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Americans have their comfort foods, too, although these are influenced by the region where they live in, their family’s ethnicity and traditions, and their personal experiences. Suffice it to say that what may be comfort food for a New Yorker will be different from the comfort food of a Los Angelinos!

Chuck-A-Rama is among the more ambitious chain of restaurants that offer American comfort foods. The name itself can mean comfort fast-food for many Americans, especially in the areas where its restaurants are located – Utah and Idaho. The chain has its headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Below are the latest Chuck-A-Rama menu prices.




Adult (Lunch Price)$9.99
Senior (60+) - Lunch Price$8.49
Children (Age 4) - Lunch Price$2.40
Children (Age 5) - Lunch Price$3.00
Children (Age 6) - Lunch Price$3.60
Children (Age 7) - Lunch Price$4.20
Children (Age 8) - Lunch Price$4.80
Children (Age 9) - Lunch Price$5.40
Children (Age 10) - Lunch Price$6.00
Children (Age 11) - Lunch Price$6.60
Children (Age 12) - Lunch Price$7.20



Adult (Dinner Price)$12.99
Senior (60+) - Dinner Price$11.49
Children (Age 4) - Dinner Price$3.00
Children (Age 5) - Dinner Price$3.75
Children (Age 6) - Dinner Price$4.50
Children (Age 7) - Dinner Price$5.25
Children (Age 8) - Dinner Price$6.00
Children (Age 9) - Dinner Price$6.75
Children (Age 10) - Dinner Price$7.50
Children (Age 11) - Dinner Price$8.25
Children (Age 12) - Dinner Price$9.00



Senior (60+)$11.49
Children (Age 4)$3.00
Children (Age 5)$3.75
Children (Age 6)$4.50
Children (Age 7)$5.25
Children (Age 8)$6.00
Children (Age 9)$6.75
Children (Age 10)$7.50
Children (Age 11)$8.25
Children (Age 12)$9.00
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Don Moss founded Chuck-A-Rama in September 7, 1966. There are now more than 10 locations across the two states with more planned in the future.

The name “Chuck-A-Rama” is a combination of two terms – chuckwagon and Scout-O-Rama.

What They’re Famous For

The chain of buffet restaurants primarily offers American comfort food, such as baked and fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, roast beef, and carver turkey. The salad bar includes a wide range of vegetables, fruits and herbs, among other staple ingredients, while the soups are rotated on a daily basis. The made-from-scratch desserts and breads complement the meals while the soft drinks station features more than 30 varieties including regular and non-caffeinated Coke and Pepsi.

The restaurants also offer themed menus from different international cuisines. These include Mexican, Chinese and Italian cuisine, as well as chuck wagon fare, seafood dishes, and European-themed nights with chicken fried steak as its main food.

Why Eat Here

The buffet-themed restaurants accept reservations, such as for large groups, but there are no takeout, delivery and catering services yet. Cash and credit card payments are accepted resulting in convenience for people who may not always have cash handy. Most of the restaurants offer a private parking lot for cars and bikes, as well as facilities for wheelchairs (e.g., ramps).

Keep in mind that the Chuck-A-Rama restaurants welcome large and small groups including families with their kids. Be prepared for a relatively loud noise level, especially during peak hours (i.e., lunch), as well as casual attire and ambiance. Even without televisions and Wi-Fi connection, there’s plenty of thing that will keep diners entertained.

The Chuck-A-Rama prices are among the most affordable, too, especially when compared with the expensive buffet prices at the likes of Mirage. Kids within a certain age also enjoy free meals, which means more savings for the adults who accompany them. The lunch and dinner prices are reasonable, too, particularly considering that the foods are delicious and the drinks are aplenty.

There are waiters who can bring the drinks to your table, if requested, as well as attend to your dining needs.  The servers appear to know their jobs and, as such, deliver efficient, friendly and courteous service, a surprising aspect considering the affordable prices, casual setting, and buffet arrangement.

The foods are, indeed, the classic American comfort foods with many additions of international cuisines from Chinese to Italian. You and your group will then be able to savor the familiar flavors of American cuisine and enjoy international foods, all in the same day. You may even get lucky and come on a day when fresh seafood, a luxury for many people, is available.

The daily menu includes baked and fried chicken, which are tender, succulent and juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. These are apparently the bestselling items because most of the diners have one or two pieces on their plates. You can’t go wrong with fried chicken when you have kids in your group.

The homemade soups have a comforting quality to them – deliciously hot, filled with savory flavors to the last spoon, and reminiscent of home. You should try pairing a bowl of soup with the freshly baked breads, such as wheat and white rolls, scones with a liberal layer of honey butter, banana bread, corn bread, and muffins.

The salad bar will surely satisfy even the most dedicated vegetarians. There are more than 75 ingredients from fruits to vegetables and toppings including marshmallows and gelatin, if you’re into unorthodox salad pairings. The healthy salad choices can be paired with more indulgent foods like kettle roasted turkey, cinnamon pull-a-part, and baked chicken with ranch potatoes.

The dessert station consisted of self-serve sundaes with dozens of choices in toppings to satisfy your sweet tooth.  Other desserts include rice pudding and German chocolate cake, which were surprisingly good for a buffet.

The Chuck-A-Rama buffet can be described as basic in comparison with the cornucopia of luxury buffets in Las Vegas casinos but since most of the foods are delicious, you will come back again and again. The nice selection of drinks is icing on the cake.

The restaurants can be filled with diners, too, which translates to a busy vibe. But you won’t have to stand in line for lengthy periods as the servers ensure the line is moving at a clipped pace, more or less.

To learn more about Chuck-A-Rama or to find a location near you, visit their website at

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