Burger King BE Prices

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2023, Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Here is a list of latest and up-to-date Burger King BE menu prices. (Belgium)

Item Prijs


Veggie Big King XXL Menu €12.65
Veggie DCB XXL Menu €13.54
Veggie Steakhouse Menu €11.80
Tendercrisp Menu €11.55
Late Summer Grill Menu €11.80
Late Summer Grill Double Menu €13.95
Late Summer Grill Chicken Menu €11.80
Late Summer Grill Veggie Menu €11.80


King €5.60


Cheddar King €6.30
Crispy Chicken €5.46
Master Angus Bacon €9.64
Cheddar Bacon King €6.60
Cheeseburger €2.51
Long Chicken €5.56
Master Angus €8.76
Ultimate Bacon King €8.16
Double Whopper Cheese €7.44
Ultimate Chicken Bacon King €7.57
Whopper €5.63
Double Cheese Bacon XXL €7.59
Big King XXL €7.44
Double Steakhouse €8.02
Big King €5.46
Steakhouse €6.58
Chicken Tendercrisp €6.36
Double Cheeseburger €3.83
Veggie Whopper €5.92
King Fish €5.46
Veggie Big King XXL €8.40
Veggie DCB XXL €9.22
Hamburger €2.30
Veggie Steakhouse €7.50
Extra Long Chili Cheese €5.61
Tendercrisp €7.25
Whoppers €6.20
Core Burgers €6.08
Late Summer Grill €7.50
Crazy Cheese BBQ Chicken €7.50
Late Summer Grill Double €9.65
Crazy Cheese BBQ Veggie €7.50
Late Summer Grill Chicken €7.50
Late Summer Grill Veggie €7.50


Coca Cola Zero 33cl €3.45
Coca Cola 33cl €3.45
Sprite 33cl €3.45
Fuze Tea 33cl €3.45
Fanta 33cl €3.45
Chaudfontaine eau pétillante €3.06
Chaudfontaine eau plate €3.06
Caprisun 20cl €2.65
Eau plat 33cl €3.45
Minute Maid Orange 33cl €3.35
Minute Maid jus d'orange €3.06
Monster Energy Ultra White €3.87
Monster Energy €3.87
Eau pétillante 33cl €3.45
Coca Cola Light 33cl €3.45
Coke Zero Cherry Can 33cl €3.45


Chicken Strips x4 €5.39
King Nugget €3.20
King Nuggets x4 €3.72
King Nugget x9 €5.45
King Nuggets x6 €5.21
Chili Cheese Nuggets x4 €3.72
King Nugget x20 €9.25
King Nuggets x9 €6.45
King Nuggets x20 €11.10
Maxi Fries €3.11
Chicken Fries x6 €4.95
Veggie Nuggets x4 €3.82
Chicken Fries x9 €5.95
Veggie Nuggets x6 €5.49
Chicken Fries x20 €9.80
Chicken Strips €4.20
Chicken Wings €4.50
Veggie Nuggets x9 €6.73
Chicken Wings x6 €5.81
Onion Rings €3.00
Chicken Wings x9 €8.02
Chili Cheese Nuggets €3.20
Chicken Box €12.00
Onion Rings x6 €3.92
Fish Sticks €3.95
Maxi Frites €2.83
Onion Rings x9 €5.04
Bacon Cheese Fries €4.33
Chili Cheese Nuggets x6 €5.32
Chili Cheese Nuggets x9 €6.44
Veggie King Nuggets x9 €6.57
Veggie Box €12.00
Chili Cheese Fries €4.55
Onion Cheese Fries €4.33


King Shake Vanille €3.80
King Shake Strawberry €3.79
King Shake Chocolate €3.80
Oreo Shake Vanille €4.08
Oreo Shake Strawberry €4.08
Oreo Shake Chocolate €4.04
BK Fusion Strawberry Crumble €3.75
BK Fusion MandM €3.79
Mini Pancakes x6 €3.01
Mini Pancakes x9 €3.59


