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Many people have the notion that the Bella Italia menu prices are high-end in nature but this is far from the truth. When you consider the appealing presentation and delightful flavors of the dishes, desserts and drinks offered in the chain’s restaurants, you will reconsider your stand since you are getting excellent value for your money.

Below are the latest Bella Italia menu prices.


Bread and Olives

Mixed Italian Olives£2.99
Garlic Bread£5.99
Mozzarella with Garlic & Parsley Butter£6.49
Caramelised Onion and Mozzarella£6.99
Mini Dough Bites£4.29
Mini Dough Bites to Share£6.49
Pane Bella£4.99


Carbonara Crocchette£5.49
Arancini Funghi£6.29
Mozzarella Carrozza£5.99
Chicken Wings Italiano£6.49
Pizza Spirale£5.49
Tempura King Prawns£6.99
Insalata Caprese£5.79
Antipasti Board to Share£11.99
Zuppa del Giorno£5.49
Funghi Arrosto£5.99
Arrosto Platter to Share£11.99

Pizza Classico

Available in three styles of base: Classic, Roma, or Ripiena Crust

Bologna (Classic)£10.49
Bologna (Roma)£11.99
Bologna (Ripiena Crust)£13.29
Margherita (Classic)£8.29
Margherita (Roma)£9.79
Margherita (Ripiena Crust)£11.29
Coppa Sapori (Classic)£11.99
Coppa Sapori (Roma)£13.49
Coppa Sapori (Ripiena Crust)£14.79
Pizza Carbonara (Classic)£10.99
Pizza Carbonara (Roma)£12.49
Pizza Carbonara (Ripiena Crust)£13.79
Cotto (Classic)£9.29
Cotto (Roma)£10.99
Cotto (Ripiena Crust)£12.29
Carne Mista (Classic)£11.49
Carne Mista (Roma)£12.99
Carne Mista (Ripiena Crust)£14.29
Pepperoni Piccante (Classic)£10.49
Pepperoni Piccante (Roma)£11.99
Pepperoni Piccante (Ripiena Crust)£13.29
Pollo Piccante (Classic)£10.99
Pollo Piccante (Roma)£12.79
Pollo Piccante (Ripiena Crust)£13.79
Campagna (Classic)£9.99
Campagna (Roma)£11.49
Campagna (Ripiena Crust)£12.79
Barbecue Chicken (Classic)£11.49
Barbecue Chicken (Roma)£12.99
Barbecue Chicken (Ripiena Crust)£14.29
Create Your Own Pizza (Classic)£10.79
Create Your Own Pizza (Roma)£12.29
Create Your Own Pizza (Ripiena Crust)£13.79

Pizza Roma

Inspired by the traditional pizzas in Rome, our Pizza Roma is hand-stretched further for a thinner and crispier base.

Pollo Pesto£12.49
Queen Margherita£10.99
Luganica Rosmarino£13.29
Diavola Forte£13.29

Pizza Vita

Under 600 calories and served with a side salad.

Pollo Sapori£10.99
Mille Colori£9.99


Folded pizza with pomodoro sauce.



Swap any pasta for spiralised vegetable 'spaghetti'.

Pollo Robiola£13.29
Funghi Paccheri£11.99
Pollo Siciliana£10.99
Polpette Americano£11.29
Marco Polo£11.99
Gnocchi Pesto Verde£11.79
Beef and Red Wine Ravioli£12.79
Paccheri Calabrese£12.79
Norma Rustici£10.99


Traditional Lasagne£10.99
Pollo Pancetta Lasagne£11.49


Ribs Italiano£16.99
Ribs and Chicken£16.99
Grilled Chicken£12.99
Burger Americano£11.29
Verde Burger£9.99
10 oz. Sirloin Steak£19.49
Pollo Perfetto Burger£12.99
Add Peppercorn or Creamy Mushroom Sauce£1.49
Add Garlic Butter Sauce£0.75
Add Additional Burger Toppings (Each)£1.49

Italian Classics

Pollo Arrosto£14.99
Gamberoni Risotto£13.99
Risotto Funghi£11.99
Pollo Milanese£13.99
Pollo Funghi£13.79
Lamb Rosmarino£15.29
Cod Siciliana£14.99
Tuna Italiano£14.79


