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Hamburgers are an American culinary institution in its own right! Just ask any American who consumes burgers in their numerous versions at home, in school and in restaurants, both the fast-food and gourmet varieties. Nearly every American worth his citizenship has eaten his fair share of the beef, bun and cheese concoction, too. Below are the latest Burger Lounge menu prices.


Beer & Wine

Ballast Point Sculpin$17.15
Modelo Especial$14.80
2018 Underwood Pinot Gris 375 ml$11.59
Modelo 24oz Can$9.54
2018 Underwood Pinot Noir 375 ml$11.57
Modern Times Orderville$9.54
Modern Times Themisto IPA$17.61
Truly Strawberry Lemonade$6.87
Truly Strawberry Lemonade - 6 Pack$19.47
Pacifico Can 24 oz$9.08


Turkey Lounge Burger$12.08
Wild Alaskan Cod Sandwich$14.40
Grilled Wild Alaskan Cod Sandwich$14.30


Kid's Cheeseburger Meal$9.05
Kid's Turkey Burger Meal$9.05
Kid's Crispy Chicken Tenders$10.21
Kidss Crispy Chicken Tenders$9.32
Kid's Grilled Cheese Meal$8.92
Kid's Plant-Based Chick'n Bites Meal$10.40
Kid's Plant-Based Cheeseburger Meal$10.13
Kid's Cheeseburger$5.47
Kid's Turkeyburger$5.26
Kid's Grilled Cheese$5.16
Kid's Plant-Based Cheeseburger$5.69
Kid's Organic Milk$2.58
Kid's Organic Chocolate Milk$2.35
Kid's Organic Apple Juice$2.60

Picked For You

The "Classic"$11.74
Hand-Scooped Chocolate Milkshake$8.11


Ancient Grain Burger$14.00
Plant-Based Lounge Burger$13.04
Impossible Plant-Based Chick'n Bites$13.14


Spindrift Sparkling Water Lemon$3.69
Spindrift Sparkling Water Raspberry Lime$3.69
Bottled Water$4.39
Coke Can$3.99
Diet Coke Can$3.85
Bottled Beverages$4.65
JUST Water$3.49
Sprite Can$4.19
Craft Beverages$3.54
Lavender-Mint Lemonade$3.45
Pepsi Can$3.13
Hibiscus Lemonade$3.39
Diet Pepsi Can$3.13
Iced Black Tea$3.67
Dr Pepper$4.59


Daily Greens Salad$14.38
Seasonal Elote Salad$15.54

Most Ordered

The most commonly ordered items and dishes from this store
Craft Fountain Beverages$4.19
Impossible Plant-based Lounge Burger$15.37


Regular Half and Half$6.01
Regular Fries$5.25
Large Fries$6.45
Curly Fries$8.79
Large Half and Half$7.08
BL Dipping Sauces$0.60

Handcrafted Burgers

Paleo Burger$13.95
Grilled Chicken Paleo Burger$13.95
Free-Range Turkey Paleo Burger$13.95
Free-Range Turkey "Husky"$12.95


BBQ Wrangler Burger$16.62

Prime Burgers

The Turkey Burger$11.13
The Veggie Burger$15.32

Popular Items

Lounge Burger$11.27
Alaskan Cod Sandwich$11.95
Fresh Vegetable Salad$10.45
Hand-Scooped Milkshakes$6.45
Classic Burger$9.95
Organic Quinoa Vegan Burger$9.95
Free-Range Turkey Burger$9.95
Organic Quinoa Veggie Burger$9.95

Handcrafted Meals

Paleo Burger Meal$20.45
Free-Range Turkey Paleo Burger Meal$20.45
Lounge Burger Meal$16.45
Classic Burger Meal$16.45
Grilled Chicken Paleo Burger Meal$20.45
Organic Quinoa Vegan Burger Meal$16.45
The Husky Meal$19.45
Turkey Burger Meal$16.45
Alaskan Cod Sandwich Meal$18.45
Crispy Chicken Sandwich Meal$17.45
Grilled Chicken Sandwich Meal$17.45
Free-Range Turkey "Husky" Meal$19.45
Organic Quinoa Veggie Burger Meal$16.45
Free-Range Turkey Burger Meal$16.45

