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Salads are favorite foods among Americans for many reasons. These can be made with just about anything available in the refrigerator – meats including shredded chicken, vegetables from cubed potatoes to leafy greens, and fruits from apples to peaches. Even the dressings can be as simple as a vinaigrette or as complex as a Thousand Island. Below are the latest Chopt menu prices.


Chopt Classics

Avoketo Chicken Club$11.35
The Orchard Salad$10.96
The Orchard Wrap$12.94
Crispy Chicken Ranch Wrap$13.93
Kebab Cobb Wrap$8.62

Summer Menu

Summer Corn Caesar Salad$15.18

Most Ordered

The most commonly ordered items and dishes from this store
Craft Your Own Salad$11.13
Classic Cobb Salad$14.40
Kale Caesar Salad$9.57
Craft Your Own Wrap$11.18
Chicken Tinga Bowl$14.13
Mexican Caesar Salad$9.62
Perricone Lemonade$3.48
Santa Fe Salad$11.42
Crispy Chicken Ranch Salad$13.91
The Chopt Greek Salad$12.99
Kale Caesar Wrap$9.57
Sweet Apple Orchard Salad$12.40

Popular Items

Palm Beach Salad$9.11
Kebab Cobb Salad$8.81

Spring Menu

Lemon Crush Bowl$16.63
Spicy Sonoma Caesar Salad$15.37
Spicier Sonoma Caesar Salad$17.31
Colin's Spring Bowl$17.33
Tony's Spring Salad$18.41

Know Better Bowls

Spicy Bowl30$11.58


Sesame Ginger Chicken Salad$14.24

Eat Well. Be Well.

Paleo Chicken Harvest$11.30

Warm Bowls

Chinese Chicken Bowl$13.29
Mexiketo Carnitas Bowl$11.60
Mediterranean Tahini Bowl$14.26
Southwest Hatch Chile Pork$10.94
Buffalo Chicken Bowl$13.60
Harvest Bowl$10.92
Blissful Harvest Bowl$15.89
Miso Ginger Bowl$14.74
Mediterranean Bowl$10.51

The Caesars

Spicy Hatch Chile Caesar Salad$11.19
Spicy Hatch Chile Caesar Wrap$11.19


Summer Corn Caesar Wrap$15.18
Mexican Caesar Wrap$9.68
Santa Fe Wrap$11.42
The Chopt Greek Wrap$12.99
Classic Cobb Wrap$14.46
Tony's Spring Wrap$18.41
Spicy Sonoma Caesar Wrap$15.37
Buffalo Chicken Wrap$13.84
Sesame Ginger Chicken Wrap$14.24
Spicier Sonoma Caesar Wrap$17.31
Chicken Tinga Wrap$15.95
Sweet Apple Orchard Wrap$12.40

Craft Your Own

Craft Your Own Warm Bowl$11.76

Customer Craft

Customer Craft Salad$9.30
Customer Craft Wrap$9.30

Light Favorites

Sesame Ginger Crunch Salad$12.42
Asian Crunch Salad$9.99
Sesame Ginger Crunch Wrap$12.42
Asian Crunch Wrap$9.87
Palm Beach Wrap$8.92
Mexicali Vegan Wrap$10.21
Mexicali Vegan Salad$10.21


Mighty Kids Kobb$5.64
Krafty Kids Salad$6.15
Kids Lunchbox$6.15

Chopt Jr. Meals

Chopt Jr. Salad$7.61
Chopt Jr. Bowl$7.61


Miss Vickie's Chips - Sea Salt$2.35
Chocolate Chip Cookie$1.90
Miss Vickie's Chips - BBQ$2.35
Miss Vickie's Chips - Salt and Vinegar$2.35
Boulder Canyon Potato Chips - Hickory BBQ$2.03
Boulder Canyon Potato Chips - Jalapeno Cheddar$2.03
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie$1.93
Pair of Sea Salt Caramels$1.17
Boulder Canyon Potato Chips - Salt & Vinegar$2.03
Boulder Canyon Potato Chips - Sea Salt$2.03
Chocolate Brownie$1.93
Miss Vickie's Chips - Jalapeño$2.35
Individual Sea Salt Caramel$0.81
Kind Bar - Dark Chocolate Sea Salt$2.03
Way Better Chips - Sweet Potato$1.99
Stacy's Pita Chips$1.53
Way Better Chips - Multigrain$1.99
Roasted Pistachios$1.99
Terra Chips - Original$1.99
Way Better Chips - Sweet Chili$1.99
Terra Chips - Sweet Potato$1.99
Sonoma Creamery's Mr. Cheese O's$3.10
Raw Almonds$1.99


Mexican Chicken Soup$3.23
Spicy Chicken Soup$4.71
Creamy Tomato Soup$4.71
Tomato Basil Soup$3.23