BK Fusion Nutella €3.90
Brownie €3.04
BK Fusion Cookie Dough - Caramel €4.15
King Shake Vanille Medium €4.05
King Shake Strawberry Medium €4.05
King Shake Oreo Vanilla €4.50
BK Fusion Oreo €3.92
Donut Chocolat €2.73
Donut Choco €2.90
BK Fusion Cookie Dough - Chocolate €4.15
King Shake Oreo Chocolate €4.50
King Shake Chocolate Medium €4.05
King Shake Salted Caramel Medium €4.05
King Shake Oreo Strawberry €4.50
King Shake Oreo Salted Caramel €4.50

Burgers (NL)

Double Master Angus Bacon €11.37
Mozza Master €8.56
Louisiana Tendercrisp €6.85
Louisiana Veggie €6.35

Menus enfant

King Jr Fish Sticks €4.75
King JR Veggie nuggets x4 €5.42

Menus Snacks

Menu King Nuggets x6 €9.39
Menu Chicken Wings x6 €9.74
Menu Chicken Strips x4 €9.34
Menu Chili Cheese Nuggets x6 €9.87
Menu Fish Sticks x4 €7.45
Menu Veggie Nuggets x6 €9.80

Menus Burgers (NL)

Menu Master Angus Bacon €13.59
Menu Master Angus €12.70
Menu Double Master Angus Bacon €14.96
Menu Louisiana Tendercrisp €10.50
Menu Crazy Cheese BBQ Chicken €11.80
Menu Veggie Whopper €10.09
Menu Crazy Cheese BBQ Veggie €11.80
Menu Louisiana Veggie €9.95

Notre sélection pour vous

Menu Louisiana Grill €11.50
Menu Mozza Master €12.17
Louisiana Grill €7.80

Articles en vedette

Ultimate CKN Bacon King Menu €12.60

Menus Burgers

Menu Cheddar King €9.40
Menu Long Chili Cheese Chicken €8.10
Menu Cheddar Bacon King €9.70
Menu Ultimate Bacon King €11.86
Menu Ultimate Chicken Bacon King €10.85
Menu Double Cheese Bacon XXL €11.38
Menu Big King XXL €11.14
Menu Double Whopper Cheese €11.14
Menu Double Steakhouse €11.75
Menu Steakhouse €10.54
Menu Chicken Tendercrisp €9.92
Menu Extra Long Chili Cheese €9.61
Menu Whopper €9.65
Menu King Fish €9.48
Menu Long Chicken €9.60
Menu Crispy Chicken €9.48
Menu Big King €9.48
Menu Double Cheeseburger €7.00


King Jr Hamburger €5.17
King Jr King Nuggets €5.18
King Jr Cheeseburger €5.17
King Fish Jr. €5.60


Crispy chicken salad €5.85
Side Salad €3.41


Mayonaise €0.82
BBQ €0.81
Curry - Mango €0.83
Yogurt dressing €0.81
Chili Cheese Sauce €0.84
Caesar dressing €0.81
Balsamico dressing €0.83


Ketchup €0.83
Chili cheese €0.90
Mayonnaise €0.83
Sweet Chilli €0.90
Tomato salsa €0.83
Barbecue €0.90
Sweet chili €0.81
Yoghourt dressing €0.50
César dressing €0.50
Balsamique dressing €0.83


Coca-Cola €3.21
Coca-Cola zero €3.21
Coca-Cola light taste €3.19
Fanta €3.21
Sprite €3.21
Minute Maid sinaasappel €3.08
Capri-Sun €2.32
Fuzetea €3.18


Jupiler €3.15
Jupiler 0.0% €3.04
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Exploring Burger King Belgium: Unveiling Reputation and Soaring Popularity

Amidst Belgium’s rich culinary tapestry, a name shines brightly as a haven of flavor and convenience – Burger King Belgium. With its mouthwatering flame-grilled burgers and delightful sides, Burger King has firmly established itself in the heart of Belgium’s dining culture. Let’s embark on a journey to uncover the reputation and soaring popularity of this iconic fast-food brand within the Belgian context.