BL Essential Corner Store Market

“Burger Lounge Essentials – A Corner Store Market” was brought to life with two things in mind: create peace of mind for our guests as they shop and provide high-quality essentials for any family. With an array of farm fresh vegetables & fruits, all-natural dairy and non-perishables items, guests can rest assured that no matter what we will always provide food that you can feel about.
BL Thousand Island Sauce - 16oz$8.95
Vive Organic Immunity Shot - 2fl oz$5.95
Sliced American Cheese - 1.5lb$17.95
Sliced White Cheddar Cheese - 1.5lb$17.95
Ketchup - 16oz$7.95
Yellowfin Tuna - 1lb$22.95
Yellowfin Tuna - Single Filet$5.95
Sliced Vegan Cheese - 2lb$23.95
BL BBQ Sauce - 16oz$8.95
Lavender-Mint Lemonade - 1/2 Gallon$6.95
BL Ranch - 16oz$8.95
Hibiscus Lemonade - 1/2 Gallon$6.95
Sliced Wheat Bread$5.95
Ultra Bleach - 1 Gallon$9.95
Almond Milk - 32oz$5.95
2% Reduced Fat Milk - 1/2 Gallon$5.95
Liquid Eggs - 2lb.$9.95
10" Flour Tortillas - 12ct$5.95
Corn on the Cob$1.75
Hass Avocados$1.95
Beefsteak Tomatoes$1.18
Jumbo Yellow Onions$1.18
Kennebec Potatoes$1.18
Navel Oranges$0.89
Red Apples$0.89


Lamb Burger$17.10
The Husky$14.95

Mouthwatering Burgers

Bacon Cheeseburger$18.37

Burger Bar

Jalapeño Cheeseburger$17.39

Side Orders

Onion Rings$9.20
French Fries$7.09
Sweet Potato Fries$8.68

Burger Boxes

Take the comfort of a Lounge Burger home with our newest boxes crafted for anyone.
The Lounge Burger Box$27.95

The Sides

Mozzarella Sticks$12.99


Truffle Mushroom-Swiss Burger$18.80
Bacon Bleu Burger$16.57
Crispy Queso Hatch Chile Burger$18.80


Crispy Chicken Sandwich$12.02
Grilled Chicken Club$15.95
Grilled Chicken Sandwich$12.18
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich$12.95
Grilled Buffalo Chicken Sandwich$11.85
3 Pc Crispy Chicken Tenders$10.74
5 Pc Crispy Chicken Tenders$14.34


Feelin' Good Veggie Salad$10.95
Lounge Caesar Salad$10.45
Half Fresh Vegetable Salad$8.00
Nice Little Side Salad$5.82
Half Lounge Caesar Salad$8.00


Carrot Cake$10.28


BL Western Burger$16.44

Fries & Onion Rings

Regular French Fries$3.95
Large French Fries$5.35
Large Onion Rings$6.55
Regular Onion Rings$5.48


Water Bottle$3.66

Chicken & Fish

Requests for additional items under “Extra Instructions” will be charged appropriately.
18-Piece Chicken Bites$13.95
10-Piece Chicken Bites$9.95

Kids Lounge Meals

Requests for additional items under “Extra Instructions” will be charged appropriately.
Kids Crispy Chicken Bites Meal$7.95

Shakes and Beverages

BTL Mex Coke$3.95
Organic Brewed Iced Tea$2.95
Evian 1L$3.99
Evian .5L$2.99


Hand-Scooped Vanilla Milkshake$8.12
Hand-Scooped Strawberry Milkshake$8.65
Cookies and Cream Shake$9.54
Modern Times Cold Brew Milkshake$8.27
Dairy-Free Chocolate Milkshake$10.60
Dairy-Free Vanilla Milkshake$10.61
Dairy-Free Strawberry Milkshake$10.61
Dairy-Free Modern Times Cold Brew Milkshake$11.67
Toasted Coconut Shake$9.54
Root Beer Float$6.11
Dairy Free Cookies and Cream Shake$11.94
Dairy-Free Root Beer Float$7.61
Dairy Free Toasted Coconut Shake$11.60

LOUNGE BOX (Uncooked)

Lounge Box$37.36
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Dean Loring and Michael Gilligan created Burger Lounge in 2007 in La Jolla, California. In just five years, the restaurant has earned several prestigious distinctions from industry organizations and publications, such as “America’s 10 Best Burgers” (2012, Forbes travel guide) and “Top 100 Movers and Shakers” (ranked 21st on the 2012 list by Fastcasual.com). The burger-centric fast casual restaurant has also been voted for five years (2008-2010, 2012, and 2014) as “Best Burger” by San Diego Magazine, a testament to its consistent quality.