Pollo Caesar£10.99
Insalata Verde£8.99
Insalata Verde with Chicken£11.29
Insalata Verde with Tuna£12.99


Green Beans£3.49
Cheesy Polenta Mash£3.99
Basil Mash£3.49
Onion Rings£3.99
Roast Mediterranean Vegetables£3.49
Mixed Salad£3.99
Aubergine Caponata£3.99


Classic Desserts

Chocolate Orange Brownie£5.99
Sicilian Lemon "Cheesecake"£5.99
Vanilla Cheesecake£5.99
Cookie Dough Al Forno£5.99
Cioccolata Mousse£5.99
Strawberry Pannacotta£5.99


Ultimate Framenti for One£6.49
Ultimate Framenti to Share£8.99

Gelato Cart

1 Scoop£2.49
2 Scoops£3.99
3 Scoops Sundae£4.99
4 Scoops Sharing Sundae£6.99
Any 3 Toppings£0.75
Additional Toppings (Each)£0.30


Italian Spritz

Aperol Spritz£6.99
Elderflower & Citrus Spritz£6.99
Limoncello Spritz£6.99
Black Cherry & Almond Spritz£6.99
Strawberry Spritz£6.99
Orange & Cinnamon Spritz£6.99


Bella Mojito£6.49
Tuscan Twizzle£5.49
Amaretto Sour£6.29
Strawberry Cooler£6.49


Limonata Giardino£3.49
St Clementino£3.49

Skinny Mocktails

Black Cherry & Almond£3.49
Orange & Spice£3.49
Strawberry Lemonade£3.49

White Wine

Castelbello Bianco (175ml)£4.79
Castelbello Bianco (250ml)£5.99
Castelbello Bianco (Bottle)£14.99
Chardonnay (175ml)£5.49
Chardonnay (250ml)£6.79
Chardonnay (Bottle)£18.99
Pinot Grigio (175ml)£6.49
Pinot Grigio (250ml)£7.99
Pinot Grigio (Bottle)£20.99
Solandia Bianco (175ml)£4.99
Solandia Bianco (250ml)£6.29
Solandia Bianco (Bottle)£16.49
Soave (175ml)£5.49
Soave (250ml)£6.79
Soave (Bottle)£18.99
Frascati (175ml)£6.49
Frascati (250ml)£8.29
Frascati (Bottle)£21.99
Trebbiano (175ml)£5.29
Trebbiano (250ml)£6.39
Trebbiano (Bottle)£16.99
Sauvignon Blanc (175ml)£5.79
Sauvignon Blanc (250ml)£7.29
Sauvignon Blanc (Bottle)£19.99
Gavi (Bottle)£22.99

Red Wine

Barbera (175ml)£4.79
Barbera (250ml)£5.99
Barbera (Bottle)£14.99
Merlot (175ml)£5.49
Merlot (250ml)£6.79
Merlot (Bottle)£17.99
Primitivo (175ml)£6.29
Primitivo (250ml)£7.49
Primitivo (Bottle)£20.99
Solandia Rosso (175ml)£4.99
Solandia Rosso (250ml)£6.29
Solandia Rosso (Bottle)£16.29
Cabernet Sauvignon (175ml)£5.79
Cabernet Sauvignon (250ml)£6.99
Cabernet Sauvignon (Bottle)£18.99
Pinot Noir (175ml)£6.39
Pinot Noir (250ml)£7.99
Pinot Noir (Bottle)£21.99
Montepulciano D'Abruzzo (175ml)£5.29
Montepulciano D'Abruzzo (250ml)£6.49
Montepulciano D'Abruzzo (Bottle)£17.99
Nero d'Avola (175ml)£5.99
Chianti (Bottle)£22.99

Rose Wine

White Zinfandel (175ml)£5.39
White Zinfandel (250ml)£6.49
White Zinfandel (Bottle)£17.99
Pinot Grigio Rosé (175ml)£6.49
Pinot Grigio Rosé (250ml)£7.99
Pinot Grigio Rosé (Bottle)£19.99
Merlot Rose (175ml)£5.49
Merlot Rose (250ml)£6.49
Merlot Rose (Bottle)£17.99


