7 Ounce Korean Steakhouse Menu Prices

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2023, Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest 7 Ounce Korean Steakhouse menu prices.

Item Price

Top Menu Items

B2. Beef Bulgogi $11.95
B5. La. Galbi $13.95
M2. Bibimbob $13.95


B1. Prime Brisket $11.95
B2. Beef Bulgogi (Beef) $11.95
B3. Ribeye Steak $15.95
B4. Filet Mignon $15.95
B5. La. Galbi (Beef) $13.95
B6. Seasoned Boneless Short Rib $15.95
B7. Prime Boneless Short Rib $16.95
B8. Beef Tongue $11.95

Pork and Chicken

P1. Prime Pork Belly $10.95
P2. Aloha Pork Belly $11.95
P3. Spicy Pork Bulgogi $11.95
P4. Chicken Bulgogi $11.95


C1. Fresh Shrimp $14.95
C2. Spicy Baby Octopus $13.95
C3. Baby Octopus $13.95
C4. Fresh Lobster $19.95


Combo A $44.95
Combo B $49.95
Combo C $59.95


A1. Edamame $3.95
A2. Crab Puff $5.95
A3. Gyoza $5.95
A4. Fried Spring Rolls $3.95
A5. Egg Rolls $4.95
A6. Shrimp Tempura $9.95
A7. Lollipop Shrimp $8.95
A8. Fried Calamari $8.95
A9. Korokke $5.95
A10. Spicy Chicken Wings $7.95
A11. Spicy Orange Chicken $8.95
A12. Orange Chicken $8.95
A13. Beef Steak Sushi $11.95
A14. Dosirak Korean Old School Style Lunch Box $9.95
A15. Hot Stone Steamed Egg $3.95


M1. Dolsot Sukiyaki Beef $14.95
M2. Bibimbob (Meals) $13.95
M3. Dolsot Bibimbob $14.95
M4. Kimchi Fried Rice $13.95
M5. Steak Yakisoba $14.95
M6. Vegetable Yakisoba $11.95
M7. Spicy Shin Ramen $8.95
M8. Spicy Shin Ramen with Shrimp $11.95


S1. Kimchi Stew with Pork $12.95
S2. Soybean Paste Stew with Beef $12.95
S3. Soft Tofu Stew with Beef $12.95


D1. Steamed Rice $1.45
D2. Fresh Lettuce $2.95
D3. Spicy Shredded Green Onion Salad $4.95
D4. Fresh Garlic $2.45
D5. Fresh Jalapeno $1.95
D6. Fresh Yellow Onion $1.95
D7. Fresh Mixed Vegetables $7.95


F1. Fried Tempura Ice Cream $7.95
F2. Assorted of Macaroons $3.95


Soda $2.95
Gold Peak Unsweet Tea $2.95
Ice Green Tea $2.95
Hot Green Tea $1.95
Bottled Water $1.95
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7 Ounce Korean Steakhouse: A Culinary Voyage

There’s something magical about tasting flavors from across the world without taking a step out of town. Among the many global cuisines gaining popularity, Korean food has carved out a special niche. And right at the heart of this Korean wave sits the “7 Ounce Korean Steakhouse,” a name synonymous with rich flavors, vibrant culture, and dining memories that last a lifetime.

Taste and Tradition, Seared to Perfection

When you think of Korea, vivid images of bustling street markets, rich history, and a tapestry of flavors come to mind. The 7 Ounce Korean Steakhouse brings all of this to your table, and more. As you step in, the ambiance embraces you. From the melodious K-pop tunes setting the rhythm to the tantalizing aroma wafting from the grill, it’s a sensory celebration from the word go.

The heart of this establishment is its food. Each dish, carefully curated and crafted, tells a story. The Bibimbap whispers tales of Korean villages, the Kimchi echoes centuries of tradition, and the star attraction – the steaks – they bring the entire experience together. Grilled to perfection, these steaks are marinated in unique Korean spices, ensuring every bite is an explosion of flavors.

Yet, what truly sets 7 Ounce apart is its ability to make traditional Korean flavors accessible and enjoyable for all. Whether you’re a Korean food veteran or a first-timer, the menu promises a delightful journey for your taste buds.

A Sterling Reputation, One Steak at a Time

Great food might be the foundation of a good restaurant, but what elevates it to greatness is consistent quality, stellar service, and a passion for excellence. This trinity has been the driving force behind 7 Ounce Korean Steakhouse’s glowing reputation.

Visitors often share tales of their dining adventures at 7 Ounce. The narratives are filled with mentions of the attentive staff, the chefs’ expertise, and, of course, the unforgettable meals. Online platforms brim with stellar reviews, snapshots of sizzling steaks, and stories of memorable evenings spent at the restaurant.

Moreover, the steakhouse’s commitment to authentic Korean flavors while ensuring a cozy, inviting environment makes it a favorite for both families and groups of friends. It’s not just a place to eat but a venue to experience, relish, and recommend.

Riding the Wave of Popularity

Every popular spot has its secret ingredient. For 7 Ounce Korean Steakhouse, it’s the blend of authenticity and innovation. The classic Korean dishes are a hit, no doubt. But what keeps patrons coming back is the allure of something new, something different with every visit.

Seasonal specials, limited-time dishes, and chef’s special creations keep the menu fresh and intriguing. The steakhouse doesn’t just rest on its well-earned laurels; it continuously strives to offer more.

Beyond the flavors, the steakhouse’s active engagement with the community stands out. Whether it’s hosting Korean cultural events, participating in local food festivals, or simply celebrating Korean traditions, 7 Ounce cements its place not just as a dining destination but as a cultural ambassador.

In conclusion, 7 Ounce Korean Steakhouse is more than just a restaurant. It’s a portal to Korea, its traditions, and its mouth-watering cuisine. Their meteoric rise in reputation and popularity isn’t accidental. It’s a testament to their commitment to quality, authenticity, and sheer culinary brilliance. If there’s a place where steaks tell stories, it’s the 7 Ounce Korean Steakhouse.

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