What They’re Famous For

Burger Lounge continues to build a strong loyal following with its hamburgers made from premium American grass-feed beef, which are sourced from a few ranches only. The beef patty is loved for its juicy, succulent and tender quality that complements the freshness of the tomatoes, lettuce and pickles as well as the soft texture of the bun. Most diners agree that every bite reinforces the status of burgers as a true American comfort food.

The menu isn’t limited to beef burgers although these are the divas. Diners can also choose from organic quinoa burgers, free-range turkey burgers, and veggie burgers; sandwiches like the Albacore tuna sandwiches; juicy chicken tenders; fresh salads; and sides like onion rings and French fries. Thick milkshakes like your Mom makes them are also on the menu because, after all, burgers aren’t complete without them.

Why Eat Here

Burgers are a dime a dozen in the hundreds of fast-food, fast casual, and quick service chains across the United States. But what sets the burgers at Burger Lounge is their amazing depths of flavors – or to paraphrase the company, these are common things done uncommonly well.  Ask diners at any of the chain’s restaurants and their answers will all boil down to the burgers being among the best, if not the best, they have tasted! The chain definitely deserves the accolades it continues to get from foodies across the country.

The patties – at least, the meaty ones – are 100% fresh American grass-fed beef so there’s both the sense of getting only the best and buying American, an important aspect for many customers. The prices are on the relatively upscale side, especially as there are no combo meals on the menu, but once you get your first taste of any of its burgers, you will agree that it’s worth it! The perfectly grilled patties are scrumptious on the palate, to say the least.

The vegan-friendly burgers are just as great-tasting, too. There’s still the mouth-feel of flavorful meat but with the goodness of grains and vegetables in them, a perfect combination that makes Burger Lounge a must-visit on your list.

If you’re into fish, then we suggest the Alaskan Cod Sandwich and the Albacore Tuna Sandwich, both of which have delicious fish, vegetables and dressing in them. But if you’re looking for desserts, you’re not likely to find it in a Burger Lounge restaurant unless you consider thick milkshakes as desserts. Specialty sodas are also available to complement the shake offering.

The French fries and onion rings are generously sized and seasoned well so there’s no need to dip them in ketchup. These are also crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, just as these sides should be.

The Burger Lounge restaurants also serve beer and wine to diners of legal age. We appreciate said drinks because there’s always something good to be said about pairing all-beef burgers with a bottle of ice-cold beer, especially after a long day at work.

These places are great for dining out with your family and friends in a casual and cool environment. Be sure to come in as early as possible since a Burger Lounge location tend to be nearly packed during the lunch and dinner hours. But even when nearly packed, the noise level stays average so you can still hear your tablemates’ words.

Many of the restaurants also have outdoor seating although it isn’t clear if pets are allowed in the premises. There are a few television sets with movies and music videos on, which can keep the kids in your group entertained while waiting for the food.

The chain is also known for its eco-friendly practices, such as composting of food waste, converting used cooking oil to biofuel for the delivery vehicles, and using biodegradable post-industrial packaging. Think about it as getting your burger and helping the planet.

To learn more about Burger Lounge or to find a location near you, visit their website at www.burgerlounge.com.

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Burger Lounge FAQ

How much is Burger Lounge's Seared Ahi Sandwich Meal?

Seared Ahi Sandwich Meal – $18.45

How much is a Paleo Burger at Burger Lounge?

Paleo Burger – $13.95

How much are Lounge Burger at Burger Lounge?

Lounge Burger – $9.95

How much does a Burger Lounge's Organic Quinoa Vegan Burger Cost?

Organic Quinoa Vegan Burger – $9.95

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