46.14
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About Church’s Chicken

Church’s Chicken is a chain of fast-food restaurants with more than 1,700 locations in the United States, Canada and Mexico as well as in several countries in South America, Asia, and Europe. Outside of North America, its restaurants are known as Texas Chicken. The name may be different but the fried chicken is among the better ones we have tasted in fast-food restaurants!


On April 17, 1952, George W. Church, Sr. opened Church’s Fried Chicken To Go in San Antonio, Texas. From its single location, the chain expanded its service area to include most of the United States’ major cities as well as several cities abroad.

Based on records, Friedman Fleischer & Lowe is the current owner.

What They’re Known For

Church’s Chicken initially sold only fried chicken, its signature item, but later on added more items to its menu. These included French fries, jalapenos, and biscuits, the latter of which is its most popular product next to the crispy fried chicken.

Why Eat Here

Do you have a strong craving for fried chicken that you simply must have it most days of the week? Then, you will likely find yourself as a regular customer at your neighborhood Church’s Chicken restaurant!

Think of Church’s Chicken fried chicken as a blank canvas, of a sort, because of its very light seasoning. You can pair it with just about anything that you fancy – rich ketchup, creamy mayonnaise, spicy sauce, or a combination of all three, if you want. You may also eat it on its own since the light seasoning doesn’t interfere with its meaty texture and succulent meat.

On the bone, the fried chicken is served in large portions and we’re not surprised as Church’s Chicken came from Texas, and we all know that everything’s bigger in the Lone Star State. It’s neither too dry nor too greasy, just the right balance between juiciness and oiliness considering that every piece has been deep fried. It has a crispy and crunchy skin that makes it a pleasure to hear the crunch as you bite into it.

As tenders, the chicken is served in bite-sized portions. These have a certain wow factor to them, especially when these are served hot. Dip them into the sauce and improve their flavor a hundredfold; we suggest the spicy sauce.

The bottom line: Church’s Chicken fried chicken is a great meal unto itself although we suggest pairing it with the biscuit.

We must say, too, that the biscuit is the shining star of the Church’s Chicken menu! It’s what a hone-butter biscuit should be in our books – light and fluffy, with a lovely honey glaze cutting through the savory flavors, and with the right balance between sweet and salty with each bite. It’s the single menu item that makes Church’s Chicken stand out from the rest of its fast-food competition.

The fried chicken and tenders can be ordered as combos. These combos usually include a fluffy biscuit, a side like crinkle fries, and a soft drinks. These are obviously individually-sized combos.

For large groups, Church’s Chicken has its family meals in various sizes – 10, 15, and 20. Each family meal usually consists of fried chicken and/or chicken tenders, sides, and honey-butter biscuits.

The choices in sides are aplenty, too. The fried okra is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, almost like the vegan equivalent of fried chicken. The crinkle-cut fries are fried to perfection and served hot, while the baked mac ‘n cheese is as creamy as the one your grandmother probably made. The jalapeño peppers and jalapeño cheese bombs are worth your flaming mouth – spicy but satisfyingly so.

The drinks are the standards ones in many fast-food restaurants. The choices include Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta Strawberry, Hi-C Fruit Punch, Church’s Southern Sweet Tea, and Minute Maid Lemonade.

Every Church’s Chicken restaurant is kept clean by the staff, a must when you want to enjoy the food. The busboys are quick to clear tables and the cashiers are generally friendly, even on busy days. The décor is a typical fast-food restaurant but there’s bright lighting so it’s a good environment.

Church’s Chicken is a great place to go if you’re looking for an affordable meal for your lunch and dinner. Kids and adults alike seem to enjoy the food, and the crowd is an interesting mix of families, students, and employees.

There’s no television and no Wi-Fi but that’s alright since you will likely be focused on the food anyway.  There’s no waiter service but that’s to be expected of a fast-food restaurant, and the staff are friendly enough that you can easily ask for assistance.

To learn more about Church’s Chicken or to find a location near you, visit their website at

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Church’s Chicken FAQ

How much is Church's Chicken's 24 Piece Texas Tenders Meal?

24 Piece Texas Tenders Meal – $46.83

How much is a 3 Piece Mixed Chicken Combo at Church's Chicken?

3 Piece Mixed Chicken Combo – $9.92

How much are Chicken Sandwich at Church's Chicken?

Chicken Sandwich – $4.14

How much does a Church's Chicken's 8 Tender Strips® Meal Cost?

8 Tender Strips® Meal – $15.13

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