A Belgian Culinary Adventure: Burger King’s Introduction to Belgium

Burger King’s entry into Belgium marked more than just the arrival of a new dining option; it signaled a harmonious blend of global taste with local preferences. As the doors to the first Burger King branch opened in Belgium, the tantalizing aroma of sizzling patties welcomed guests to a menu that promised a little something for everyone. Burger King’s allure lies in its ability to offer a taste of the world while paying homage to Belgian palates.

Reputation Beyond Borders: The Pillars of Quality and Consistency

Burger King’s reputation is a global phenomenon rooted in its unwavering commitment to quality and consistency. Whether you’re in Belgium or anywhere else, one thing remains steadfast – the promise of a reliable and satisfying dining experience. This reputation isn’t confined to the taste of the food alone; it encompasses every aspect of the Burger King journey.

In Belgium, a nation that celebrates its culinary heritage, Burger King has managed to carve a niche of trust among discerning food enthusiasts. The brand’s dedication to sourcing fresh, high-quality ingredients and upholding stringent standards resonates deeply with Belgians who have a refined taste. From the succulent burgers to the crispy fries, every element of a Burger King meal reflects this dedication to excellence, making it a dependable choice for individuals and families alike.

Burger King’s Belgian Triumph: Rising Popularity and Local Flavor

The allure of Burger King has taken Belgium by storm, soaring to newfound heights of popularity. But what precisely propels Burger King to such prominence and reverence within Belgium’s bustling food culture?

At the core of its appeal is the diverse menu that caters to the varied tastes of Belgians. While classics like the Whopper remain beloved, Burger King Belgium ensures diversity in its offerings. The menu boasts an array of options, from flame-grilled chicken sandwiches to savory vegetarian alternatives, ensuring that every Belgian can find their ideal meal. This inclusivity not only caters to various dietary preferences but also establishes Burger King as a favored destination for gatherings and shared meals.

Burger King’s popularity in Belgium is also a result of its responsiveness and innovation. The incorporation of menu items inspired by local flavors and ingredients resonates uniquely with Belgian palates. This adaptation highlights Burger King’s understanding of Belgian tastes and its commitment to celebrating the nation’s culinary heritage.

In Conclusion: Savoring the Burger King Belgium Experience

Burger King Belgium isn’t just a fast-food haven; it’s an expedition into flavors that dance on the palate. Stepping into a Burger King outlet in Belgium, one is greeted by the enticing scent of flame-grilled perfection, signaling the commencement of a delectable culinary adventure. The global reputation Burger King has garnered is mirrored in its Belgian branches, where every bite encapsulates the brand’s dedication to taste, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

As you relish your meal, you’re not merely consuming a burger; you’re savoring the legacy of Burger King’s excellence. The brand’s popularity in Belgium is a testament to its knack for seamlessly blending international appeal with local preferences. Whether you’re a native Belgian exploring novel flavors or a visitor seeking an authentic taste journey, Burger King Belgium offers an exploration that pays homage to global culinary expertise while embracing the distinctive essence of Belgian cuisine.

To find out more about Burger King, visit their official website at Burger King.

Burger King Belgium FAQ

How Much Is A Chicken Strips x4 In Belgium

Chicken Strips x4 – €5.16

How Much Is A Chili Cheese Nuggets x4 In Belgium

Chili Cheese Nuggets x4 – €3.54

How Much Are Chicken Fries x6 In Belgium?

Chicken Fries x6 – €4.95

How Much Is Chili Cheese Nuggets At Burger King Belgium

Chili Cheese Nuggets – €3.20

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