Bellagio Buffet Prices: How much is Bellagio Buffet?

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The Bellagio is famous for its undeniable elegance, and that’s emphasized by the celebrated 9-acre lake situated between the resort and the Strip. In the midst of that lake you have the Fountains of Bellagio, which tourists invariably love for its synchronized dancing with music. Below are the latest Bellagio Buffet menu prices.



Monday-Friday, 7am-11am

Adults (Per Person) (Breakfast)$24.99
Children (6-12 Years Old) (Per Child) (Breakfast)$12.50
Children (5 Years and Under) (Per Child) (Breakfast)$0.00


Monday-Friday, 11am-3pm

Adults (Per Person) (Lunch)$27.99
Children (6-12 Years Old) (Per Child) (Lunch)$14.00
Children (5 Years and Under) (Per Child) (Lunch)$0.00


Monday-Thursday, 3pm-10pm

Adults (Per Person) (Dinner)$38.99
Children (6-12 Years Old) (Per Child) (Dinner)$19.50
Children (5 Years and Under) (Per Child) (Dinner)$0.00

Gourmet Dinner

Friday-Sunday, 3pm-10pm

Adults (Per Person) (Gourmet Dinner)$43.99
Children (6-12 Years Old) (Per Child) (Gourmet Dinner)$22.00
Children (5 Years and Under) (Per Child) (Gourmet Dinner)$0.00

Weekend Brunch

Saturday-Sunday, 7am-3pm

Adults (Per Person) (Weekend Brunch)$33.99
Unlimited Champagne Brunch for Adults (Per Person) (Weekend Brunch)$48.99
Children (6-12 Years Old) (Per Child) (Weekend Brunch)$17.00
Children (5 Years and Under) (Per Child) (Weekend Brunch)$0.00

Other Services

Chef's Table Daily, 4pm-10pm (Reservation Required) (Per Person)$68.99
Unlimited Beverages (Per Person)$14.99
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A Brief History

Bellagio was built after noted resort developer Steve Wynn bought and demolished the once legendary Dunes Hotel. This was in 1993, and Wynn didn’t scrimp on their construction budget. The original cost of construction for the casino was $1.6 billion, and when it first opened it was the most expensive hotel that has ever been built up to that time.

The resort is also famous for its poker room, and it has 14 different restaurants inside the hotel. However, you can hardly regard eating at the Bellagio Buffet as a gamble—there’s no risk, and you invariably end up a winner.

After all, the Bellagio Buffet is renowned for being the first real gourmet buffet in the city. Previously, either you are modest portions of exquisite dishes, or you stuffed yourself with endless servings of bland, ordinary food. The Bellagio changed that by offering culinary masterpieces in an all-you-can eat setting.

This was a revolutionary concept at the time, and Bellagio proved that it was actually doable. They offered their guests a huge array of diverse international cuisines, and they have live-action cooking stations to delight the guests. It was a template that other buffets would copy, but the Bellagio Buffet will always be the original.  It’s also still one of the best buffets in town, as the elegance of the ambience is always a welcome respite from the typical Vegas kitsch.

What They’re Famous For

This place seems like a natural destination for winners, as its elegant settings allow you to bask in unmatched luxury. They’re famous for the food and the ambience, and it’s also a few dollars more expensive than other buffets. A weekend dinner for 2 here can go for $140 with the tax and the server tip included.

The food is absolutely marvelous, and you have numerous options to choose from. Of course the meat lovers will find a sort of Nirvana here, as the choices include Kobe beef, chicken, prime rib, venison and lamb. You also can get roasted duck or quail.

You also have plenty of choices for seafood, and they’re fresh. Options that you may not find in other buffets include crawfish, mahi mahi, salmon mousse cups, seaweed salad, and seafood paella. At night you can get eel, while in the morning you can have Jalapeno cornbread muffins for breakfast.

There’s a Mexican station with beef sopaipillas or you can make your own tacos. The Asian station has lots of fresh sushi and you can make your own Pho. The pasta station offers everything from pizza cooked in wood ovens to mushroom ravioli and pasta marinara.

On Friday and Saturday nights, the menu tends to have items that aren’t available on the more affordable weeknights. Instead of just snow crab legs, for example, you can get Jumbo king crab legs instead. There’s Chilean sea bass and beef Wellington, plus some of the best Tobiko and Ikura caviars in the world. The list of desserts is long as well, and some of them are even sugar-free for those who are actually trying to eat healthier.

Because of all the excellence you’ll encounter here, the fame of the Bellagio Buffet has reached far and wide. Many gamblers who’ve won big don’t mind coming here to celebrate their winnings. That’s why the place is also famous for the rather long wait you have to endure in line. Waiting for an hour here is actually rather commonplace, and the lines can even stretch out of the casino. In fact, the lines can be so long that some industry insiders recommend that you come here for dinner at the ungodly hour of 3PM!

Why Eat Here?

So why would people endure the long lines and the heftier costs just to dine here? Admittedly, sometimes the people come here because of its convenient location right beside the O Theatre. They come here to enjoy some fine dining before seeing the theatrical performance.

But some people go out of their way to visit the Bellagio and its buffet, because to be frank the whole experience is an eye-opener. The place oozes with elegance, and you feel rich while you’re here. It’s a sensation that’s heightened by the admittedly fantastic dishes.

Try to get the unlimited alcoholic drinks option, which is a 2-for-1 package that’s worth just $20. If you’ve just won big, get a seat at the Chef’s Table, where the executive chef can offer you selections that you can’t get at the regular table. You may as well treat yourself, and here at the Bellagio Buffet you treat yourself with style and elegance.

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Bellagio Buffet FAQ

How much is Bellagio Buffet's Adults (Per Person) (Breakfast)?

Adults (Per Person) (Breakfast) – $24.99

How much is a Children (6-12 Years Old) (Per Child) (Lunch) at Bellagio Buffet?

Children (6-12 Years Old) (Per Child) (Lunch) – $14.00

How much are Children (5 Years and Under) (Per Child) (Dinner) at Bellagio Buffet?

Children (5 Years and Under) (Per Child) (Dinner) – $0.00

How much does a Bellagio Buffet's Adults (Per Person) (Weekend Brunch) Cost?

Adults (Per Person) (Weekend Brunch) – $33.99

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