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2023, Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest Bareburger menu prices.

Item Price

Vegan Burgers

Beyond Burger $13.63

Top Menu Items

Be My Burger $11.54
American Burger $12.20
The Standard Burger $11.94
The Original $13.99

Bowls & Salads

Caesar Salad $14.54
Kobb Salad $17.54
Brussel Bowl $16.95
Southwestern Salad $19.95
Moroccan Bowl $19.59
Cali Bowl $17.54
Small Kobb Salad $11.54
Small Caesar Salad $9.54
Small Cali Bowl $11.54


Supreme Burger $15.45
Farmstead Burger $10.98
El Matador Burger $13.90
Buckaroo Burger $14.93
Guadalupe Burger $11.01
So Cal Burger $12.81
Socal Burger $12.99
The Duke $15.99
Flamin' Bacon Burger $13.94
Golden State $13.99
Paul Bunyan Burger $15.92
The Duchess $14.99
Wake Up Call $13.99
Big Bopper $14.99
The Rambler $10.99

Burgers & Sandwiches

Standard $12.89
Blazin' Bacon $15.00
Classic Chix $12.95
Elkasaurus $17.22
The National $16.48
Dilly Chick $13.00
My Sunshine $12.22
Impossible Standards $14.95
Sweet Bison Blues $18.22
Loaded BLT $11.99
Impossible Shrooming $15.95
Matador $16.00
Cilantro Black Bean $12.22
So Co $14.48
Southern Chix $12.95
BL-Turkey $14.95
Ranchero $14.95


French Fries $6.63
Popcorn Chicken w/ Buttermilk Ranch $14.14
Cauliflower Bites $10.98
Chicken Fingers $11.98
Pickle Chips $10.33
Sweet Fries $8.93
Honey Brussels $12.15
Onion Rings $9.92
Macho Fries $11.98
Share French Fries $7.88
Share Sweet Fries $10.20
Rings and Fries $9.96
Goin Back to Cauli $13.15
Share Truffle Fries $9.90
Super Duper Loaded Fries $16.95
Share Bacon Cheese Fries $11.95
Share Fries/Sweet Fries $10.15

Single Burgers

Single Be My Burger $9.75
Single Standard $10.35
Single The National $12.35
Single Sweet Bison Blues $12.95
Single So Co $10.35
Single Elkasaurus $12.35

Vegan Shares

French Fries Vegan $6.99
Crispy Brussels Sprouts $9.98
Sweet Fries Vegan $8.99
Scott's Waffles $11.98


Blazin Bison Burger $15.10


Entree Guapo Chop $9.22
Entree Classic Caesar $13.00
Guapo Chop Salad $6.94
The Hudson Salad $6.99
Entree Hudson $9.41
Side Classic Caesar $8.00
Bare Caesar Salad $5.99
Cali Fresh $9.07
Cali Fresh Salad $6.99
Entree Bare Caesar $9.91
Side Guapo Chop $6.99
El Catrin $8.01
Side Bare Caesar $5.99


Side French Fries $4.82
Side Sweet Fries $6.23
Side Rings and Fries $5.95
Side Fries/Sweet fries $6.63
Side Onion Rings $6.42
Waffle Fries $5.27
Side Salad $5.30
Side Dill Pickles $3.97
Dill Pickles $3.86
Side Rings and Sweet Fries $6.99
Sweet Pickles $3.97
Side Baby Green Salad $4.99
Side Sweet Pickles $3.97
Baby Green Salad $4.89
Side Sweet and Regular Fries $5.99
Chips & Guac $3.99

Picked For You

Impossible Burger $14.65


Buttermilk Buffalo Sandwich $12.67
Triple Decker BLT $13.99
California BLT Sandwich $13.68
Penn Station $11.02
Santa Fe $11.96
Spicy Ranch $14.18
Impossible Melt $13.99
Mission Viejo $11.99
The Berk $11.99

Don't Forget The Kids

Panda w/ Buttermilk Ranch $9.95


20 oz. Soda $3.50


Carrot Cake $7.95
Choco Lovin Cake $7.95


Be My Milkshake $9.70
Salted Caramel Milkshake $11.95
Banana Foster Milkshake $9.48
Mint Cookies N' Cream Milkshake $9.99
Mix Your Flavors Milkshake $7.94

Cubby Meals

Grizzly $9.74
Kid's Grizzly Cubby Meal $8.99
Koala $9.74
Kid's Koala Cubby Meal $8.99
Kid's Panda Cubby Meal $8.99
Panda $9.57
Kid's Teddy Cubby Meal $10.99
Kid's Kodiak Cubby Meal $8.99
Kid's Polar Cubby Meal $8.99

Vegan Cubby Meals

Kodiak $8.98
Teddy $11.38
Polar $9.44

Vegan Sides

Side French Fries Vegan $3.99
Side Sweet Fries Vegan $5.99
Side Sweet and Fries $5.99
Side Baby Green Salad Vegan $4.99

Milk Shakes

BYO Shake $7.99
Banana Foster $9.99

Vegan Milkshakes

BYO Shake Vegan $7.99
Mint Chocolate Cookies and Cream $9.99

Bare Sweets

Chunkay Monkae $9.99
Kid's Sundae $5.30
Vegan Carrot Cake $8.96
S'mmmores $10.99
Flourless Chocolate Cake $8.99


Organic Lemonades $3.88
Sodas $3.95
GIVN Bottled Water $2.97
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About Bareburger

With news reports about many fast-food restaurants using frozen beef patties, non-organic vegetables, and other chemical-filled ingredients, the American public is understandably concerned about what they are eating! The entry of burger-centric restaurants offering burgers made of fresh, organic and healthy ingredients is then welcome news.