Bottled Water$1.88
Free Rain Blackberry Passionflower$3.38
Free Rain Blood Orange Ginger$3.38
Sanpellegrino - Aranciata Rossa$2.45
Sparkling Water$2.35
Free Rain Cherry Ginseng$3.38
Honest Tea - Half & Half$2.64
Proud Source Still Water$3.28
Honest Tea - Honey Green$2.64
Proud Source Sparkling Water$3.28
LaCroix Sparkling Water - Coconut$2.06
LaCroix Sparkling Water - Lime$2.09
Spindrift Sparkling Water - Raspberry Lime$2.80
Athletic Brewing - Upside Dawn Golden$5.89
LaCroix Sparkling Water - Passionfruit$2.05
Athletic Brewing - Run Wild IPA$5.89
Spindrift Sparkling Water - Blackberry$2.34
Diet Coke$2.39
Spindrift Sparkling Water - Grapefruit$2.80
Sanpellegrino - Limonata$2.15
GT's Kombucha - Gingerade$3.49
GT's Kombucha - Synergy$3.49
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About Chopt

With salads being considered as staple food on the table, the food industry has risen to the occasion, thus, the popularity of salad-centric restaurants. The Chopt Creative Salad Company is among the fastest-rising stars in the competitive industry – and you will understand why when you eat in one of its restaurants.


In the 1990s, Tony Shure and Colin McCabe developed the idea for Chopt while they were studying at the University of Wisconsin.  The duo eventually founded Chopt Creative Salad Company in 2001 with the vision of providing people with farm-fresh delicious salads. The salads weren’t just your run-of-the-mill salads since most of the ingredients were chopped to ensure the delectable tastes and textures were experienced with every bite.

Today, the chain has several restaurants in New York City, Washington D.C. and Charlotte, North Carolina. The owners, which include Shure and McCabe as well as several investors, has expansion plans in the Eastern Seaboard.

What They’re Famous For

At every Chopt restaurant, the menu focuses on salads and salad dressings although there are also several wrap varieties available. The wraps, known as salad sandwiches, are basically salads wrapped in fresh tortillas for customers who want an on-the-go option. Diners receive their salads with the ingredients chopped smaller than in other salad-centric restaurants.

The chain is also known for its dedication to using healthy substitutes. Sugar, for example, isn’t used as a sweetener in the salad dressings since honey and agave nectar are used instead. The substitution translates to lower sugar content without sacrificing the sweet component, not to mention that honey and agave nectar adds more subtle flavors to the dressings.

Why Eat Here

The Chopt prices are higher than in comparable salad bars and restaurants. But this is to be expected as the salad-centric restaurant chain offers upscale products and services, which diners say are among the best in the industry. When you consider the quick service, beautiful food presentation, and delicious salads, you will be more than willing to pay for them, too.

During the peak hours, usually at lunchtime, the lines can be long with many restaurants actually having lines snaking down the street. But the wait doesn’t last long since the chain’s owners consider waits longer than 10 minutes to be unacceptable. The chain’s assemblers, choppers and cashiers are trained for 20-30 hours in their jobs before they are even allowed to take their front-line positions.

You will also appreciate that each of the assemblers are familiar with every ingredient on the menu. You have a knowledgeable person who can take you through the 24 homemade dressings, 55 ingredients, and six lettuces for a great salad every time. Your choices in ingredients include roasted beets, peppadew peppers, FreeBird grilled chicken, and gigante beans.

You also have the option of creating your own salads, grain salads, and salad sandwiches. Your repertoire of salads will not be limited to what’s on the regular menu either. Every 60 days, you can order one or all of the three seasonal salads, which has more offbeat items like tasso ham and roasted butternut squash.

Getting your favorite salads should be easy with the arrangement in each restaurant. You will line up at a long bar with three stations – the assembler station where the orders are assembled (i.e., ingredients are combined); the chopper station where the salad ingredients are chopped into a finer consistency fit to be eaten with a spoon; and the cashier station where you pay for your orders.

Diners can also choose the pre-set salads on the menu. These include the Mexican Caesar, a favorite among first-time diners, consisting of grilled chicken, jalapeno peppers, romaine lettuce, and local feat; the Kebab Cobb with spicy peppers, pita chips, and charred red onion; and Santa Fe with grape tomatoes, avocado, pepperjack, corn, and fried onions.

The chain also offers grain and noodle bowls. These are also salads in a bowl with grains and/or noodles added, such as tri-color quinoa, lentil and millet mix, and other grains.

Unlike many salad bars, the dressings are made from scratch and in small batches each day. This ensures the freshness of the dressings, which enhance the freshness of the salad’s fruit, vegetable and meat ingredients.

The proof the salad, salad sandwiches, and bowls are in the eating. You will find that, indeed, Chopt chops its competition into small pieces with the freshly-made, delicious-to-the-last bite quality of its salads including their salad dressings.

The fast casual nature ambiance of the restaurants is part of its appeal among the young crowd including students, young professionals, and businessmen as well as groups of families and friends. The 10-minute wait is such an efficient way of getting healthy meals on busy days.

To learn more about Chopt or to find a location near you, visit their website at

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Chopt FAQ

How much is Chopt's Italian Harvest Wrap?

Italian Harvest Wrap – $10.29

How much is a Mexicali Vegan Salad at Chopt?

Mexicali Vegan Salad – $9.71

How much are Barbacoa Brisket Bowl at Chopt?

Barbacoa Brisket Bowl – $11.53

How much does a Chopt's Kebab Cobb Wrap Cost?

Kebab Cobb Wrap – $8.41

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