Chiquito Uk Menu Prices

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Below are the latest Chiquito Uk menu prices.


Starters & Street Food

Blue Corn Tortilla Chips and Dips£5.70

🥘North & South🥘

Chicken and Chorizo Skewers£14.49

🌮Build Your Own Fajitas🌮

Classic Grilled Chicken Fajita£16.77

🍺Beer & Cider🍺

Corona 620ml£7.15
Tiny Rebel Clwb Tropicana£5.57
Peroni Nastro Azzurro£5.27
Corona 0%£4.10

Picked for you

Build Your Own Burrito£13.36
Tortilla Meal Deal For Two:£24.99
Build Your Own Chimichanga£13.36

🌯Tortillas - Build Your Own🌯

Build Your Own Enchilada£13.36


Monte Verde Chardonnay£19.28
Il Baco Da Seta£23.02

✨Meal Deals✨

Meal Deal for 1:£14.99


Ribs and Wings£18.51

🥤Soft Drinks and Fruit Juices🥤

Fanta Orange 330ml Can£1.60
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar 330ml Can£1.60
Coca-Cola Original Taste 330ml Can£1.75
Diet Coke 330ml Can£1.60
J20 Orange and Passion fruit£3.40
Sprite 330ml Can£1.60
Frobisher's Orange Juice£2.95
Strathmore Sparkling Water£2.73
Bottlegreen Elderflower Presse£3.60
Bottlegreen Raspberry Lemonade£3.60

🍭Something Sweet🍭

Galaxy Minstrels Pouch 125g£3.50
Maltesers Pouch 102g£3.50
Skittles Pouch£3.50

🌟Chiquito's Favoritos🌟

Paella 🌶️£16.70


Breakfast Burrito£7.99
Veggie Burrito£7.49
Build Your Own Pancakes£6.06
Breakfast Feast£9.99
Mexican Fry Up£7.13
Breakfast Bap£4.09
Full Breakfast Feast£10.13
Chorizo & Bean Tostada£7.06
Breakfast Chimichanga£7.99
Churros & Bacon£5.56
Vegan Fry Up£7.13
Vegan Breakfast Burrito£7.99
Vegan Breakfast Chimichanga£7.99


BYO Tortilla£11.20


Toasted Bloomer£0.97
Hash Browns£1.59
Bacon Rashers£1.01
Baked Beans£0.65
Free Range Fried Egg£0.97
Vegan Sausage£1.08

Chiquito Favourites

Beef Chilli£12.98
Southern Fried Chicken Burger£11.34
Classic Chicken Fajita£13.77
Tortilla Chips & Dips£2.89
Chicken Strips£5.98


Coke 330ml£2.14
Coke Zero 330ml£1.95
Diet Coke 330ml£1.95
Fanta 330ml£1.95
Sprite 330ml£1.95
J2O Apple & Mango 275ml£2.70
J2O Orange & Passionfruit 275ml£2.70
Belvoir Raspberry Lemonade 250ml£2.91
Belvoir Elderflower Presse 250ml£2.89
Arizona Iced Tea£3.47
Gusto Fiery Ginger Beer 275ml£2.91
Strathmore Sparkling 330ml£2.45
Strathmore Still 330ml£2.45


Guac & Chips£3.67
Guac Lovers£4.66
Vegan Nachos£6.15
Chicken Wings£6.68
Garlic Tortilla£4.30
Halloum Bites£5.09
Cauli Bombs£3.99
Jalapeño Poppers£5.60
Loaded Cassava Fries£6.33
Crispy Halloumi Bites£5.97
Mini Chicken Burrito£4.73
Chorizo & Sweet Potato Croquettes£5.28
Quesadilla Bites Roasted Veg & Chilli Beetroot£5.07
Quesadilla Bites Chicken, Chorizo & Sweetcorn£5.07


Loaded Nachos£9.69


Los Cincos Grande£4.38
Morning Grapeness£4.38
Va Va Verde£4.38


Patatas Bravas£4.00

Our Famous Fajitas

BBQ Chicken & Pulled Pork Fajita£15.64
Seasoned Roasted Veg Fajita£9.63


Bean and Red Chilli Burger£11.35
Bean& Red Chilli Burger£6.66
Chicken and BBQ Pulled Pork Burger£13.09
Classic Beef Burger£10.90
Mexican Stack Burger£12.05
Texan Stack Burger£12.06
Blossom Burger£13.71
Halloumi Crunch Burger£11.85


BBQ Chicken Melt£13.30
Five Bean & Roasted Veg£9.96
Southern Fried Chicken & BBQ Pulled Pork£16.17
Chicken & Ribs£14.76
Full Rack Of Ribs£20.27
Half Rack Of Ribs£15.11
BBQ Chicken Wrap£11.34
Torta with Chicken Tinga£14.17
Torta with Barbacoa Beef£14.17
Torta with Pibil Jackfruit£12.28


Chopped & Topped Salad£8.04

Greens & Grains

Naked Burrito£10.53
Chicken Fajita Salad£10.94
Burrito With Benefits£12.25
Chopped N Topped Salad£9.45


Onion Rings£3.36
Corn on the Cob£2.80
Seasoned Fries£3.81


Chocolate Coconut Lava Cake£5.72
4 Churros£4.44
Golden Nugget Cheesecake£5.65
Small Churros£3.78
8 Churros£6.40
Large Churros£5.54
Fruit Salad£4.80


Chicken Fajita£14.49
Naked Halloumi Burrito£10.49
Naked Beef Chilli Burrito£10.49
Naked Chicken Burrito£10.49
Five Bean & Roasted Veg Chilli£10.49