The Bareburger chain of restaurants is one such beloved establishment making its mark in the competitive food industry. Here, you will find that the chefs live up to the promise that, indeed, the burgers and other foods on the menu are as organic as can be!


The predecessor of the current Bareburger chain of restaurants was a music venue that the founders named Sputnik; it was opened in 2002 in Brooklyn’s Bed Stuy. Such was the small space that most of it was taken up by the art and performance space, bar, and dining area while the kitchen can be described as a closet in a corner.

But it’s in the tiny kitchen that the chef started making the burgers with the beef patty sourced from grass-fed cattle – and it became such a hit that Sputnik established a cult following for them. After seven years, the founders closed the Sputnik location but brought its concept to Astoria, Queens in New York City and the rest is history.

In 2009, the founders converted a small rundown bakery into its first Bareburger restaurant, a 40-seat location that distinguished itself from the competition through its all-natural burgers.

What They’re Known For

The Bareburger chain of restaurants has a deep commitment to serving its customers with the cleanest organic, fresh and all-natural foods, especially burgers. Such commitment starts with using only organic beef patties and vegetables and ends with providing friendly service to the customers – and the process begins again when the customers come back again and again for more of the good stuff.

Why Eat Here

The Bareburger restaurants are among the go-to places for people who love burgers, sandwiches and breakfast fare but aren’t keen on eating ingredients from suspicious sources.  The common concerns are the use of fertilizers, pesticides and antibiotics, among other potentially harmful chemicals, in vegetable cultivation and livelihood production.

According to the Bareburger management, the restaurants only serve the best in all-natural, free-range and grass-fed meats, vegetables and cheeses. The result: The burgers and sandwiches, to name a few of the foods, have a fresh quality that characterize organic foods.  The chain can serve organic fare because of its strong partnerships with farmers, artisans and growers who share its organic focus.

When the term “organic” is used in food, it also means that no genetically modified organisms (GMO), preservative and additives were used in their preparation. This is exactly what you will get on Bareburger’s organic menu!

The menu is full of virtually every burger you can imagine and then a few unique takes on the favorite American staple. The all-natural burgers have patties made from a wide range of meats including beef, bison and wild boar, even elk, so there are always one or more burgers that will satisfy your craving for the familiar and the unfamiliar. Be sure to bring your sense of culinary adventure because new burgers may be offered and you can’t miss eating them at least once.

The sandwiches are to-die for as well. These are usually served with your choice in beverages – either coffee or tea and apple or orange juice – so you will have a full meal that will last your mind and body for several hours.  The Avocado Toast Club is a favorite among vegetarians, thanks to its perfect combination of creamy Hass avocado, nutty butternut squash, red onions, alfalfa, wild mushrooms, and aged cheddar sandwiches between an 8-grain toast.

The other favorites are the Cuckoo’s Nest Wich with onion ring fried egg and the Morning Commute Wich with sunny-side egg. Both are served with your choice in either sweet potato wedges or French fries.

If you want a full meal at a reasonable price, you should consider the Rise ‘N Shine Plates. Your choices include the Hungry Bear Plate with three eggs done your way, as well as French toast with maple syrup, maple sausage and country bacon, and side (fries, wedges, or quinoa hash); the Hungry Cub Plate with two eggs; and the Fried Chicken and French Toast Plate with candied pecans and maple syrup on the side.

Other foods include the Rise ‘N’ Shine Bowls, such as the Wild and Wilted Bowl, the Hash Sheesh Bowl, and the Sol Glo Bowl; the Rise ‘N’ Shine Cubby like the Cubby Scrambled Eggs and Cubby French Toast Sticks; and the Rise ‘N’ Shine Sides like quinoa hash.  Be sure to try the vegan and gluten-free items.

The Bareburger restaurants have a cozy ambiance that emphasizes its warm and welcoming service. There are also dining spaces downstairs and upstairs in most restaurants so small and large groups can be accommodated.

To learn more about Bareburger or to find a location near you, visit their website at

Bareburger FAQ

How much is Bareburger's Banana Foster Milkshake?

Banana Foster Milkshake – $9.63

How much is a The Standard Burger at Bareburger?

The Standard Burger – $11.95

How much are Truly Hard Seltzer Can at Bareburger?

Truly Hard Seltzer Can – $5.00

How much does a Bareburger's Supreme Burger Cost?

Supreme Burger – $14.78

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