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The hot pot culinary tradition has certainly invaded the United States as evidenced by the popularity of hot pot-dedicated places like Boiling Point. The East Asian stew is a smorgasbord of meats, seafood and vegetables, among others, cooked in a metal pot filled with flavorful stock. The popularity of hot pots isn’t surprising considering that the simmering stew has refreshing qualities while the ingredients are, indeed, as filling as can be.

The Boiling Point chain of hot pot restaurants are especially popular during the colder months of the year for obvious reasons. Diners love sharing a truly hot meal with their family and friends without the intensive preparation that comes with it. Just look at the menu, consider the Boiling Point prices, and choose your hot pot variation!

Below are the latest Boiling Point menu prices.

Item Price


Served 11am ~ 3pm.

$1 upgrade to large for free lunch tea only.

House Special (Lunch Price) $13.15
Seafood & Tofu (Lunch Price) $13.25
Korean Bean Paste (Lunch Price) $13.15
Beef (Lunch Price) $13.25
Lamb (Lunch Price) $13.35
Milk Cream Curry (Lunch Price) $13.05
Organic Veggie (Lunch Price) $12.95
Taiwanese Spicy (Lunch Price) $16.95
Japanese Miso (Lunch Price) $16.85
Thai Fusion (Lunch Price) $16.95


Served 3pm ~ 11pm.

House Special (Dinner Price) $14.15
Seafood & Tofu (Dinner Price) $14.25
Korean Bean Paste (Dinner Price) $14.15
Beef (Dinner Price) $14.25
Lamb (Dinner Price) $14.35
Milk Cream Curry (Dinner Price) $14.05
Organic Veggie (Dinner Price) $13.95
Taiwanese Spicy (Dinner Price) $17.95
Japanese Miso (Dinner Price) $17.85
Thai Fusion (Dinner Price) $17.95


Spicy Fermented Tofu $5.15
Garlic Pork Belly $5.15
Spicy Cumin Lamb $5.95

Add Ons

Egg $1.50
Steamed Rice $1.50
Vermicelli $1.50
Original Wok Noodle $1.75
Spinach Wok Noodle $1.75
Quail Egg $1.75
Udon $1.75
Instant Noodle $1.75
Tofu $1.75
Fresh Corn $1.75
Napa $2.00
Taiwanese Bok Choy $2.00
Imitation Crab Stick $2.00
Iced Tofu $2.00
Meat Ball (Pork) $2.00
Fermented Tofu $2.65
Tempura $2.65
Fried Tofu Skin $2.65
Enoki Mushroom $2.65
Fish Cake $2.65
Crown Daisy $2.85
Lobster Fish Ball $2.85
Fish Tofu $2.85
Fuzhou Fish Ball $2.85
Hot Spring Egg on Rice $3.50
Upgrade your complimentary Rice to Hot Spring Egg on Rice $2.00
Sliced Pork $4.35
Sliced Pork Belly $4.35
Sliced Lamb $4.35
Shrimp $4.35
Pork Intestine $4.35
Sliced Angus Beef $5.40



Green Tea $3.25
Old-Time Delight Black Tea $3.25
Honey Green / Black Tea $3.75
Passion Fruit Green / Black Tea $3.75
Guava Green / Black Tea $3.75
Golden Citrus Green Tea $3.95


Old-Time Delight Plum Juice $3.00
Winter Melon Juice $3.00

Milk Tea

Fresh Milk Tea $4.20
Milk Green Tea $3.95
Hokkaido Milk Tea $4.45
Old-Time Delight Milk Tea $4.45
Honey Milk Tea $4.45
Honey Milk Green Tea $4.45

Sweet Milk

Sweet Milk with Boba $4.95
Pudding Sweet Milk with Boba $5.20

Soft Drink

Coke, Diet Coke or Sprite $2.00

Hot Drink

Hot Ginger Tea or Hot Longan Tea $3.00

Add Ons

Boba, Pudding, Basil Seeds or Aloe Jelly $0.75


Milky Soft Herbal Jelly $3.50
Tofu Pudding with Brown Sugar $3.50
Pomelo or Plum Jelly Juice $1.75
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The name of the chain of restaurants obviously comes from the fact that the hot pot meal is served in a metal pot filled with simmering (i.e., boiling) delicious stock. The first restaurant opened in Hacienda Heights in 2004 with just three soups on the menu – house special, Korean kimchi, seafood and tofu soups. In 2005, four more soups were offered to expand the menu.