Arizona Peach Iced Tea£3.38
Belvoir Elderflower Presse£3.25
Belvoir Raspberry Lemonade£3.27
J2O Orange & Passion Fruit£2.82
J2O Apple & Mango£3.07
Strathmore Still Water£2.73
Apple Juice£2.41
Cranberry Juice£2.47
Vanilla Milkshake£3.59
Orange Juice£2.41
Chocolate MilkShake£3.59
Pineapple Juice£2.41
Strawberry Milkshake£3.59


Corona 330ml£4.68
Budweiser Prohibition£3.28
Brooklyn Naranjito£4.68
Aspall Suffolk Draught Cyder£4.50
Rekorderlig strawberry & Lime£5.03
Corona 710ml£6.29
Castelbello Bianco£15.01
El Velero Tempranillo Tinto£12.79
Vendange White Zinfandel£18.65
El Valero Verdejo Blanco£12.79
Corte Vigna Merlot£18.03
Echo Falls White Zinfandel£14.39
Il Baco Da Seta Prosecco£21.57
Midea Prosecco£17.59
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A Taste of Mexico: Unveiling the Flavorful World of Chiquito UK

In the diverse landscape of culinary experiences, Chiquito UK stands as a vibrant gateway to the flavors of Mexico. With its distinctive branding and a commitment to serving authentic Mexican cuisine, Chiquito has carved a niche for itself as a destination for those seeking a taste of the vibrant and spicy offerings from south of the border. Let’s delve into the story behind Chiquito’s reputation and the growing popularity of their delectable dishes, exploring the intricacies that blend authenticity and accessibility into its captivating narrative.

From Mexico to the UK: Chiquito UK’s Culinary Journey

Chiquito UK’s tale begins with a passionate desire to bring the vibrant and diverse flavors of Mexican cuisine to the United Kingdom. Founded by enthusiasts of Mexican culture and cuisine, the restaurant quickly became a hotspot for those craving authentic dishes and a lively dining experience. The founders’ dedication to sourcing quality ingredients and offering a true taste of Mexico set the stage for Chiquito’s reputation as a haven for Mexican food lovers.

Perplexity in Flavor Variety: Crafting the Mexican Feast

Chiquito UK’s allure lies in its ability to recreate the rich tapestry of Mexican flavors through a diverse menu of beloved classics and creative renditions. The burstiness of their offerings, a fusion of traditional favorites and innovative twists, is where the magic truly unfolds. From sizzling fajitas and cheesy quesadillas to zesty guacamole and spicy enchiladas, each item on the menu showcases the brand’s dedication to providing an authentic Mexican dining experience.

The reputation of Chiquito is rooted in the complexity of flavors that comes with authentic Mexican cuisine. The culinary craftsmanship involves blending a symphony of spices, textures, and ingredients to create dishes that capture the essence of Mexico’s diverse culinary landscape. It’s a dance between intricacy and simplicity, resulting in a burstiness of flavors that transport diners straight to the heart of Mexico.

A Fiesta for the Senses: The Chiquito Experience

Chiquito’s popularity isn’t confined to just the food; it’s about the immersive experience they offer. Stepping into the restaurant, patrons are greeted by the vibrant decor and lively ambiance reminiscent of a Mexican fiesta. The burstiness of the atmosphere, alive with the sounds of laughter and the aroma of sizzling dishes, transforms dining into a celebration of Mexican culture and cuisine.

Chiquito UK understands that true culinary allure goes beyond taste alone. The reputation they’ve built is founded on their ability to create an environment that engages all the senses. Whether it’s the visual delight of colorful interiors or the familiar comfort of Latin music playing in the background, Chiquito offers an experience that transports diners to the lively streets of Mexico.

A Legacy of Flavorful Fiesta: Chiquito’s Enduring Popularity

As culinary trends evolve, Chiquito UK stands as a testament to the timeless appeal of authenticity and innovation. The reputation of Chiquito is built on their commitment to offering a diverse range of Mexican dishes that cater to evolving tastes. The burstiness of their menu, featuring seasonal specials and creative spins on traditional dishes, ensures that every visit is a flavorful exploration.

Chiquito’s popularity isn’t a fleeting trend; it’s a legacy that continues to flourish. The brand’s ability to seamlessly blend the complexities of Mexican flavors with the burstiness of customer preferences is a testament to its ongoing success. With every bite savored, Chiquito UK solidifies its position as a beloved destination for those seeking an immersive taste of Mexico.

In Conclusion: A Culinary Fiesta

The story of Chiquito UK is a celebration of flavor and culinary authenticity that resonates with food enthusiasts. Through the lens of authenticity and accessibility, we witness a brand that expertly marries the intricacies of Mexican cuisine with the excitement of creative reinterpretations. From its inception to its ongoing popularity, Chiquito UK remains a cherished chapter in the narrative of delectable and memorable dining experiences.

As patrons savor their Mexican dishes, they become part of a narrative that celebrates the harmonious blend of complexity and simplicity. Chiquito UK isn’t just a restaurant; it’s an embodiment of culinary celebration and the joy of shared flavors. With each bite taken, the brand’s legacy of flavor innovation continues to flourish, satisfying palates and creating moments of genuine culinary delight.

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Chiquito Uk FAQ

How much is Chiquito Uk's Veggie Burrito?

Veggie Burrito – £7.49

How much is a Breakfast Bap at Chiquito Uk?

Breakfast Bap – £4.09

How much are Toasted Bloomer at Chiquito Uk?

Toasted Bloomer – £0.97

How much does a Chiquito Uk's Vegan Sausage Cost?

Vegan Sausage – £1.08