Chima Brazilian Steakhouse Prices: How much is Chima Brazilian Steakhouse?

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Churrascarias, known as Brazilian steakhouses, are a welcome food trend in the United States, as can be seen in the dozens of churrascarias across the country. Such a welcoming attitude isn’t surprising as Americans – and even Mexicans and Canadians, for that matter – are meat lovers with beef, pork and chicken as staples on the table. The churrascarias are the new steakhouses with a twist, if you prefer to think of them in this way. Below are the latest Chima Brazilian Steakhouse menu prices.


Full Dinner and Dessert

Includes appetizers, salad bar, Rodizio (meats), side dishes, and dessert.

3-Course Meal (Per Person)$54.90
3-Course Meal (Restaurant Week, No Dessert) - Per Person$35.00



Nobilissima Pinot Grigio, Italy$30.00
Bertolani Dolce Fiore Lambrusco, Italy$30.00
Lionel Osmin Malbec, France$30.00
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About Chima Brazilian Steakhouse

The Chima Brazilian Steakhouse is a churrascaria with an appealing twist. Aside from being a traditional Brazilian rodizio, its restaurants are characterized by their excellent service and stylish settings – truly, a step up from the casual churrascarias in the industry.


The first Chima restaurant was opened in Uberlandia, Minas Gerais in Brazil. The Silva family, the owner and operator, named it after the chimarrao, the Rio Grande do Sul’s traditional drink that represented hospitality, generosity and friendship among its people. The main offering then as it is in other locations was seasoned beef, which was placed on skewers, cooked over a wood coals, and served on skewers, too.

In 2004, a Chima restaurant opened in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Like its predecessor, the branch also combined a traditional Brazilian rodizio with American-style service and setting.

What They’re Famous For

Every Chima Brazilian Steakhouse is known for the wide range of exquisitely delicious rotisserie meats including filet, top sirloin and ribs for beef, as well as lamb, chicken, pork, chicken and fish (i.e., churrasco). Aside from the flavorful meat selection, the restaurants also offer a wide variety of salads, cheeses, cold cuts, and soup as well as wines and champagnes from its full liquour bar. The Brazilian hot dishes are also huge hits for diners, both first-timers and regular patrons.

Why Eat Here

The Chima Brazilian Steakhouse prices may be slightly higher than those of other churrascarias in the area but it’s worth every dollar. The juicy, tender and flavorful quality of the rodizio meats offered are worth every bite, with and without the salads, sides and soups for, indeed, the measure of a great churrascaria lies in its meats! The meats are enough reasons to find yourself dining in the restaurant as often as you can.

Where do you start with the rodizio meats? Your best choice will undoubtedly be the picanha, or the top sirloin, the prime cut grilled over wood-fired flames for several hours. The slow cooking process brings out the succulent flavors in the meat, as against the quick broiling and grilling favored in American-style steakhouses.

You must also order the baby top sirloin, a Brazilian specialty cut that has a more tender quality than the top sirloin but with all its flavors. This can be served with or without pungent garlic sauce depending on whether you want the subtleness of the condiment to complement the meat.  Your other choices are filet mignon, rib-eye and flank steak, all of which have been roasted to bring out their beefy flavor profile.

While the menu’s emphasis is on beef, the restaurant also offers delectable pork, lamb and chicken dishes. You will love the nearly melt-on-your-mouth quality of the marinated lamb chops, the flavors bursting in your mouth from the barbecue ribs, and the lean pork loin with parmesan cheese, to name a few choices. Your plate can also be full with the grilled salmon sprinkled with passion fruit sauce and the swordfish with its cilantro pesto sauce.

All the animal protein will make you hungry for something else – and the restaurant offers it, too. You can fill your plate with salads from the impressive salad bar, with your choices including Beef Carpaccio (beef slivers with parmesan, capers, and mustard sauce); Arugula Salad (arugula, fresh mozzarella, and sun-dried tomatoes); and Gorgonzola Mousse.

The savory flavors in the meats and salads will also leave you craving for sweets – and the restaurant also has a full menu of them. The desserts include both American and Brazilian classics, such as passion fruit mousse chocolate coconut lava cake, cream caramel, and New York cheesecake. Seasonal fruits like pineapples, grapes, and mangoes are also on the menu, a must-have for many diners who want to allay their guilt over such a meat-rich diet.

Traditional churrascarias are known for their hospitality. The Chima Brazilian Steakhouse continues the tradition of the gauchos with its prompt, attentive and courteous servers who certainly know the menu. You will be provided with snippets of information about the meats being offered on skewers, just enough to whet your appetite and arouse your curiosity.

The Chima Brazilian Steakhouse chain accepts reservations but it doesn’t have delivery and take-out services yet. You may think it inconvenient but you will also find that coming to the restaurant means enjoying a complete dining experience.

This means coming in your dressy attire since the restaurants have waiter service, thus, the dress code. The full bar and free Wi-Fi appeal to young professionals, businessmen, and entrepreneurs, too.

To learn more about Chima Brazilian Steakhouse or to find a location near you, visit their website at

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Chima Brazilian Steakhouse FAQ

How much is Chima Brazilian Steakhouse's 3-Course Meal (Per Person)?

3-Course Meal (Per Person) – $54.90

How much is a 3-Course Meal (Restaurant Week, No Dessert) – Per Person at Chima Brazilian Steakhouse?

3-Course Meal (Restaurant Week, No Dessert) – Per Person – $35.00

How much are Nobilissima Pinot Grigio, Italy at Chima Brazilian Steakhouse?

Nobilissima Pinot Grigio, Italy – $30.00

How much does a Chima Brazilian Steakhouse's Bertolani Dolce Fiore Lambrusco, Italy Cost?

Bertolani Dolce Fiore Lambrusco, Italy – $30.00

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