By 2008, the first out-of-state store opened in Bellevue, Washington. This was followed by the opening of the chains first international restaurant in Canada in 2010, as well as the first restaurant in Northern California and China (Shenzhen) in 2015. The chain’s central soup kitchen was opened in 2013, the same year that its patent for soup was approved.

What They’re Famous For

The Boiling Point is obviously famous for its wide range of hot pot selections. Meat lovers, vegans and vegetarians will find two or more hot soup selections that will satisfy their needs and wants for a hot, filling and delicious meal, especially on cold days. Many diners even try all of the selections just for the sheer enjoyment of a hot pot when they need the comforting feeling of hot soup, flavorful meats and seafood, and delicious vegetables.

The hot pot selections can address the hunger of a group of people, usually 5 to 6 in a group. These include:

  • House special
  • Seafood and tofu
  • Korean bean paste
  • Lamb
  • Beef
  • Milk cream curry
  • Organic veggie
  • Taiwanese spicy

The organic veggie selection is obviously geared toward the vegetarians while the Taiwanese spicy selection is for the lovers of everything spicy.

The chain has also introduced its Boiling Point 2.0 menu. Basically, the soup flavors have been enhanced so that these are satisfying, nourishing and vibrant, akin to explosions of flavors in your mouth. The soup flavors include chili oil and garlic bean paste.

Why Eat Here

When it comes to hot pots, your full enjoyment of it demands sharing the culinary experience with your family and friends, even with your business associates and clients. The restaurants are known for their group-friendly and family-friendly facilities, amenities and services so these are almost always lively places with a dynamic vibe.

You can choose from one of several selections mentioned above, such as the house special or the Korean bean paste, as your base.  The meat, vegetable and seafood ingredients in each of these soups are already filling in themselves but add-ons can still be ordered for an extra fee. Be sure to ask your group members about their preferences, perhaps even ask your servers about the taste possibilities with the soups and add-ons.

The selection of paste and sauces is such a delight, too. The choices include bean curd paste, garlic bean paste, and garlic soy sauce in savory, mild and spicy versions.

The add-ons selection is also an adventure in hot pot cooking. These include sliced Angus beef, sliced pork belly, sliced pork, sliced lamb, pork intestine, shrimp, lobster fish ball, crown daisy, Fuzhou fish ball, fermented tofu, fish cake, wasabi rice ball, tempura, enoki mushroom, Taiwanese bok choy, meat balls, quail eggs, wok noodles, eggs, and imitation crab stick. These are popular among diners because their flavors and textures add rich variety to hotpot meals.

Aside from the hot pot selections, the chain also offers desserts albeit limited in number. But what it lacks in quantity, it more than makes up for in quality, thanks to the near-heavenly taste of the tofu pudding with brown sugar and milky soft herbal jelly.

The beverage selection is wider, fortunately. The choices include tea in several types, such as green tea, honey tea, and passion fruit tea; milk tea including fresh milk tea, milk green tea, and Hokkaido milk tea; sweet milk with boba; juice, soda and hot drinks like ginger and longan tea.

The chain usually doesn’t take reservations, catering and delivery but the convenient locations should suffice for diners. The casual ambiance coupled with the efficient waiter service are also reasons to come to Boiling Point and enjoy hot pot meals for lunch and dinner.

To learn more about Boiling Point or to find a location near you, visit their website at

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