Italian Fizz (Bottle)£16.99
RoséŽ Spumante (125ml)£6.29
RoséŽ Spumante (Bottle)£22.99
Cipriani Bellini Cocktail (125ml)£6.29
Cipriani Bellini Cocktail (Bottle)£22.99
Bottega Gold Prosecco (Bottle)£32.99
Prosecco (125ml)£5.99
Prosecco (Bottle)£20.99
Moscato Spumante (125ml)£6.29
Moscato Spumante (Bottle)£21.99
Piper Heidsieck (Bottle)£36.99

Beer and Cider

Draught Menabrea Italia (Half Pint)£2.49
Draught Menabrea Italia (Pint)£4.79
Menabrea Bionda (330ml)£4.89
Menabrea Ambrata (330ml)£4.99
Mela Rossa Cider (330ml)£4.69
Budweiser (330ml)£4.29
Brewdog Nanny State Low Alcohol Beer (330ml)£3.49
Stella Cidre (500ml)£4.99
Stella Artois (330ml)£3.99


Limoncello or Meloncello (Shot)£3.79
Sharing Board (Selection of 5 Shots)£12.99
Limoncello or Meloncello (70cl Bottle)£24.99

Soft Drinks

San Pellegrino£2.79
Fresh Orange Juice£2.79
Fruit Juices£2.49
Appletiser Sparkling Apple£2.69
Diet Coke£2.79
Schweppes Lemonade£2.79
BELU Sparkling Mineral Water (Small)£2.49
BELU Sparkling Mineral Water (Large)£4.29
Big Tom Spiced Tomato Juice£2.69
Belvoir Sparkling Cordials£2.49
Coke Zero£2.79
BELU Still Mineral Water (Small)£2.49
BELU Still Mineral Water (Large)£4.29

Hot Drinks

Espresso (Single)£2.19
Espresso (Double)£2.39
Liqueur Coffee£5.49
Hot Chocolate£2.69
Add a Flavoured Syrup£0.60


Milkshakes (Chocolate, Strawberry, or Vanilla)£4.49
Kids Milkshakes (Chocolate, Strawberry, or Vanilla)£1.99
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Bella Italia’s roots are in two smaller restaurant chains, Pizzaland and Pastificio, which were then owned by Grand Metropolitan. In February 1991, Michael Guthrie purchased the two chains via his company, BrightReasons, and rebranded them to become Bella Pasta. In February 1993, he purchased Prima Pasta and Pizza Piazza restaurants, which brought BrightReasons’ total number of locations to 165.  In December 2002, Bella Pasta became Bella Italia with the first restaurant in Leeds – and the brand continues to grow with over 80 locations across the United Kingdom. The brand itself belongs to the Tragus Group, which also owns and operates the Strada and Café Rouge chains.

What They’re Famous For

Bella Italia restaurants are known for their lively atmosphere as well as for their authentic Italian pizza and pasta dishes, even for their children’s menu that comes with coloring kits for each order. The food and drinks are world-class in quality with the must-eats being the warm garlic bread, melt-in-your-mouth tender mouse gnocchi, freshly-made pasta dishes, and flavorful vegetable dishes, among others. You may ask for the lunch/dinner menus since these have combos that provide great value (i.e., delish food with delightful Bella Italia prices).

Why Eat Here

When you carefully consider the menu, you will observe that the stars of the show are the pizzas and pastas with the grill and specialty dishes taking second place. You can also choose from a respectable Italian wine list, many of which are from smaller producers, as well as the standard sodas and beers. Your orders are usually delivered to your table within 15-30 minutes depending on their complexity but you can get settled, sip your wine, and start on your appetizers while waiting for the main course. You may also enjoy the unlimited hot drinks that come with your breakfast order as well as the lunch and dinner deals.  You and your group will appreciate the clean facilities including the non-smoking interiors (i.e., al fresco smoking may be allowed in several locations), restrooms, baby changing areas, and disabled toilets, all of which were designed with the customers’ convenience in mind.

To learn more about Bella Italia or to find a location near you, visit their website at

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